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What Is Insomnia and How to Treat It

Early in the morning you have to go to work, but you can only fall asleep by dawn. If you don’t have sleep problems, you’re as lucky as those who hit the jackpot at Play Amo. And if insomnia is not happening for the first time, it’s a reason to think. It is really not worth turning a blind eye here, but to the situation – there is a high probability of developing a serious illness – chronic insomnia.


Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which a person is either trying to sleep for a long time, or falls asleep, but not deep, but anxious and shallow sleep. Usually in this case, even soft sounds can wake him up, after which it is very difficult to fall asleep again.


Most often teenagers, pregnant women, the elderly, and people with a rattled nervous system or mental illnesses suffer from insomnia. But this is not all categories of people prone to insomnia. There are many other reasons for its occurrence.

Reasons for Insomnia

  • Consumption of caffeine-containing products and alcohol.
  • Certain medications.
  • Excessive stress or emotional overexcitement.
  • Depression.
  • Neurological disorders.
  • Stomach disorders accompanied by pain and heartburn.
  • Thyroid disorders.
  • Hyperactivity or attention deficit disorder.
  • High levels of stimulating hormones in the body.
  • Autism
  • Night work.
  • Disruption of sleep patterns, circadian rhythms.
  • Frequent change of time zones.
  • Fatty acid deficiency in the body.

What Is the Danger of Insomnia?

Someone may think that there is nothing dangerous about insomnia – if you don’t get enough sleep today, you will get enough sleep tomorrow. In fact, chronic insomnia is a serious condition. It can adversely affect the human immune system, cause endocrine and cardiovascular disease, and undermine mental health. In addition, it won’t be a surprise to anyone that sleep problems instantly affect performance – both mental and physical, leave a mark on appearance, cause nervousness and irritability, as well as affecting overall health.

How to Cope With Insomnia

If the problem with sleep is a non-permanent phenomenon, you can cope on your own: don’t use gadgets an hour before going to bed, give up coffee, alcohol, and heavy food before going to bed, try not to smoke at night, go to bed before midnight, follow the regime.


Regular insomnia is already a reason to see a doctor. They will identify its cause, possibly prescribe a sleeping pill that is suitable in your particular case, prescribe therapy, and recommend Omega-3 into your daily diet.

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4 Ways to Make Your Holiday Season A Little Simpler 


As much as you look forward to Christmas and the surrounding festivities, you know how tricky staying healthy can be in both body and mind. Maybe you enjoy one too many chocolates, or the stress of preparing dinner and presents becomes too much, especially if it feels like you’re the only one who does anything. So, what if you could still enjoy Christmas without stress? It is possible, you just need to make everything a little simpler. 


Focus On Gratitude 

Every year, you find somebody complaining that the real meaning of the holidays has disappeared. Rather than focus on each other, people are too worried about gifts. If you can encourage your family to think more about what they are thankful for as opposed to what they open on Christmas morning, you may find that the entire break is filled with more joy. Focusing on gratitude is a great way to establish why you do what you do, and you can feel a closer connection to your friends and family. 


Stay In 

You may feel like your Christmas season is non-stop. You always need to do something, and this can become overwhelming. But, staying in is a fantastic alternative, especially if you put on a movie with your family. You can enjoy movies like Snowbound for Christmas with a cup of cocoa and some delicious homemade snacks and treats. Cozy up with one another and forget about the hustle and bustle outside because you’re right where you need to be.


Cut Down On the Decor 

As beautiful as your home has looked in the past, you also know that heavy decorations can take time, which is highly frustrating if you’re doing it all alone. If you can wrangle the rest of the family to help out, that’s fantastic, but if not, subtle decor can still inspire the happy memories and festive cheer of the season. With this, you’re focused more on each other rather than showing off how into Christmas you are. Plus, it’s easier to tidy up in the New Year.


Make Gift Buying Simple 

Some people are great at gift buying, but others always seem to struggle. They never know how much to spend or feel they can’t buy for someone who has everything. Furthermore, many people feel obligated to spend beyond their means over Christmas because they assume it is a done thing. You can avoid this and keep everyone’s wallets healthy by establishing a budget for everyone in the house. Families may want to do a Secret Santa or just understand that you don’t want to spend too much. This encourages people to focus on smaller ideas and hopefully means they can find a gift that means something, rather than showing love through the amount they spent.



