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In all of my recent shoe research, I came across Splay Athletics. These minimalist, barefoot shoes are just perfect for kids feet. Their affordable price is like music to a parents ears and the fit allows kiddos to move, run, jump, and skip freely.

Splay shoes are a great addition to our shoe collection. The affordable price of these are attractive and many of the colors are neutral so the shoes can be worn and worn again, even with different genders.

My kids feet are not hindered in any way when wearing these shoes, which is so important for little, growing feet. They are super flat and have no arch. This feature allows feet to build strong muscles in order to walk properly.

I love these shoes for our kids because of the flexibility of them. They move so easily and mimic the foot shape and movement of my kids. Whatever foot movement my kids do, the shoe moves right along with them. I just love this design because I really believe this is how shoes are supposed to be.

Splay Athletic shoes are super lightweight. That is the first feature that stood out to me; I really couldn’t believe it. This is great because they aren’t ‘clunky’. So often I feel that kids shoes are big and bulky and the weight of many of them just seem overpowering on a little foot. These shoes are quite the opposite of that.

The Splay shoes are completely machine washable, so if your kids are like mine and get dirty often, this is music to your ears. I haven’t had the need to wash the shoes yet, but I have seen before and after photos of other kids Splay shoes and it’s pretty incredible how clean they get. This is for sure a perk of these shoes.

There is just one thick, Velcro strap on the top of the shoe that allows for easy off and on access. My three year old who has trouble with many other shoes can put these on with no problems!

On the toe and heel of the shoe there is a microfiber strip. This really creates a barrier and offers lots of protection. These parts of a children’s shoe are often the first to go, so the reinforced strip is great.

I have noticed that these shoes are great for kids with low volume feet and not so great for kids with high volume feet. My three year old has very high volume feet.

This means that from the top of his foot to the bottom of his foot it’s tall. In comparison, someone who has a low volume foot will have a short measurement from the top of the foot to the bottom of the foot. High volume feet would need shoe laces to be loosened much more than low volume feet, whose shoe laces would need tightened so the foot is secure.

Because of the high volume of his feet, these shoes do not fit his foot super well. They really bend upwards because of his foot shape. This causes an issue because the Velcro strap doesn’t close and secure very much. If I help him get a good closure, they work, but if he does it on his own the shoes often times fall off.

Something to keep in mind.

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A downside that we are experiencing with these Splay shoes is the fraying of the tongue of the shoe. I have noticed that on either side of the tongue there is quite a bit of fraying occurring. This is happening on the outside of the stitching, so I hoping that the fraying will not go beyond that.

These are such great shoes and I’m thrilled for my boys to have them to wear this spring and summer. I love the versatility of them. They can be worn with or without socks which is great, and I really feel like they can be dressed up or down.

The price tag on these shoes is very affordable and in the price range of most other children’s shoes. I do think that for the price, these Splay Athletics shoes are well worth it.

Splay is offering free shipping right now, so hurry up and grab a pair for your kiddos!


Be Lenka

Established in 2017, Be Lenka develops and produces barefoot shoes, baby carriers, and baby, toddler, baby wearing, nursing, and maternity clothes. The company designs and makes their product in Europe where they are under the European Union laws – many related to health, safety, and quality.

Co-founded by Lenka Cenigova, an Ex-Paralympian, Be Lenka’s brand was inspired by her love for babywearing. The co-founder, Juraj Fehervari, has had a huge roll in bringing rapid awareness of the Be Lenka products.

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Benefits of the Be Lenka shoes are almost endless. Foot health is so important and their shoes are so beneficial for each foot that wears them.

Be Lenka’s entire barefoot line of shoes offer unrestricted movement of the toes – how our toes are naturally designed.

The best feature about these shoes is the wide toe box. This is the front part of the shoe where the toes sit. The toe box of the shoe is so, so important because of the way our toes are designed. Our feet are not intended to be squished into tiny, narrow shoes – like what most people wear. A wide toe box ensures that toes have enough space to be spread out and function how they were made to. This space allows toes to move freely, which guarantees all day comfort.

Because Be Lenka is a European shoe brand, their sizing is also European. Their size chart is very helpful when deciding on the perfect fit. The website gives directions on how to measure feet correctly to ensure a good fit. They also have a size guide that is printable, so you can just place the foot on the printed guide and find your shoe size that way. Below I have linked the size guides for easy access.


Kids Play Shoes

Click here for the printable sizing guide.

Kiddos can run, jump, skip, and play in these barefoot shoes. They are stylish but most importantly, comfortable. Lots of colors are available to choose from, including a few designs. The shoes featured and pictured here are the Army option.

I love the functionality of these barefoot play shoes. The soles are zero drop, which means there is no height difference from the toe to the heel. The soles of these shoes have a straight and single plane. This is such an important design feature, especially in kids shoes. The zero drop design is so good for growing and changing feet.

Along with the zero drop of these shoes, they also have a 6mm sole. This is very thin and flexible when comparing to most other children’s shoes. The shoe is able to naturally bend and flex with the foot which brings so many benefits. A flexible shoe helps improve ‘walking posture, stronger foot muscles, and increased sensory feedback (for better control of motor function and balance).”

The shoes have a Velcro fastener so that they can be tightened or loosened as needed. The fastener closes and tightens around the ankle so these shoes are perfect for many different foot types.

Women’s Sierra Boots

Click here for the printable sizing guide.

These boots are beautiful. The Sierra Boot is a tall riding style boot that can be worn with almost any outfit. The boot is available in black, brown, and [cherry] red, with sizing options for shoe size 36-43. See below for more sizing information.

This boot is made with premium quality leather that covers the outside of the boot. This leather is super durable and moves easily with the foot. On the inside of the boot there is a super soft fleece lining that provides insulation and warm, dry comfort.

When wearing these boots my feet feel warm, which is huge for me because my feet are always cold.

A super thin and flexible sole allows the boot to move very easily with the foot. This also attributes to how light-weight the shoe is. There is zero heel elevation of this shoe, which is just what our feet want.

These shoes are just darling and seriously perfect for any occasion. The premium leather and soft fleece give comfort and warmth during the cold months. Toes can freely, and easily, move just how they were intended.

I am looking forward to wearing them for many more fall and winters to come!


Backpack Pets

As kids grow older, you’ll soon ditch the diaper bag.

Seriously moms, the day is coming where you won’t have to carry around a heavy bag with you everywhere you go.

My oldest is 3 and we recently have moved him out of the diaper bag and into his very own backpack. This is great because the diaper bag is lighter and he loves carrying around the bag. It may just be because its new still, but he wants to take it everywhere we go.


The Fenrici backpacks are so perfect for kiddos. The animal backpacks they offer are sure to make your child smile. There are so many options to choose from and all of them are fun, bright colors.

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We love the backpacks because of the large compartment that can hold all your child’s needs. We keep a pull-up, extra pair of underwear, and a pair of pants in the backpack at all times. Even with the necessities, there is still a lot of room for my sons wants – cars, toys, books, you name it.


This mission driven company offers products for kids of all ages. Fenrici partners ‘with families and children who have been touched by pediatric rare diseases to share the stories of determination, hope, and selflessness. 5% of proceeds from’ their ‘product sales are used to fund the education and research of pediatric rare diseases through the national non-profit organization Global Genes.’

When you shop Fenrici you are supporting children and families who share their stories and impact the world. The founders of the company have been inspired by so many families who have been impacted by rare childhood diseases. They’ve seen the resilience, hope, and selflessness from these children and families and they want to share that with others. They want to teach and inspire other kids using the stories they have been touched by.

Each backpack is named with a character of resilience such as Bravery, Joy, Hope, Kindness; among others. There are also cards of inspirational messages included with each backpack – a card for the owner and one for them to share. Fenrici really wants to inspire others, and anyone who purchases from them can help with that!

You are invited to share your story or comments on the Fenrici Facebook page.

Gifts for Kids – 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Heart For Heart Dolls – Click here to purchase

Children love dolls that look like the people they are closest to. Their mom or dad, their sisters and themselves. Hearts for Hearts Girls designs dolls represent different cultures through ethnically diverse features, fashion, jewelry, and character backgrounds. For each doll purchased – Hearts For Hearts Girls donates $1.00 to World Vision to support their humanitarian programs that better the lives of those in each dolls represented country. Some of the countries they have available now are: USA, Mexico, India, Ethiopia, Laos and others. Whether you know a child who is of another ethnicity of you, or you are wanting to show children the array of people we have on this earth you will be pleased with your choice of Heart to Heart Doll. Hearts For Hearts Girls mission is to inspire girls to celebrate diversity, be agents of change in their lives, and positively impact the lives of those in their community, and ultimately the world!

Super Undies – Click here to purchase

Most all kids need to get potty trained, but usually it doesn’t come very easily. This company focuses mostly on the potty training world, but also caters to cloth diapers. Not only do they cater to toddlers who are learning, they offer solutions through the adult size. After receiving requests from many in the special-needs community, they grew their brand and started making their products larger. How cool! We can all appreciate companies who cater to their customers. The Super Undies brand is run out of the home of its owner and employers, all located in different parts of the country. Pretty impressive if you ask us.

Sunny Bunnies Blabbers – Click here to purchase

Kids love YouTube, and when they fall in love with a show or character what can be better than to bring that character home! Sunny Bunnies is a internet hit, and loved by boys and girls alike. Sunny Bunnies feature fluffy, family friendly video shorts that use non-verbal communication, and noises (think Minions) to communicate with each other. This is great for children to learn how to communicate using their bodies, tone of voice and reading facial reactions. Now your kids can cuddle the Sunny Bunnies as 9 inch talkative plush characters! They come with batteries (no nice to now mess with that when opening a new gift) and there are several characters now available on Amazon. Simply squeeze their bellies to hear them make unique and silly sounds. Collect them all!

Robo Alive™ Attacking T-Rex by Zuru – Click here to purchase

My children love interactive toys that play with them. Ones that make sounds, move and even light up. The new Robo Alive Attacking T-Rex by Zuru does it all!!! Biting Movement and Realistic Roar, Robotic Enhanced Walking Motion, Glow In The Dark Scar, Light Reflecting Eyes and it comes in 2 different colors. This toy is simple to use and play with, making it great for smaller children who love dinosaurs. At 15 inches long and 8 inches all this T-Rex is sure to please the dinosaur lover in your life.

