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One and Done with People Footwear

Recently the need for shoes has been hitting hard in my house.

My son has been wearing hand me downs for three years. I can literally count on my two hands how many times I’ve spent money on his wardrobe. It isn’t just because I am frugal. Kids, especially boys, are so destructive and always choose the naked option! Why waste money on clothes he constantly refuses to wear or soaks in spaghetti and mud simultaneously?

Speaking of destructive boys, the older they get the harder they are on their clothes. When my son recently hit size 8 shoes there was no shoes left in his hand me down box.

Sad day for this mama. Guess i’ll need to get some more wide fit shoes for women and let go of some of my current favorite comfy shoes for him?

As for my daughter, she has been struggling with the confidence to walk. Every time she falls its like she just gives up and resorts back to the “safety” of crawling.

So as spring approached I was on the hunt for shoes. As a frugal mama I was shocked at children shoe prices! It’s not the fact that quality shoes are expensive, I’ll pay to have shoes that are developing my children’s feet correctly. It’s the need for multiple pairs! You can never have enough shoes but if you do want to purchase some multiple use footwear then you should check out some Vessi footwear, they are 100% waterproof and extremely comfortable, you can wear them on any adventure which can be hot or cold – don’t have to worry about getting your shoes or your feet wet! You can get them in adult and children sizes. Children do need lots of shoes:

-Tennis shoes for parks with wood chips and mud, not to mention sports and bike riding.

-Breathable sandals for hot days outside that still protect toes.

-Pool/splash pad shoes that don’t cause blisters when wet.

-Dress shoes to complete that perfect outfit.

I turned to my penny pinching sister for advice. Her solution…People Footwear!

My sister said it was my 3 year old niece’s only pair of shoes. They were actually second hand bought, then lasted a whole year of use, and now will be handed down to her little sister! In addition, she already planned to buy the next size up for her daughter this spring.

Tell me more!

Who is People Footwear?

“People Footwear is ultra–light, supremely comfortable and perfect for doing whatever it is you do.”

Using innovative designs and materials People Footwear have crafted the perfect all occasion shoes. People Footwear has a vast variety of shoes to meet almost any style or age. Most importantly, all their shoes are engineered with their SkyLite EVA.

“EVA stands for ethylene vinyl acetate — a fancy word for rubberized foam. All of our shoes are made with our custom–engineered SkyLite™ EVA, a super light and shock–absorbent material. Our unique SuperCush™ sock liner (which molds to your foot) is also made of EVA because a lighter, cushier shoe makes for a happier you.”

It took everything in me to not add a pair of women’s shoes to my cart. They seriously looked so comfortable and stylish.

Like not just coolest mom on the playground stylish, but fashionista at the local cafe or bar.

However, I stayed focus and just nabbed two different designs for my little ones.

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The Slater Kids

The Slater Kids have the classic skateboarder slip-on look with People Footwear science.

The style is sleek yet practical. Despite the fun vibrant patterns to choose from, my son chose black. Probably having to do with his love for Batman. I did not attest, because remember these are his ONLY shoes for spring and summer. Black goes with everything and still maintains a clean look in-between washings.

The loafer look makes them stylish when I can occasionally get him to dress up while still having a youthful fear to fit everyday attire.

In addition, The Slater Kid’s footbed is lightweight yet extremely durable. These shoes protect and move like a tennis shoe. We found them great for the park and even riding his bike.

The Slater Kids are made with People Footwear’s fully-molded EVA Skylite upper with holes for maximum air-flow.

This means the perfect shoe for almost any environment. We tested his People Footwear at the local children’s museum. I watched him climb, run, jump, and get soaked in puddles and never once heard him complain or adjust his shoes. I love not having to worry about blisters, exposed toes getting stubbed, or shoes slipping off wet feet.

Laces free means my 3 year old son can QUICKLY put them on independently. Once they are on I know they are on. No adjusting velcro or tying laces!

Our People Footwear shoes fit with and without socks so wearing them into fall isn’t a problem.

The Ace Kids

I was in cuteness overload with People Footwear Ace Kids. These stylish faux lace slip ons were just what we needed.

The unisex style and colors almost convinced me to pick a neutral for future kids, but in the end I went full girl with a vibrant leopard print!

With an off white background and print of 4 bright colors and black, I knew my daughter could wear these with any outfit.

For a new walker I was adamant about flexible non clunky shoes. The Ace Kid’s footbed is made with the same durable lightweight design as the Slater Kids.

I love how The Ace Kids move with her feet and barely add any weight. She also is comfortable wearing her shoes with and without socks.

The tops are also made with People Footwear’s fully-molded Skylite EVA and air-flow holes. Again making these shoes great for heat, sweat, water, mud, and grass.

I knew my daughter’s shoes would help her keep up with her brother wherever he took his People Footwear.

There’s More!

People Footwear is not just a kid brand. They have a stylish collection for men and women as well. You can find sandals for warm sunny days, knit uppers for hard workouts, low tops for special occasions, and even boots to face the cold wet winter. There is a variety of shoes offered both in adult and kid sizes. Perfect for those adorably family matching days!


Anticipating one pair of shoes through two seasons means preparing to have weekly cleanings. People Footwear suggest cleaning shoes with a soft cloth or tooth bush. I used a Magic sponge and loved the result! We’ve already established wet People Footwear are still safe and comfortable, meaning freshly cleaned shoes can go directly back on feet. Or if you have a wild son like me, you can choose to hose down shoes and kids all at once.

So as you approach this spring with excitement for warmer weather and days of play outside, you can forget the shoe chase. People Footwear has you covered with shoes that are perfect for all occasions, all outfits, and almost any environment. These quality shoes save your budget and time by being your kids’ one and done pair of shoes. Now that is something to be excited about!

My Favorite Lil Helper

Do you know what I love? When a company I already love continues to strive for innovation and perfection!

Lil Helper cloth diapers have my Fluff Love heart.

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I could write a whole article on why Lil Helper Cloth Diapers but I feel they’ve already make a pretty good case on their website.

But If you want the short version:

Almost 3 years ago MamatheFox did a review on Lil Helper. Two years later I started experimenting with cloth diapers and got all of MamatheFox’s hand-me-downs. I was given one Lil Helper diaper and immediately I wanted more! I loved the fit, bamboo inserts, and system of using the liner multiple times.

Which how awesome is it that I fell in love with a second hand diaper!

It definitely sheds light on the life span of Lil Helper and their quality.

Recently Lil Helper upped their fluff game and not only made their diapers even more dependable, which I didn’t think was possible, but also started making a variety of products for all babies, not just cloth diapered.


Charcoal Cloth Diaper

Now sometimes it is scary when a company you love makes changes. There is definitely hesitation and sometimes resistance from us stubborn folks. If it ain’t broken why fit it right?

However, I also highly appreciate companies always trying to be better. Lil Helper engineered a beloved cloth diaper that is working great, yet they stay diligent to keep up with technology and assure customers they are providing the best. Lil Helper recently redesigned their diapers to have a higher back.

It definitely gives my very tall daughter extra coverage and protection, while still fitting close to her body comfortably. She is a very active toddler that is always on the move…or climb. With a higher back I feel her bum stays in and all the nastiness can’t come out.


As for the rest of the diaper, it has all the same great features Lil Helper promises.

Each diaper comes with 2 inserts that attach to the diaper cover with snaps. There are two reasons I love this feature so much. First because the chore of “stuffing” cloth diapers is eliminated. Snapping inserts in a diaper is very quick and self explanatory. I have no worries if the insert is wrinkled or if wiggly baby girl is going to displace the insert and have a mega leak. Secondly, laundry is so much easier. I don’t have to fear reaching into the dark pee filled diaper cave to separate diaper from insert.

Oh and my favorite reason (which I guess makes 3 reasons)…

My husband voluntarily does diaper laundry, and I let him! He has a strong distaste for pulling out inserts and I have a mini panic micromanaging attack every time he tries to help stuff diapers. Since Lil Helper is so user friendly he happily unsnaps diapers for washing and perfectly assembles diapers for wearing.