While you don’t need to tear all your decorations down and feel like you’re lacking the Christmas spirit, these tips provide a manageable and welcome alternative to your usual approach. If you want to slow things down a little and reconnect with the true meaning of the holidays, these ideas are perfect for any household. 


Dating Tips For Single Parents

The post is developed in partnership with BetterHelp.


Dating is never easy but can be even more complicated if you have a child. Much of your time is dedicated to your child, from helping them with homework, driving them to sports practice, or spending quality time with them. This may leave you with less energy or time to date than when you were childless. 


Furthermore, you need to consider your child’s needs when dating again. This is even more crucial if you are just coming from divorcing your child’s other parent. Chances are, you haven’t dated since before your child was born and therefore aren’t quite sure how to juggle dating with your new responsibilities. Your actions and lifestyle no longer just affect you; they also affect the most important person in your life: your child. 


Therefore, if you struggle to find love as a single parent, here are some tips for getting back on the dating scene while still being a great parent. 

Take It Slow

If you just divorced or broke up with your significant other, it is important not to jump into a relationship right away. You need time to heal from the breakup and process your emotions. Otherwise, you may choose your next partner purely out of desperation and loneliness, which could have significant consequences and cause you even more pain. 


Furthermore, your child needs time to heal from the breakup too. Divorces are major traumatic events in a child’s life, and their whole world and foundation have crumbled beneath them. They may be shocked or even upset and angry if someone new comes over shortly after the divorce. 


The breakup didn’t just affect you, and dating new partners won’t just affect you either. Therefore, give both you and your child time to adjust and heal from the divorce before dating again. This timeframe can be as soon as a few months or may even take a year or longer


Dating is never easy, especially christian dating but can be even more complicated if you have a child. Much of your time is dedicated to your child, from helping them with homework, driving them to sports practice, or spending quality time with them. This may leave you with less energy or time to date than when you were childless.


Be Transparent With Your Child

When you feel you are finally ready to date again, it is essential to discuss this decision with your child. If you bring someone over without discussing your desire to date prior, then they will get quite a shock. 


Many parents forgo this step because they don’t know how to have this conversation with their kids. The truth is that the conversation may be a bit uncomfortable, but it is essential. Your child needs to understand that you are moving on to other partners. 


Some children have fantasies that their parents will get back together, and others may believe that their parents won’t date again. Having this conversation sets up more realistic expectations that you won’t be getting back together with their other parent, but you aren’t going to be alone forever either. 

Don’t Talk Too Much About Your Child Right Away

When going on a date with someone new, it can be quite tempting to talk about your kid a lot. However, this can be a bit overwhelming for a first or second date, especially if they don’t have kids of their own! 


Furthermore, your date wants to know about you: your career, personality, interests, etc. Although children can take up a significant portion of your life, they aren’t your whole personality. Talk about your other interests, career goals and achievements, and who you are. This date is about you, so make sure your date learns how amazing you are. 

But Don’t Hide Their Existence Either

However, you shouldn’t hide the fact that you have a child, either. This will surely make it far more difficult to find a partner who is supportive and understanding of your situation. That’s why you should make this clear as soon as possible, either on your dating profile or mention it on your first date. That way, you don’t waste time with someone who will never love or support your child the way you need them to. 

Freshen Yourself Up

It can be easy to ignore self-care when you are exhausted from taking care of the kids, running errands, and keeping the house clean. However, taking care of yourself and making sure you look your best is essential for attracting new dates. 


This doesn’t mean you need to get a manicure or put seven layers of makeup on. Just do enough to freshen yourself up and look and feel your best. That means forgoing the oversized sweatpants when going grocery shopping or making sure your hair is brushed before walking outside. Also, find yourself some clothes that fit your style but are still comfy and cute as well. 

Make Your Child A Priority

Having a child changes everything. You won’t have the same availability or energy as before you had a family. You will have to set boundaries on your time or what activities you can participate in so that you still have time and energy for your child. 


Furthermore, always remember that your child is the number one most important person in your life. Don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t understand or respect that. If you find yourself dating someone who is disrespectful to your child or doesn’t care for them, then you need to break things off. The perfect partner will love both you and your child and respect the bond you share. Sticking with anything less is just settling and can ruin your relationship with your child.

