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New Thirsties Natural AIO

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Thirsties is a huge brand in the cloth diaper world. They have been around the block a few times and know what they are doing by now, and when it comes to their new Natural All-In-One, they truly hit the mark. This is by far an amazing diaper and definitely needed in your stash. 

The Thirsties Natural AIO (all-in-one) diaper is great for parents who are looking for easy to manage cloth diapers. They are literally all one piece which means so stuffing or snapping in inserts. Just put on baby and boom, you are wearing cloth. I think AIO’s are so great for babysitters and my husband, who personally knows just a few basics about cloth. He doesn’t have to worry that he is putting the ‘wrong’ insert in the diaper. My babysitter always has confidence when she uses an AIO.

Green Mountain Diapers is now carrying this brand new diaper. They carry a ton of prints and both the Natural AIO Snaps and the Natural AIO Hook & Loop. Hook and Loop means velco-like closures and Snaps mean little plastic snap-like closures.

New prints thirsties

I love the prints that Green Mountain Diapers is carrying. They have some that are girly and boyish but most are unisex, which I love in a cloth diaper. This way if you plan on having more kids, and have the opposite sex, you still have fun diapers to use. Don’t get me wrong, I still put feminine diapers on my son because hey its more for me anyways! Either way you see it, you are going to love these new prints!

Thirsties AIO

Features of the Thirsties Natural AIO Cloth Diaper

  • The inner body of the diaper has 3 layers of organic cotton
  • 2 Thirsty soaker pads line the inside of the diaper – made up of 8 total layers of hemp/organic cotton!
  • Elastic waist – it’s tight yet not too tight. Great for all sizes.
  • Waterproof exterior

My favorite things about this diaper is that is it’s slim to fit yet still soaks like a way overstuffed inside pocket of Thirsites Natural AIOpocket diaper. What that means in newbie terms is that this diaper is not crazy bulky like some diapers can be. Most of the time it’s the really fluffy diapers that are the most absorbent because they have more absorbent materials in them. The most diaper the bigger it is, which can be annoying to some parents. The other thing about this diaper is how easy it washed and dries! I like to drip dry my diapers as to keep the elastic in top shape (never stretch hot elastic as it will not go back to it original tightness). This diaper takes about 20-22 hours to drip-dry in my home. Once it’s summer and it is warmer I am sure that is going to speed up. Because the inside layer is two natural materials, the strips dry nicely. They are not super crunchy like my GroVia AIO’s. I honestly think this is because of the natural hemp/organic cotton that was used. Typically I toss my drip-dried AIO’s in the drier for 5 minutes on low/med to soften them up a bit. They seem to get really hard when they drip-dry. I never have to do this with my Thirsties Natural AIO! They are never crunchy!

Inside of the Thirsties AIO Natural

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