Rainbocorns by Zuru – Click here to purchase

MamatheFox’s 6 year old daughter is obsessed with all things glitter, sequin and surprise-type open toy. With the new Rainbocorns by Zuru, you get all of these wrapped up in one amazing toy. The new Rainbocorns hatch from a large, bright egg. All of them come with a reversible sequin heart on their belly they changes color when you swipe it. All 12 hearts revile a different surprise and are removable, so you can wear them yourselves too. Each Rainbocorn comes with a fluffy head of furry hair perfect for grooming and playing with. The Rainbocorn collection includes a Puppycorn, Kittycorn, Unicorn, Bunnycorn and Hamstercorn, each with their own sequin surprise. Every Rainbocorn also comes with a little baby Boo-Boocorn, a tiny collectible hiding in a little egg! These are sure to be a hit this holiday season so grab one while you can now!

PlaSmart Kimber Verve – Click here to purchase

After the winter season kids are always itching to get back outside to play. My kids actually love getting Christmas gifts geared for summer, because when the weather warms up it’s like getting a new gift all over again! The Kimber 3 Wheel Junior Kick Scooter is the just the set of wheels you want to get your new rider! The stable design is easy to balance and the three-position handle bar adjust to growing kiddos. Hands are easily kept in place with the soft rubber hand grips, while stopping is made easy with the rear foot break. The PlaSmart Kimber scooter comes in two colors; red and blue!

Pediped – Click here to purchase

Pediped offers more than 120 designs for boys and girls between its three lines; Originals , Grip ‘n’ Go™ and Flex . The award-winning footwear is available in EU sizes 17 to 38 (US newborn to 6 Youth). Pedipeds Flex Force sneakers are the perfect everyday shoe for your little one! The ultra light technology is specially designed to support kids’ feet in all activities while giving them the flexibility and freedom their developing feet need. Take them to playground, vacation, school, or any adventure and easily clean them in the washer afterwards. In addition, Pedipeds has a unique Flex Fit System, additional inserts can be added or removed to create the perfect fit for your child’s ear growing foot! Pediped shoes have exceptional quality and unsurpassed comfort! Their award-winning design and technology makes them one of the fastest growing children’s footwear brands in the United States.

My USA Interactive Map – Click here to purchase

Kids love to learn about the world around them. This exciting interactive map shows kids not only the basic geography of the USA but does so much more! It includes capital cities, largest cities, climate, general knowledge, and fun facts with basic and challenging quiz. My kids love that it can sign the United Stats National Anthem. If you have kids of different ages and knowledge levels this map comes with 2 settings, basic and advanced, making it perfect for kids ages 5 to 12. The map can be played with by laying ti on the floor, or it may be hung up on a wall. If you are wanting to give an educational gift that kids will actually want to play with then this is going to be the sweet spot gift this holiday season. Check out the link above for more information about this fun toy and other products by Best Learning, one MamatheFox’s new favorite brands.

Calico Critters Red Roof Country Home – Click here to purchase

Calico Critters has been a classic town that has lasted to test of time. Introduced back in 1985, when MamatheFox was a kid herself, played with these beautiful, small, fuzzy toys. Calico Critters is a line of miniature animal figures, with homes, furniture and accessories. The animal figures are unique because they are made of a special flocked material that gives them an endearing quality. The newest set and selling hot this holiday season is the Red Roof Country Home. Red Roof Country Home features a red roof with brightly colored walls that makes up the delightful Hopscotch Rabbit Family home.
Rooms come with 3 lights, each of which can be turned on and off.The house can be opened up for play at 90-degrees, 180-degrees, and any angle in between. Additionally, the second floor room on the left side, and the roof on the right side are removable, and can be put back together to allow multiple ways to play. In a world of screen time, take the investment to unplug, sit down, and play using your imagination with Calico Critters this winter.

Foundation Chemistry: Beakers & Bubbles by Yellow Scope

STEM products that actually are fun and educational for elementary kids can be trying – but not with Yellow Scope! This wonderful newer brand has several STEM kits that are great for kids who love science and experiments. As a mom to a 6 year old daughter, I want her to know that she can have a future in the field of science. That its normal for girls to love STEM and they too can work in the math and sciences when they grow up. Yellow Scope was started by moms who has PhD and a MPH, who wanted to close the gender gap in science. We love their Foundation Chemistry set: Beakers & Bubbles. We can mix, pour, bubble, create! This kit comes with loads of supplies and for girls’ imaginations … there is no limit to what they can discover. The detailed lab notebook outlines 19+ colorful and surprising experiments for hours and hours of fun exploring chemical reactions, molecular motion, and temperature. The Foundation Chemistry Kit has been featured on The Today Show, and has won numerous awards including a Parents’ Choice Gold Award, a Dr. Toy Best Toys Award, and was Finalist for the 2016 Toy of the Year! They have several other kits and add on’s like extra googles for siblings who want to discover with their sister! Check out all their products in the link above.

Kids Pedestal by Singing – Click here to purchase

My kids love to jam out to all the toddler and kid classics. Songs like Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Farmer In the Dell and John-Jacob-Jinglehimer-Shmit! They also love songs from their favorite movies and TV shows. Right now my kids are in love with singing any song from The Lego Movie and Descendant. If your kids love music like mine do then this holiday you need to get them the Kids Pedestal. This karaoke machine was made with small kids in mind every step of the way. Sing and record your performance with record and playback capability. Transform your voice with 6 fun voice-changing effects. Connect your device via Bluetooth or line in and sing to your favorite Karaoke Songs. The best feature of this machine, in MamatheFox’s opinion is the duel microphones! Having a kid have to wait their turn can be headache waiting to happen. Now that problem is solved! It even has a special tablet holding feature. This way you can play from your music app or a karaoke app you have downloaded. It has an adjustable height going from 25-36 inches tall to grow with your child throughout time.

X-Shot™ Flying Bug Attack by Zuru – Click here to purchase

MamatheFox’s 4 year old son loves all things “gross” and “shooting” style – out these two hot toys together and you get the new X-Shot Flying Bug Attack. This fun and interactive toy will be a hit in any household this holiday season. This unique toy has a launch pad that uses your foot to work the peddle. The motorized launcher works by pressing the button down with your foot so you have your hands free to shot down the bugs! Then use the Swarm-Seeker gun to shoot your bug targets down. The Swarm-Seeker is specially tailored for quick fire with its 10 dart capacity magazine so you’ll have plenty of shots to hit your targets. Comes with 12 Darts, 2 Flying Bugs and 1 Motorized Launcher.

JoJo Siwa Singing Doll “Hold The Drama” – Click here to purchase

JoJo Siwa is a household name for girls ages 4 to 14. Jojo, who started as an internet YouTube star, is now signed with Disney and has several major hits and a huge line of accessories available at stores on-line. Girls love her happy demeanor, she positive songs ad dont let it bother you attitude. Children can brings Jojo Siwa home this holiday season with the new singing doll by Just Play. It features her smash hit “Hold The Drama” which tells young girls to not let the school drama get to them, shake it off and be yourself. This inspiring song is upbeat and has a super catching rhythm that will be a blast to sign and dance along with. She is a great role model for your children and will be a cherish new doll this holiday season.

Smashers Series 2 Gross Mini Figure 8-Pack – Click here to purchase

MamatheFox’s 4 year old son is obsessed with his Smashers. These exciting blind toys are perfect for kids who love to shake things up and are physical – like all little boys and girls! To open these blind toys you take the Smasher ball in your hand and SMASH it against the floor. The plastic ball snaps apart and the toy inside is revealed. This series has grown in popularity throughout 2018 and now just released their Series 2 edition. Series 2 features an eyeball designed ball that you SMASH opened. The eyeballs are able to be put back together again, so you can smash them over and over again for fun. Use the included Collector’s guide to swap Smashers with your friends. There’s over 100 to collect from Gross categories such as Filthy Food, Odd Bodies, Toilet Humor and the ultra-rare Ooze Dudes!

SMASHERS™ Series 2: GROSS SMASHERS Sludge Bus – Click here to purchase

To go along with your Smashers Gross Smashers is the Sludge Bus! This series is full of gross characters, which are the coolest for little hands this holiday season. Series 2 by Smashers features all things Gross – and this Sludge Bus is a perfect addition to the Grossness. It comes with a 2 new Series 2 Smasher Ball to be SMASH opened – they are exclusive to the Bus alone! To maximize the grossness you can use the plunger in the bus to fling your Smasher collectible into the toilet! The tipping point for my 4 year old son is the plastic, realistic looking Doo-Doo Poop included with the Sludge Bus. This is going to be a hilarious toy to play with this holiday season and will induce loads of giggles and interactive play.

Brian the Pekingese Organic Children’s Pajamas – Click here to purchase

Last Christmas both the Fox kids woke up Christmas morning wearing their organic pajamas from Brian the Pekingese. We love how soft and comfortable the pajamas are from Brian the Pekingese. Brian is an adorable dog, a pekingese, with his own stuffed animal and book – all available for purchase. If you’re a grandparent or aunt looking for a useful but fun gift then you need to look at Brian the Pekingese. Pajamas are not only useful but fun! Kids love getting snugly before and you can provide them with gift that will be sure to be used and appreciated by the caretakers of the child too. The pajamas are easy to wear and wash, making it the easy choice for the something not toy gift this holiday season.

Cultivate What Matters – Write the Word for Kids Bible Journal – Click here to purchase

This brand cares. Cultivate What Matters seeks to give people the community, resources, and encouragement that help make things happen. Use your time intentionally and simplify your to-do lists through uncovering meaningful goals and taking action on them. This brand looks to celebrate progress, not progression. If you’re looking for children to dive into scripture and reinforce principles of faith, this journal is what you want. The carefully chosen verses to write or draw, bible bingo, and coloring pages are just some of the activities included to help the leaning process. This is the perfect activity for kids to do alongside parents during their study time.

