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Holidays On The Go

We have three boys and we’re still finding kids equipment that we didn’t know we wanted or needed! The KidCo brand designs products that are so great for any family with children.

KidCo was developed in 1994 and is the first company to introduce metal safety gates to America.

This family owned and operated brand is well trusted by parents. They offer child home safety products, baby gates, bed rails, and travel gear.

The GoPod travel activity seat is so perfect for the coming holidays. We just recently went on a trip and brought the seat with us, it was a life saver. Our baby used it a lot because our friends didn’t have a seat for him. Eating meals, playtime, and just relaxing during the day, the seat was used constantly.

At just seven pounds, this portable seat is ultra light weight. Folding it up is super easy and makes it the perfect size for on the go travel.

The seat includes a carry bag too, so wether you are using the car or headed to the airport its a breeze to bring.

The seat is so easy to set up and take down. There is a latch at the bottom of one of the legs that clicks into place. This ensures the seat will stay sturdy and not collapse while baby is in it. To collapse the seat press the button and fold up!

With four different height levels, this chair will grow with baby. It’s simple to adjust the height too. Just fold up the fabric, press the silver button (in third photo), twist the black triangle piece, and either push the seat leg down or pull it up. Our 10 month old is sitting at the second level height, so there is lots of room to grow!

The activity seat has an attached floor pad that keeps baby’s feet off the direct floor. Location versatility is made easy with this pad. By the fire, on a picnic, watching siblings play sports, or in the house baby’s feet will stay clean and dry.

Included on the top of the seat are two holders to keep a snack and a drink. We have also used these holders to keep toys in as well. There are also five nylon loops on the top that allow for toys to be attached. These are great because the toys stay up by baby and don’t fall on the floor.

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This KidCo GoPod is the perfect travel seat and will be such a great help this holiday season. Keeping gatherings small means that there wont be bunches of great aunts who will hold the baby; this seat is going to be so handy!

If you have kids who aren’t walking quite yet, or who need to be closely supervised, I highly recommend this seat. My family plans to bring it to both our Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings, and any in between.

Go with Me, Anywhere!

I’ve been on the hunt for a good travel seat for the kiddo.

We travel to my parents a lot, so having one that we can bring with us or leave at their house is a must. That’s why I’m so glad I found the Baby Delight Go With Me Chair.

This is a multi-functional seat that is great for travel, high chair use, or outdoor sitting.


Using a similar idea of a folding chair, this seat folds and unfolds super easily and fits nicely in a carrying bag.

Having a variety of different seating options, your child will be comfortable at any age (within the parameters) sitting in the chair. The seating options for the chair include: sitting, standing, and big kid. Baby can start using the high chair at approximately three months of age, and can continue to use it until they reach 75 pounds.

In the sitting position, baby sits in the chair using the 5 point harness straps. This is great for very young children and children who are walking (or are stable on their feet).

Next, the standing position, is a good option for kids who need support standing. Simply un-Velcro the seat portion to reveal the two leg holders where baby can stand with support. Once kids are walking, this option isn’t really necessary for them, but surely can be used. My son recently started walking and I put him in the chair standing up, and he was too tall, so we just went back to the sitting position. The standing option is great to use in any circumstance; use it like an activity jumper.

The big kid option is great for toddlers and beyond. Here the chair is basically a folding chair. Whether using it indoors our outdoors, your toddler will love this seat. Using the chair with this option is perfect for watching sports or relaxing in the backyard.

Baby Delight offers a multitude of color choices to choose from; this fun chair will brighten up any space. If using the chair outside for a (possible) sporting event, get the chair in the color of the team you’re rooting for!

The 5 point removable harness is so great, it gives me peace of mind when baby is in the seat. I love that I have the option to strap baby in around the belly or on the shoulders, or both! The harness is comfortable and keeps baby securely sitting up right. When baby gets older, the shoulder straps aren’t necessary, just snap around the belly.

The high chair is equipped with a removable tray and sun canopy. I love these features because they are both really nice to have in different circumstances. Each of these features can be used on the chair using any of the seating options.

When using the chair for eating, then the removable tray is obviously something you’ll want to utilize. Baby sits right up in the seat and the tray fits snuggly around them.

The sun canopy is the perfect feature when using the hair outside. Whether you’re eating outside and using the tray too, or just sitting in the chair watching a game, The sun canopy is great for keeping that fragile skin safe and protected. The canopy folds up very easily and fits in the carrying bag with the removable tray and the high chair seat.

This is a great seat for any family. Perfect for travel, or to use in the backyard, your kids will love this seat; and you will too! My favorite aspect of the chair is that it folds up super small and fits into a carrying bag. Seriously so convenient!

Check out the other Baby Delight products on their website.

Holiday Travel Done Right

We travel a lot.