Bottom Line

Life can be quite difficult and confusing when being a newly single parent. However, this doesn’t mean that you should give up dating or that it will never be an option. With some consideration for your child and appropriate boundaries, you can find love in this new phase of your life while still being a great parent. 


For more tips on dating and relationships, click on the link below for further reading:


Saving Space: How to Change Your Bedroom After Giving Birth

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! A baby brings new joy into a home but also comes with responsibilities. A baby only eats and sleeps, and one of your responsibilities is to ensure they sleep peacefully and comfortably.

If you consider sharing your bedroom with your little one to keep them in sight or save more space, there are many aspects to consider. Here are some expert tips on how to change your bedroom after giving birth.


Separate the baby zone

Sharing your bedroom with your baby doesn’t necessarily mean sleeping on the same bed- you can sleep on your bed while the baby sleeps in their crib or bassinet.

The first thing you want to do is create a mock nursery using a divider or a curtain, but you don’t necessarily have to separate it if you don’t want your baby out of sight. Letting the baby sleep in their zone makes it easier for them to transition into their bedroom later on.


Pick your furniture wisely

When redesigning your bedroom to accommodate your little one, you have to make the space as comfortable as possible. A full-sized apartment bed can allow you to tend to your child on the bed when they are ill and get the necessary rest in between feeds.

Essentially your bedroom should include a full-size bed, crib, nightstands, rocker, ottoman, and dressing table. With the proper planning, it is possible to fit a decent amount of versatile furniture into a small bedroom.


Place the crib away

Just because you share the room with the baby doesn’t mean that you must place the crib next to your bed. Having the crib next to you prompts you to check on the baby often, interfering with their peaceful sleep.

If anything, it is best to move the crib away to sleep train your baby better. However, it should still be within your sight where you can easily keep an eye on the baby.


A crib that rolls is best

There are many advancements in baby gear that you will be spoilt for choice. Opt for a crib with wheels that you can easily move away from your bed when the room is not in use. Also, you can nurse the baby while it is next to your bed and haul it away when the baby sleeps.


Choose your lights strategically

Some night light fixtures are necessary to light the room as you jump out of bed to breastfeed the baby in the middle of the night. Ensure the lights are soothing and warm to create a soft glow for the baby to sleep comfortably. Warmer colorsare often best for night lights.


Opt for multipurpose pieces

When decorating your bedroom to accommodate the baby, think about multipurpose pieces that you can easily transport to other spots within your home. For instance, a nursing chair that you can easily carry to your living room is a smart idea.

When buying a rug, think about a texture that is baby-friendly, cozy and still blends with the rest of your living room. Multipurpose pieces ultimately save you more in the long run.


To Sum Up

Incorporate some aspects of stimulation and entertainment such as building blocks, toys and books suited for your child’s development.

How Rings Can Elevate Your Outfit

Accessories are powerful style statements that many people forget to include when building an outfit. We all know that person whose style always seems to be on point. You know… that friend who effortlessly looks super cool wherever they go whenever you see them? Well, they probably know the power in accessories! The bespoke jewelry can also help you find a ring that matches your vision and ideas while also helping you stay within your budget.


It’s true! Most of the time, those who we see as ‘stylish’ are wearing basic outfits and as they understand the power in accessories, they elevate their style game in the subtle details with rings, bracelets, and necklaces. The list goes on!


Today, we are going to be delving into the power of rings. Rings. Yep, that’s it! Spicing up your hand accessories will elevate your style on another level. Rings are becoming a huge trend in the fashion world as more and more people come to understand the power they hold for making or breaking an outfit. That’s why rings are becoming even more popular now than ever before. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s jump right into the growing trend of rings!


Lotus Ring:


The Lotus Ring is an item which is very popular among jewellery wearers and its definitely a ring that is a staple for us here at Story Jewellery! We simply love it. Why’s that, you ask? Well, the Lotus Ring offers a captivating design which is sure to capture the attention of those around you! It is made of 925 sterling silver, and we offer it in ‘Smoke’ or ‘Blue Topaz’ colours. This eye-catchingdesign captures the light and reflects your pure style!