Rags – Click here to purchase

Fashionable, fit, functional. The rags romper is just that. A mom who just couldn’t find the right the one- piece for her kiddos took things into her own hands. After creating a romper of her own from her husbands old t-shirt, she had just what she wanted. The beauty of these rags are that they slip off and on so easily. No buttons, easy on and off, and incredible comfort is what we love about the Rags rompers. The designs offered are absolutely adorable, and once they’re gone, they’re gone! Get them while they’re hot, everyone will thank you!

Max Build More Blocks – Click here to purchase

Click together blocks are such a huge deal at the MamatheFox house. We play with them everyday, but they can be very expensive and not in everyone’s budget – Now with Max Build More Blocks any family can afford to make huge rock creations. The 759 piece set is only $25! For that price you can build dozens of giant models. The Max Blocks are now available exclusively at Walmart and come in smaller set sizes, making it even more affordable at prices varying from $9.84 to $24.97 depending on the size of the set. They are compatible with LEGO and other bricks, which makes the smartest gift for any young builder you may be shopping for this holiday season. Help the kids in your life unleash their creative side with Max Blocks.

Cutetitos – Click here to purchase

Cutetitos are the cute stuffed animal mystery toy. Simply unwrap the burrito to reveal which Cutetitos you get. Cutetitos come in 12 possible collectible styles including a variety of puppitos, catitos, slothitos, pigitos, bunnitos, bearitos and monkitos! The stuffed toys are approximately 7.5 inches, making them great for fitting into small hands, backpacks and make perfect car seat friends for long trips this holiday season. In true burritos fashion, each Cutetito’s personality is mild, medium, hot or super spicy -, just check out it’s ‘Hot Spot’, which is listed on its little bum and on the collectors card, which is included with each toy. Kids love the blanket/burrito shell that can easily be re wrapped back around you stuffed animal as you lay it down for a nap.

Deuter Fox 40 – Click here to purchase

Take a hike with your kiddos and enjoy the great outdoors with the help of Deuter. This adventure enthusiast company has the drive to make quality, creative, and authentic gear for any journey. The Fox 40 pack is the perfect gift for your newest littlest companion. The super comfy cushioning and adjustable Vari-Quick carrying system is great for growing kids. Give the gift of adventure and quality time this holiday season with Deuter.

Voting With a Porpoise – Click here to purchase

Teaching kids the basics of life is sometimes best taught and explained through a book. The concept of voting can be difficult for a young child to wrap their head around. By using fun characters and story lines you can teach a child the important and fundamentals of this amazing privilege. To help aid the kids in your life with the knowledge and power we have by our ability to vote, you can gift them a copy of the new book – 2018 Parent and Teacher Choice Award winner – Voting With a Porpoise. This book is fun, timeless, and a beautifully illustrated story that teaches children how elections and voting have the power to solve hard problems. 100% of the profits for Voting With a Porpoise will be donated to 501(c)(3) non-partisan voting-related causes focused on getting more people of all backgrounds to the polls, such as Rock the Vote, Vote.org, TurboVote, and others. The authors created this book to help change the culture around elections and voting.

Crayola Crayon Melter – Click here to purchase

For the kid who never stops coloring, the Crayon melter is the perfect solution. Grab all those old stubby crayons and melt away to create mess free crayon drip art. The low-heat tip and safe quick-dry technology makes the Crayon Melter a great tool for kids, as well as adults. The crayon melter brings texture and detail to drawings, sculptures, DIY crafts, and so much more. This box of fun includes 8 crayons, wrapper-ripper, the heated color melter, and artwork to get started on! The Crayon Melter has been named one of the Best Toys of 2018 by Parents magazine. It is also a winner of the 2018 National Parenting Product Awards and the 2018 Play that Advances Language Awards.

Crayola Scribble Scrubbies Pets – Click here to purchase

A gift that keeps on giving as kids have endless fun with the Scribble and Scrubbies Pets. Pick one of the 4 scribble scrubbie dogs or kittens and doodle away with the 6 included Scribble Scrubbie Washable Markers. When your pet has out grown their do, pop them in the real working Scrub Tub to wash. Then the fun can begin again! Crayola also sells expansion pet packs for a total of 12 adorable pet characters so the fun can be shared or continued!

Adventure Force Commandfire – Click here to purchase

Boys who play with dart blasting toys know the pain of reloading. Its so fun to get out there and start to aim at your target, hit it once finally and go to get it again, only to notice you are out of ammo. Ugh! Adventure Force knows your desire for tons of rounds, and came out with the new Commandfire, that allows you to load 40 darts in seconds, leaving your competition in the dust. It can hold up to 80 darts total. 40 in the storage compartment and 40 in the dart hopper. Bust all this blasting looks expsive, right? WRONG! This new blaster is now available at Walmart for only $39.97, making it an affordable and exciting gift this holiday season.

Cake Pop Cuties Jumbo Pop – Click here to purchase

Foam squishy toys are one of the hottest selling toys this year along with blind bag/surprise reveal toys – when you mix them together you get the exciting new CakePop Cuties! This deliciously decorated 4″ pop includes 2 squishy foam Cuties not available in any other CakePop Cuties item, a sticker sheet, plus a large themed accessory piece and 2 mini accessories inside! There are 4 different styles to discover – can you find them all? Having school ages children who love writing with pencils, they have recently found out about pencil toppers and love them – the super exciting part about CakePop Cuties is that it also serves as a super sweet pencil topper!

Kids 8oz Silicone To-Go Cup – Click here to purchase

The cup that looks like mom and dad’s! For mini mamas and cup steelers, the GoSili silicone To-Go Cup is just perfect. The 100% European grade silicone makes the perfect alternative to plastic to-go cups and is dishwasher and microwave safe! Embedded in the silicone is stainless steel rings to keep the shape and prevent collapsing when gripped. Included is the tight fitting to-go top so your GoSili can go on any adventure.

Night Before Christmas by Read Your Story (a new personalized Christmas book) – Click here to purchase

My children love nothing more than seeing their own face in a story book. They feel excitement, joy and self worth when they are truly the main character in a real book. Read Your Story makes a collection of personalized books that go a step above and beyond. They include family photos (which are placed on the walls in the home just like in your own home) and photos of a sibling or parent. This only adds the the real personalized experience you want when making a book such as these. We just love the creamy colors, the soft edges of the illustrations and the easy to read story lines. Not using too many words, but enough to engage older readers, allows the appeal of Read Your Story books to be perfect for toddlers and school aged children alike. Available in hard and soft cover you can create the book best for you. From $29.99, plus FREE shipping to the US and Canada makes this one of the easy choices to buy this holiday season.

Sunny Bunnies Bunny Blast Playset – Click here to purchase

The hit YouTube sensation, Sunny Bunnies, now has a super fun line of toys with all your favorite characters. You can make the Sunny Bunnies blast off in an acrobatic adventure with this exciting playset! Push the launch button to see Big Boo, Shiny, Iris, Turbo, and Hopper soar out of the cannon. The Bunny Blast Playset includes 1 Bunny Blast Cannon and all 5 Sunny Bunnies. My kids love seeing the silly, colorful bunnies fly out of the cannon. It brings back classic comical jokes of my childhood, but now in a modern version for my children. This toy is easy to use, and very exciting for children – great for ages 3 and up. Sunny Bunnies are all about friendship, loyalty, working together and of course, having a good giggle! Check out all the toys in the collection on Amazon (link above).

Aquabeads – Deluxe Studio – Click here to purchase

If you know a crafty kid, then they are going to flip over this new Aquabeads set – the Deluxe Studio. Aquabeads bring art to live with the users imagination. The small beads can be laid out in shapes and patterns of your own design or using the templates which Aquabeads makes. Then when you spray your design with water the beads that are touching each other connect to make a solid creation. The new Deluxe Studio set comes with over 1300 jewel and solid beads in 24 colors, tool case with bead palette and layout table, rainbow bead pen, bead peeler, 5 easy trays (heart, bear, rabbit, star, bowl) spayer, 3 double-sided template sheets and instructions. This set case is stackable with several other Aquabead cases, making storage simple and easy. Make, Spray and They Stay!

Fun and Function Sensory Tubes – Click here to purchase

Support sensory seekers with Fun and Function’s Sensory Tube set! Each acrylic tube has its own unique weight, visual, and movement that are stimulating and calming. Sensory Tubes help visual tracking and sensory processing, as well as supports sensory seekers, over responders and under responders. Fun and Function products cover a vast variety of needs and resources. As their name states, their tools are not just for special needs but also to make learning engaging and developmentally appropriate.

Their website is a great resource for searching for the perfect tool that is in your budget, meets special needs diagnosis, or helps with deficiencies. In addition they provide resources for parenting, finding therapists, and running productive intervention sessions.

Battat Shape Sorter House – Click here to purchase

The basic shape sorter just got more complex and engaging! Battat’s Shape Sorter House is geared towards ages 2 and up and sure to be endless fun. Match the 12 unique shapes to the windows and drop them into the house. Then using color-coded keys, unlock each door to retrieve the shapes. The Battat shape sorters helps kids learn shapes, colors, cause and effect, and sorting; while also exercising fine motor skills. This house is sure to be filled with big stimulating discoveries!

Battat Shape Sorter Cube – Click here to purchase

The Battat Shape Sorter Cube is a perfect introduction to the basics and gear your child towards literacy and math. Included are 6 different sides of fun and learning that engage little ones with moving parts and simple puzzles. Removable shapes include 3 numbers, 3 letters, and 6 shapes. Pieces can be easily removed or stored inside the cube. With unique to Battat colors, this shape sorter is sure to be engaging and visually pleasing!

Field Kids Toys – Click Here to Purchase

The Field is a 2018 National Parenting Product Award Winner! The Irish company creates realistic model toy fields for children to enjoy globally. The Fields give children a sensory rich, inviting place to imagine and create a farm scene of their own. It encourages development of social skills, concentration skills, and inspires kids to use their imagination. Open-ended toys such as The Field keeps kids interested longer as each playing session is unique and new. Each Field Toy comes with complete green pastures, green hedging, and a wooden hinged gate. The Field is perfectly paired with any animal figurines, transportation, farming equipment, peg dolls, or anything else you can think of!

Safari Ltd.

