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Are you new to cloth diapers? Do you use disposables but are curious about cloth? Are you a new mom and don’t where where to start in your cloth diapering journey? With 2 small kids, I barely have time to shower, let alone spend hours researching. Here you can find easy to read, bullet point style information and quick tips.

Cloth Diaper Blogs Worth Your While

If you want to read more in depth about cloth diapers here are some great resources!

Zephyr Hill

Dirty Diaper Laundry

Types of Diapers

  • AIO (All-in-One) – these are the most like a disposable. Change the entire with every change.
  • AI2 (All-in-Two) – these you only change the insert (part that gets soiled)…unless things got messy that time
  • Pocket – these you change the entire diaper when soiled. Different then AIO because you add inserts
  • Flats – are big flat pieces of fabric (one layer) that you fold and pin, then put a cover/shell over.
  • Prefolds – are basically a flat that has been sewn to a smaller square/rectangle and you just wrap around baby or you can fold in thirds and use it as an insert (which is what I do after newborn).
    Instead of pins, people now use snappis or boingos (some people use a snappi).
  • Fitteds – are like an AIO or AI2 but need a cover/shell. Many work at home moms make these with pretty fabrics on the outside. As they are very absorbent, some parents choose to use these without a cover around the house.
    Covers/shells can be PUL, fleece or wool.
  • Hybrid Fitteds –  feature a hidden layer of fleece that makes them work coverless longer than regular fitteds.
  • Covers/Shells – These are used as a water resistant barrier for prefolds, fitteds and flats. They’re the modern equivalent of the rubber pants grandma used.


The most comprehensive and helpful list (pictures included) I found is by DDL Click here to see and read

I Got Diapers! Now What?!

Prepping your diapers is an essential part of properly using (and not ruining) your cloth diapers. If not done correctly you could make your diaper and inserts ineffective (so sad).

Check out this link for a comprehensive list of prepping your diapers and inserts.

What About Wiping?

This was a concern of mine. With disposables you just put the dirty wipe inside the diaper and toss it out. Done. But what about wiping with cloth diapers?

  • Disposable Wipes – keep a trash bin next to your wet bag. Easy as that.
  • Reusable Cloth Wipes – you can buy cloth diaper wipes which can be reused. Spray butt with water or a cloth diaper friendly solution, then wipe with reusable cloth wipe. You can also wet wipes as needed, rather than put water on baby. Place dirty wipe in dirty diaper wet bag.

Besides the Diapers, What do I Need?

  • Wet Bag – Wet bags have a waterproof lining and are made in various sizes. Most people use them for travel purposes. This is a bag which you can place your soiled diapers in until you wash them. Typically these bags are cloth and can be washed right along with your diapers and reusable wipes.
  • Butt Cream/Paste – You can’t use every type of cream with cloth diapers as they work a little TOO well and can cause diapers to repel. Instead, use coconut oil or a cloth safe cream, unless you want to use a liner to protect the diaper. Most cloth users use creams only as needed, though others may use them overnight if baby is especially sensitive to moisture on their skin.
  • Inserts – Inserts are what absorbs the pee in a pocket or all in two diaper. You need to play around and see what you like best. Some people place extras in for overnight diapers. There are 4 different types of inserts, bamboo, hemp, cotton and microfiber. NEVER place microfiber directly against your child’s skin. Some inserts snap into a diaper, others slide into a pocket and some just lay inside of it. To know which way a insert is to be placed in a particular diaper you should check with the manufacturer.  Prefolds and flats can also be used as inserts.

How Many Do I Need?

  • This depends on how often you plan on doing laundry. A newborn will go through 7 to 12 diapers a day. A 2 year old may only go through 4-6 a day. A basic starter stash is 20-30 diapers.
  • When thinking about how many diapers you need to start out with, keep in mind that it takes time for diapers to be washed and dried.

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  1. I know that all the terminology and brands and options was the most daunting thing for me. Nice to have someone summarize it all.

  2. This is really helpful to have a summary. I have been looking for a succinct post to share with friends interested in cloth diapering 🙂 Thank you!

  3. I really appreciate you summarizing the diaper’s, brands and option’s terminology, I can now understand and share it with my gal pals as well.

  4. Thanks! But from what I’ve seen of hybrid fitteds, they mean a fitted that’s cut and sown to fold/unfold like a flat or prefold, for faster drying (and possibly easier washing. I have not seen any mention of fleece in them at all.

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