We also wanted the Lotus Ring to be available to everyone which is why we offer it in an array of sizes so you can find the perfect size! Additionally, we understand that many of our items are bought as a gift which is why we added a meaningful message card that highlights what the Lotus Ring signifies. Stemming from the meaning behind the lotus flower of rebirth and inner peace, it reminds us that no matter what circumstances we may be in, we can always emerge to blossom.


Next up…

Semicolon Ring:


The Semicolon Ring represents the continuation of your passion, your journey, your vibe. No matter what happens, you will get through it!

A semicolon is a way of expressing the continuation of a sentence in terms of writing. We took this concept, put it on a ring and expressed a way of continuing in life! Never settling and always striving and pushing forward no matter what to achieve your dreams.

The Semicolon Ring makes for the perfect gift to remind your loved ones that they are more resilient than they think. This is something everyone needs in their life, that little ‘pick me up’ on your hand that will be there through the good times and the bad and will help you through anything! Check it out here…


Beautifully Broken Ring – Rainbow:


Imperfection is the new perfection. Nothing is perfect, so why should our rings be? We believe that our rings should be a true representation of us, which is why we created the Beautifully Broken Ring to represent that even though we are not perfect, we can still be beautiful! It reflects that even the most beautiful amongst us can still be broken sometimes, but the important thing is to keep positive. Pair this ring with our Semicolon Ring and you will be ready to take on the world!

Losing A Premature Baby Due To NEC- How To Deal With The Trauma

Pregnancy is a magical experience for parents, and you cannot wait to hold your bundle of joy in your arms. The thought of the moment keeps you happy and elated throughout the pregnancy. But thousands of moms and dads have to deal with an unexpected crisis when they encounter preterm labor. Having a baby before the usual gestation period is fraught with risk. These cases are complicated, and some kids even succumb to the complications.

Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is a serious intestinal disease that affects premature babies. It causes inflammation of the tissue in the small or large intestine, leading to a perforation in the intestinal wall. The condition can lead to severe infection and death of infants. In several cases, formula feeding is the cause of NEC and related deaths in premature babies. Dealing with the trauma of losing your little one due to NEC is challenging. But you can do your bit to get your life back on track. Here are some tips to help.

Get a hold on your life

Nothing can be more traumatizing than losing a baby who comes to the world earlier than you expect.  Preterm labor is a taxing experience, and the agony of seeing your baby in the neonatal care unit is immense. The treatment for NEC includes IV therapy or even surgical procedures. It is hard to see the little one suffering and losing the battle for life. But the only way to move forward is by getting a hold of your life again. Give yourself time to mourn the loss, but commit to living again.

Find the cause of NEC

While there isn’t a single consistent cause of NEC, you must try to identify the reason for the death of your infant. Here are some possibilities that can lead to the condition-

A premature intestine
An injury to the intestinal lining
Inadequate blood or oxygen flow to the intestine at birth
Infection of the intestine (bacterial or viral)
Growth of bacteria leading to the erosion of the intestinal wall
Formula feeding

A majority of cases occur in infants born before 32 weeks gestation. NEC develops within the first 2–4 weeks of the infant’s life. You can check the hospital records, talk to doctors, and seek expert opinions on the cause of NEC in your baby.

Seek compensation through a baby formula lawsuit

The idea of filing a lawsuit while grieving may sound overwhelming, but you must do your bit to get justice for your little one. If your baby died due to formula feeding, you must file a premature baby formula lawsuit to claim compensation. You can hold the manufacturer liable for failing to mention NEC risks on their product labels. Not doing so is a breach of the duty of care they owe to consumers. Baby formula settlement cases often run high in value if you prove the manufacturer’s negligence. Big brands are involved, and a specialist lawyer can help you claim compensation for the child’s medical treatment, pain and suffering, parental trauma, and wrongful death of the baby.

Avoid thinking about what-ifs

Parents often prolong and worsen their grief and suffering by besieging themselves with questions they cannot answer. You may find yourself looking for mistakes leading to premature birth in the first place. Also, you may think of things you could have done differently to prevent NEC and the resultant death of the infant. Blaming yourself is not a solution as it will only worsen your problems. You may end up losing your peace of mind by feeling guilty at all times.

Practice patience and kindness

The best way to start on the road to recovery is by practicing patience and kindness with yourself and your partner. Remember that both parents suffer equally when they lose a child. So do not undermine the pain of your spouse. They may deal with the grief differently if they do not show it. Your relationship may bear the brunt of the loss for a while, but you can salvage it by sticking together. Not blaming or judging each other even helps you get life on track faster.