This family owned company seeks to inspire children to learn through the joys of play. Their ‘toys that teach’ really fulfill their mission. Safari Ltd. seeks to educate children about the importance of nature and its conservation through the joys of play. The products they offer include: wild animal figures, mini animal collections, dinosaur toys, sea animal figures and many more toys that teach. The best part though? All of the Safari Ltd. products are hand sculpted AND hand painted, seriously the coolest. Get your toys that teach quickly; they even offer free shipping!

Camarasaurus -Click here to purchase

Safari Ltd.’s Wild Safari Prehistoric World collection includes this very realistic Camarasaurus. Slightly taller than a can of pop, this dino will give kids a great jumpstart into learning about the Prehistoric World. Holding true to their toys that teach motto.

Earth Dragon – Click here to purchase

This beautiful blue and green dragon is the perfect figure to spark some imagination. Children will never get bored playing with this bright, colorful dragon.

Feathered T Rex – Click here to purchase

This life-like T Rex will take you straight into [the] Jurassic World. Almost every child four and up knows what a T Rex dino is; so it’s hard to go wrong with this one.

Bernie the Gator – Click here to purchase

Bernie, the Safari Ltd. mascot, is part of the Wild Safari Wildlife collection. This one is a classic that will be great for being used in any teaching manner. Let the kids be creative with him, or use him when learning about the Florida Everglades. Children of all ages will love Bernie.

Safell Dream Catcher – Click here to purchase

We all want the kiddos to stay safe, am I right? Situations can never be predicted, and anything can happen. That’s where the Dream Catcher comes in handy. This product provides a soft cushion for curious, adventurous kids. The Dream Catcher is an inflatable mat that is laid on the floor around the child’s crib. With eight different sections, you can configure it to any nursery size or shape. Protecting our kids is something we all want to do our very best at. Whether its for at grandmas house, or your own, you will feel much more secure while they sleep.

Coffee Design Co. – Gospel Alphabet – Click here to purchase

Bringing our children up in the way they should go is something that we’re all striving to do, whether we parent with that mindset or not. This alphabet book is the perfect tool to have when teaching our kids about the gospel. Memorizing scripture is tough, but why not start teaching our kiddos early. The 5×7 flip book allows you (or them) to teach the truths of the gospel in a simple way. Each letter has a Scripture verse that contains a word that begins with that letter. Faith comes by hearing… and hearing by the Word of God. The Gospel ABC Alphabet is the perfect way to teach our kiddos the good news of Jesus; one letter at a time.

PreciousPegs Wooden Nativity Set – Click here to purchase

Carrie, owner and artiest of PreciousPegs, is so unbelievably talented. The personalized, custom wooden peg dolls and cake toppers are meticulously painted to a perfect, hand crafted tee. Using safe and non toxic paint and varnish, these are sure to be a hit with everyone in the family. This nativity set will become a family favorite very quickly. The solid wood, hand painted peg set is absolutely beautiful. Whether you’re setting out the nativity as a display or the kiddos are playing with it, everyone will enjoy it.

Real Shades Surf Sunglasses for Toddlers – Click here to purchase

Sunglasses are a must no matter the season. Whether it’s summer or winter, we (here in Ohio) wear shades. Protecting our eyes is really important, but almost more important is protecting our kids’ eyes. Real damage can be caused from the sunlight, so these durable sunglasses perfect for your child. All of Real Shades glasses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. Give the kids a fun gift that they’ll love and you’ll be thankful for. And if you decide to take your child for San Diego surf lessons @ Everyday California or elsewhere, they can sport these cool shades on the beach while they learn something fun and awesome! The sizes of glasses range from baby to adult, so if you’re interested for yourself, check out our Women’s page of the Gift Guide.

i-Poster My Body – Click here to purchase

Kids love to learn about themselves. After learning the basics, head, shoulders, knee’s and toes, older kids want to know more. We are obsessed with this new interactive leaning posters from Best Learning. This set comes with 4 pages to learn and play with. You can discover how our body parts, organs, muscles, and bones function; filled with interesting facts. Test your knowledge with 2 levels of super fun quiz mode. Parents love that there are multiple volume levels, so you can turn it down when you need. This toy is great for kids ages 5 to 12. The auto shut off option will save you on your batteries too. You know you cannot go wrong with a Family Choice & Tillywig Brain Child Award Winner 2018!

Flip ‘N’ Check – Click here to purchase

Nothing beats a reusable dry-erase style learning book. Flip ‘N’ Check created a unique style book that allows children ages 7+ to learn while having fun. There are 3 titles currently available: Ocean Explorer Activity Pack, Brain Games and Mad-Lib’s. Flip N Check’s special feature happens when the activity game is flipped over and the answers line up to the child s work. The Brain Games and Ocean Explore books feature well thought- out and play tested puzzles, mazes, crosswords, and more. The Mad Lib’s is just like the classic ‘fill in the blank’ silly story we grown-up’s grew up playing. These are perfect to take on long car rides and airplane flights this holiday season while traveling to your family get together. Give a useful gift this holiday season that the child and parent will be happy to receive.

Let’s Go Fishin – Click here to purchase

Kids will love it, and parents will be taken back to their childhood with this classic fishing game. This fast paced game rotates hungry fish around in a pond, all while their mouths are opening and closing. Up to four players can try to catch fish while playing this clever game. Not only is Let’s Go Fishin fun, but it teaches hand-eye coordination while kids attempt to catch fish quickly. Set up and clean up is super easy with this game, so parents, you’ll love it too!

Mama May I – Click here to purchase

Kids learn best through play! Their growing minds are ready and eager to absorb any new information or skills. Mama May I cultivates excitement for learning by providing tools to make learning through play simple and inviting to all children. Their handcrafted toys are educational while being developmentally appropriate and engaging. The Mama May I Sensory Box is the perfect way to give a child hours of exploratory learning and fun. The handmade wooden set is full of developmental manipulatives that are open ended to play with an endless number of sensory box mix ins.

Included is:
– 1 wooden box measuring ( 8.5″ x 8″ x almost 2″ deep ) to hold all your tools & can be used as the actual “Sensory Bin”
– 2 different wooden bowls
– 2 different wooden scoops
– 2 different wooden canisters with lids
– 1 pair of wooden tongs
– 1 muslin pouch to fit inside the box & put your main ingredient in

Mama May I has a number of toys that are stimulating and open ended, and can be reused for years and years. Let your kids explore happily while developing fine motor skills for every day life with Mama May I shop!

i-Top – Click here to purchase

Remember playing with tops? Goliath games has created a new generation of tops with I-Tops. Using smart technology, this high-tech top keeps track of the number of spins while LEDs light up the display. Have a competitive kiddo? I-Top has multiple challenges to complete! Spin an exact number of spins to show special animations and unlock hidden features. Kids can also challenge their friends to a high score duel! I-Top is non-stop fun with over 10 different ways to play! I-Top is a recommended for ages 7 and up, and I’m sure dads will be just as entertained!

Hydro Strike – Click here to purchase

Get ready for some competitive and wet fun with Pressman’s Hydro Strike Game! 2 players battle in a fast-paced pinball action game. Guard your goal while trying to shoot the ball in your opponents goal. Score on your opponents goal and not only get a point, but have a laugh watching them get sprayed with water! Hilariously competitive fun that will get the whole family watching and playing this holiday season! Hydro Strike is easy to refill and play again! Will you win or get wet?!


School aged kids and preschoolers alike are always forgetting something. Leaving a water bottle behind at gymnastics. Their pencils are always walking off at school. But even us parents can loose a baby bottle or hoodie when scrambling through the grocery store. With StickerKid you can create custom labels that are affordable and easy to use. Choose from a bunch of colors, fonts and designs. The tiny strip labels are great for pens, pencils and markers. The allergy labels are perfect for people who need to be cautious of their kids safety. They offer iron on stickers for clothing which are great for kids at summer camp! We love the feature of adding a phone number, great for the pricey item you would hate to really loose. Check out all the options with the link above.

Scented Secret Notebook – Click here to purchase

Little kids love notebooks. Writing their thoughts, drawing pictures of their family and friends. MamatheFox’s 6 year old daughter loves all things sparkling and shiny. The exciting create your own notebook set from Smitco is a 9″ x 7″ 60 Page scented secret scrapbook with passcode lock, 1 sheet 3D stickers, 2 sheets of scented stickers, 24 pieces of self adhesive jewels,1 feather pen,1 roll of craft tape and 1 pencil pouch! This journal set is pony and horse themed, making it great for young girls, and preteens alike. Having the extra add on bonus of scratch and sniff stickers this is sure to please this holiday season. If you buy though the Amazon link above there are several codes you can use as coupons when you scroll down the page a little. Check out all their products on Amazon.

Scented Nail Kit for Kids – Click here to purchase

Whether you are shopping for little or young girls, tweens or teens this 111 pieces in this nail art set for manicure and pedicures is going to be hit. This nail kit features non toxic products for your own home spa day. Host a nail party with your girl friends, or between cousins as you celebrate the holiday. This kit includes: 5 Neon color peel off/peeling scented nail polishes for finger and/or toe nails, 20 scented decorating nail patches, 60 scented nail stickers or decals, 20 scented press on nails, 2 nail files, 2 toe separators, and 2 nail art sticks. These, when applied would look similar to the press on nails. All the products have been tested and are safe for use by kids. The nail polish is also water-based and can just be peeled off with no need for acetone to remove it. Easy for parents and fun for kids!

Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret – Click here to purchase

This new book is perfect for kids ages 8 to 13. It features a young boy named Cruz. He leaves his home in Hawaii to join 23 talented kids from around the globe to train at the Explorer Academy with the world’s leading scientists to become the next generation of great explorers. But for Cruz, there’s more at stake. No sooner has he arrived at the Academy than he discovers that his family has a mysterious past with the organization that could jeopardize his future. In the midst of codebreaking and cool classes, new friends and augmented reality expeditions, Cruz must tackle the biggest question of all: Who is out to get him, and why? This novel is great for kids looking for a thrilling adventure with danger and a mission to be completed.