Day made!

Lil Helper has a variety of diaper inserts that meet the needs of your cloth diapering preferences. And of course, all their inserts are interchangeable with Lil Helper’s adorable diaper shells. From bright solid colors, to playful graphic prints, you are sure to find a style to match your little fashionista.

Cloth Wipes

Now I have to admit I am still working on my reusable cloth wipe game. I go back and forth on whether or not I’m sold on the idea. Lil Helpers sells a 4 pack of two layer bamboo cotton/micro-fleece wipes. They are made with same great quality and materials as their diapers. I loved the size and absorbency of the wipes and was especially impressed with how soft they’ve stayed after multiple washes. The super soft wipes are so gentle on baby’s bums and have multiple uses. I’ve used them for wiping noses, bath time, and sticky hand clean up. The affordable pack of 4 would make an excellent gift for any mama whether they cloth wipe or not.


Reversible Bandana Bibs

A new addition to Lil Helper’s collection is bandana bibs! If you have a baby then you definitely have drool problems. With three gender neutral prints, these adjustable bibs are perfect for any baby, or dog!

I have also been a big user on baby bandanas because they keep my little one fashionable while still fulfilling their purposes. In the winter bandanas are a great layer of warmth and protection where a coat might not cover.

A waterproof layer is sewed in-between the printed cotton and micro-fleece, keeping kids dry all day. I especially liked the soft micro-fleece option when my kids are sick. As gross as it may sound, I’ve caught a lot of snot with the fleece side. It is soft on their skin and easily assessable. As moms know, there is about a two second gap between a runny nose and kids doing something disgusting with their snot!


During that wonderful stage when babies leave their mouth open and the drool pours out by the gallon (how can one child hold that much liquid!?) bandana bibs save laundry and the hassle of changing shirts. They are also great during teething when again it seems like the drool is never ending.


Bamboo Change Mat

Another great addition to the Lil Helper collection is their organic Bamboo Change Mats. If you enjoy Lil Helper diapers then you will also love their bamboo change mat. It’s huge area of 86cm X 91cm can be used in a crib or spread out on a toddler’s bed.

Made with only the best fabric, this mat is pesticide, bleach, BPA, leads and heavy metal free. The medical grade waterproof material sandwiched between the layers of bamboo absorbs 10 time its weight in water. The bamboo/cotton on both sides is organic and provides soft cushioning.

We’ve used this mat for multiple uses such as a play mat, sleeping area, a cushion, and a protective layer in a hard travel crib before we got our and pack n play mattress. We also used it to protect my couch when my son had the flu.

For easy cleaning pop this pre-washed mat in the washer and even finish off in the dryer! This multi-use Bamboo Mat is an essential for bed time, diaper changes, and on the go.

So wether you are a cloth diapering expert or looking for the perfect baby accessories, I highly encourage you to check out Lil Helpers high quality products. Their witty website will have you laughing while also providing you with any answer or resource needed for fluff love mamas!

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A Sound Sleep

My oldest turns two in April. Since birth he’s been the best sleeping baby I’ve known.


The first four months of his life were pretty much spent sleeping. We didn’t know it wasn’t normal until now. Our second baby opened our eyes up a little bit to a more normal baby schedule. Number two is still a great sleeper, but I’m not sure any of our kids will ever compare to baby number one. As for our sleeping, baby number two really test our ability to sleep through anything. My husband even suggested that we visit a site similar to CPAP to try out one of their sleep machines to see if we could get a good night’s sleep. Many parents do struggle to get a good night’s sleep when their baby is trying to settle into a normal sleep cycle, so we’ve been quite lucky really. I do know that some of my friends who have had kids recently have been using gummies for sleep. They contain CBD, which promotes calm and improves rest without sedating them, so they can still get up if their baby needs them during the night. There are countless other things that you can do to help both you and your baby to sleep better at night, such as using lavender oil or reducing blue light emissions. A combination of a few things, therefore, might be the perfect recipe for the perfect night’s sleep.

All that being said, when I found the LectroFan Kinder I was super excited. This sound machine is something you didn’t know you needed for your kiddos. It’ll be interesting to see how it compares against other sound machines as it’s up against some strong alternatives, as seen in this Hatch baby rest review which seems to be a particularly advanced product.

We have a small house and my son’s room is downstairs just off our living room and kitchen. When my husband and I stay up and watch tv you can hear it very well in the kid’s bedroom.

Like I said before, both my kids sleep well, so a sound machine isn’t a necessity – they can both sleep without it no problem. But the noise is seriously such a help. Keep reading to see why we like the LectroFan Kinder so much.

The LectroFan Kinder is so easy to use. Using the Kinder app on your phone with the bluetooth feature on, you can control the sound machine very smoothly. Turn the machine off and on with app the; and if you don’t have your phone with you for bedtime, no worries! Just hit the power button on the sound machine.

Using the app you can set different sleep options and save them so you can reuse them over and over again. You can name the sleep options so no one is confused while using the app; they cross over to any device. That’s the beauty of using the bluetooth feature! Currently our sleep options are ‘Nite’ and Napp’.

There are almost an unlimited amount of sounds with the LectroFan Kinder. Below are just a few. There are six different categories, each with more than nine options in them! Tons and tons of sounds to choose from!

I’m excited to use this sound machine in the future when I’m homeschooling my children. The natural category will be perfect for teaching and learning sounds – especially ones that we don’t hear where we live.

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There are literally unlimited options to choose from when deciding what color you want the nightlight to be. As you can see in the photo below, you can simply tap anywhere in the rainbow circle for the color you want.

In the photo I am showing the brightness of the nightlight. The top photos are full brightness and the bottom photos are a little less than half of the brightness. These photos were taken during the day time, so in the night the lights will be even brighter!

The LectroFan Kinder is the perfect on-the-go sound machine. My parents live two hours away and we visit them often. I love that there are no cords attached to the Kinder; it will make packing so much easier! I can plug it in any outlet and there are no strings attached – literally!

This weekend we are going on a trip to some friends house, I 100% plan on bringing our LectroFan Kinder with us. It’ll be great because it will help the kiddos feel like they’re at home still, while also blocking out new, unrecognizable sounds.

Newborns, school aged children, and every age in between will have a better nights sleep when sleeping with a LectroFan Kinder.

Parents, seriously check out this sound machine. If you travel a lot with kids, this is the sound machine you want. I bet you’ll love it! The LectroFan Kinder can be used from newborn and beyond! The uses are endless; and the age range is too!

What a Doll with Educational Insight

As Christmas approached I wanted to get my now 1 year old daughter a baby doll. PL was too adorable cuddling her stuffed animals and patting their backs like a little mama. I knew a baby doll would be the perfect gift for her nurturing heart.

Dolls are wonderful toys because they are simple yet multifaceted. A child’s doll will be played with for years and never go out of style. Every childhood has memories of playing with baby dolls. Some organized parents even get the chance to pass down their beloved doll to the next generation.

So when looking for a new doll for PL I wanted something high quality and unique. I knew she’d play with it for years and most likely this doll would “see the world” by tagging along on family outings. I was hoping to find a doll that represented our family and helped give my daughter a global perspective. After living overseas, and now internationally adopting, we fill our home with toys that promote open mindedness and acceptance. So you can imagine my excitement when we found Educational Insight.

Education Insight is composed of play enthusiasts who strive to inspire imagination and curiosity. For the past 50 years, their experts have been designing toys that capture the attention of little ones. Educational Insight believes in making learning an active playful experience by encouraging children to explore, discover, and create. Their line of toys equip parents with the tools to encourage growth and development in their smallest little scholars. Many who use their dolls often enjoy including some Butterfly Life Cycle Worksheets in with doll play. This keeps their play varied, maintaining the interest of the child. It will also build their foundational skills.

