AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper Review

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Who is AppleCheeks?

AppleCheeks is a eco-friendly cloth diapering system based in Canada. The owners, Amy and Ilana are from Montreal and knew they wanted to make a diaper that was not only good for babies but also for our world.

All of AppleCheeks products are made ethically in Montreal, Canada. Knowing that these diapers are made by well treated North Americans can set your minds at ease. By supporting AppleCheeks, you are supporting a green company. From running their headquarters to their personal lives, AppleCheeks’s take into consideration their global footprint.

They strive to release new and exciting prints every other month. Be sure to follow their Facebook group to see all their fun products and to learn more from the mouths of their customers about theses fabulous diapers.


The David Suzuki Foundation is AppleCheeks Charity of Choice, and any charity event, plus a percentage of any profits, will go to this worthwhile Canadian foundation.

What Does AppleCheeks Sell?

  • Pocket Diapers
  • Diaper Inserts
  • Starter Kits
  • Waist Extenders
  • Washable Nursing Pads and more!

Find a local or online store by you here.

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Mama’s Experience

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Pocket diapers are my favorite overnight diaper. I love the flexible options I get with a pocket. I can stuff it with microfiber, bamboo…whatever I feel like. I personally have always done one layer of microfiber closest to baby (not touching skin as microfiber should never touch skin!) and then farther away a 2nd layer of hemp or bamboo.

AppleCheeks have a few different kinds of inserts. They offer a basic microterry insert that is super absorbent. This features a stay dry microfleece inside to keep baby with a stay dry feeling. This insert can be placed into the pocket of the diaper, or lay on top of the diaper and directly against the skin, the FLEECE side against the skin. The tag side is the rear/microfiber side and this should never touch your babies skin.

The other type of insert AppleCheeks offers is a rayon from bamboo insert. This is a flat rectangular insert. This is to be folded either in a tri-fold or in half, depending on how you want to use it. I always tri-fold mine and place it into the pocket of the diaper. You are able to lay this in the diaper (not in the pocket) and have it directly touch the babies skin. This insert is so cool. I have never seen another diaper company with a product like this. They are super absorbent and silky smooth. They offer 2 layer or a 3 layer option for this insert. I would recommend both thicknesses. I have even used the 3 layer in a tri-fold overnight without any leaks!!!! I am SO excited for this. Having a diaper double stuffed, like I mentioned above can cause a gap in the leg gusset for my son. His skinny legs can cause a gap with the extreme thickness. Now I can have a tight leg gusset and an overnight absorbent stuffing. Mind blown!

leg gusset AppleCheeks

AppleCheeks Diapers: Size 1 fits from 7 – 20lbs, and Size 2 fits from 18 – 40lbs.

The pictures here show my son who is 20lbs and 19 months in a size 2. I need to have it on the tightest setting due to his skinny butt and legs. 

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Buy It!

To order AppleCheeks Diapers please click here. If you cannot see a brick and mortar location close to you, please contact AppleCheeks here and they will refer you to an online retailer.

Win It!

Now that you have seen how super great these AppleCheek pocket diapers and inserts are, you have a chance to win your own!

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Open to US/CAN, runs 11/10-11/24


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  1. I am new to cloth, and do not know much about many brands. I am now happy to know that AppleCheeks are ethically made in Canada. 🙂
    Also, I learned that the name of the diaper is misleading, at least, to me. I thought that Envelope Covers would be just that, a cover where you lay prefolds, not a pocket diaper. 🙂 (Which I guess the envelope part should have given away. 😛 )

  2. I love these diapers; out of all the brands I have tried, nothing even comes close to fitting as well as these!

  3. I’ve not taken the plunge into Applecheeks yet. I have their microterry inserts and my husband and I love them, but we don’t care for pockets because we can never get a good fit for lots of fluff inside them. We’re expecting our baby girl soon though, and I love Applecheeks prints and colors!

  4. I had no clue Apple Cheeks sold waist extenders! I will keep that in mind when my kiddos get bigger. 🙂

  5. I LOVE Applecheeks! I suppose you could say I’m a bit of an addict. Their 3 ply bamboo inserts are amazing! I don’t think I could pick a favorite thing about them! From their products, to their customer service – they are just an amazing company!

  6. I only have one apple cheeks diaper and it is one of my favorites. I love their bamboo trifolds.

  7. What a great review. I have wanted to try apple cheeks for a while now, but haven’t been sure if they’d work for my son, until now.

  8. Thanks for the review. I had no idea Applecheeks supports the David Suzuki foundation. One of my favorites as well.

  9. I so want an applecheeks in wicked! I have a dear friend who has a son with the same build as mine, and he is so hard to fit, but she raves about applecheeks.

  10. I’m hoping to try out an apple cheeks soon! I hear the best things about these diapers. And they look adorable too!

  11. I’m hoping to try out AppleCheeksDiapers very soon. I hear the best things about them! And th ey are super cute

  12. Applecheeks sound amazing!! I love that they work for slender kiddos because mine fall into that group!! I love their exciting new color releases they have and I love that they are a globally friendly company!!

  13. I did not know that AppleCheeks supported a charity and a percentage of their profits go to the charity, this is great! I keep hearing good things about these diapers and would love to try them.