To the Moon and Back: My Apollo 11 Adventure – Click here to purchase

Do you know a child who is interested in space? In celebration of the Apollo 11 Mission’s 50th Anniversary, experience the awe and excitement of humankind’s first steps on the moon! In this exclusive, exquisite pop-up adventure, readers follow astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s story as he encounters the “magnificent desolation” of Earth’s only satellite firsthand. This book is great for kids ages 8-12, but never put a limit on the adventures you can have when discovering new moon and space shuttle facts. This is a great book for grandparents to gift to their grand kids. After the book is opened the adult can share where they were when the Apollo 11 moon landing happened creating more family memories for you to hold dear.

Ultimate Secrets Revealed: A Closer look at the Weirdest, Wildest Facts on Earth – Click here to purchase

Do you know a kid is is curious about everything. The unique and fun facts kid? Then they are going to flip when you gift them this new book from National Geographic. This jam-packed new series is loaded with cool, action-packed photos, tons of awesome information, and filled to the brim with the weirdest facts ever, this book takes readers behind the scenes of the world of the truly bizarre, to reveal the truth behind our planet’s wildest and wackiest. Meet the bizarre bacteria that make Yellowstone National Park’s Morning Glory Pool pop with radiant color, discover the mysteries behind the Sphinx of ancient Egypt, learn why the beaches of the Maldives glow bright blue, how tornadoes are so powerful, and so much more! And with Q&As with in-the-field experts, fantastic infographics, exciting stories, and more, this book presents a fresh way of looking at our bizarre planet. So, get ready to experience our not-so-secret world.

Ultimate Predatorpedia: The Most Complete Predator Reference Ever – Click here to purchase

Some kids love the bad guys – and when it comes to animals, the predators are like the bad guys of the animal kingdom. From high-profile sharks, lions, tigers, and bears to the tiniest ants, mites, and spiders. Every animal in this book is ferocious, fierce, and fantastic in its own way! With colorful photographs and fun facts, this easy-to-use encyclopedia features profiles accompanied by Did You Know details, and fast facts (including scientific name, size, diet, and habitat), as well as thematic spreads covering topics from predatory techniques to defenses and communication, and much more. If you know a kid who loves dinosaurs? But you cannot summon up the will to buy another book about T-Rex…then try this book out. I bet they will love it!

National Geographic Kids Why Not?: Over 1,111 Answers to Everything – Click here to purchase

Do you and your family love interesting facts? I love to find out fun, silly and yet true information. National Geographic came out with a book about they WHY’s? Now, in this exciting follow-up, they figured WHY NOT? The concept is simple. Got a question? Boy, do they have answers! Over 1,111 of them. Why don’t you keep growing your whole life? Check out the human body section. Why aren’t we traveling by jet-pack yet? Tech has your answer. Why aren’t school buses red? Flip to the pop culture chapter. This is a perfect book for long car rides and travels. Keep you family talking together and learn fun facts together this holiday season.

Dog Science Unleashed: Fun Activities to do with your Canine Companion – Click here to purchase

Dog lovers love learning more about their “Good Boy”. Learning hot to better interact and play with them is just the cherry on top. For the pet lover in your family this holiday gift this new National Geographic book about Dog Science. Have fun with 22 safe and pup-friendly activities that let you work alongside your dog to discover what makes him tick. Learn to take your dog’s pulse and find out how much blood is pumping through his body. Find out if your dog hears things you can’t by making a dog whistle. What colors can your dog see? Is he color-blind? Each activity is paired with step-by-step instructions, clear and interesting scientific explanations, and cool photographs shot specifically for this book. Hands-on activities and fun information for budding scientists prompt further learning and offer a behind-the-scenes look at current canine research. When you are finished with the book you’ll have a vet-worthy profile of the best canine companion on the planet–yours!

Just Joking: Jumbo 2 – Click here to purchase

The first was a smash hit, so over course National Geographic would release another amazing book full of hilarious family friends jokes for us this holiday season. This book is great gift kids and adults of all ages. MamatheFox has a kindergartner and all day its jokes, jokes, jokes. They try to make up their own, but when they hear and get a real joke its an instant hit in the house. Help them discover new jokes, puns and more this winter. With silly facts that are strangely true, laughable lists, conversation jokes, and long-story jokes with hilarious endings, this full-color, supersize book will have you rolling on the floor laughing. Sidesplitting topics include funny stuff about pets, technology, spooky sensations, adventures, around-the-world wonders, animals, myths and legends, dinosaurs, music, and treasure hunting. Between giggles and guffaws, hoots and haha’s you can enjoy tons of hilarious photos with silly captions. It’s the perfect combination of laughing, learning, and maybe jump-starting a career in comedy!

Fly With Me: A Celebration of Birds through Pictures, Poems, and Stories – Click here to purchase

MamatheFox is a bird lover and a bird watcher and is in love with this book for her kids. This is a book that helps very young children, ages 4-8 range, about bird facts. Young birders will learn all about migration and the importance of habitat conservation. They’ll find stories about bird rescues and fun facts about the fastest, strongest, and tiniest fliers. They’ll also discover the best bird nests, sweet songs to sing, ways to listen for and identify the birds around them, and more. Paired with stunning art and photography and beautiful design, this treasury is sure to become a classic for bird enthusiasts of all ages. Its great for a home use and for classrooms too.

Bilibo – Click here to purchase

In my house open ended toys are the favorite. They keep my kiddos interested and engaged; and without linking the toy to popular characters, my kids don’t grow out of them. That’s why I love having a Bilibo in my house. On the outside it is deceptively simple, but in reality kids can use the Bilibo for limitless play. The iconic shell shape can be used as a chair, doll crib, bowl, helmet, mountain for cars, and so much more! The Bilibo was designed in Switzerland in conjunction with child development experts. It inspires creativity, imagination, and open-ended play for all kids!

Learning Clock from Best Learning – Click here to purchase

Teaching a kid to tell time is hard. I honestly cannot express how hard it is for me to try to teach this, so I don’t. Now we use the Learning Clock from Best Learning. This amazing toy is also a learning tool and will change how you approach teaching time to your kids. This interactive talking clock toy engages youngsters while teaching them how to read the clock with the movable hour and minute hands. It is a super durable toy and its interactivity is essential to keep children absorbed in Quiz Mode. WE love the added bonus feature of sleep mode. In sleep mode it plays any of 10 classical music and act as a night light with 12 options with a timer up to 60 minutes. If you know kids who has a hard time knowing when it’s morning and safe to get out of bed, then this clock is going to be a game changer. Make getting up for school a joy by incorporating this Learning Clock into your home.

Chrono Bomb – Click here to purchase

I might be the most excited to gift this secret agent maze to my 8 year old nephew! I know that not only will he love it, but I can picture my crazy family all taking turns to get in on the action and beat each others’ scores! The Chrono Bomb creates a “laser” maze using a 37 ft string and rubber grip clamps. The spy takes on his mission with UV night vision goggles by crawling, stepping, jumping and creeping through the maze. At the end there is a bomb to defuse to save the day! If a string is hit the sensor will detect the movement and make the time count down faster! In addition there are multi-task cards to make the missions even more difficult! Set the maze up differently each time for a new game and challenge!

Orbeez Ultimate Soothing Spa – Click here to purchase

If you know a little girl then you bet your bottom dollar she would love nothing more than the hit toy Orbeez as a gift this holiday season. These little round balls are soft and soothing and are a hit with boys and girls alike. In this new Orbeez Ultimate Soothing Spa you can rest your foot in a foot spa full of Orbeez. The cascading waterfall of Orbeez foot spa beads is so relaxing; you will think you are at the nicest spa in town. Plus, with a built-in strainer, soaking your Orbeez and warm water is a breeze! The Ultimate Soothing Foot Spa is big enough for all ages and the kit includes 2,000 Orbeez for maximum comfort!

BRIO Take Along Labyrinth – Click here to purchase

This unique labyrinth is perfect for children three years and older. Being completely sealed, the marble can’t be lost; which is the best news for every parent out there. The Take Along Labyrinth offers a gentle start to learning for young kiddos. When kids have a handle on this Take Along Labyrinth, move them up to the BRIO Labyrinth.

BRIO My Home Town Camping Set – Click here to purchase

Battery free toys are my favorite; but wooden, battery free toys.. Literally the best. That’s why I love the My HomeTown Camping Set by BRIO. Any parent will be grateful for this sound-free, learn-by-play toy. Enjoy the outdoors and allow kids to play with this car, camper, canoe, family, and dog all on their own. Imagination is seriously unlimited with this FSC certified wood toy.

BRIO Train Washing Station-Click here to purchase

BRIO’s high quality products are made from the best materials and are extremely durable. The BRIO Smart Tech is a perfect combination of imaginative play and interactive technology. Using RFID technology, the engine is activated to make unique sounds, lights, and move. The train guidesitself through each stage of washing, withsounds of water and bubbles while it’s happening!Combine with the BRIO smart washing station, and create a storytelling journey for any child!Give your child a great start to playing with BRIO.

BRIO Smart Engine with Action Tunnels-Click here to purchase

BRIO’s high quality products are made from the best materialsand are extremely durable.BRIO promises safety and takes pride in developing engaging and well tested toys. The Smart Engine is a fun engaging toy that can be changed as the child can decide the train’s journey. The Smart Engine runs through action tunnels as well as BRIO’s other Smart Tech train features. Features include sounds, lights, and movement! Combine with the BRIO smart washing station, and create a storytelling journey for any child!Give your child a great start to playing with BRIO.

GraviTrax – Click here to purchase

This GraviTrax starter set is perfect for kids who like to build and create. A build your own marble maze with over 100 pieces and 18 different construction elements. With the ability to build with curves, crosses, free-falls, and a cannon, kids can experience and learn about the law of physics. Lots of experimenting is to be had with the GraviTrax marble run; heights and angles control the marble speed in different ways. Kids will have unlimited fun with this open-ended track system. Be sure to check out the expansion sets and accessories that GraviTrax offers!

Five Little Fish – Click here to purchase

This board game for kids 3+ is a fun memory game that will have kids wanting to catch more. Lily Pad cards let you know whether you’ll grab a fish or catch a grumpy frog. Drawing a fish means you can grab a fishing poll and hook a fish off the table. The goal? You can to match the color of the fish to the color of the drawn card; it’s as simple as that! At the end of the game, if you’ve got the most little fish, you win! Promoting and encouraging memory and matching skills with this game is easy; give it a try!

