In my journey of switching from disposable to cloth diapers I will be reviewing cloth diapers, inserts, covers, wipes, sprays, and accessories of all shapes and sizes. I will share links to these reviews here. I hope you are able to learn from my experiences.

In order of most recent to oldest:

FuzziBunz (Pocket)

Buttons Diapers (Courage print release)

Charlie’s Soap (Laundry soap)

Geffin Fitted (Fitted diaper, no waterproof lining)

SnuggyBaby (AI2)

Thirsties Natural AIO (available at Green Mountain Diapers)

Bummis (AIO – available at Green Mountain Diapers)

Kushy Tushy (WAHM)

RagaBabe (2-Steps aka another word for a AI2)

Thirsties (Pocket)

AppleCheeks (Pocket)

Thirsties (Pocket)

gDiapers (not cloth but not disposable)

Green Mountain Diapers (Prefolds)

Thirsties (AIO)

Simba & Mama (pocket)

Lil Helpers (AI2’s & Reusable Bamboo Stay Dry Liners)

Best Bottom (AI2’s)

Imagine Baby Products (AIO)

Smart Bottoms (AIO – available through Green Mountain Diapers)

Glow Bug Diapers (360º gusset)

Zookaboo (matching tee and diaper sets and more)

Buttons Cloth Diapers (AI2)

Sweet Bobbins (cloth wipes and more)

Green Mountain Diapers (Cloth-eez®) (Online retailer of cloth diapers & accessories. Also has their own line called Cloth-eez®)

Itzy Ritzy (Sealed Wet Bag)

The Little Bee Co (Cloth Diaper – Bamboo AIO)

Gerber (AIO)


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