I loved Educational Insight’s website as a resource for finding educational products. Toys can be shopped for by age range as well as brand name. There is also a variety of games and school supplies organized by age range and school subject. I loved the ability to shop for games for my son based on his educational development and age.

And if you are like me, you will be happy to know Educational Insight can also be found on Amazon. Their Amazon homepage is extremely helpful in shopping for the right toy and researching the best fit for your little one.

This winter Educational Insight released two new lines of baby dolls. Made and designed with the same Educational Insight high standards, these dolls encourage nurturing-based imaginative play.

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Baby Bijoux

Baby Bijoux was especially made for the mini mommy or daddy.

With realistic and anatomically correct features, this baby doll encourages nurturing-based imaginative play. The deluxe European craftsmanship delivers realistic baby details.

While engaging in a world of make-believe children will learn social skills, practice empathy and care taking, and develop language and and new vocabulary.

The 15.75? tall Baby Bijoux doll is the perfect size for 3-6 year olds and the vinyl body is easy to clean; making it the perfect companion for outings. Baby Bijoux is especially unique by providing multi-cultural and gender choices. They currently make African American, Asian, Caucasian, and Hispanic boy and girl dolls. We loved that our house could have a variety of dolls! With just-like-me skin tones our kids could connect with the dolls that looked like them and be encouraged to have global mindset with a doll of different ethnicity.




Baby Doux

These adorable soft cloth dolls are a perfect first baby doll for the family. The 12? crafted doll is constructed with a perfect combination of a soft cotton cloth body and durable vinyl head, arms, and legs; making it perfect for 2-5 year olds. Baby’s eyes open and close and arms and legs can be moved and manipulated to fit in strollers and baby toys. We love the softness and lightweight of Baby Doux. Our 1 year old daughter is able to carry her baby around without compromising her ability to walk or crawl. Since baby is so soft she is perfect for cuddling with in bed or taking along in the car.

The Baby Doux doll is machine washable and fabricated with deluxe European design. Durability makes me at ease when our doll is going on walks outside or visiting the local playground.

With four ethnical choices, children are sure to find a doll they can relate to or learn from. Having toys similar to a child builds confidence and leadership skills. We chose to have a doll with darker skin to prepare our children for our adoption. We wanted to keep their minds open to that fact that people don’t need to look like us to be loved or in our family. Having ethnically diverse toys, we hope to help our children develop a global mindset and nurture their compassion and understanding for others.

Baby Doux dolls also help develop language, social and emotional skills in little ones through play. We loved hearing our daughter say baby and learn new words for body parts and clothes. Baby dolls also give our very shy daughter the opportunity to choose when and how to give affection. We like that her doll gives her the control of the situation and take ownership.


Baby Bijoux and Baby Doux are a wonderful addition to the Educational Insight collection. I encourage you to check out bringing a baby into your house and encourage your child to relate to the world around them and develop new life skills.


Holiday Giveaway – Kids Have All The Fun

Who is ready for a MASSIVE kids themed giveaway?!


It’s MamatheFox’s 2017 Annual Holiday Gift Guide – Kids Prize Giveaway

Enter to win $870+ in kids prizes from various sponsors

24 prizes all to one winner!


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Here is what (1) lucky winner will receive:

MamatheFox and all participating blogs are not held responsible for sponsors who fail to fulfill their prize obligations

If you would like to participate as a blogger or a sponsor in an event like this please contact Danielle at mamathefox@gmail.com

Easy Breezy with Air Stroller

When I planned to write this post I was pretty giddy because I was getting the chance to write about a few of my favorite things!

Traveling and OXO!

If you haven’t heard of OXO, then you should definitely click over to our Mama on the Move blog post where I included a little history and company mission on my review of OXO tot products. To say the least, MamatheFox has been impressed with OXO’s innovative and universal design.

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If you didn’t know, my husband I were expats in China for 4 years. We had both our kids overseas and spent our first 2.5 years of parenting in a giant foreign city. It wasn’t until after we had our son that we actually felt comfortable enough with the language and culture to start traveling.

And travel we did!

By the time our son was 2.5 he had been on over 30 airplanes, uncountable number of fast trains, and weekly rides on public transportation. While we lived in China we bought an amazing compact stroller that quickly became our BFF. It was light weight, easy to use, and small enough to fit in the overhead compartment of a plane. However, it was very cheaply made and when we relocated to America we didn’t find it worth transporting.

My family and I moving to America

For a while I thought I didn’t need a compact stroller since I was in America with a car, had a running toddler, and loved my baby carrier. However, after a few difficult situations of the kids hating the carrier, the Baby Jogger being too big, or my toddler hitting his walking limit, I started looking for a compact stroller. I struggled to find a stroller that met my standards after having the best compact stroller in China. If you are finding it hard as we did. We found
https://www.mamma1.com/ to be pretty handy. You could check them out if you have time!
Then as if OXO tot heard my design cries, they released the Air Stroller this fall.

Why the Air Stroller is amazing


This stroller will not slow you down, but rather keep up with your fast pace life. Its compact built and slim design makes it easy to maneuver through crowded streets and in and out of stores. I’ve already loved using our Air Stroller to squeeze through the local library aisle and to trick or treat on crowded sidewalks down town.

My mother in law was even able to fit our opened Air Stroller it in her car trunk. When folded, the stroller is roughly the size of a back pack. Making it less bulky when carrying and easy to store. We leave ours in the trunk because it takes up minimum space and is always ready to use on the go.

Travel Friendly

Only weighing in at 11 pounds, it’s light enough for me to hold a kid and stroller at the same time. When I used public transportation in the city I had to do this all the time up stairs and on and off buses. It is certainly designed fuss-free as the stroller locks without any extra levers or snaps. It simply unlocks by pushing toward the ground before squeezing the release handles.

Included is a convenient carrying strap that allows carrying the Air Stroller hands free. The strap is easily assessable once the stroller is collapsed. I was reminded of how great a strap is when trying to carry my squirmy toddler and stroller down subway station stairs. The Air lets you focus on what’s most important while bringing along your gear. I especially appreciated when the stroller is folded the wheels lock away from the fabric, keeping all the nasty germs collected on the wheels off your little ones.

The expandable UPF 50 canopy makes this stroller perfect for outside activities without the fear of sun exposure. The adjustable feature lets it go low enough to protect my youngest from the sun but high enough to give my toddler optimal view.

On the back of the canopy a secret parent pocket has been placed. When traveling, this is ideal for an easy access spot to hold your passports, tickets, and phones. For every day use I like to put my phone, wallet, and sometimes a hidden mama treat inside.

And for any mama with visual concern, the canopy has a mesh peep flap. It is always great to be able to see what your child is doing or for my youngest, assure her mama is still there.

It also includes an easy access storage basket that is very roomy; great for holding a diaper bag, snacks, toys, and more. Finding an adequate basket on a compact stroller is such a rare find. I love how easy it is to get stuff in and out and weight doesn’t drag the basket down.

Durable and Safe

The Oxo Air Stroller is built to last and endure constant use. The front wheels navigate quickly and withstand curbs and uneven pavement.

I felt like I could maneuver with ease and my kids were buckled in securely with an adjustable 5-point safety harness. Again, OXO designed this buckle to be fuss-free, a truly rare find in strollers! Although it has 5 points of security, it only takes three simple pieces to lock.

The straps are also easily adjusted and made to grow with your little one. The soft shoulder pads prevent chafing on the neck while the buckle pad prevents squishy thighs from accidentally getting pinched…a mega issue for my 1 year old!

The seat is very roomy and easily fit my 1 and 2 year old children. I liked that there was some recline in the seat position that prevents my toddler from leaning forward. The biggest trouble I have found in light weight strollers is the easy ability to tip from rocking kids or sharp turns. My son literally flipped our old compact stroller while sitting in it. The Air Stroller weight distribution makes this stroller unbelievably sturdy. Even with squirmy kids and zig-zag paths I always felt in complete control. It is recommended for babies starting at 6 month and children up to 55 pounds.

