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Elk and Friends

I’ve had my eye on the Elk and Friends products for a few years. Many people I know use and recommend them, and I thought they would be the perfect addition to our kitchen.

We have been transitioning away from plastic and other harmful materials in our home to more eco-friendly and safe products. We use a lot of glass and stainless steel, which is often times more expensive than others. This is one reason I was drawn to Elk and Friends. Their products are glass and stainless steel, and they all come in multipack – perfect for homes with many children. The bundled price they offer really cuts down on cost and makes their sets more affordable.

Elk and Friends offers a few different styles of cups that are glass or stainless steel. They have multiple sizes available – 8, 10, 12, and 16 ounce. Their silicone straws are very sturdy and well made, but better yet, easy to clean. The straws also have a stopper on them that really helps out when giving the cups to a young child. Each cup comes with two lids – one with a hole for the straw to fit in, and one with an air tight, leak proof seal.

I was given two sets to use and review. One set we use for the kids and the other set I use, I call them my mom cups.

The “mom set” I was given is perfect for moms on the go.  They are 16 ounce glass cups with a silicone sleeve on them. The best part though, I love the straw. I have learned over the years that I drink much more water when I have a straw in my cup. It’s just easier, and I need easier during the days. These 16 ounce drinking tumblers are perfect for water, smoothies, and more.

I am a bit disappointed that there are only two plastic seals that came with the set. I like to use them as storage containers, but I can only use two at a time. This is certainly something that is not a deal breaker, but it is a bit inconvenient.

The cups are so stylish and the muted color tones of this set are perfect for a mom. The colors are pretty neutral and they can be mixed and matched too. These would be a great Christmas gift for someone on your list!

I love the colors that Elk and Friends provides; they are so bright and really perfect for any child. Most of their sets are gender neutral but there are a lot of sets that could be used specifically for boys or girls. They also have many neutral colors that aren’t super bright and colorful, too. These, I feel, are more geared towards parents, moms specifically. They are really cute earthy tones, perfect for homes with boys and girls in the family.

These cups have really surprised me with how durable they are. My one year old likes to take them out of the drawer and often times he throws them on the floor. Although I don’t love that the cups occasionally get thrown on the floor, I am [obviously] grateful for the durability.

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The first downside that I came across with these cups is that they need fully disassembled in order to get fully washed. This is by no means a reason for us to stop using the cups, but just takes a bit more time when washing. We take the silicone sleeves off of the glass jars and wash them separately, as well as the silicone seal from the lid.

As you can see in the photo above, the silicone is dirty where the glass and the silicone were touching. The remedy to this is nothing outstanding, but it’s just something we needed to learn for ourselves. This is certainly not something that will stop us from using these cups. We still love them!

One other downside that we have experienced with the cups is with the straws. For the most part they are pretty stop-proof, but my kids have been able to pull the straw out of the lid, despite the stoppers best efforts. The straws have a stopper on them that stops them from being pulled up out of the lid. This is super helpful when you have younger children who don’t understand yet. My one year old has not been able to pull the straw completely out of the cup, but my strong four year old has. He is at an age where he understands though, so we had a conversation with him about it, and it hasn’t happened again. Just something to keep in mind.


In all seriousness though, we are really liking the Elk and Friends cups and I do recommend them to any family who has children.

Backyard Composting

We are in the process of creating a backyard garden. This summer we had a container garden where we grew tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, and lots of pepper varieties. It was a blast potting the seeds, watering the plants, and watching them grow all throughout the summer. My kids really liked the process too. I loved being able to teach my kids how to grow plants. Seeing their excitement and enthusiasm every time we went outside to water them, it just warmed my heart.

I have very high hopes for our garden in the coming years. When I think about all the goals I have for our backyard I want to get them all done as soon as possible. We obviously know that’s a very difficult thing to accomplish, so I’m taking my time.

Subpod is a company that is making my garden dreams come true. This backyard composter is perfect for turning food waste into organic compost that is so nutrient rich. In just a few months we will reap the benefits in an easy to use and smell-free way. Not only that, but the Subpod is actually kinda pretty too.