Big Money Game – Click here to purchase

Family friendly games are the best, especially around the holidays. This quick, easy game is so perfect and all you’ve got to do is roll some die! Having assets in one of five industries, players roll 5 dice trying to get combinations like a straight, full house, five of a kind, etc. If you’re lucky enough on your final roll, you’ll earn money to spend on more assets from the market. When the bank runs out of money, you want to have the most of it! For ages 8+, this game is perfect for the whole family; you can even play with two players!

Coloryfly Coloring Set

Do you know a kid who loves to be creative? The one who pulls out the markers before you can get the breakfast cereal on the table? MamatheFox’s 6 year old daughter is known to do this, along with getting the glue out before 9 am! We want to help encourage creativity in our kids. By gifting them quality products you can hep them explore the word of art and allow them to use that precious imagination we have in our youth. We love the OOLY line of art products. They are priced for an everyday budget buy only provide top of the line items. We are in love with their Colorfly Coloring Set. The Colorfly Coloring Set comes with fabulous art products that your artist will thoroughly enjoy. The 3D Colorables Butterfly Masks are a fun inflatable coloring toy. Just add color with a marker, crayon or colored pencil like a coloring book and inflate with the included straw and the Colorable becomes a beautifully colorful butterfly mask. The Butterfly Mask can be colored with the included Color Appeel Crayons Set. Heart to Heart Stacking Crayons and Double Dip Scented Marker Set. Suggested for ages 5 to 7.

A to Z Magnatab- Click here to purchase

As a homeschool mama on a budget, I love Kid O’s A to Z Magnatab. With a magnetic stylus as the pen, the bead board as paper, and any finger as an eraser the Magnatab can be used anywhere, anytime. I love my kids can take their Magnatab in the car or into a waiting room. The Magnatab helps kids explore creativity and learning with sensory inviting play. They can see their completed work when each bead is pulled up to form letter, then simply erase and start again! Practicing letters is now engaging and sustainable!

Jumbo Glow-in-the-Dark Magnatab – Click here to purchase

Not only is this bead board a perfect gift for a child, it’s amazing to have in the car. Keeping kids busy in the car, especially during the Holiday season, is so important. A car ride can really make or break a weekend (or week!) This glow-in-the-dark Magnatab holds the same concept as the A to Z Magnatab (see above). What makes this one different is that kids can let their imagination run wild and create anything they want. They can practice letters, numbers, spelling, or just simply make a picture! I love that these Magnatab’s are completely mess free – no pencil sharpeners or messy markers, just the magnetic stylus! The recommended age for this Magnatab is 3-8 years. Kids will love this gift, and parents will too ( battery free toys!).

Yeti, Set Go! – Click here to purchase

Have your kids already falling in love with the award winning game Yeti in My Spaghetti? Mine sure have. Now we have the new Yeti, Set Go! Game from PlayMonster and are loving this fast paced kids game just as much. Place the meatballs in your Yetis reservoir and then bop the Yeti’s head to have the kick the meatball into the ledges of the Mountain – first player to get a meatball in all 4 of the sections of the mountain wins! This game is for 2 to 4 players and is great for kids ages 4 and up. Each of the 4 Yeti’s in the game look a little different, so set up the game, choose who you want to be that round and get to flinging those balls.

Don’t Rock the Boat – Click here to purchase

If you are looking for a fun game for Kindergarten and early elementary school ages kids then Don’t Rock the Boat is going to be a hit. Each Thanksgiving we bring a new game for all the kids and this year the Fox kids and their cousins are going to get rockin’ with Don’t Rock The Boat. Its great for kids ages 5 and up, because this takes more skill in balance and thinking. The goal is to take your penguin and place them on the boat without making the boat “Rock” and fall over – causing you to loose the game. It includes fun pirate penguins, a canon, treasure chest, ship wheel, anchor, octopus and crab! With no batteries required this game will cause all ye landlubbers a joyful holiday season.

Deep Dive Threads Onesies – Click here to purchase

When it comes to hilarious onesies for kids, Deep Dive Threads has us covered. Keeping up with new topics, jokes and classic concepts, they create the funny oneises for modern kids of 2018. With concepts ranging from Slimer, Stay Puff, superheros, modern kids movies from Disney, Pixar and more. Each oneise is printed in Ohio and has quality as a top priority. By using unique custom print ideas you can make your friends and family laugh when they see your latest Deep Dive outfit on your kid.

Brain Tee’s Design – Click here to purchase

This new brand has custom work down to an art form. They can make your zip code and town into a fun and witty tee for your kids to sport around town. Using modern concepts, home sports teams and state themes you can have your kid wearing a unique shirt to your next sporting event. Being the holiday season football is in full swing. Have the team at Brain Tee’s Design make you a tee or onesie for the kids in your life with your teams zip code and they will even use the colors of the team if you desire. Email them through their Etsy site for more information.

MMonkey Trix – Click here to purchase

Family game night just got even better! Pick your monkey, collect your blocks and turn over the top card. Be the first monkey to build the stack and take the card to win the round. Collect three cards to win the game. This game is recommended for ages six plus, but friends and family of all ages will love Monkey Trix. This feverish paced game will keep family game night fun for all. Monkey Trix keeps the game play action packed and lets you create your own strategy for a thrilling victory. You can play with two players or play with teams. First – put on your silly monkey head, then draw a challenge card and get ready to build. The game starts when you yell ‘monkey, set go’! First to build the puzzle, wins the card. 3 cards wins! Those are the rules…But as with any game, its always fun to make your own, too!

Cutie Stix Jewelry Maker – Click here to purchase

Cut it! Create it! Show it! With the Cutie Stix Jewelry Maker you can create customizable jewelry out of colorful two-sided beads. Using the Jewelry Maker is easy and fun; you simply choose your Cutie Stix design, cut it, and core out the center to make fashionable beads for your bracelets or necklaces. The combinations are endless! This Set Includes 1 Cutting Unit, 1 Coring Unit, 1 Stix Wand, 2 Cutting Frames, 1 Threaded, 8 Jewelry Clasps, 2 Threaded Spools, 1 Coring Wand, 2 Coring Containers, 12 Figure Connectors, And 15 Stix: 2 Mighties And 13 Cuties.

Fryin Flyin Donuts Game – Click here to purchase

Try and catch all of your donuts in this action packed game of strategy that just might take a little bit of luck too! Be the first player to fry and fly all of your donuts into the Baker’s box and you win! This game is recommended for ages four plus, but friends and family of all ages will love Fryin’ Flyin’ Donuts. The first player/team starts off with their largest donut and tosses it in the fryer while their opponent does the same. Once you have successfully hooked your largest donut, you move on to the medium donut and then the small donut. The first player/team with all 3 donuts caught, wins! Those are the rules…but as with any game, its always fun to make your own, too! This silly two player game is for ages 4 and up.

Animal Packers – Click here to purchase

Backpacks for toddlers are such a great thing. When I was able to transfer my sons things out of the diaper bag and into his backpack, life changed. The diaper bag got so much lighter and my back thanked me for it. The Animal Packers backpacks for toddlers are so adorable and really practical. Lots of animal options for your kiddo including: dog, horse, bull, bear, bat, monkey, and chick. Weighing in at only 7 ounces, kids will forget that they’re wearing a backpack. Featuring two large side pockets for snacks, water bottles, or toys, one large [hidden] pocket under the animals mouth, and a large, bright interior that can be stuffed full. The straps are easily adjustable and are soft and cushy. Kids will love their Animal Packer backpack, let them choose their animal or choose one and surprise them

The Dough Bucket – Click here to purchase

Play Dough is a timeless universal gift that is loved by any child! Crayola dough bucket comes with 4 bright colors in 8 pieces totaling to 2.2 pound of dough. The airtight container is a perfect solution for storing Crayola dough that can be used over and over again. The lid of the container doubles as a mold for children to make 4 fun animals! Roll, squeeze, press, shape and explore with Crayola Dough!

Crayola Dough Medium Playset – Undersea Adventure – Click here to purchase

What kid doesn’t love the creativity that dough gives them? Whether for a toddler or a child, anyone will enjoy this play set from Crayola. Getting creative will be no problem for kids with the three dough tubs, two modeling tools, fish, coral, dolphin, and submarine molds. Kids who enjoy playing with their hands will appreciate this fun gift. Use the molds and tools to create many creations within the sea-world.

Giant Stress Ball – Click here to purchase

The Giant Stress Ball is the gift worth getting this holiday season. It is a perfect gift to have on your shelf for a last minute gift or white elephant gift exchange. It literally makes the perfect gift for anyone or everyone! This year I gifted it to a child in my family who was recently diagnosed with ADHD. No joke, it was the fan favorite! This blue squishy gel ball was perfect for his fidgeting and high need for activity. It was thrown, squeezed, tossed, and even slept with! The gel ball has a perfect combination of give and take and is sure to increase blood flow to hands while also providing an outlet for reducing street or even carpal tunnel. Next time you are in a pinch for a quick gift, grab the giant stress ball!

Play Dirt – Click here to purchase

Sensory stimulation is all the rage these days as research has shown the wonderful benefits for children! Play Dirt is a perfect resource for giving your kids a fun and engaging sensory activity, especially during the cold winter months. This indoor Dirt that is easy to mold with easy clean up and can be used repeatedly. Play Dirt is made from a safe and non-toxic all natural formula and germ free. Use it to practice shapes, drive cars, or keep little hands busy!

Stomp Rocket Dueling Rocket – Click here to purchase

Stomp Rockets are the exciting toy for active kids. The Fox kids love to run, jump and be silly, and when you add in a flying rocket to that equation you have a perfect activity for them. With the Dueling Rockets (for indoor or outdoor play – but we prefer to keep them outside) there are 2 bases, which allow for 2 kids to jump on a base respectively and launch their rockets simultaneously. We have a Stomp Rocket, but not there is no more fighting to take their turn – they can both play together at the same time. This set comes with 4 rockets, so you always have one ready to load. This is a perfect gift for kids ages 5 and up.