I loved the machine-washable seating and easy to clean material because my kids are always eating on the go, not to mention this stroller is bound to be hand me downed through a number of children and go on multiple vacations. OXO tot sells the Air Stroller in a variety of bright vibrant colors that will match your style.

When I say I know traveling with kids I mean it, and when OXO promises high quality products they deliver. Don’t let your life be slowed down by how you haul your kids around. Go live it up with the easy breezy easy to use Air Stroller.

When your little girl gets older, she may become interested in dolls as she tries to emulate what she sees mommy do. Play Like Mum’s range of dolls’ prams are a great way to nurture this bond between you and your child who looks up to and wants to be like you. It fosters creative imagination and introduces a new way to play with their favorite toy.

Gifts for Kids – The Best Holiday Gifts for Kids

Magic Light Wand – click here to purchase

The magic of a Christmas tree is for both children and adults alike. Seeing those lights turn on and transforming a basic tree into the real deal, a true Christmas tree, brings a smile to about every face and chills to others. Now, with the Magic Light Wand, you can allow a child (or an adult with a strong inner child) to turn on the Christmas tree lights with a flick of a magic wand. This wand only takes 2 AA batteries, is approved for indoor and outdoor use and is UL tested and certified. Each year the Magic Light Wand company sends out tons of wands as a donation to children at the Make A Wish Foundation, St Judes and Le Bonheur – giving those children the same special magic from the wand. Available in red, gold or green this wand is sure to change the way you light your Christmas tree this year.

Hape Toys

Spark your little ones’ imaginations with high quality toys from Hape! This award winning toy company believes play is in the DNA of every child and just needs to be awaken. Hape toys are strategically designed to bring fun into learning and help develop and refine your child’s skills during each milestone. They are the world’s largest producer of wooden toys designing first and foremost for children; no matter their culture or language. With responsible business practices, Hape strives to leave this world in better condition than when they received it. With hundreds of toys, and new toys being designed each year, Hape has something for newborns to the kid at heart.

Your train obsessed miniature engineer is going to be in locomotive heaven with the Hape Mighty Mountain Mine. This multi-level play set brings a train experience like none other. A fun adventure featuring conveyor belts, rotating doors, a repair station, bells, waterfalls and more are sure to bring to life your child’s imaginative mine town story. Recommended for children 3 and up, this Hape train set provides a series of obstacles and adventures. Existing Hape railway packs combine perfectly with the Mighty Mountain Mine wood tracks and magnetic mine carts. This award winning Hape wooden railway is manufactured with child safe paint and durable solid wood construction. With Hape’s exceedingly high standards and educationally fun design the Mighty Mountain Mine is an innovative toy of endless adventures.

For your little rock star, Hape Mighty Echo Microphone will provide hours of fun in the spotlight. This classic echo microphone is revamped with high quality wood but still has the loud voice echoing sound. With bright red and blue colors, this microphone is sure to catch the eye of your little one. It also includes a pretend push button to help get the party started. The Mighty Echo Microphone is made and designed with Hape’s high safety and quality standards and as always, eco-friendly and battery free. Keep encouraging your shining star to reach for their dreams with the Mighty Echo Microphone.

Puzzles are a staple toy in childhood that provide opportunity to build and refine important skills. Hape’s collection ranges from chunky simple beginner puzzles to multilayered problem solving puzzles. The new Forest Animal Tactile puzzle combines the importance of shape recognition with stimulating sensory play. Five colorful graphic animals help toddles identify animals, shapes, and colors. Beneath each piece is an added texture to match the given animal. Little hands will love the sensory experience as they discover new contrasting textiles. Hape designs and builds their toys with the finest and safest materials, while using responsible business practicing to stay eco-friendly.

Momo Baby Shoes – click here to purchase

The way children walk and how their weight is distributed is much different than an adults. They why haven’t children’s shoe companies been designing shoes for kids in a way to promote their feet health and development? Momo Baby founder knew something needs to be done. Shoes cannot be cheaply made, as the development of a kids foot is crucial to their overall well-being. Momo Baby shoes have been reviewed by a group of APMA podiatrists to ensure it promotes foot health, and have been awarded the Seal of Acceptance. The Fox kids have been wearing Momo Baby shoes for several year now and we have nothing be wonderful things to say about them. They are so durable they can last the full period of time they are in that show size. They have never been worn out or too beat up before they outgrew them. With summer sandals to fall boots and all season sneakers, there will be the perfect shoe for the kids in your life with Momo Baby. They may even go well with the harry potter baby gift you got the baby in your life for Christmas.

Bible Belles Bundle – click here to purchase

Who are our children looking to as role models? Princesses and superheros most of the time. Bible Belles is a 4 (soon to be 5) book series that showcases different women in the bible who are real life heroes. These heroes can be looked upon and admired while giving the reader knowledge of God and His ways. Each book feature a main character trait which a child of Christ would want to grow and develop – such as pray or patience. Beautifully illustrated by a former Disney artist, gives the books a visual appeal that little girls desire, but in a biblical appropriately way. These beautiful hard cover books are perfect for any child this holiday season.

Simplay3 Play Around Kitchen – click to purchase

This innovative 3 sided kitchen is sure to bring hours of fun and creative play. Simplay3 is all about inspiring children to play with their imagination with the freedom from batteries and cartoon characters. This kitchen allows multiple children to play at once without bumping elbows. All your kid’s cooking needs are met with a pretend stovetop, oven, and sink with faucet. Also included is an 18 piece cooking, pots, pans, dining, utensils set! The Simplay3 Play Around Kitchen is a space saver with the fold down activity table. “Your child is the chef and imagination is the key ingredient!” Be sure to checkout the rest of Simplay3’s high quality and affordable toys!

True Growth Tot Tower – click here to purchase

As parents we want to encourage and develop our children to the best of their ability, while providing them with opportunities to grow. True Tot Tower is a wonderful tool to get your children involved right along side you. This safe, stable structure is a perfect boost for your littles to make them adult height. Instead of you and your child worrying about balancing on a step stool, everyone can feel secure and focus on the activity at hand. True Tot Tower has endless uses, but ideas include helping with chores, cooking, arts and crafts, and games. True Growth company strives to provide families with the tools to encourage independences and instill a love for learning. The True Tot Tower is a gift that will continue to empower your toddler’s brain to grow!

Teach My – click here to purchase

Teach My is the creator of award winning learning tools. They provide toys to help parents give their babies, toddlers, and preschoolers a head start. Teach My’s engaging fun products cover the educational basics; alphabet, colors, shapes, numbers, reading and even math. In addition, their toys help develop social, motor, and language skills. You can shop a range of learning formats that meet the dynamics of your family. Bath time kits combine water fun with educational values, teach on the road with on-the-go kits, or add movement to lesson plans with Teach My yoga mats. With an encouraged 20 minutes a day of parent and child playing, Teach My products are sure to boost your littles self esteem as you bond and engage over educational activities.

Silikids – click here to purchase

Silikids was created because waste is so excessive and it gets depressing when you think about it. So, GoSili designs and manufactures silicone tableware products for the whole family. From their new silicone coffee mug (we love this mug!) to reusable place mats for the dining room table, to dishes, spoons and reusable snack bags, GoSili has a reusable product for you. I love the kitchen table we invested in after my husband and I got married. Obviously, kids don’t respect a table like an adult would and they bang, scratch and scribble on it without a second thought. The Silikids silicone place mats are amazing for everyday meals and table preservation. It is thick enough to protect the table, but folds down for storage when not in use. You can wipe is down easily after a meal, its dishwasher safe and it comes with a map of the USA. My preschoolers are getting exited about learning and knowing where people they know are. Now we can talk about our family and friends in other states while pointing to where they live on the map. Check out their website for all their fun and useful products.

