We all know the toll 2019 and 2020 took on our families. It was rough, it was different and we a result we have all changed a little due to it. A lot of us just want things to be “back to normal”… most of us not sure what normal will look like now. Parents and college students are needing to take a step back and reflect on how they want to move forward with the 2021/2022 school year. Some will still do remote learning, others will homeschool and some, like MamatheFox, will send their kids back to the school for in person learning.

As a result, we need to help get our kids excited for school. Many need those extra moments at home to prepare and to supplement their learning. Here is a guide of products I suggest you consider moving into the 2021/2022 school year.



Young Kid Ideas

Chalk of the Town Speech Bubble Tee-Shirt

Kids are so excited to go back to school. My kids this year will be sporting their fun shirts from Chalk of the Town. They have created a chalk writing shirt that is fun, easy to use and easy to clean. Can’t get much better, huh?  Use the vibrant no-smudge chalk markers to draw a masterpiece or a special message right on the chalkboard t-shirt’s surface — and then when you get a new creative urge, simply use the included cloth and water to wipe away your old design and start something new! Sizes range from XS (2-4) to XL (18-20).

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The DinoMazing Egg Decorator

Do you have a kid looking to engage in dinosaur activates? The DinoMazing Egg Decorator can make anyone into a paleontologist. Put one of the two mystery eggs into the machine and the unique spinning action will help create colorful designs while eggsposing the cracks. Crack open the eggs to reveal slime and a mystery dinosaur. Swap the dinosaurs’ head and limbs to create your own breed. The kit includes 2 Mystery Dino Eggs and 6 colorful non-toxic markers. Collect all mystery dinosaurs! This is a great kit for science class. Talk about the types of dinosaurs, the habitats they probably lived in while you crack open your DinoMazing Eggs.

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Personalized Chalkboard Canvas Tote Bag

Do you have a kid who loves to craft and create? This Chalkboard Tote will be the coolest in their eyes. You can use the chalk provided and create designs, words and maybe even their book list list. It is perfect for toting around their toys, books, or clothes. Perfect for sleepovers and to bring to the library. Use the chalk and once dry it won’t smudge; just wait a few minutes after writing, then you’re good to go. Kit includes ” 14” x 15” x 3” canvas tote bag with 22” handles, 2 water based, non-toxic, ASTM D-44236 approved chalk markers and a wash cloth. What will you write on yours?

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Story Time Chess

Have you seen the new hit show The Queen’s Gambit? Chess is back and in a big way. This classic game has maintained being a leader in games through time. This is because not only is it fun, but it involves critical thinking and making decision that have a cause and effect. This Father’s Day, gift the dad in your like a Story Time Chess. Father’s love spending time with their children, and by playing this game together you can build a bond in a fun and exciting way. Story Time Chess is a board game that teaches chess to young children using silly stories, vibrant illustrations, custom chess pieces, and a unique chess board. The stories and supporting materials communicate the rules of chess to children ages 3 and up in a way that makes learning chess simple and fun. Best of all, no chess experience is required for parents or children to learn. So even if dad never learned how to play, he will be able to learn right along with his children. To learn more about this unique gift click the link below.

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Magnet tiles are all the rage in the toy market because they are a wonderful STEM activity for growing minds. However they take quite the skills to build and use effectively. Stick-O created adorable magnet sets that can be enjoyed by children as young as 18 months. Discover the joy of play time with rainbow colored magnetic shapes including, 1 Sphere, 2 Stick, 3 Long Stick and magnetic accessories including vehicle wheels, wings, propellers and more.  Each Stick-O piece uses magnets that rotate so your creations always stick together, making for a frustration free play experience. Build a car, racer, airplane and more! This school year be sure to check out all of Stick-O’s magnet building sets!

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Magformers Mag Buddies Ice Cream Store Set

Are you looking for some STEM Accredited products to boost your children’s education this fall? This set is perfect for brain development, critical thinking and education. It is colorful, easy to play with and easy to store away after play. Build your very own High Street with the new Magformers Town series – there are five sets to collect – including this lovely ice cream parlour. In this beautiful 22-piece magnetic construction toy set you’ll find 14 Magformers magnetic shapes, seven café styled accessory pieces plus a girl shopkeeper. It makes a number of different ice cream shop layouts, depending on how you use the pieces. What will your child think when you give them this cool toy? Probably that you are awesome!

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Yipes! Hand and Face Wipes

We have always sent our kids back to school with sanitation supplies. However, in our post-covid world, we are really confidently leaning on cleaning supplies even more. We want to be clean and safe. Not only safe from germs, but from the products themselves. Yipes! wipes are designed to gently and effectively remove dirt. Yipes! are 94% biodegradable and made with 99% plant-derived ingredients. They are formulated without parabens, phthalates and petrolatum, are enriched with aloe vera, and are not tested on animals. Yipes! are here to help foster a culture of hygiene. Just as children are taught the importance of putting nutritious food into their bodies, the makers of Yipes! hope to put a similar focus on cleanliness on the outside, inspiring kids to take the initiative and learn the habit of hygiene, while making it fun and approachable. Send a Yipes! Canister (60 Wipes) in their backpack the first day of school. Then each day in their lunch box place a Yipes! Hand & Face Cleaning Wipe. They can use it before and after they eat. Click the link below to see more about this super kid and family friendly brand.

