Bummis All In One Diaper Review

bummis AIO

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Bummis AIO buttBummis has just released a their new AIO cloth diaper (all-in-one). An AIO diaper is when there are no removable inserts. You don’t need to stuff any extra absorbent piece into the diaper. They are literally all in one.  They are great for ease of use. No time to pre-stuff the diaper. They are quick to prep. The main ‘con’ that cloth diaper users seem to have with AIO style diapers is the length of time they take to dry after being washed. Being that they are AIO they are thicker and have more material as part of their design. This naturally causes them to take longer to dry. I drip dry all of my cloth diapers. When you place a cloth diaper in the dryer with medium to high heat the elastic that is found in the waist and around the leg gussets will warm up. When elastic gets warm time after time it can loose is elasticity and integrity. You NEVER want to pull on a cloth diaper straight out of the dryer! If you pull hot elastic it cannot and will not go back to it’s original tightness.

AIO diapers come in different designs if you will. Each brand have their own design which makes them unique. I really like what Bummis came up with for this new AIO cloth diaper. When you open this diaper it has a an absorbent organic cotton liner. This is what will be up against your child and what will catch everything. It is slightly textured which is great to keep things stay put if you will when bowel movements occur. Don’t get me wrong though, the contents are going to shift and move in there as the kids moves around, but I feel like this feature does help keep things not move around as much.

The Bummis AIO has a long extra piece of the same organic textured material, this is referred to as a doubler. A doubler helps give extra absorbency to a diaper – extending how much it can hold.  This can be laid on top of the diaper against your child skin or ‘stuffed’ underneath/inside the diaper. Because the doubler is permanently attached to the diaper and will never be removed, this diaper is still considered an All-In-One.

Bummis AIO how to stuff

Underneath the main layer, where you would stuff the doubler if you choose too, is an extra layer of material. You can feel it in there and peek in to view. After washing and drying this inside layer can get shifted around. It is attached on both ends but not on the sides lengthwise. Before I stuff the doubler in this pocket (because that is how I like to have my son wear this diaper), I stick my hand in the pocket and smooth down this extra layer. During washes this layer will roll up and sort of bunch up. I feel like I wouldn’t want to wear the diaper with that slight bumpiness to it, so I like to smooth it out for my child. I believe it makes it more comfortable for him, as well as more effective. If the cloth bunched all up in the middle then its not as effective on the sides towards the legs and could possibly cause a leak. I have NEVER had a leak from the diaper, but I think this user error could cause a leak especially with boys who pee out leg holes.

Overall here are the best parts of the Bummis AIO:
  • Easy to wash (only 1 wash to prep needed)
  • Fast to dry 
  • Nice leg gussets 

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  1. I will try this AIO. I have been looking for a favorite to buy multiples of since I am new to cloth diapering

  2. Thanks for reviewing this diaper. I’m not as familiar with Bummis, but now I’m intrigued!

  3. This is an absolutely gorgeous diaper. I’ve shied away from using other AIOs because I’m not a fan of microfiber and they are so thick I never know how clean they wash. The doubler piece that can then be folded to fit my heavy wetter son’s needs – that’s perfect! What a great diaper!

  4. I like that these are made out of organic material and that they are easy to wash! I also love all of the cute patterns!

  5. Ohh I’ve never seen an AIO with an attached doubler! I’m a very excited newly expectant mommy and I can’t wait to start my cloth diaper stash!

    • I am unsure which super hero one you are talking about. I dont think Bummis has a super hero one right now. I know Bumkins makes a super hero line, but that is a different brand (they are spelled similarly)

  6. It reminds me of the Blueberry Simplex AIO…which I’m in love with!
    I could totally get behind this brand!

  7. Looking into cloth diapers and this is definitely a good start. I might try these and see how well they work.

  8. Wow, I didn’t know that some AIO diapers have a spot to put a double or extra padding! So glad I learned that!!

  9. I’ve never used an all in one but would be interested in trying one out. Thanks for the review.

  10. Good review, I liked reading about the user error with little boys peeing out the leg hole.

  11. Those look awesome. We have some bummis swim diapers, but I may have to splurge on some of these

  12. I love the idea of being able to stuff the AIO so it looks more one piece for nanny, grandparents etc – but have the quick option of just laying down the soaker for me.

  13. I would love to try this AIO. I like how trim it looks and how simple it is to use

  14. Thanks for sharing! I’ll be starting cloth diapering for the first time with my boy #3 due in July. Trying to decide which types I’m going to want to try and which I can rule out altogether before I waste my time. This was helpful,think I’ll be giving this one a try.

  15. It seems like a great diaper, and a great review. My only question is about bulkiness, how does this diaper compare in bulkiness to other diapers? From the photo it seems like the diaper is a little bulky or saggy and hangs down in the middle

  16. the little one going to be coming soon and they are going to use diaper and then i would be gifting it to one of the girls

  17. This looks like a great AIO! I love Bummis so I can’t wait to try it out! 🙂 I love the prints, too.

  18. This looks so cool! I love this review, I always wanted to try bummis, I hear so many great things about them!

  19. That textured inner looks interesting. I haven’t really seen any other diapers with that.

  20. That textured inner looks interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another diaper inner like that.

  21. Thank you for the review. I love that the inside is textured! Seems like that really would make a difference. Also, for this tip “You NEVER want to pull on a cloth diaper straight out of the dryer! If you pull hot elastic it cannot and will not go back to it’s original tightness.” This is the first time I’ve heard anything about this!

  22. i love that it is organic cotton sitting against the skin, rather than something synthetic!

  23. I might have to check these out!! My aio that I currently have is blueberry simplex!!!

  24. These are awesome. So much to learn this was a great review and had alot of information for someone just relearning cloth diapers. I love the way they have improved.

  25. I adore the pattern on these. I wouldnt want to put clothes on over the diaper it is so cute! I like the construction and how well made it looks.

  26. I think you are right to smooth out the inside of the diaper so that it does not bunch up. It is good that it has several layers.

  27. Thank you for the review my husband and I have a 2 year old daughter and another little girl on the way and we are looking to going cloth this time around This would be a product I would definitely want to try out.

  28. I love this! I’m just wishing these were around when my kids were babies! Thanks for the review!

  29. What a very thorough, informative but easy to read review! Thank you for posting this! Now I just have to convince my hubby that we need one! Lol ???

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