Pediped – click here to purchase

Pediped offers more than 120 designs for boys and girls between its three lines, Originals®, Grip ‘n’ Go™ and Flex®. The award-winning footwear is available in EU sizes 17 to 38 (US newborn to 6 Youth). With the winter months approaching parents and grandparents alike are searching for new boots for their children. Pedipeds new 2017 winter collection features the Naomi boot. In sleek black this pair of boots is perfect to pair with a dress, leggins or jeans. Giving a classic outfit an upgrade but without too much flash. Pediped shoes have exceptional quality, unsurpassed comfort, and distinctive styling have made the award-winning company the fastest growing children’s footwear brand in the United States.

Stuck On You – click here to purchase

Stuck On You is a leader in personalized baby and children products. Ranging from labels for daycare or school, to lunch boxes and backpacks, they understand the importance of staying organized. By creating functional products that can be customized for your child, they give each kid a sense of joy and love. When my children see their names on their lunch box, you can seen the joy beaming from their face. When lunch time rolls around, my kids never get overwhelmed with the pile of lunch boxes before them – as they can easily spot their custom box in the crowd. Stuck On You now features an even more products then have they in the past, so that grown ups can get in on the personalized fun: stationary, calendars, water bottles, and so much more. With holiday sacks and stockings you can make this holiday season a little more joyful than the last.

Brian the Pekingese – click here to purchase

Christmas Jammies!! Since having kids of my own I have a new found love of Christmas pajama’s. The Foxes have a tradition – every Christmas Eve our kids get a special night before gift to open and inside that package is a their new Christmas jammies and a few other token items. This year we will be sporting the adorable unisex Christmas pajamas from Brian the Pekingese. Their pajama’s are made with 100% organic cotton and are so soft and cozy. Proudly made in the USA, each pair of Brian the Pekingese pajamas comes with the amazing send back offer. When your child has outgrown their pajama’s Brian the Pekingese offers to take them back and recycle them for you! My kids love their Brian The Pekingese stuffed animal and story, helping bedtime go more smoothly. If you have been considering this years Christmas Pj’s, then be sure to try out Brian the Pekingese’s, you will not be disappointed.

Ikiki Shoes – click her to purchase

Kid feet are in the most important developmental stage of life so correct shoe support and design is very important. Ikiki shoes are not only great for your kids feet but they are adorable shoes with friendly characters and bright colors. Built in squeakers are what sets Ikiki shoes apart from other kid shoes. Squeakers for your kids feet sounds like a nightmare, right? Wrong! The squeakers on Ikiki shoes provide safety, teach kids cause and effect, and provide multi sensory activity for kiddos. And, with a simple flip of a switch you or your kid can turn the squeak off. The shoe soles are very light weight and soft which make them flexible and comfortable. They’re breathable and durable and will stay on the foot because of the unique high top design. Any kid will love to receive a pair of Ikiki shoes. Their characters are adorable and the pops of color are an extra fun feature.

Max’is Creations – click here to purchase

“A world would be better if we played with our food” That’s what Max believed when he first created a mug with a basketball hoop in art class. Now this kid entrepreneur is making head way sharing his new mug business. He went from a simple mug made from clay to mass producing realistic colored sports mugs. The coolest part of Max’s story is that he has dyslexia and uses his business to bring about awareness. Max’is Creations give back by supporting multiple organizations helping kids with learning disabilities. Six popular sports options are available, and there is plenty of good equipment such as Cricket Nets, so you are sure to score big with finding your kid’s favorite sport. My children have Tennis Lessons in Atlanta which they love, so I’m definitely buying the tennis ball one!

Meadow Bay Bowtique – click here to purchase

Little girls love bows, and so do their mama’s! They are cute and fun, adding that touch of femininity to any outfit. MamatheFox’s daughter is now 5 and in preschool. One of her favorite things to do is pick out a bow to put in her hair for school. The preschoolers even like to talk about each others bows and compliment each others choices. But, bows can be pricey! You may be done a double take like MamatheFox has before while shopping for hair bows. While I love a gorgeous bow, I need to it be at an everyday price point. For a little girl who plays rough, and likes a variety of styles, you need to find bows that are pretty, durable and affordable – and now we have! Meadow Bay Bowtique features a great selection of bows that any parent can afford. Most are priced at $5, which is the ideal price for a nice sized bow that is also made with quality in mind. With the option to custom order, she is sure to have a few bows that would be perfect for the little girl in your life this holiday season.

I See Me – click here to purchase

With a mission to make each child feel special, I See Me creates personalized books that celebrate the uniqueness of each child. The beautiful illustrations are paired with rich literature making a joyful reading experience. With a vast variety of choices, you are sure to find a developmentally appropriate book for your little one. You can choose from a wide range of topics such as animals, space, pirates, magic, princesses and more. I See Me not only makes premium quality personalized books, but also a full line of personalized gifts. Customizable puzzles, coloring books, and lunch boxes are just a few of their many choices. Keeping a personalized gift in budget is made easy with I See Me’s wide stock. Personalized stickers start at just over $5 while bigger gifts over $40 include a personalized book and fuzzy friend. Special occasion personalized gifts make any season extra special. Their Christmas line includes a personalized sing-along book & songs with a personalized ornament. I See Me equips you with treasured gifts that will leave a lasting impression on your loved ones.

Super Undies – click here to purchase

The milestone of potty training doesn’t have to be as costly and torturous as you think. Super Undies is a cloth diaper company that meets the needs of potty trainers, as well as bedwetting solutions for toddlers and adults. Super Undies started as a child based company but expanded to helping with delayed potty training, along with adolescent and adult incontinence. For cloth diaper families it keeps the standard and lifestyle of being eco friendly and cost effective. Basically Super Undies are a diaper that feels like underwear and underwear that absorbs like a diaper. It keeps standards clear for those new little potty trainers. Diapers and disposable underwear can be confusing, leading kids to feel comfortable in peeing in their pants. However, sometimes life doesn’t allow the flexibility of letting your child wear normal underwear with the risk of an accident; traveling, child-care, hiking, etc. So if an accident does happen you can be assured a mess won’t be made. A wide range of products are available and very affordable. Super Undies uses quality products and works to make sure you have the perfect fit.

Deuter’s Kikki Bag – click here to purchase

The holiday season is approaching which means long days of travel and being displaced for days as you cram in your family’s house. Deuter Kikki kid backpacks are the perfect size for your little ones to travel with. These eco-friendly packs are small enough to fit on your preschoolers back but large enough to carry a tablet, toys, and snacks. Sternum straps stabilize the backpack on shoulders and keeps the pack safely on their back. A name tag is also featured privately on the inside. It allows a community helper to check your child’s information if lost. Pockets keep things organized and easy to find while a top clip keep things secures. Not only are these packs made with the world’s strictest standards for environmental protection, but they have a sleek and adorable design. My toddler’s eyes were quickly drawn to the bird face and bright colors. Make holiday travel a little less stressful and let your kids handle their bags as Deuter Kikki backpacks handle their stuff.

Blankie Tails – click here to purchase

The proud creator of the award-winning and original Mermaid and Shark Blankets, Blankie Tails has something for your family. Blankie Tails makes cozy warm blankets that come in many shapes and sizes. With high-quality stitching and super soft, minky fabric these blankets are unbelievably comfortable and durable. Blankie Tails makes a variety of sizes from small doll tails to adults and teens. Their collection covers a wide range of styles from beautiful mermaid, sharp shark, to even a powerful rocket ship! Blankie Tails can be a perfect gift for any one in your family this winter!

Real Shades – click here to purchase

Did you know that children’s eyes are much more sensitive to the sun than an adults? Their developing eyes need protection from UV rays starting from infancy. Most of the children’s sunglasses you find in the stores are just slightly tinted, and don’t truly protect your child’s eyes. Real Shades took the extra step and made their sunglasses with real polarized lenses, so truly protect their little eyes. Using optical grade polycarbonate material, which is lightweight and, at the same time, provides excellent impact resistance and optical clarity. In addition to the polarized lenses, they made the frames virtually unbreakable! So many times my kids have snapped those glasses in half while driving to our destination. With Real Shades, the frames have a give to them, allowing the kid to mess around with them but without snapping in half. These glasses are so worth the investment you will end up buying them as gifts for your nieces and nephews too.