There are a few different systems available from Subpod, the one I am reviewing here is the Subpod Grow Bundle.

Included in the Grow Bundle is the Subpod, grow garden bed, and aerator. The Subpod has dual compost chambers and two extra thick worm blankets. High quality steel material makes up the grow garden bed. This steel is protected with anti-corrosive zinc and aluminum coating, so it should last a long time. The food-grade stainless steel aerator is the perfect tool needed to stir up the food waste and keep the good soil process in the making.

The patented design of the Subpod compost system brings efficiency and innovation unlike any other. The three in one design works as a compost system, worm farm, and garden seat.

The Subpod has the ability to ‘compost up to 44 pounds of food waste each week’. The maintenance is simple too, about 5 minutes or so a week.

Lots of different things can be composted in the Subpod. Most of the food waste from your kitchen can be composted with nothing to worry about. There are a few select few foods that should not be added, but there is a great list of what can be composted on the Subpod website.  Paper and cardboard, natural fibers, wood and bamboo, and human and animal waste. For more information on the what can be composted, be sure to visit the website.

One of the unique features of this Subpod design is that it’s underground. A huge benefit of this is that it is smell free, and for the most part it’s mess free too. The design allows fresh air to flow in and out of the system which keeps the smell out. This is such a neat feature that I am very thankful for. We live in the woods, so having a compost system that does not smell and will keep the pests out is super important.

*Our Subpod is not yet underground. In time we will add soil to the space around the composter within the outer box.

Subpod makes it easy to compost. In 4 easy steps you can have nutrient rich soil for all your garden needs. First put the food waste into the Subpod and aerate so that step two is a bit faster. Next, the worms and microbes will do the work. They break down food waste in worm castings, which is the compost. Step three is the ventilation and aeration that keeps the system from smelling during the compost ting process. Then, the last, and best step, the compost can be harvested. Fresh, organic fertilizer to fee your plants with.


We are so excited to have the Subpod in our backyard and to have fresh soil whenever we need. This learning opportunity for our children will be forever cherished.

Stainless Kitchen

Tavva Kitchen is a great company that creates stainless steel kitchen products. The brand cares about creating practical and innovative products that are very earth friendly. As a company, Tavva’s goals are to reduce the reliance on single-use plastic. Their products are perfect to replace plastic containers in your kitchen.

Their containers are super safe. They are non-toxic and free of BPA, BPS, and phthalates. These are just some of the ingredients in plastic that are harmful to our bodies, environments, and life’s. Kicking these ingredients out of our home is super easy with these Tavva Kitchen alternatives.

The stainless steel containers are completely leak proof. The steel container along side the silicone lid creates a perfect, sealed closure. When the lid is on the container properly there is such a nice seal, I never have to worry that it will leak when it’s in the lunchbox.

Another perk of these Tavva Kitchen containers is that they are completely dishwasher safe. I pretty much put everything in the dishwasher (sometimes even if it’s not supposed to be), so having these be dishwasher safe is a lifesaver. It’s great to not need to worry about the silicone or steel get damaged because it is being washed in the dishwasher.

One of my favorite features of these stainless steel containers is that they are light weight. Bringing them when we pack lunches is much more handy than packing glass containers. They make our lunchbox significantly lighter.

I also love that the containers are safer than glass. By this I mean that I don’t have to worry about them falling on the ground and breaking. We pack our lunches very often and we sit at picnic tables, on the ground, and sometimes in the back of our van, having containers that cannot break is so great. Three boys eating lunch on the go is not calm in any sense, so this is just something that I don’t need to monitor anymore.

These containers are basically indestructible. The strong stainless steel that makes up the container is tough to destroy; much tougher than glass. With three boys in the house, these containers are just perfect. Not only is the steel strong, but the silicone is really strong too. It can’t be broken and is hard to be torn.