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Making Memories Box

Whether you are homeschooling, virtual learning or in person, this school year is key to your child’s education. Helping them learn through play is a fun and common way to engage your child by using fine motor and critical thinking skills. Consider buying a Making Memories Box this year. Each box comes with families activities, kid activities, games, an art project and a keepsake. Each monthly box has a theme, the September theme is ‘Kindness’. It is the perfect theme not only for your school social circle, but also for everyday life. We can all use a lesson on kindness in the world we live today. Click the link below to see Making Memories Box to learn more.

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College Aged Ideas

Case-It Binders

Going off to college is a huge leap for most young adults. It can get very overwhelming and you may worry about them being able to stay organized. I highly recommend sending them off with a Case-It Binder. I remember how much I loved my old school trapper keeper – Case-It will blow you out of the water with their modern and intuitive design. Case-It produces quality binders offering unique organizational tools for school or home use. The Case-It Universal 1.5-Inch 3-ring Zipper binder with removable laptop sleeve fits your laptop, up to a 13 inch size. Like all of Case-It binders, it uses Kraft board instead of PE board to give its binders a firm, stiff shape that won’t buckle or warp. This binder has a patented angled zipper design that keeps the gusset out of the way when writing. The exterior, detachable padded pocket keeps your laptop or tablet safe and secure. The inside pockets store writing utensils, calculators or other personal items while the shoulder strap and carrying handle make the Case-It Universal 1.5-Inch 3-ring Zipper binder for 13 inch laptops ideal for travel.

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Sweet Chaos Popcorn

College kids are hungry. Being on their own for meals and snacks can lead them in the not to healthy direction. When you visit your kids bring them a few bags of Sweet Chaos Popcorn. Each bag is Gluten-Free, and free of high fructose syrup, trans fats and artificial colors and flavors. They carry regular popcorn, drizzled popcorns and seasonal drizzles. We love the Peanut Butter Cup Drizzle and Jalapeño Blue Cheese. They really make each bag perfectly.  If you like the old standards they have Movie Theater and Kettle Corn as well. Visit any True North and Travel Centers of America (T/A) to find Sweet Chaos or find them online in the link below.

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Gaia Natural Home Cleaners

College kids may not always be prepared to take on the cleaning of their homes. Others may be very well versed. Either way, you want to be sure they are staying safe while cleaning without breaking the bank. Ship your college kid a few starter kits from Gaia Natural. They use less plastic, making them much greener than many competitors. Gaia uses refillable bottles and concentrates – they are about $1 per bottle. Yep. $1 each refill. You get safe, healthy cleaners for less. The main products we like to use are the all purpose cleaner and foaming soap. When you get your starter kit (highly recommend) it is easy as choosing a scent (lemon + basil, mint + citrus or orange + eucalyptus). Add 1 ounce of concentrate to the reusable bottle. Blend with water and get to cleaning. This all in one is perfect for young adults as it can be used on wood, mirrors, counters, dishes, hardwood floors, tile and grout, toilets’ all of it! Click over to their website with the link below to see more about this amazing brand.

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The Healthy Skin Kitchen Cookbook

After you pack the dishes, kitchen towels and your pots and pans, order your college student a copy of The Healthily Skin Kitchen cookbook. This cookbook has a nutritious meals, ones that tailor our diets to our bodies’ needs has become more important than ever. The transition to college will take a toll on their bodies, with stress, change of the school schedule and being in a new environment. The recipes are allergy-friendly and include vegan and autoimmune paleo options to ensure there are options tailored to a wide range of people. Click the link below to see all the details about this awesome cookbook.

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Canvas Prints

Want your college student to have the best memories hanging on their dorm walls? These high quality canvas prints are the perfect addition to a college dorm room or rental house.  Give a room some extra character, but most of all a personal touch. Students will have museum quality canvas prints all for a low cost. The site is filled with thousands of different sizes and custom canvas options so not one canvas will be the same. This would be such a great surprise to give on move in day, would really show how much you care. Seriously guys, these prints are the best value you’ll find anywhere.

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This USA company is all about sustainability and supporting American manufacturing. The glass that they create is made using an up cycling process using previously fused glass and reusing it to make something better. These glasses are perfect for college because of their durability. They are

strong, which means they are durable, so being with kids at college is perfect. Neutrall also uses eco-friendly packaging, so there really is zero waste when buying from them. Their glasses come in a two pack and are 8 ounce cups, coming in a clear and green option. These cups are such a fun, practical option for college students. Check them out!

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One key item you need when packing for college are your towels. These are an item you will use over and over again, so quality really matters. Thriae (pronounced three-eye) is a brand that bringing ethically sourced Turkish towels (peshtemal) to the US. This brand brings a consciously curated selection of offerings that are ethically sourced and saturated with authentic Turkish culture and connection through Thriaes Turkish multi-use towels. Thriae towels are perfect for the beach or pool, to use as a cover up, or as a scarf/shawl for those cool summer evenings. Click the link below to see more about Thriae and all their beautiful colors and patterns.

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College is a stressful time for any student. A great way to relieve stress is by having a creative outlet like painting. Craft-Ease allows any student to become an artist with their Paint by Numbers kit. The kit includes the rolled or framed canvas, as well as the paints needed and a holder to keep them organized, four paintbrushes, brightener, wall hooks, and a reference sheet. The canvas uses linen fabric that is printed in color and has the numbers enlarged to make it easy to use. Another great aspect is that it features different artists from around the world. Any Paint by Numbers set supports the artist that made it. Craft-Ease Paint by Numbers is a fun way to pass the time and is a great decoration for any dorm room wall. (Artist featured is Tracy Miller)

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