Sydney Paige – click here to purchase

Buy one give one, that’s what Sydney Paige is all about. This company works hard to promote the importance of education. That’s why for every product sold, another is donated to a student in need. When buying one of their backpacks they not only give a backpack to a child in need, but they fill it with full sets of age-appropriate school supplies. What an awesome brand to support! You can even choose what non-profit organization to give to, national or local! Lots of ‘things’ accompany a child on the go. Giving a backpack that they love will not only be a perfect gift for them, but for their parents too! Put all the necessities (and wants) in the backpack and off they go! With the holidays right around the corner and lots of traveling, a backpack for your kiddo will be a lifesaver!

PawdPet – Click here to purchase

A phone case now specifically designed for those little phone stealers. Whether you are at a restaurant, shopping in the store, or FaceTiming your family, the PawdPet does it all. Choose from four adorable plush animals that are sure to become a new fuzzy friend! While undoubtably cute, these little guys also function as a multipurpose phone case. Any smartphone can quickly attach through strong magnets, making it handsfree. This phone case can hold a phone vertical or horizontal and has a protective plush padded pocket to keep it safe on the go. A removable, adjustable cross-body shoulder strap makes toting around simple. PawdPet has partnered with Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital and makes it their goal to give back as much as possible. This new, mom invented, business is continuing to expand in their produced products and helping protect phones everywhere.

Lottie Dolls – click here to purchase

Little kid dolls for your little kids. Lottie makes a range of relatable dolls, outfits, accessories, and play sets that are developmentally appropriate.Their dolls are unique because their bodies are based on the proportion of a 9 year-old child, besides having a larger head for hair-play. They even empower real mini kid designers by using their ideas and input for designing dolls. Lottie’s vision is to protect the simplicity and innocence of childhood, while empowering children to confidently be themselves. With Lottie’s diverse line of dolls, any kid is sure to find a doll they relate to. Dolls cover a variety of skin, hair, and eye colors and include a themed costume or outfit completing their creative back story. In addition, Lottie has a collection of outfits and play-sets that are sure to spark the imagination and get your little one dreaming big. Check out this award winning doll company that your kids can imagine themselves as.

Gotcha Covered – click here to purchase

Uses for notebooks are so plentiful that we seem to go through them so fast around here. I know I use them for my grocery and shopping lists, for my bible studies, for taking notes and reminders about school functions. I use them and take them everywhere, which is why we like them to look fun. Since finding out about Gotcha Covered my family is so excited about getting new notebooks. With a ton of cover designs to choose from, you can totally customize your notebook. Adding a name or saying to the front cover, the size/shape of the notebook, picking the type of paper inside (wide rule, college ruled, practice, sketch, graph, checklist…) and even the color of the spiral binding! These notes books are so unique that they will make the perfect gift for anyone who loves to journal or keep a diary.

Farm Hoppers – click here to purchase

Jumping on things is a highly used skill by every single toddler I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. They have the wiggles constantly and are needing to get that energy out in a safe and fun way. With Farm Hoppers you can give your kids an outlet to jump, bounce and wrestle with a toy that is safe and fun. Farm Hoppers are made from high quality, brightly colored, BPA and phthalate-free plastic for long lasting use and durability. Each Farm Hopper includes a free hand pump and have a self-closing valve – no plug that can be a choking hazard like other animal hopper brands. They come is many animals and colors, like cows, horses, dogs, pig and rabbit – with colors of blue, pink, white and more. When your kid starts playing with their Farm Hopper you will wonder why you didn’t have one from the time they turned one. Be sure to share this link with your friends so they can get a Farm Hopper for their little ones too.

SoapSox – click here to purchase

Bath time is one of my kids favorite times. But I know some kids don’t have as much fun in the tub as mine do. To make bath time a pleasurable experience I always strive to include the best toys to increase enjoyment on the water. When we learned of SoapSox a year ago I knew these newer products would be a splash hit. A soft and cuddly animal friend makes bath time fun…and helps get little ones clean, too. Built-in finger pockets allow for secure scrubbing, while a clever opening for liquid or bar soap makes sudsing up all the easier. With characters like Mickey, Minnie and Ariel to sharks, fish, sting rays, dinosaurs and alligators, there are sure to be several styles that would appeal to the kid in your life. The SoapSox are machine washable and dryer save, so the upkeep and life span is way better than plastic toys that you typically buy for the tub. Be sure to check out their new gift sets and multi packs to get a better splash for your buck.

National Geographic Books for Kids – click here to purchase

With so many book options available on the market you can easily feel overwhelmed with the options. Play it safe – and smart – by giving the gift of National Geographic kids books. Their huge selection of books for children will make you get as excited about learning as a child walking into first grade. Topics ranging from outer space or dinosaurs to bugs and animals. If you want to learn some awesome facts they have books focused directly on that, like the almanacs or the reference guides. Silly topics like is it Real or Fake books, or Weird or True books. All books are written by the National Geographic team, so you know that the information, images and stories included are of the highest quality and have your child development in mind. They are constantly adding new and exciting books to their line up, so be sure to check back each time you need a gift idea for the newest and hottest in their selection.

Kids 2018 Calendar – click here to purchase

Starting in preschool, our children start to learn about the days of the week and months of the year. They start to understand the concept of ‘tomorrow’ and vaguely what ‘next week’ means. By showing the child, on a calendar, the day it is and when the upcoming event is, they begin to engage in a new and exciting way. Having count downs to special days like birthdays, trips or holidays can be part of the fun of the day itself. The building of excitement and knowledge of a certain date creeping closer helps children understand the time frame. Give the children in your life, this easy to read, child friendly calendar. It will not only help them understand the date and month but it also helps in responsibility of crossing off each day. The link above takes you to Amazon, where the author, C.A. Jameson has a fun collection of other books and calendars for the kids in your life.

How The Candy Cane Got It’s Stripes Book – click here to purchase

Every Christmas Eve the Fox children get to open 1 special box. This first gift always contains a new pair of Christmas pajama’s, a small treat and a book. This year my husband and I are so excited to present our children with a new classic, How The Candy Cane Got It’s Stripes. This magical tale is told to use through 2 main characters, the candy cane, named Cane and his buddy Snowy the snowman. Children has so many questions about Christmas, like when will Santa come? Why do I have to be good? What if we don’t have a chimney? But this year they can learn how the candy cane got it’s stripes. This beautifully illustrated book will quickly become and instant classic in your home.

Plush Heated Throw – click here to purchase

Are your kids freeze babies? Mine sure are. Every winter we have to keep a few blankets in the backseat for them. Sadly, they heating vents dont warm up the backseat for out kiddos as fast and warm as we sometimes wish. Frost Guard took this issue to heart and created a plush throw electric blanket that plugs into your car! As you probably know you cannot safely strap a child into a car seat with a large, puffy coat. It is unsafe and dangerous for them. This has caused my kids to be especially cold when we first get them strapped in to their seat. Now, with our heated throw blanket, they can get cozy comfy fast. My favorite feature of this blanket is that is has a safety timer and will shut off after 45 minutes. With low, medium and high settings, this blanket will change the way your family travels.