These Tavva Kitchen stainless steel containers are just perfect for our kitchen. Having three boys in our home means that things break very easily and quickly. The stainless steel and silicone are basically indestructible, and that’s just what we need. The containers are light weight, nesting, stacking, and leak proof. Such great characteristics for storage containers.

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Ninja Shoes

Gaucho Ninja is a very unique shoe company that is based out of the UK. The company strives towards giving people a good balance between doing activities barefoot and wearing restrictive shoes. The handmade shoes that Gaucho Ninja crafts are beautiful pieces of art that are worn on the feet. They are made with very high quality materials and are very well put together.

Many of us are used to the restrictive and damaging shoes that are basically what everyone wears these days. These shoes, as mentioned, are damaging to the foot because they prevent the correct development of the muscles that make our feet strong, flexible, and healthy.

Our feet are happy and healthy when they are moving freely with the ability to feel and touch the earth. Gaucho Ninja offers protection while also giving flexible, spacious, and stylish comfort. There are ‘28 bones, 30 joints, and over 100 muscles’ in our feet; they need to move freely. They are there to support our whole body, literally.

The leather is a by-product that would be wasted if not used for something like this – shoe creating. The leather that Gaucho Ninja uses comes from 6 artisan tanners out of Spain. It is tanned traditionally with traditional tools and methods. Every piece is different and unique, so no two pair of shoes is exactly the same. The thread is from Germany and is made from recycled plastic bottles. Many of the shoe soles are Vibram – an Italian brand that molds them by hand.



This DIY Leather Kit is such a cool concept and a really fun way to purchase a pair of shoes. I like that I put my hard work into making these moccasins, so I am really going to hold them on a pedestal compared to the other shoes I own.

Making these moccasins, I’m going to be honest, was very difficult. The method of sewing that is used in the making of the shoes is called saddle stitching. It is difficult for someone like me – someone who doesn’t make custom, tailored shoes for a living. I had to make some modifications when putting them together, which just made the process a bit longer.

All in all it took me about three weeks to find time to make the shoes. When adding up the time in total, it took about 3-4 hours.

Not having the proper tools like would be in the Gaucho Ninja shop made it so I had to get creative on exactly what to use. This wasn’t a huge issue, but if I had proper tools, it would have made it much easier.

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Gaucho Ninja is a great company, I highly recommend their products. Although their shoes are quite expensive, they offer incredible quality and will last for years. They have a pretty large selection of shoes to choose from, so finding one that suites you wouldn’t be difficult. The DIY leather kits are a great way to get your feet wet and experience the quality and durability of the Gaucho Ninja shoes.

Freet Feet

These outdoor adventure shoes are really great for hiking and trail walking. They have lots of very unique features that I’m very excited to have in a shoe.

Freet shoes mirror the shape of feet; toes spread out and are able to be flexed as they should. The soles of the shoes offer protection  while also allowing the feet to be very close to the ground. This allows the foot to still be stimulated by the ground. Receiving and responding to the stimulus from the ground allows our bodies frequencies to be to be slowed down.

The tops of the shoes are specially designed to fit the foot similarly to a glove. This feature enables ‘the foot and shoe to work as one.’ When the feet move freely together they function correctly.


The Freet Pace shoe is a multi-functioning sports shoe that allows for many different types of terrain and activities. The shoe features a 6mm OrthoLite insole that gives lots of comfort on hard surfaces and also longer distances.

The top part of the shoe – the upper – is “made from 100% recycled coffee grounds.” This is seriously such a cool feature. The recycled material is called CoffeeFlyMesh and is very durable and breathable. It offers a quick dry because the way it is designed.

As mentioned above, the OthroLite insole is great for shock absorption when on tougher surfaces. This insole is removable too, so you really have a great opportunity to be close to the ground without being completely barefoot.

The Freet Pace shoes can be worn with or without socks depending on the type of terrain you are on. For cold or wet conditions, Freet offers waterproof socks that are a great option for keeping the feet protected.