  14. Thanks so much for the review on the apple cheeks diapers! I like how they say the size on the outside so it will make it easier to store the diapers that the baby has grown out of. Looks like a wonderful diapers to use!

  15. They look quite comfortable and so eco friendly. I know my daughters first choice will be plastic diapers & is already building up her supplies, due date 2/25/16 but that doesn’t mean this new Grandma can’t try these instead. =) Thank you for the review & the giveaway.

    • how cool! I think keeping some cloth at your place for when you babysit is a wonderful idea. I hope your daughter will too 🙂 Enjoy being a grandma, what a blessing!

  16. I really like the idea of an insert you can fold- sounds like AC has a winner on their hands with the bamboo one! I’d love to try them, but have a pesky mobey-disappearing problem LOL

  17. We love Applecheeks. When I tried them, I was impressed on the fit on both my skinny babe and my chunkier babe!

  18. I love that they come in two sizes to help get a really custom fit without all the rise snaps. Plus, those ruffles are just too adorable!

  19. Good to know that these fit well on skinny babies too. I also like the different insert options.

  20. I have been cd’ing for about a year now and AC is my favorite brand thus far and I have tried dozens of brands, styles, shapes, colors etc. love love love love love love AppleCheeks

  21. I really like ACs forethought in designing diapers that fit larger kiddos well– they’re one of the few really good brands that do!

  22. I haven’t had the pleasure of using Applecheeks yet but I think will definitely have to check out their inserts. I have a deep sleeping heavy wetter and these inserts definitely sound like they could help us.

  23. Thanks to Mamathefox I have discovered AppleCheeks and will be sure to put them on my wish list to add to my stash.

  24. An Applecheeks size 1 was one of my favorites for that early stage. Especially loved the insert I had with it. Woudl love to try a size 2 for a bigger baby.

  25. I haven’t tried applecheeks but your review made me want to try them for night time. I didn’t know that pockets could be used at nights since we mostly use flats & covers 🙂

  26. I love that Applecheeks are made in Canada. They are by far my favorite pocket diapers (we usually use flats and covers for day and night). These are my go-to diapers for traveling, as they’re super fast and easy to change in airport or restaurant bathrooms, and I can double stuff with two 2-ply bamboo inserts and never have a leak. I didn’t know that the micro terry inserts have a fleece side – I may have to try those next!

  27. Oh I think cloth diapers are some of the answers to keep our planet clean! I really think more of us should use them. I honestly do think that some are afraid because they think that they won’t work as well as the disposable kind.

  28. I loooove AppleCheeks! We have 9 in our stash and they are a favorite. My baby is currently wearing Serendipity! AppleCheeks were the first diaper that I bought that actually fit my skinny little girl. I don’t think we will ever move on to size 2s since she’s so petite. Thank you for the giveaway!

  29. We have wanted to try applecheeks since the beginning, but it’s out of my price range :/. Would LOVE to win one though! And I think they look great with your mamafox logo on the bum 😉

  30. Love that they sell a flat, foldable insert; easier to clean than thicker inserts yet just as absorbent!

  31. I have not used Applecheeks with my two boys, but I am curious to try them out for baby number 3. I love that the inserts come with a fleece side versus just microfiber.

    It is good to hear that they work for you as nighttime diapers too. I have used cheap pockets at night and they always ended up leaking.

  32. That color is beautiful! I’ve been wanting to try an Applecheeks for the longest time… I love the ruffles and I hear such good things about them. I also like that they come in 2 sizes. I find it makes for a better fit.

  33. I’m expecting my second lil one in the spring, and have been trying to learn as much as possible about cloth diapering. I’ve heard SO many awesome things about Apple Cheeks, I definitely want to give them a try. Also, they have some truly adorable prints!

  34. I have never used a microterry insert before but might have to try it out if it is super absorbant! I have a heavy wetter at night & am running out of solutions!

  35. I have yet to try an applecheeks diaper, but you are the ONE company I find myself always looking back on. I love the simple style and the colors you offer. I enjoyed reading about your company and values

  36. I have one apple cheeks diaper and so far have really liked it. I was also impressed with the flat insert to trifold. I like it because it would be able to dry quickly but still has the slim effect of an insert. I will have to try it for a nighttime diaper.

  37. I like that they offer different options for inserts besides the traditional microfiber. Plus they have great colors! Don’t have an AppleCheeks in my stash…yet ?

  38. i love how some of the proceeds go to charity- i love companies like yours who aren’t only about themselves. i also think that it’s awesome that you offer waist extenders as another option 🙂

  39. It is very important to me as a consumer that the products I buy for my family are made and manufactured in the United States. The only other place I trust next to my home, is Canada.
    We love our Applecheeks and trust they are making a clean, sustainable, lasting and honorable product for the most important people in my life. ♡

  40. I never realized they were made in Canada. I’ve been eye balling them for a while now love the look of the fit!

  41. I love my Applecheeks diapers! We use the 2 ply bamboo inserts (with Geffen baby boosters) instead of the microterry. I love the color your diaper is!

  42. Thanks for teaching me about a new brand. These Aplecheeks look great and seem popular wih your fans who have used them.

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