Toy Rings Wooden Stacking Set by Bookid – click here to purchase

One of the most classic and dependable toys for children is the wooden ring stacking toy. This toy is a favorite in most all children’s collections. By learning their colors, difference in size variations, and the skill of hand/eye coordination by placing the rings on the pole, they gain confidence and see the work they accomplished. Even when they are not placed in order of largest to smallest (this is a more developed skill) they are learning how to use their hands and fingers in a more fine motor type skill. Each ring is make from the highest quality, non-toxic materials to ensure your child’s safety. This toy will give them house or entertainment

House Building Set by Bookid – click here to purchase

In a land full of building toys things can get overwhelming. Play it safe, and less expensive with Bookit building sets. This house set contains 76 pieces, which is a perfect amount of blocks, for under $30! Most brick sets are a pretty penny. When you want to give an educational gift but at a price point an average family can afford you turn to Bookit. This particular set comes with 2 people, a car and a lot more. We love how this set helps with hand eye development, gives a sense of accomplishment and self satisfaction when the set it built. They also have a few other similar sets if you are looking for affordable, nice quality building bricks.

Wooden Marble Run Toy by Bookid – click here to purchase

This wooded marble run is one of the coolest toys to offer a small child this holiday. It comes in separate parts, allowing your child to create and design their own marble run! Typically a marble run is one piece. I love how this offers your child the chance to make their own run. This allows their creative juices to flow, and helps them develop problem solving skills. Allowing their imagination to run wild with ideas and showing them how gravity and cause and effect are related, you can help your child develop a love for physics. By using logic they can create run after run. Being made of separate parts it makes clean up and storage that much easier. It is made of non-toxic materials and passes all American and European safety standards.

Bead Maze Activity Center by Bookid – click here to purchase

The Bead Maze Activity center by Bookid is such a fun and affordable gift for small children. At under $25, you can give the gift of hours of entertainment. It’s a 5 in 1 activity center: packed with learning activities. Features five different fun-filled activities which your child will enjoy. These activities include wooden bead roller coaster that races over cute trail mazes zig-zag race paths shape sorting puzzle. It is made from high quality non-toxic material making it safe for your children. Helps guide hand/eye coordination, develops knowledge of shapes and colors as well as cause and effect.

TopKnotTwirl – click here to purchase

If you are looking for a quality personalized gift that will be cherished for a lifetime, check out TopKnotTwirl! They are a brand new Etsy shop that creates customized fabric dolls to match the look of your special little one. Each doll is made just like the way you imagined with 5 customizable features; hair placement, bang style, hair color, skin color, and dress print. Each doll is dressed in a miniature twirl dress with a fashionable criss cross back. And like every girl loves, the hair styles can be taken out and redone for those beauty shop play dates. All of TopKnotTwirl dolls are handmade by the shop owner Lauren so top quality is always delivered. Her current turn around is 2-5 days, plus shipping, so there is still time to order for Christmas. TopKnotTwirl will even ship directly to a love one as a gift and include a handwritten personalized gift message. Be sure to follow TopKnotTwirl on Instagram for production stories, reviews from happy customers, and new designs.

Games by Ravensburger – click here to purchase

Finding fun, family friend games is exciting. Some of the top board games for families this holiday season are from Ravensburger. Our top favorites are Eye Found It! Despicable Me & Harry Potter Pictopia Family Picture Trivia Game. Eye Found It! – Hop in Lucy’s car and join the Minions on a wild road trip through the world of Despicable Me, from Gru’s lab and Paradise Mall, to Minion Beach and more! Along the way, search for hidden objects – there are over 1,000 things to find! Race to the end of the giant 6-foot game board before the amusement park closes to win! For Harry Potter Pictopia you can show off your knowledge of J.K Rowling’s Wizarding World when you encounter 1,000 picture trivia questions featuring the beloved characters, extraordinary places, magical creatures, and enchanted objects from the epic Harry Potter movies.

Games by Wonder Forge – click here to purchase

If you want to play some games while being with your closest family and friends this holiday then Wonder Forge has your back. Their top sellers for this holiday include Vampirnia Spin Go Round! Game and the new hit, Banned Words. When the kids get rowdy and its time to sit for a little bit and burn off those candy canes, play a round of Vampirina Spin Go Round! Take a Spin with Vampirina in this exciting twist on bingo! Spin to see where you can play. Match the color, pattern, shape or character. If you get Spin Go Round, everyone switches spinners! For 2-4 Players, game duration is about 15 min’s and perfect for ages 3 and up. When they kids crash in bed and the parents are still hitting the eggnog, take a whirl at Banned Words. Perfect for Ugly Sweater parties and groups of adults. In Banned Words you gt your teammates to guess 5 words in 90 seconds without saying any BANNED WORDS. The Banned words are created by the opposing team! This game is sure to liven up any party and create hilarious memories.

Baby Bijoux – click here to purchase

Baby Bijoux was especially made for the mini mommy or daddy of the house. With realistic and anatomically correct features, this baby doll encourages nurturing-based imaginative play. While engaging in a world of make-believe, children will learn social skills, practice empathy and care taking, and develop language and and new vocabulary. The 15.75″ tall Baby Bijoux doll is the perfect size for 3-6 year olds and the vinyl body is easy to clean; making it the perfect companion for outings. Baby Bijoux is especially unique by providing multi-cultural and gender choices. They currently make African American, Asian, Caucasian, and Hispanic boy and girl dolls. With just-like-me skin tones children can connect with dolls that look like them or be encouraged to have global mindset with a doll of different ethnicity.

Baby Doux -click here to purchase

These adorable soft cloth dolls are a perfect first baby doll for the family. The 12″ crafted doll is constructed with a perfect combination of a soft cotton cloth body and durable vinyl head, arms, and legs; making it perfect for 2-5 year olds. The Baby Doux doll is machine washable and fabricated with deluxe European design. With four ethnical choices, children are sure to find a doll they can relate to which builds confidence and leadership skills. Having ethnically diverse toys also helps children develop a global mindset and nurtures compassion and understanding. Baby Doux dolls help develop language, social and emotional skills in the little ones through play. Help your child relate to the world around them and develop life skills with Baby Doux.

Mayka Tape – click here to purchase

Mayka is one of the hottest toys this holiday. Mayka Tape is 100% compatible with Lego, Mega Blocks, Kreo and all other leading toy block brands. It comes in 9 colors so you can use it so tons of sets and concepts you are working on. Each roll has 6.5ft of high-grade, reusable, adhesive tape that can turn any surface into a toy brick base plate. Create new worlds with Mayka tape by going up walls, different angles and surfaces. This tape is so exciting that it is wanted by both children and adults alike. It will be the stocking stuffer that will get the whole family excited. Made with the highest grade of BPA-free food safe silicone and combined it with high quality 3M adhesive which is easily and safely removable and reusable. Be sure to pick up a few rolls for that White Elephant exchange you have coming up. Its on Amazon and is sure to please.

Tangle – click here to purchase

The original fidget toy – Tangle. Tangles are the perfect way to express your creative side in a whole new light. Attach them however and mold them into whatever you’d like. If you have busy hands in your house (and boy do we have a lot of those) then you are going to love putting some Tangles in some stockings. They make great toys for places like airports, waiting for your table at a restaurant, long car trips and other times you need to just keep a little busy. Tangles are meant to be taken apart and put back together again. They click in and out, giving another way to play. Click sets together to make longer or shorter Tangles. They come in tons of colors so you can add to you collect as you want. They offer a hands on art experience that brings out creativity and artistic imagination while also being silent and calming. They do not disturb or disrupt others. Safe, reusable, and affordable, Tangle toys come in a wide array of patterns, colors, and types for different age groups.

Luna Petunia – click here to purchase

Luna Petunia is a magical new show – a Netflix original. It’s inspired by the curiosity, surprise and wonder of Cirque du Soleil. Luna Petunia is set in the whimsical and fantastical world of Amazia, where Luna and her friends empower preschoolers to use their creative potential. They overcome challenges together and make the impossible possible! This new hit has a few amazing new toys available for its fans and preschoolers alike this holiday season, the hit sellers have been the Luna Petunia Talking Doll and Amazia Garden Playset. The doll and playset alike showcase the wonderful colors of Luna Petuna’s world and engage them in using their imaginations. By evoking them to create play situations on their own you are allowing them to develop and engage their creative side, helping them develop a plethora of skills. These toys will make any preschooler excited when they see them under the tree Christmas morning.