It is recommended, that when purchasing the Freet Pace, you size  up. I have noticed that the shoes do fit a bit snuggly, especially with a thicker pair of socks on like what would be worn in the winter. When wearing the shoes more consistently I have found that once they are broken in, they fit much nicer. Keep that in mind when putting them on for the first time.

I will say these shoes are not the best looking pair of shoes. If you are looking for a cute pair of shoes, these probably are not what you want.

But, if you are looking for a quality pair of walking and adventure shoes, these are for sure what you want. The Freet shoes are very high quality and I highly recommend them for that reason. They are not flattering at all, but the way they feel overlook that.

The Freet Pace shoes are a good staple shoe to have. They are perfect for hiking and walking and they are so comfortable. Sustainably made, these shoes are even made from recycled coffee grounds! The shape of the shoe is a natural foot shape that allows the toes to spread as they should. This is one of the most important aspects in a shoe, in my opinion.

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Summer Snacks

Having snacks in the house during the summer is a necessity with kids around. It’s not necessarily a must, but having new snacks can really be a game changer. Getting kids excited about eating, especially when the food they’re eating is good for them, is super important. If they think the food they are going to eat is fun and cool, they are more likely to eat it; and be willing to try it.

I am a huge advocate for healthy snacks, so when I come across some, I love to share them with others. Many of these snacks I would purchase again to have in our home.

Without a Trace Foods

The snacks that Without a Trace Foods makes are all free of the top 8 allergens. Available are cookies, granola bars, and power bites. For someone who has allergies, these snacks are the perfect option. No one in our family has any food allergies, but we have eaten all the snacks we were given. My kids especially love the power bites, and honestly I do too. These bites have a lot of flavor to them and are the perfect snack to bring on the go. We like the granola bars too. They are a bit chewy and really get stuck in teeth, but the taste is good. We tasted the cookies and were not super impressed with them. Again, we don’t have any food allergies, so we are not in need of allergen free chocolate chip cookies. We are kind of chocolate chip cookie snobs. I would imagine though, if we did have food allergies in our family, these would be such a great option.

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All Clean Food

Organic pasta box meals are such a perfect way to do dinner during the summer. Free of the top 14 allergens, this pasta is seriously so impressive. Our whole family ate these pasta boxes and didn’t think they tasted any different than a normal pasta meal. The flavor of them was incredible. These pasta boxes are super easy to make and take less than 30 minutes. There are 4 different varieties available which include taco, creamy garlic, savory Italian, and porcini mushroom. We were able to try the creamy garlic pasta and the savory Italian pasta. Both are very good, but my husband and I like the creamy garlic pasta the most. We were astonished by the flavor that was packed inside the box. The savory Italian pasta is good too, it’s similar to spaghetti but more flavorful. I highly recommend All Clean Food’s pasta dinners. So if you are a fan of all things Italian or just pasta-based, then this may get your tastebuds tingling for more, if that’s true, you might want to check out an italian restaurant jacksonville eatery like Toscana Little Italy, or one in your local area, for you to enjoy yourself inside and outside the house.

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Undercover Snacks

These yummy snacks are so good. Not only do my kids love them, but we shared them with lots of friends and they all approve of them too. The snacks are made with quinoa that is super crispy and is dipped in chocolate. All the ingredients are all-natural, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Lots of different flavors are available including pomegranate, blueberry, currant, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. You can purchase the treats individually wrapped or in a re-sealable bag.

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Kubeba Life

These granola bars are great for on the go trips. Something that I actually love about these bars is the colorful packaging of them. Colorful packaging for kids is super helpful because in most cases it get them excited to eat the food. The Kubeba bars are packed with protein. 12-13 grams of protein in one bar is very impressive and almost unheard of in the healthy, allergen-free food family. These bars are such a great option for people who need allergen free snacks. I felt that these granola bars are pretty tough to chew and really get stuck in the teeth. I wouldn’t recommend giving these bars to young children due to choking hazards.

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Eat G.A.N.G.S.T.E.R.