Coping with the death of a baby is nerve-wracking, but you need not do it alone. Get the support you require. You can connect with other parents going through a similar ordeal and find an NEC lawyer to help you claim compensation and justice. You may seek counselingtherapy to deal with the anguish and resume normalcy.


What To Do If Your Overspend As A Business

Whether you run a home business or a large corporation, overspending can get you into a lot of financial trouble. If you don’t recuperate the money or continue to overspend, you might result in experiencing debt. Debt should be avoided at all costs as it could mean the end of your business.

If you do overspend as a business, there are a few things to do to cover your back and get back on track.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Seek expert help

If you overspend more than you expected and find yourself in debt, then you will want to seek expert help. Wyolaw Law Firm is a team that can help you get back on track and avoid putting your business at more risk than you need to.

Seeking expert help will ensure that you take the right actions for paying off your debt and getting back on your feet. Also, ask for their guidance on how to go about your business process. In case you reach out to a general business attorney, for instance, they could provide you with all the necessary information you need for your business.


If you do not know the reason for overspending, then you will want to investigate your spending habits. Investigating will help you get to the bottom of your finances and discover how and why you spent more money than you could afford.

During the investigation, assess your finances as a whole to find out where you could save money and avoid overspending in the future.

You could even use software to keep track of your expenses. OKR, for example, may be able to assist you in analyzing your goals as well as your spending. When you spend too much money, no business can survive. You can use software such as OKR to keep track of your business objectives and how your employees are performing in relation to their personal and business goals. However, in order to spend money wisely, carefully reading reviews and OKRs topics before investing in it may be a great option to consider. After that, you might be in a good position to decide whether it’s worth spending money on this kind of software or not.

Set a budget

You might have overspent in your business due to not having a business budget. A budget is vital if you want to stick to a set amount each month. Without a budget, you will find it difficult to stay on top of your finances and you will also find it difficult to attain maximum profit.

Set a realistic budget that is in line with your monthly expenses. Allow a little extra for random expenses.

Adjust your budget

If you do have a budget in place, then you are one step ahead of the game. However, you might want to think about adjusting your budget so that you can learn from your mistake and avoid overspending in the future. For example, if you were planning to hire Microsoft certified techs and you had already established a budget for the entire hiring and training process, but later decided to outsource it, thus allowing you to reduce the budget. Similarly, such decisions that you take for your business can make a huge impact on budgeting.

You might want to consider tightening your budget so that you avoid spending more than you need to. For a month or so, practice spending only what you need to. You will be able to attain better control over your finances and avoid overspending again.

Switch your payment methods

Your payment methods might be the reason that you overspent in your business. You simply may not be using direct debits to pay your bills or might be recklessly using your business credit card for leisure expenses.

You should always avoid using credit cards as they can rack up debt and sometimes encourage you to spend money that you don’t need to. If you don’t have the money to spend sitting in your business bank account, then don’t spend it.

Switch your payment methods to current accounts and set up direct debits. You will be able to pay your bills on time and only spend the money that you can afford to.

SLYDE on by

This summer our family grew.

Our once “party of 5” is now “Party of 6” which means I’m the blessed mama of 4 kiddos.

It also means I’m the homemaker of a house with 4 kiddos. And while my almost 7 year old is starting to help more and more, some dreaded chores I do became even harder.

My absolute most hated chore is mopping!

Who is with me?

With 4 kids my floors are constantly sticky, wet, and just straight up dirty. Mopping is a multistep task the requires my family to have self control of avoiding the most trafficked areas in our home.

And might I add, even if I do successfully get them out of the way to fully mop without added dirty tip-toe foot prints or handling a tragic slip and fall, the cleanliness last about .25 seconds. By the time the floor is actually dry its time to eat again.

Long story short, by the 4th kid I was about to set up our dining room outside or just completely give up.

Then I found a solution!

The SLYDE cordless wet-dry floor cleaner. 

This is an all in one machine that simultaneously sweeps and mops using new cleaning technology. When the SLYDE moves forward it sweeps up crumbs, hair, dirt, and everything in-between. When pulled backwards, it mops away sticky messes, dirt stains, and even spills.