Bookroo-Click here to purchase

My favorite gift of the season because it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Bookroo is a monthly subscription of children’s literature that is sure to bring the joy of reading into any home. We love that Bookroo was started by three sister-in-laws determined to spread their love of reading. They are passionate about empowering parents to build their at home library with a rich and engaging repertoire of children titles. Rather than sending the classics, Bookroo has an extensive review process to find re-readability hidden gems that are sure to engage readers.

“A subscription box is an experience that will help your children be excited about reading!”

Choose between a board book box, picture book box, or chapter book box. The three options cover ages 0-10 years. Then select a plan of month to month or save by purchasing a 3, 6, or 12 box prepay. Toys come and go, but the love of reading lasts forever! Don’t miss the opportunity to spread holiday reading joy this season!

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Learning Social & Emotions Skills – Q Wunder

Getting ready for school

Checklists typically look like the following: ABC’s, numbers, spelling their own name…

But wait, isn’t there something missing from this list?


Social and Emotional skills are often overlooked when preparing our children.  We strive to teach them to sing their ABC’s. How to count numbers….but what about dealing with being interrupted?  What manners are and how to use them? How to look someone in the eye and pay attention? Have your children started to grasp and master these critical social cues?

Q Wunder, the new and amazing app (available on Android and Apple devices), allows you to help your children discover and unlock all the tools they need to being ready for school and life success.

Q Wunder helps teach:

  • Emotions
  • Manners
  • Motivation
  • Self Awareness
  • Problem Solving
  • Grit
  • Focus
  • Flexability
  • Responsibility
  • Friendship
  • Helping



Using custom designed videos and games, your children will discover real life situations and how to appropriately handle them.  The children can navigate through the app by clicking on the word of the category they wish to learn and play with.

Kids love to watch videos! TV shows, YouTube Videos, Music Videos, Singalongs….this is a very attention getting form of media for children, which is why Q Wunder ran with the video aspect.  Showing kids, through example and song, allows them to remain interested and engaged.


There are 3 main aspects of the app: videos, games and “do” actions

Videos: watch dozens of videos for examples of situations and how to handle them

Games: games that help them work on things like emotions, patience, manners, helping, flexibility

“DO” Cards: Practice facial expressions and other physically activities (like balancing on one foot / crab walking / lunge steps)


Parents Section


Keep an eye on what parts of the app your child is playing in. Look at the Training breakdown section for a graph and percentage chart to help you see where you child has been in the app. If they are playing heavily in once area ask them why. Try encouraging them to watch a new video in a new section with you. This will help them become not only more opened to new things but they will enjoy that you are sitting with them, also watching along. This “shoulder time” is important to small kids. It shows them that you, their parent, care about what they are doing and that you enjoy being with them.


Q Time Board Game – Race to the Top

The Fox kids love to play Race to the Top, the board game by Q Wunder. Using small Q monkey game pieces, move along the board to the top of the tree house. Each roll, as you land on a color square, it will determine which type of card you pull.  “DO” card have you preform physical acts to improve coordination and balance. “Q” Cards help with manners and social skills. “YOU” card help boost emotional intelligence skills with fun questions about you.



Q Time Buddy

Q, the stuffed animal, is a weighted doll for extra calming comfort. “Q-Time” with Q goes like this:

  1. Lie down and place the “Q Time Buddy” on your belly.
  2. Count 1, 2, 3 in your head as you breathe in and watch Q go up.
  3. Count 3, 2, 1 in your head as you breathe out and watch Q do down.
  4. Block out distracting noises and thoughts be bringing your focus back to this simple breathing exercise.


Having been playing out game for a few weeks, the Fox kids love Q and think he is a fun stuffy to bring along on their daily adventures.



Q’s Race to the Top On-The-Go-Pack

When you are on the run, at a restaurant, have a long car trip or plane ride, bring along the travel version of Q’s Race to the Top.

This set comes with the same questions that are found in the game, but in a convenient little travel tin to store them neatly.



Connect with Q Wunder

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Our New Friend Leo

We have a new friend and we hope you are as excited to meet him as we are!

If you haven’t heard of ikiki shoes then PLEASE pop on over to read our ikiki review we did in the fall!

Connect with ikiki

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Thanks to our ikiki shoes leaving the house has been fun, simple, and extra comfortable. We finally have shoes that are easy to put on, made for developing walking feet, and inspire my independent free spirited children. So when we saw they were releasing new friends we knew we needed to add them to our ikiki zoo!

This spring ikiki released a new friend Leo Longfire.

The moment my son saw Leo’s lime green skin with cool spikes he was ready to take him on an adventure.


Leo’s ikiki Adventure

On a bright sunny day Leo heard a cry for help from his home of iron and rock. 

As he listened closer he recognized it was Princess Patty Potamus!

She needed help!

Leo quickly jumped into action to save his precious friend.

With high tops, breathable skin, and durable soles he knew nothing could stop him on his voyage! 

Leo quickly suited up and tightened his velcro.

Then with an ikiki battle cry, he began his quest to save Princess Patty.

With strong ankle support he charged up the green mountain towards the magic castle. 

With every squeak he knew he was one step closer to seeing Princess Patty’s glittering soles! 

When he arrived to the castle he spotted Princess Patty!

She was squeaking for help from the top of the castle’s tallest tower.

But the castle was full of challenges and obstacles to trip Leo up!

First Leo turned off his squeakers in order to not attract any bad guys.

He quietly descended the steep shoot without leaving a trace of evidence by using his white nonskid bottoms. 

Then with his breathable skin, Leo kept cool while crossing the firey lake of lava.  

With durable rubber soles Leo conquered each step up Slipper Slope Mountain.

At last he met his final obstacle!

With flexibility Leo grasped each stone rung to climb the giant beanstalk.

Princess Patty was saved!

Princess Patty and Leo were finally reunited to make the perfect ikiki pair! 

The End

We hope we’ve inspired you to find your little one their ikiki solemate and take them on a wild adventure!



The Chair that Grows

Hey Mamas!

We wish you the happiest of Mother’s Day and hope it is spent doing what you love best!

I love this day of celebration mostly because I get a chuckle out of watching my husband take on the impossible task of independently feeding and clothing two kids for church and brunch. I can’t help intervening to inform my husband our daughter isn’t wearing shoes or my son yet again took off his dress pants and switched back to pajamas.

That’s why Mother’s Day always involves brunch right? Dad’s can’t keep the kids alive and clean all the way to dinner so we have to get the celebration out first thing in the morning!

Then nap time rolls around and exhausted dads everywhere finally find the time to sit and praise their wives with the common phrase

“I don’t know how you do this all day, everyday!”

Moms are a special beings because we do it all day every day…and love it.

Yes we love the drama, kissing ouchies, sweeping a forever dirty floor, and even dare I say it, changing diapers. We love the chaos because it’s OUR chaos brought to us by OUR kiddos. We love our kids unconditionally and want nothing but the best for their lives.

Which leads to my husband getting a chuckle from my Mother’s Day want list. You see the word “want” has lost a lot of value since being a mother. Why waste money on things I want when there are two little humans with a ton of needs. But the funnest part is I actually geek out over baby and house wear items! One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was an avocado tool.

So my husband struggled yet again between finding a balance between getting me something beautiful and getting me something I wanted for our house.

But if you geek out over baby gear like I do, you will agree the Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair is not only practical its a beautiful piece of accent furniture for your home.

Meet Stokke






Tripp Trapp Chair 

  • Brings baby closer to the family

My family is a huge supporter of family dinners. I think it is important to have everyone in one place at one time with no distractions. Family dinners is also one of the reasons we chose to introduce solids with baby led weaning. We want our children eating what we are eating and engaging in the same healthy habits we choose for ourselves. The Tripp Trapp Chair was specifically designed to fit comfortably against a table. An infant, toddler, and adult can all find a perfect fit up against any table with the adjustable seat and diagonal design.

We love having our children at the table and using our Stokke chair for meals, crafts, games, and baking.


  • Adjustable seat

Any little one can find maximum comfort by having the perfect height and depth combination with the adjustable seat and footplate. The goal is to promote correct body alignment for a seated child by getting their feet to rest squarely on the footplate. A 6 month old and 60 year old can both find the same comfort and support in the Tripp Trapp Chair.

I love that my 3 year old can easily climb onto this chair and be at the perfect height to reach his food.

My 6 month old nephew can be supported and secure in the Tripp Trapp and still have the benefit of eating at the table with the family.

And I actually love using this chair when I am sewing! I adjust the seat so that my foot rests perfectly on the sewing pedal. The leveled seat and angled backing supports my postures and prevents me from hunching over. It is encouraging to know that once my kids eventually stop using this chair it can still find use in our home.

  • Safe and Secure

I truly appreciate the ingenious design of the Tripp Trapp Chair! We use to have a lot of chair battles with our kiddos. My 3 year old son liked to push against the table with his hands and consistently got disciplined for sitting on his knees. My 18 month old daughter liked to push against the table with her feet and watch me have a panic attack.

The concave design of the chair back helps me scoot my kids’ lower half under the table; preventing their legs from escaping.

The Tripp Trapp chair extender gliders provide increased backward stability. Meaning pushing, rocking, and backward arching isn’t going to tip this chair. Our first dinner using the Tripp Tripp my daughter was being ornery and pushed the table with her hands to try and rock backward. Her chair scooted away from the table and didn’t rock in the slightest bit. I was amazed and my daughter was defeated and frustrated her little “trick” only made her food unreachable.


Also included with the Tripp Trapp chair is a 5-point harness. The straps are durable and very easy to clean.The back of the straps includes a fastener that can be adjusted to keep the straps from slipping off baby’s shoulders. My 6 month old nephew felt very secure strapped in and my 18 month old could not escape.



  • Easy to clean

Yes! My favorite part of this high chair! I had a fancy chair with a cushion for 2 months. 2 MONTHS and then I gave it away! Personally I thought it was the dumbest baby product in our home. Even with a toothpick and toothbrush I couldn’t completely clean the cracks and crannies of our highchair, which resulted in mold!

The Tripp Trapp Chair is pretty straight forward when cleaning. The solid beach wood is easy to quickly wipe down with a wet cloth and there is no place for food to hide. I am confident our chair is clean and there isn’t dingy food bits wedged in crevices waiting to mold.

  • Variety of colors

Check our the variety of woods and colors the Tripp Trapp Chair comes in. You can easily find a chair that accents your kitchen, matches your dinning set, or is a bold vibrant pop of color in your house.