The Eat G.A.N.G.S.T.E.R. mixes are Some of the best dessert mixes that I’ve ever made. The name of the brand defines just how free of allergens these mixes are. Take a look what these mixes are free of: grain-free, additive-free, nightshade-free, gluten-free, soy & legume-free, tree-nut & seed-free, egg & dairy-free, and refined sugar-free. My husband and I for sure tell a difference between these desserts and most. We did really both like the Oatmeal Schmoatmeal cookies and thought they were a good option for a dessert. We do have many family members who are vegan and they all approved these desserts. My mother in law, who is vegan and gluten free, was thrilled to be able to eat these desserts.

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All natural wipes are perfect for on the go. Since they are individually wrapped they are perfect to throw in the diaper bag or lunchbox, you could even keep a few in the car. Made with minimal ingredients, these wipes are just a cloth with Castile soap, water, and essential oils. There are no artificial or harsh ingredients in these wipes, so using them on children is no sweat. The wipes are compostable and biodegradable, so there is no need to worry about harming the environment when using them either. Free + clear and tangerine scents are available and 30, 24, or 100 count packets that are individually wrapped.

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Sago Mini

Sago Mini is a great company that puts kids first. The core values of Sago Mini are centered around laughter and learning. Activities that are open-ended allow for creativity and play, which is where learning begins.

Three different products are available from Sago Mini – their boxes and the school and world apps. All of their products are designed to foster a learning environment. What is unique about the company though, is that they want to get kids to laugh and have fun while doing so.

There are three different questions that Sago Mini uses to guide their product design. The questions are:

  1. “Does it encourage kids to explore, imagine, and discover?”
  2. “Is it intuitive, beautiful and fun to play?”
  3. “Does it meet our high standards of quality and safety?”

Seeing this list, I am encouraged. A lot of thought really goes into designing the products, which is great to know when purchasing or allowing our children to play with them.

Sago Mini Box is a subscription program that delivers activities directly to your doorstep. The creative activities offer a make-and-play scenario that kids can play with for about a month, or until the next one is delivered.

The Sago Mini Boxes are good for ages 3-5. They encourage sensory, exploration, and constructive play.

The process is simple. Just choose a theme on the Sago Mini site, pay monthly or annually. Get the boxes delivered to your door every month. Then allow your kiddos to discover, learn, make, play, and more.

Every month there are new themes and activities available that can be delivered. You can head over to the Sago Mini Box website to see some of the different box themes.

In each box there are three activities that all build upon each other. Everything needed is in an envelope with specific instructions for those specific pieces. The envelopes are all numbered, which is another great learning opportunity.

There are fine motor growth opportunities from punching out the little pieces of cardboard, to placing small pieces into a box. Many of the boxes include building something, so there are following directions skills being developed too.


Every month the box itself transforms and becomes part of the scene that the kids are creating. Each and every aspect of what is sent in the mail is being used in the creating, learning, and playing process. Pretty cool!

In the box there is also a Sago Mini friend that kids can collect. This little character is to be played with in their scene and used while imagining. The characters are pretty heavy duty, so I anticipate my children’s friends being played with well beyond the box and activities.

Something that I was disappointed in was that our boxes were delivered on a day it was raining. They were placed in a place we couldn’t see so they were sitting in the rain for many hours. Since the box and all the contents in it are cardboard, it was very soggy, wet, and, once dried completely, warped. This is not something that Sago Mini had any control over. I completely understand that this was a delivery service error. Just something to keep in mind when expecting the box. It is cardboard, so if it gets in weather, it could be affected.

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Running with Earth Runners

Earth Runners is all about rewilding peoples lives. There are lots of issue in life that have been created just because of the modern, domesticated lifestyle. Rewilding is a term used to bring individuals that are strong, healthy, and resilient back into everyday society.

Life these days is so far from what it used to be. Incorporating a more simple and natural lifestyle as opposed one that is filled with modern technology and practices. The Earth Runner sandals look to bring the original relationship between nature and us – people.

Earth Runner sandals are very unique and much different than other footwear on the market. They are made very well and are great for wearing on rough terrain, which is incredible for the simple design they have.