View Master – click here to purchase

Do you remember playing with a View Master as a child? It was one of little brothers most favorite toys. We would spend hours sitting by the window (getting that nice sunlight) imagining we were on a far off planet or on a safari trip in the jungle of Africa. This year you can share these memories with a child in your life by giving them the gift of a View Master. With the same classic structure, but newer technology this classic toy is sure to be a blast to the past. There are tons of new slides you can purchase, giving a gift that can be “renewed” when the child’s birthday comes up after the holidays. The 3-D eye popping visuals will be a thrill and make perfect toys for long car rides while vising relatives. No batteries required makes it the perfect gift for crunchy parents too!

Lite Brite – click here to purchase

Throw back toys are in! My favorite toy as a little girl was my Lite Brite. Now, thanks to it’s amazing popularity, it is back as a top gift for children this holiday. I would spend hours creating pictures, words and scenarios. This newly updated version is so much more slim and easy to take with you. It is slightly larger than a tablet would be in a thick rubber protective case, making it very easy for small hands to hold and carry. It comes with 156 round pegs in white, yellow, blue, pink, orange and green, 1 transparent removable storage tray. Give the children in your life the gift of creativity with Lite Brite. When you share memories of you playing with this classic as a child it will inspire a holiday feeling and lead to making special memories together.

Moon in My Room – click here to purchase

The Fox kids are in love with the moon. Searching for it in the night sky is a favorite pastime. On cloudy nights the kids get sad, wishing to see their friend the moon. Now they can see it every day with Moon in My Room. This amazing night light from Uncle Milton allows you to see the moon all 12 phases of the moon. The moon is has an authentically detailed 3-D lunar landscape. You can hang it on your wall and use the remote to control which phases you would like to see. Each Moon in My Room comes with a code to download an MP3 to hear a guided tour of the moon. With its auto shut off feature you can let it work like a comfort night light each night at bedtime, then once the kids are asleep it will shut off on it’s own. For any moon lover, this will make the perfect gift.

Honeysticks – click here to purchase

These crayons are made from 100% New Zealand beeswax and are handmade! Because the crayons are made from beeswax, they are totally non toxic, meaning they are completely safe for children! They contain no paraffin wax or cheap fillers, so there’s no need to worry about your child eating the crayons; although I wouldn’t advise this 😉 The beeswax gives the crayons a nice honey scent and the sustainable process causes minimal impact on the environment. Honeysticks stand out from other crayons not only because of the non toxicity but also because of the unique chubby shape of them. The crayons chubby shape make it really easy for children to hold AND really difficult for them to break.

Mifold – click here to purchase

Christmas traveling is here! Make traveling easier with mifold, the super slim and easy to transport Grab-and-Go Car Booster Seat! It is more than 10x smaller than a regular booster seat and just as safe. For children ages 4 and up, with a weight of 10 to 100 lbs and 40 to 57 inches tall. It is so small it can be folded to put into a purse, glove compartment, or child’s backpack. When you have flights, airports, highway travels with rental cars, make the easy choice and use a mifold. It comes in a variety of colors so you can use different colors for different kids (to tell them apart). You can use it all year when you need to car pool, grandparents need to transport your child and other in a pinch situations. Some kids may have out grown their regular car seat, but you are not ready to let them sit without out a booster, then this is the perfect investment.

If your child is a bit too old for the items mentioned above, you could always see here for a gaming PC build: https://buildpc.io/best-gaming-pc-under-300/.

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Toasty toes with Stonz

Who is Stonz

Stonz was created by a mom who loved being outside with her kids. However, she was quickly frustrated by her toddler’s wardrobe malfunctions and the need for a solution to keep him warm.

In 2004 Stonz Booties was launched and has continued to thrive in making innovative warm gear for babies and kids. Stonz is functional, durable, and adorably fashionable.


Stonz Products

Toddler Booties

(up to 3 years)

My daughter is approaching 12 months and will be facing her first Ohio winter. Since birth she has been super sensitive to the cold so I knew I needed to find warm shoes for her, especially since she will be walking in snow.

Stonz booties are definitely innovative and I think once you go Stonz you’ll never go back! The shape of the shoe is more like a mitten for the foot. It has a large opening and is super spacious inside. My daughter always curls her toes when I put shoes on, making it next to impossible to put her feet completely in. Even with curled toes, I can quickly slip Stonz on and get her feet flat.

Rather than laces, Stonz booties has two adjustable toggles; one on the ankle and one on the top. It makes for a snug perfect fit every time and keeps shoes on! Not to mention it saves time on wrangling toddlers to tie shoes. While wearing my daughter in the carrier or pushing her in the stroller, I was worry free about her shoes falling off.

The bottom of the boots are made with soft, skid-resistant rubber. It is flexible enough to allow those developing feet feel the ground for balance but durable enough to protect from outside elements.

Stonz booties are made with a cold and wind resistant 600D nylon and lined with a warm fleece. I love these boots are so versatile. They can be worn during chilly rainy seasons as well as freezing cold winter days. Since the shoes are adjustable, it is easy to layer up or down. My daughter was able to wear her booties with just tights as well as over her winter snow suit.

Stonz also sells Linerz that can be added for extra warmth. These are especially great for playing in the snow or long exposure to cold.

All of their booties are specially designed to follow the fashion of your little one. Stonz provides a plethora of different styles such as animals, colors, patterns, and cartoons. We chose the gray booties with a simple bird on the side. The only down side is the design gets squeezed and distorted when the elastic is tightened. I probably would have chosen a solid color or pattern if I had known


Overall I was very impressed with Stonz booties! I loved how easy they were to put on but did not run the risk of falling off. Even being made with durable warm fabrics, they remained adorable and in my daughter’s style.

Scout Winter Bootz

For my 2.5 year old son we chose Stonz’s scout winter boots. I will admit at first I was confused at which shoe to get. The 5T-9T through me off, I was correlating it to clothes sizing and thought my son would be too small for these shoes. However, after I used their handy shoe sizing chart I realized it just means shoe sizes 5-9. My son is currently a 7 and we bought him an 8. He can comfortably wear them but has some space to grow into them this winter.

Scout Winter Bootz come in four color options; green, blue, pink, and gray. My son quickly chose the lime green which was a perfect match for his winter and rain coat.

I might be brain washing him into liking green. Or he just gets his great taste from his mama!

We fell in love with these bootz instantly after opening them up. They are wonderful quality with 600D nylon and warm fuzzy fleece. The bottom has a slip resistant sole that is durable and flexible.

The wide opening makes it a breeze to put on and fit pant legs inside the boot.  Rather than laces. an elastic velcro assure a tight snug fit.

Stonz states they are made to keep feet warm up to -22 degrees Fahrenheit. I honestly hope to never be outside when it is that cold but I do know these are Canadian made and Canadians know cold!

We played outside in the ran when it was just over 50 degrees. My son ended up begging me to take his coat off because he was hot. I’ve actually read up on it and found research showing that cold feet can weaken your immune system, thus getting sick more during winter seasons. I’m happy to know my kids’ feet will be staying toasty this winter in Stonz.

Probably the best feature is Stonz boots are lighter than an iPhone!

I was amazed to see my son run fairly normal in his boots; not that awkward clunky march kids do all winter. He was definitely comfortable playing and didn’t slow down from heavy overweight boots. Stonz boots are flexible enough to let his ankles move freely while the elastic straps keep his boots on securely.

Stonz bootz are a great option for your toddler who is active rain or shine..or snow and wind. They protect their feet from the elements while being light enough for them to play freely!

More from Stonz

Yes! Stonz makes products not just for feet! They also make warm, easy slip on mittens to assure your child is warm from finger to toes!

With winter around the corner don’t be caught off guard with icy rain and freezing temperatures. Keep those little toes nice and toasty with durable but light Stonz boots.

Keep your eyes peeled on MamatheFox for a Stonz boots giveaway coming soon!!

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