Tripp Trapp Baby Set 

One accessory you can buy for your Tripp Trapp Chair is the baby set. The environmentally friendly plastic accessory easy attaches to any Tripp Trapp chair. The set was made to support children from 6 months to 3 years.


For my newly sitting 6 month old nephew, the hi-back and seating rail supported him from loosing his balance.

He was able to sit at the table without the risk my face planting into our oak table top. He was certainly happy to be sitting at the table with his older cousins.

Although my 3 year old does not need the baby set to sit securely in the Tripp Trapp chair I appreciated he can fit in it. We have the baby set on our chair to keep my 18 month old safe and secure. My son eats multiple snacks a day while I work, clean, or tend to his sister. He thinks it is awesome to sit in her cool chair while I appreciate the assurance of his safety while I am multitasking. With the baby set my son can’t get down without my help, he can’t sit on his knees, he can’t fall off a chair, and he can’t tip the chair back. So if you have multiple little ones under 4 you can use the Tripp Trapp with the baby set without having to remove baby set to fit the older ones.

Tripp Trapp Cushion 

For an extra splash of style and comfort Stokke makes cushions for the Tripp Trapp chair. These lush comfort cushions prevent babies from slipping down during meal time and provide extra support on little backs from 6 month to 3 years. The 100% polyester material comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

We loved our cushion was able to to fit on the baby set as well as directly onto Tripp Trapp chair.  The versatility and durability make it a practical addition to our chair.

My sister was completely impressed when she started to wipe down the cushion after her son “ate” an avocado. Everything cleaned up perfectly without staining or scrubbing.

I personally loved how waterproof it felt as my daughter dumped her cup on herself. Baby can be ready to sit back on the cushion without having to let it dry, which also means the inside stuffing is safe from molding.

More from Stokke

If you love the ingenious deign of the Tripp Trapp Chair then chances are you will love Stokke’s other baby products as well!


We hope you have a beautiful Mother’s Day and you get spoiled on this special day!

Heres to many more years of wishing for clean floors and geeking out on baby products!


Meet Fun and Function

As a mother and past educator, now homeschooler, I am always trying to find a happy medium between teacher and parent.

I want the best for my child.

The mother part of me wants them to be happy and health. As a teacher, I want to create life long learners that love to learn. The balance is meeting my children where they are and equipping them with the right tools for optimal learning and development. Best practice is building on a child’s schema and teaching in an engaging and exciting setting.

Best practice also means identifying where my children are gifted and deficient.

Knowing where my children struggle allows me to address any specific emotional, cognitive, or social needs that could potentially be hindering their ability to learn.

Fun an Function was started by a family looking for kid-friendly sensory tools and toys that would make an authentic difference in the lives of children.

Who is Fun and Function

The founder of Fun and Function used her expertise in occupational therapy, as well as being a mom, to develop products that support children with special needs. Everything designed is kid-friendly, affordable, and most importantly, makes a real developmental and therapeutic difference in the lives of children. Fun and Function listens to their customers in order to refine and develop tools that meet the needs of real children.

Fun and Function products cover a vast variety of needs and resources. As their name states, their tools are not just for special needs but also to make learning engaging and developmentally appropriate.

Their website is a great resource for searching for the perfect tool that is in your budget, meets special needs diagnosis, or helps with deficiencies. In addition they provide resources for parenting, finding therapists, and running productive intervention sessions.

Connect with

Fun and Function 








Cocoon Climbing Swing

Both of my young children are introverts but often project themselves as extroverts. As a result, my children often get over stimulate after interacting with large crowds or having an eventful day. At first I blamed their bad behavior and melt downs on fatigue. As a grew as a mother I started to recognize signs of over stimulation and my children looking for a outlet to recuperate.

So when outfitting our homeschooling room, I wanted to cater to the specific needs of my children and create a “detox” safe place.

The Fun and Function Cocoon Climbing Swing was the perfect solution!

My 3 year old son is able to climb in and out of his swing independently. This means his safe place is always accessible whenever he feels he needs it. I love that he doesn’t have to ask, but rather can jump right in on his time.

A durable cushion is easily installed in a zip pouch in the bottom of the swing. The cushion is inflated with air which keeps the swing light weight; which means less stress on the suspensions.

It also gives the base structure so children can easily adjust and move without feeling like they are trapped in a bag.

I love that my son is able to sit cross legged and read or lay down and relax.

The high backing assures my children are safe and won’t tumble out during swinging.

The Cocoon Swing is made with highly durable fabrics and can hold up to 100 lbs. Since my children are still young they are even able to share the swing together. It is a safe quiet place for siblings to bond and share a good book.

When the suspension is moved to a single point, children can have more active play. This swing can be a great outlet for all those little monkeys who love to climb and swing. I am sure as my son gets older and develops more balance strength he will love the play of spinning and twisting on his swing.

Most importantly, this swing is fun! It engages little minds and bodies while developing and challenging them to grow towards success.

Something for Everyone

I do really want to stress that while Fun and Function has a passion and talent for designing for special needs children, their products are universal.

All children benefit from active, engaging, developmentally appropriate learning!

Sensory play has proven to support the brain’s growth while also improving cognitive, social, and emotional skills.

As all moms know, children have a LOT of energy. Physical activities keep kids healthy while positively impacting cognitive skills and academic behavior. Not to mention exercise has been said to help increase oxygen for to the brain and improve its function.




I lastly want to note that all kids have strengths and weaknesses. As parents looking for the best for our children, I find it so important to meet our child at their weakness. Even if that “weakness” is just a skill waiting to be developed. Rather than avoiding or discipling our children’s fixation, fidgeting, hyperactivity, or anxiety we have the power to celebrate their uniqueness. As parents we can empower our children with tools to find success and build confident life long learners.

Button Diapers are Super!

Who loves Fluff Mail?!

This month I had the opportunity to try out Buttons Cloth Diapers. My sister has used them for both her boys so I wanted to see why she was so loyal to this particular brand.

Meet Button Diapers

Buttons was created by your typical mom who wanted to keep things simple. Her and her husband’s goal was to keep cloth diapering affordable and easy to use.

Their diapering options continue to expand and new adorable prints are frequently released.






I also want to add their social medias are a delight to follow! They always give great encouragement to cloth mamas and have fun revealing new prints!


Connect with Buttons










The Diapers

Buttons diapers takes a new and improve twist on past cloth diapering systems. The outer shell is waterproof and wipeable, meaning it can be used multiple times before washing. Rather than changing the whole diaper (like inserts and AIO), just the insert can easily snap out and be replaced with a fresh clean one.


It also makes it convenient to use the same diaper night and day. Snap the daytime insert in for play time then at bedtime add a nighttime insert underneath a daytime insert for a peaceful dry night.


Button Diapers covers have the same great quality in three different sizes.

Newborn, One-Size, and Super.

I especially loved their sizes because one-size really doesn’t fit all!


Both of my cloth diapering sisters had babies in the fall. My sister with newborn Button diapers started cloth diapering way before my sister with one-size. The cut of these pip squeak diapers fit perfectly around even tiny newborn chicken legs and while still preventing mega leaks.

It is a big deal because after changing and washing 6-12 diapers a day, no one wants to add wardrobe changes to the laundry. Also with the estimation of newborns using over 300 newborn diapers, cloth can be a mega money saver in the end.


One-size diapers are a great option for frugal cloth diapering. Both of my kids were born weighing over 8 pounds, so I assume I would have been able to put them in One-Size diapers before a month old.

I do find a lot of mom’s prefer waiting a month or so before switching to cloth. It gives them time to recover and relax before taking on diaper laundry.

Since these diapers can fit up to 35lbs it is likely they will fit until potty training. My son being of of those kids! So if you have a pretty average baby, one-size Button diapers could be your one stop shop for cloth diapering.


Now a mom with an above average size babe, I appreciate the Super size. My daughter has always been in or above the 85% range for height and weight. Before she was mobile she was especially rolly-polly.

All the more to love right?!

I remember around 6-9 months thinking she was going to outgrow her one-size cloth diapers! The snaps were on the second to last spot and her back side would creep out when she was sitting. Fortunately, when she started walking and crawling she leaned out and developed more of a toddler shape. I actually was able to snap her diapers tighter.

However, the hight issue stayed the same. I could never find a diaper that completely covered her bum, and more importantly kept messes from spilling out. I feared she would exceed the maximum weight of her one-size diapers before we hit potty training.

The super sized diapers became a great addition to our cloth collection. They provide maximum coverage and maximum protection!

As if my daughter knew I was reviewing her diaper, she almost immediately “tested it out” if you know what I mean. I was happy to say her Buttons diaper held strong through crawling, rolling, walking, and even a dance party.


Buttons offers a variety of snap inserts to meet the needs of your diapering preference.

DAYTIME: Buttons cloth inserts snap right into our diapers covers to keep inserts from shifting around.

  • Hemp/Cotton 3 Pack
  • Bamboo 3 Pack
  • Microfiber 3 Pack

NIGHTTIME: They work as a doubler when snapped underneath Buttons daytime inserts.

  • Hemp/Cotton 2 Pack
  • Bamboo 2 Pack
  • Microfiber 2 Pack

Since we are new to Buttons diapers we tried out their Hemp/Cotton Daytime Inserts.

These inserts are made with an incredible 4 layer absorbent system. Moisture-wicking fleece sandwiches layers of hemp and organic cotton.

The inserts are very durable and feel well made. I especially loved the seem and edging on each insert. It is rare to find both, and honestly I think it helps all the more to lock moisture in and prevent leakage with movement.

The snaps hold the inserts in place and are easy to remove and replace.

Overall I loved joining the Buttons Diapers family!

And to especially support Earth Day I wanted to leave you all with a few diapering facts!

  • Over 92% of all single-use diapers end up in a landfill.
  • No one knows how long it takes for a disposable diaper to decompose, but it is estimated to be about 250-500 years, long after your children, grandchildren and great, great, great grandchildren will be gone.
  • Over 300 pounds of wood, 50 pounds of petroleum feedstocks and 20 pounds of chlorine are used to produce disposable diapers for one baby EACH YEAR.