These minimalist sandals bring your feet to the ground, almost literally. Keeping your feet secure but also free, they are the perfectly designed sandal to protect the feet with feeling barefoot.

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The Lifestyle Sandal from Earth Runners is a great all around sandal.  It is ideal for hiking and walking on all terrains, and it is also a great everyday wear sandal. While it is a great sporty option, it is also an excellent option for casual wear. Dress it up with a cute dress, or dress it down to go on a hike, the Lifestyle Sandal from Earth Runner can do it all. 

Not only is it a versatile sandal, it is also durable, comfortable and flexible; the latter being a staple in the barefoot shoe world. This sandal has room for wide toes and the Lifestyle Sandal, in particular, also has a stylish canvas base that compliments the straps. 

One aspect I love about Earth Runners is that they are sustainable with their shipping. The sandals come in a single box, and the box has directions to adjust the straps printed on it – how efficient! To adjust the straps, it can take a bit of getting used to. I managed to get the strap out of the ankle clasp and found it difficult to get it back to where it needed to be. After looking on the Earth Runners website I found they had helpful tips to correct it and get the straps where and how they should be. Click here to view the page with lots of tips and helpful information. 

When it comes to adjusting and breaking in the Lifestyle Sandal, slow and steady definitely wins the race. The canvas footbed can be rough on parts of the foot at first, but it is easy to break in. The strap that stretches across the top of the foot does take some getting used to.  Along with going slow and steady when breaking these sandals in, I also found it helpful to wear the straps loosely. As your feet become accustomed to the sandals, tightening the straps becomes more and more comfortable. 

When searching for the size of the Lifestyle Sandal, I found the sizing guides on the Earth Runners website to be most helpful.  The sizing chart provides foot measurements, as well as directions for how to properly measure your foot, to ensure you find the best foot for you.  My favorite aspect of their sizing chart however, was the option to print a template for each shoe size.  The template provides directions on how to properly use the guide, as well as examples of what is a “good fit” and a “too big” fit.  This printable template feature was a key factor in finding the right fit. 


Earth Runners are such a versatile shoe. They can be worn in almost any circumstance and can be dressed up or dressed down. The sandals are very comfortable once they are broke in and the strap, once you get the hang of it, is really easy to loosen and tighten. Although I really like the color I choose, they have many other options to choose from. I highly recommend these minimalist, barefoot shoes as an addition to your shoe collection. Whether you are just hearing about barefoot shoes, or have known about them for awhile now, Earth Runners is a trusted, well established company that creates high quality shoes.

These Shoes Were Made For Walking

This barefoot shoe company really has our feet in mind. Created for that purpose exactly, Lems Shoes use the bare minimum when it comes to shoe design. They look to create shoes that fit with the anatomy of the foot; and doing this means the foot moves freely, like not wearing shoes at all.

Lems Shoes offers many different styles of barefoot shoes. Their original – Primal – is a classic and is the first shoe that the owner created. The shoes in this review are the Primal 2. An updated version of the original, this new line was just released a few months ago. There are a few different color options, including two new colors – cloud (the ones that I received) and olive (an adorable olive green shoe that I want to purchase myself!).

These Lems Primal 2’s are just recently released and seriously so cute. I must admit that many barefoot tennis shoes I’ve come across are not on the cute side. They are for sure more practical than anything. But these Lems are the perfect blend of cute and functional.

The colors are my favorite aspect of these shoes. The bright, light blue really pops against the silver-grey. Around the ankle of the shoe and on the inside is a burnt orange color. This is such a pretty color and coordinates with the other two colors. I am all about coordination, so these are just perfect.

Ultra light-weight, these shoes are just 6.9 ounces. For a pair of tennis shoes, they are so, so light. When wearing them they feel amazing. The last thing I want when trekking through any sort of terrain is clunky, heavy shoes. They a really are light as a feather, so it’s very helpful whenever wearing them.

The toe box of these shoes are extra wide. They are shaped just like our feet which allows for lots of room. This unique shape gives freedom to our toes and does not squeeze our toes together like traditional shoes. 

