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    Clearing Your Roof Before Winter!

    Winter is creeping up on us all right now, and that means that you need to think about the condition your home is in before the temperatures drop. The house has to be adequately prepared to withstand the onslaught of the new weather that’s hitting the place. The walls have to be effectively insulated, the roof has to be intact with no broken tiles and your pipes have to be maintained to prevent leaks. 


    The roof should be your main concern, however, as it’s the bit that shelters everyone inside the house. Clearing the roof before winter is so important if you want to maintain a comfortable house, and that includes the attic space just beneath it. This means calling in the pest control company to ensure there are no critters living in the roof space, and it also means making sure that you have the guttering cleared, too. Below, we’ve got some of the best ways that you can get your roof ready for winter.


    Image Source: Pexels

    1. Call the experts. You want to ensure that you have the experts come into the property to clear any and all debris from your roof. This means that the leaves, twigs and pine needles that tend to settle during a blowy Fall have to be cleared. When it lives up there and gets soaked from the rain, it can cause mold and fungus to grow.
    2. Check the roof for damage. Missing shingles, broken guttering, deterioration in the vents and more can all cause issues with your roof. You need it to be less damaged and more secure. The roof edge has to be inspected, too, as you need to think about the way it weakens your roof against the wind and rain.
    3. Clear out the downspouts. We talked about the gutters, but the downspouts need to be cleared, too. Leafy debris can get into it and you end up with excess water seeping into the roof and causing even more damage. The gutters have to be secured to the house and the roof, too, because once it’s secure there’s no issue about it being loose and ripping away.
    4. Trim back the nearby branches. Low hanging trees may be pretty, but they’re also pretty dangerous for your roof. Cutting back the trees will ensure that you have fewer loose branches falling onto the roof and breaking through. This can happen when they are weighted down by snow!
    5. Go to the attic. We talked about clearing pests and setting traps for newbie pests who come in through the winter, but think about the insulation, too. The attic insulation has to be intact if you want your space to stay warm. You need that extra warmth through the winter if you hope to ensure that you are all comfortable.


    Your roof needs to be cleared before winter if you want to maintain your comfort in the home. Calling in the experts to help you will be the best thing that you do this winter for your family.