When I planned to write this post I was pretty giddy because I was getting the chance to write about a few of my favorite things!

Traveling and OXO!

If you haven’t heard of OXO, then you should definitely click over to our Mama on the Move blog post where I included a little history and company mission on my review of OXO tot products. To say the least, MamatheFox has been impressed with OXO’s innovative and universal design.

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If you didn’t know, my husband I were expats in China for 4 years. We had both our kids overseas and spent our first 2.5 years of parenting in a giant foreign city. It wasn’t until after we had our son that we actually felt comfortable enough with the language and culture to start traveling.

And travel we did!

By the time our son was 2.5 he had been on over 30 airplanes, uncountable number of fast trains, and weekly rides on public transportation. While we lived in China we bought an amazing compact stroller that quickly became our BFF. It was light weight, easy to use, and small enough to fit in the overhead compartment of a plane. However, it was very cheaply made and when we relocated to America we didn’t find it worth transporting.

My family and I moving to America

For a while I thought I didn’t need a compact stroller since I was in America with a car, had a running toddler, and loved my baby carrier. However, after a few difficult situations of the kids hating the carrier, the Baby Jogger being too big, or my toddler hitting his walking limit, I started looking for a compact stroller. I struggled to find a stroller that met my standards after having the best compact stroller in China. If you are finding it hard as we did. We found
https://www.mamma1.com/ to be pretty handy. You could check them out if you have time!
Then as if OXO tot heard my design cries, they released the Air Stroller this fall.

Why the Air Stroller is amazing


This stroller will not slow you down, but rather keep up with your fast pace life. Its compact built and slim design makes it easy to maneuver through crowded streets and in and out of stores. I’ve already loved using our Air Stroller to squeeze through the local library aisle and to trick or treat on crowded sidewalks down town.

My mother in law was even able to fit our opened Air Stroller it in her car trunk. When folded, the stroller is roughly the size of a back pack. Making it less bulky when carrying and easy to store. We leave ours in the trunk because it takes up minimum space and is always ready to use on the go.

Travel Friendly

Only weighing in at 11 pounds, it’s light enough for me to hold a kid and stroller at the same time. When I used public transportation in the city I had to do this all the time up stairs and on and off buses. It is certainly designed fuss-free as the stroller locks without any extra levers or snaps. It simply unlocks by pushing toward the ground before squeezing the release handles.

Included is a convenient carrying strap that allows carrying the Air Stroller hands free. The strap is easily assessable once the stroller is collapsed. I was reminded of how great a strap is when trying to carry my squirmy toddler and stroller down subway station stairs. The Air lets you focus on what’s most important while bringing along your gear. I especially appreciated when the stroller is folded the wheels lock away from the fabric, keeping all the nasty germs collected on the wheels off your little ones.

The expandable UPF 50 canopy makes this stroller perfect for outside activities without the fear of sun exposure. The adjustable feature lets it go low enough to protect my youngest from the sun but high enough to give my toddler optimal view.

On the back of the canopy a secret parent pocket has been placed. When traveling, this is ideal for an easy access spot to hold your passports, tickets, and phones. For every day use I like to put my phone, wallet, and sometimes a hidden mama treat inside.

And for any mama with visual concern, the canopy has a mesh peep flap. It is always great to be able to see what your child is doing or for my youngest, assure her mama is still there.

It also includes an easy access storage basket that is very roomy; great for holding a diaper bag, snacks, toys, and more. Finding an adequate basket on a compact stroller is such a rare find. I love how easy it is to get stuff in and out and weight doesn’t drag the basket down.

Durable and Safe

The Oxo Air Stroller is built to last and endure constant use. The front wheels navigate quickly and withstand curbs and uneven pavement.

I felt like I could maneuver with ease and my kids were buckled in securely with an adjustable 5-point safety harness. Again, OXO designed this buckle to be fuss-free, a truly rare find in strollers! Although it has 5 points of security, it only takes three simple pieces to lock.

The straps are also easily adjusted and made to grow with your little one. The soft shoulder pads prevent chafing on the neck while the buckle pad prevents squishy thighs from accidentally getting pinched…a mega issue for my 1 year old!

The seat is very roomy and easily fit my 1 and 2 year old children. I liked that there was some recline in the seat position that prevents my toddler from leaning forward. The biggest trouble I have found in light weight strollers is the easy ability to tip from rocking kids or sharp turns. My son literally flipped our old compact stroller while sitting in it. The Air Stroller weight distribution makes this stroller unbelievably sturdy. Even with squirmy kids and zig-zag paths I always felt in complete control. It is recommended for babies starting at 6 month and children up to 55 pounds.

I loved the machine-washable seating and easy to clean material because my kids are always eating on the go, not to mention this stroller is bound to be hand me downed through a number of children and go on multiple vacations. OXO tot sells the Air Stroller in a variety of bright vibrant colors that will match your style.

When I say I know traveling with kids I mean it, and when OXO promises high quality products they deliver. Don’t let your life be slowed down by how you haul your kids around. Go live it up with the easy breezy easy to use Air Stroller.

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