The SLYDE is bagless and uses a unique dual disposal system. imply slide the SLYDE into the base and with a push of a button it auto-cleans in 25 seconds.


SClean water is pulled from the back tank to rinse the inside of the SLYDE, then the dirty water flows out the front into a separate compartment with a strainer.

Overall I was really impressed with it’s cleaning power and had big features I loved!

First off, my absolute favorite part was its ability to sweep and mop simultaneously. That means I only have to take out ONE cleaning machine and only have ONE step to a shinny floor.

We have a tiny crowded cleaning closet that always brought chaos trying to remove the tool I wanted. Since the SLYDE is so sleek and modern in design, we actually leave it out in the corner of our kitchen.

The SLYDE is small enough to fit between chairs and tight corners so I can quickly clean under the table after meals. Knowing how quick and simple the process is I am definitely more motivated to clean. It also means I spot clean daily, rather than one giant clean day.

Another big draw was how quickly my floors dried after cleaning. The SLYDE is built with dual-action brush roll technology that quickly absorbs liquid. So although I am mopping, my floors are left practically dried. It also means I can use it to clean up those daily spills from meals. For a procrastinating cleaner like myself, its so nice to know I can quickly run the SLYDE before guests arrive.

With it’s lightweight design and bagless technology, the SLYDE runs super quiet at just 65dB. This means I can clean WHILE the kids and babies are sleeping. This was an absolute game changer!

Finally the SLYDE can work with non foaming solutions, which means I can fill the back tank with my natural combination of hot water and vinegar. It can work with most surfaces like hardwood, tile, marble, granite, vinyl, and laminate. Our home is a mixture of vinyl and tiles and it worked great on both.

I will say I was pretty skeptical it could clean dried juice puddles or crusty Mac and Cheese but I was very impressed with how it worked out a lot of different messes.

If I had to give any critiques, I would say my biggest issue was the base. If I get real ambitious and want to clean our whole common area (family room, kitchen, guest bathroom, entrance way, and hallway) I have to dump and refill the tank maybe 3 to 4 times. My house by no means is large, but remember we have 4 kids so there is more mess per square foot. With a not huge battery life, I would say the SLYDE is not practical for a whole house clean. However, like I said earlier, with its practicality it makes spot cleaning much more easy so a full house clean is needed less and less.

Again with the 4 kid warning, we gave the SLYDE a true run for its money. A few times the self cleaning system got jammed because of how much was sucked up. I also discovered if I didn’t make sure the inside was really cleaned out, mold could easily start growing. I quickly fixed this problem by hand washing the inside of the SLYDE after any big cleaning.

The SLYDE has helped simplify and speed up my cleaning routine tremendously. I love I can quickly clean without worrying about wet dangerous floors or waking up kids with a loud vacuum. I’m motivated by its simplicity to grab and go for quick spot cleaning, making my clean house stress significantly less! The SLYDE is a perfect cleaning tool from dorm room, to apartment, to home.

Connect with SLYDE





How to Take Care of Your Pet Tarantula

Meta description: Do you have a pet tarantula or thinking of getting one? Learn about their daily needs and how to take great care of your tarantula.

Photo by Julian Schultz on Unsplash


Assuming you don’t have a phobia of spiders, tarantulas are amazing pets. They are quite simple to care for and are very friendly. Some of them can also live for over twenty years if they are looked after properly. Moreover, they are not noisy and are quite clean.


Like any other creature, it is best to not get a tarantula impulsively. It is crucial to know the responsibilities of owning one beforehand. You need to have proper information about their diet, living conditions, and other daily needs. 


The maintenance may seem daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, owning a tarantula is quite simple. For your convenience, this article will discuss the basics of tarantula care.


Species of Tarantula


There are over 800 species of tarantula known to man. Only a small percentage of these creatures make good pets.


As a beginner, it is best to get the ones that typically dwell on the ground. Ground-dwelling spiders are easier to handle as they usually move slowly. One of the best beginner pet spiders is the curly hair tarantula. Chile rose is also another good choice as they are very compliant and also quite affordable.


If you have gained sufficient experience, you can opt for the more exotic species like the pink toe or cobalt blue tarantula. Tree-dwelling spiders are generally more challenging to manage as they are quite agile and more sensitive.