The bottom of the shoe is zero-drop. This means that the sole is completely flat and there is no support or arch. The foot, from the ball to the heel, is laid flat, which gives many benefits. Keeping the foot flat on the ground helps correct posture by aligning the spine. It also allows our feet to build the muscles they need, that they were intended to be strong. Traditional shoes hinder the correct muscle strength our feet need in order to function correctly. 

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The sizing of the shoes is pretty on point. There is a great page on their website with lots of sizing information listed that I found very helpful when deciding on a size. Click here to go to the sizing information page.

I highly recommend measuring your foot length to more accurately determine your size. On the linked page there is a tutorial and instructions on how to properly measure. The Primal 2’s are unique in their sizing wherein they only offer whole sizes for men and half sizes for women. This is why measuring the foot is so important.

The fit of the shoe is great. Ideally there is roughly a fingers-width of space between your toe and the end of the shoe, so bare that in mind. They do have great customer support, so if you feel like you have questions, just reach out them and they will help you out!.

Lems Shoes is such a great company and I highly recommend their Primal 2 shoes. The vibrant colors are my style and I love how they look. Not only do these shoes look good, but they feel great. They are SO lightweight – it’s like I seriously am not wearing tennis shoes – and ultra flexible. I have plans to buy another pair of these shoes in a different color because I like them so much. 10 out of 10 recommend!



Unshoes is a minimal footwear company that creates footwear that are designed for the feet. Our feet were created to move. There are 33 joints in each one of our feet, so allowing them to function naturally is such an important concept.

The mission at Unshoes is a simple one. They strive to start from the ground up – at the feet. Their footwear gives people the ability to move naturally which helps every aspect of the body and mind. It’s empowering when people know they are doing something good for themselves. That’s what Unshoes is all about – empowering people by starting at the foot.

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Unshoes was created because there wasn’t a cost effective shoe on the market that was light, had an adjustable and continuous strap, and were not heavy and stiff. Putting things into his own hands, Terral (the owner and founder of Unshoes), made a sandal of his own with all the features he was wanting in a shoe.

I love supporting this small business because they are committed to minimal footwear that is simple, high quality, made in the USA, and affordable. Check out some reasons I am a huge fan of their shoes!

The Uinta Sandal from Unshoes is the perfect sandal for sport. Hiking, water, terrain of any sort, these shoes are a great option for the sporty type. Not only that, but the Uinta Sandal is stylish enough for everyday wear. How great that they can be worn while literally trekking through the rocks on the beach, but also out for a dinner date night.

Each shoe has two clip closures that are on either side of the foot – inside and outside. The straps are completely adjustable and are very easy to loosen and tighten.

There is a little elastic band that goes around the straps that slides back and forth on the straps. This band keeps the extra material held down so they don’t flop around while wearing them.

These Uinta straps are very unique with a a toe loop around the big toe. This toe loop is super helpful when adventuring. My foot doesn’t move around within the shoe and it feels very secure. An interesting aspect of the shoe is that toe loop can be pulled completely flat. When wanting to wear the shoe without the loop (like when wearing socks) it is a great solution.

The shoes are zero-drop so the soles are completely flat. There is no support and no cushion, just a simple flat sole. I actually love this because it allows my feet to move so freely. Our feet are made to move and so many shoes constrict that movement.

The zero-drop sole is great for moving on different surfaces. They offer great protection when walking on rough ground. They have lots of grooves on the bottom so they are very grippy. Walking around on mossy rocks, I didn’t have any difficulty with slipping.

A great feature of the shoes is that they are completely water proof. Many times when sandals with fabric straps get wet they get really heavy, but I haven’t experience that at all.

The shoes do have a bit of a high price tag at $101. A bit steep for a pair of sandals when just looking at the price. But when you compare them with other outdoor hiking sandals, they are right in the running. Especially if you are searching for minimalist sandals, I highly recommend; but even if you’re not looking for a minimalist sandal, these are a great option.