My parents live on the other side of the state, and we try to see them at least once a month. With adding kids to our family, we’ve been trying to see them even more often.

November through December – we see them A LOT. It’s great; holidays are the travel inspiration to see family more frequently. Or even to relax! I have had acquaintances who visited Spain sometime recently and she was describing to me the beautiful culture of the country! So much so, that I even now know that there are transport websites (StressFreeCarRental.com and similar others tend to provide such services) that can take me around the country from the airport itself! I mean, who knew technology could make life so much easier, right? It sure would be amazing though, if I ever got the chance to travel with my family!

That’s why I’m tempted to do so now. I may even consider a private jet hire so that I can spend some quality time with my family all alone. Another reason is that I want them to have a luxurious travel experience at least once in their lives. Though I’m not sure if I can afford it, I’d give it my all. It is just as important to spend time with one’s family as it is to have a stable job. You won’t be able to stay deprived of them for long.

As many of you might know, traveling with kids can be tough, and private jet could be a convenient option in that case as well.

Anyway, there are a lot of packing struggles that I experience when getting our family ready to leave. The main issue that I come across is fitting all our stuff into the car (when you’re traveling by car). It’s hard! If you don’t think you can fit it all into your daily car, consider renting a party bus from Texas, it makes traveling roomier and more fun.

We have found a product that will make packing, and re-packing so much easier.

Meet: Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib by Guava.

This travel crib is seriously the best baby product I’ve laid my eyes on. Keep reading and I’ll tell you why I love it so much!

Guava is a family-owned company that offers high-end, top of the line baby products that are innovative and built to last. Their products are so unique, and they don’t like your typical baby gear.

Neutral is always better, in my opinion. Neutral products are great because they can be anywhere and not look like an eye sore. So many baby products are brightly colored and have bold prints on them, having any of the in the same place can be pretty distracting. I love how this travel crib is designed with neutral colors that won’t disrupt any space. Not to mention, you can use it baby after baby – boy or girl.

Even more than their products being neutral, I love that they don’t look like baby products. Everything that Guava creates and sells is designed to be simple, efficient, and elegant. What a great rule to live by. As parents simple and efficient are [like] what we live by. Throw some elegance in there, and you’ll turn heads.

Safety is very important to Guava, and they really do stand behind it. High quality materials and lots of testing ensures that the products are safe for your kiddo. Many third-party safety tests are completed on the Guava products to guaranty the safety of them. This really makes me feel good when laying my little(s) in their crib.

As previously mentioned before, traveling with kids is a challenge. There’s so much equipment and gear you [may or may not] need; always safer to be prepared, right? Having a place for baby to sleep is obviously a must. I love that this travel crib is lightweight and looks really sleek.

This Guava Travel Crib is so compact, it hardly takes up any space in the trunk. Folding up super easily and compactly, it’s nothing [or everything] compared to other travel cribs. With a few simple steps you can have the crib collapsed and in the bag in no time.

The small size of the crib allows you to pick it up and move it from room to room. Because of the small profile you can leave it open and move it – it fits between doorways! Weighing only 13 pounds, almost anyone will be able to lift it.

The mattress is easily attachable, and is easy to clean too. The clips latch very simply, and keep mattress flat on the floor. Because the mattress is supported by the floor, there is no weight limit. There is a height limit for the crib, though – 35 inches. My two year old son is much too big for this Guava crib; he can for sure climb out of it, and he could easily tip it over because of how lightweight it is.

The best part though? The carrying bag is equipped with optional backpack straps.


Seriously, an amazing feature.

Simply unzip the back pocket and pull the straps out. Connect, using the clips at the bottom of the strap, to the corresponding loop; and off you go!

A really unique feature the crib offers is the zipper opening on the front side. This is great for getting baby out of the crib. Instead of bending over to lift them up, simply un-zip the zipper and squat down to grab them. My son is one and I just un-zip the zipper so he can crawl out himself. My older son is also a fan of this feature. It kind of creates a fort-like feel, which is great for his age.

You can even lock the zipper so little fingers can’t open it on their own.

The whole crib is washable, which is such an important feature for a kids product. Simply un-zip the fabric cover, wash in a cold water cycle, and dry on delicate cycle.

Be sure to click the link to see what other products they offer. We stand behind Guava and their brand and would love to see our readers repping their products! Their products are top of the line and so safe for your baby. No toxic materials, and no flame retardants; that ‘s something all parents want to hear!

Summer Eats and Summer Treats

Everybody loves summer.

The sun.

The pool.


Going on walks.

And eating popsicles.

Known for their housewears, Zoku creates innovative, easy-to-use, well-designed products. Many of their products are full of bright, fun colors that will add a little bit of sunshine to anyones kitchen (one of my favorite aspects of their products!).