Behavior and Temperament


Handling tarantulas is generally discouraged. They should only be handled when it is absolutely necessary like moving them out when cleaning or setting their tanks. For transport, it is best to herd them or make them move into a small box rather than touching them by hand.


Despite being docile, some tarantulas bite when they are threatened. The bites should be avoided as they are venomous. Some tarantula bites are incredibly venomous and can kill people. However, in most cases, the toxicity of the venom is usually equivalent to a bee or wasp sting.


The bite can cause unpleasant reactions like swelling, inflammation, and pain. Some individuals might even suffer a severe allergic reaction that requires immediate medical attention.


You also need to consider their abdomen hair. When threatened, the spider can cause skin irritation by releasing its spiked hairs. These prickly bits cause itchiness and discomfort when it comes in contact with the skin. When in contact with the eyes, the hairs cause fatal inflammation and severe pain.


Hence, you need to be wary of handling your eight-legged friend. Always remember to wash your hands thoroughly after touching your spider or its pen. It is also vital to keep your tarantula away from other pets and children. Do not allow kids to touch your crawly companion.


The defense mechanisms of tarantulas might be a concern, but their maintenance is pretty simple. These arachnids are ideal for people who want a quiet pet that does not need constant attention.


Owning a tarantula only requires a few hours every week, mostly on cleaning and feeding. You can spend most of your time observing and enjoying the beauty of your one-of-a-kind companion.


Tarantula Accommodation


As they are not social creatures, spiders should be kept alone in a tank. They are well-known escape artists, and their size and quietness make it easy for them. Hence, their tank should be secured with a lid. For ventilation, the lid should have slits or vents to let the air in.


If you are housing a ground-dwelling and semi-arboreal tarantula, you need to ensure that the enclosure’s length is at least three times the size of the spider’s extended legs. The width should be around twice the length of the spider’s limbs.


You can use a five-gallon aquarium as a spider tank. You don’t really need a larger enclosure or pen for your arachnid as large spaces make it difficult for them to hunt their prey.


Tree dwelling spiders usually require an enclosure with the same dimensions. However, their tank must have a height that is roughly 12 inches. Make sure that there are branches in the tank where your tarantula can form its web and climb.


It is vital to line the bottom of the tank with a layer of soil or peat mixed with vermiculite. You can get the potting soil from your garden or any local nursery. Vermiculite is a mineral used for retaining moisture and insulation. The layer should be at least four inches deep to make it easy for your arachnid to burrow.


Tarantulas also need hiding spots. For this, you can provide a piece of a hollow log or a tree bark. You can also put a clay pot on its side. Your eight-legged companion should be kept away from direct sunlight.


Tarantulas do not require bright lights or heat lamps. They are comfortable at room temperature. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about increased utility bills. There are some species of tarantulas that need high levels of humidity. You can mist the tank daily if your arachnid requires moisture.


It is necessary for the tank to be cleaned regularly. Uneaten food should be removed every day. The vermiculite layering needs to be routinely changed every six months. It is ideal to fully clean the pen at least every four months.


Food for Tarantulas


Tarantulas are carnivorous and eat live insects. Many pet stores offer a variety of live bugs especially collected to feed tarantulas. The most common feeder insects are crickets and locusts. The general rule of thumb is to give your spider insects that are smaller than its length. You can serve them as many insects you like as tarantulas can not be overfed. You just need to ensure that your spider is eating them.


The bugs should be eaten within a few minutes after introduction. Avoid leaving any live insects in the tank for long hours. Your spider can get stressed by the live prey, and this can disrupt its molting process.


It is ideal to keep track of the eating frequencies of your spider. If your tarantula doesn’t eat much of their food then it is likely that its molting time is approaching. Monitor the change in your spider’s skin and keep a close eye on your friend during this time. 


Your tarantula also needs water to live. A small shallow dish of fresh water should always be available. The water also needs to be changed every day as stagnant water causes health issues and is not usually consumed by the spider. 


The water container should be shallow to prevent your tarantula from drowning. For precautionary measures, you can place small smooth rocks or pebbles to make it easier for your spider to drink safely.



Having a pet tarantula is a unique experience. Very much like owning a cat or a dog, keeping a spider as a pet also has responsibilities. However, the requirements of taking care of your spider are quite straightforward.  They are low effort pets and are incredibly beautiful.