Zoku offers an array of kitchen products including: Quick Pop Makers, Ice ball molds, Slush & Shake Maker, Iced Coffee Maker, Ice Cream Makers, Pop & Ice Molds, Travel Tumblers as well as recipe books. Check out these reviews that some mama’s at MamatheFox have written about Zoku products:

Zoku Quick Pop Maker Review

Zoku Ice Cream Maker Review

Zoku Tumbler & Dino Pop Mold Review

Zoku The Art of Slush Recipe Book and Slush & Shake Maker

Check out these great products that will help make your summer easier and your kid’s summer more yummy! I best make sure that I have a well-working freezer then as if it’s broken, then all of our hard work in making slush and ice cream would have been for nothing. I’m sure that someone similar to Ryan’s Appliance Repair will be able to quickly resolve any problems that we have (fingers crossed we don’t) so that we can enjoy summer with our favorite cold food and beverages. All the products below are popsicle molds and can be filled with: juice, yogurt, pudding, smoothies, chocolate, or a recipe of your own. For recipe ideas check out the Zoku blog.

Mod Pops

These pop molds are great for children or adults. I love the color – orange is my favorite.

My favorite aspect of these molds is the shape of the base. The outer orange base is a rectangular shape which makes it easy to store and easy to keep in the freezer. It’s perfect to keep it along the side or push it against the back; there’s no awkward shape that you have to deal with.

My two year old son loves having these popsicles at any time of the day. We used the Zoku recipe for a yogurt based pop. It was super easy and my son even got in on the fun (see the photo below). Some days we even eat the popsicles for breakfast because they are healthy! With his older brother at sleep away camp, the popsicles have been keeping him happy. Although, he can’t wait for his brother to come back next week!

See the recipe here.

Classic Pop Molds

The main difference between the Mod Pop and Classic Pop, is the shape of the popsicle and the shape of the mold.

These Classic Pop are true to their name – the classic shape of a popsicle, rounded top and all.

The shape of the bright green mold is a little less conducive for an organized freezer; but can be kept out of the way if need be.

Making these pops is super easy.

Follow these simple steps for the perfect popsicle!

1. Pour chilled juice into the removable molds up to the fill line
2. Insert sticks
3. Freeze filled molds for 6+ hours
4. Pull out pop in mold & rinse under hot water for 30-60 seconds
5. Pull removable mold from frozen pop

Mini Pop Molds

The Mimi Pop Molds are different than the other Zoku pop molds because the pops are formed in silicone rather than plastic.

I love these pops for my eight month old baby. They are the perfect size for him – he just recently started eating solid food. I blended two frozen bananas with breast milk to create these pops that he absolutely loves.

These pops are the perfect portion for my eight month old. They are easy to hold and very easy to remove from the mold. Simply push up on the bottom of an individual pop then pull the stick up and out of the mold. There is no rinsing required like the Mod Pops and Classic Pops.

Summer Pops

These Summer Pops are great for making homemade Go-Gurt-like snacks.

Made from silicone, they freeze easily and do not stick to the edges/sides. While your child eats they push up from the bottom, causing the food to slowly (or quickly!) rise to the top. Because of the need to push up on these pops I would recommend these for older children. My two year old son had a hard time coordinating the push motion with eating. I think a three year old could probably handle these pops, but for sure a four year could.

These pops come with a convenient tray that is perfect to use while filling them up and then freezing them. Also included is the lids that very easily snap onto the top of the pops. The lids create an air tight seal and make traveling and on-the-go eating easy.

I love having these pops on hand because we really try to limit sugar in our house. Most store bought popsicles are full of sugar [and other additives] that I don’t want my kids eating. These pop molds really allow you to be creative. Giving your child the nutrients they need with food that tastes good is super easy with these Zoku pops.

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The Zoku frozen dessert products are super fun to have in any kitchen. Whether you have kids or not, these bright colored ice pop molds are sure to bring out the fun in everyone. No matter the age, everybody could use a popsicle now and again; let Zoku help with their wide variety of ice pop molds.

Messmatz Giveaway



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No Mess Here

Hey mamas!

If you have kids you know one thing’s for sure – they’re messy! Whether it’s eating, playing or crafting; pretty much anything kids do has the potential of being messy.

So.. with that being said, let me introduce you to Messmatz.

These are seriously the perfect product for kids (well lets face it, this product is really for parents) of all ages.



PlaSmart is a toy distributer that seeks out interesting, one-of-a-kind toys that are smart, simple, and fun. They focus on these toys and stay away from toys that are difficult to understand and/or operate. This company chooses to discover toys that occupy, entertain, and educate kids. “The company focuses on toys that develop motor and dexterity skills, balance, creative and imaginative play, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills and, of course, entertainment.” PlaSmart products can be found in over 60 countries on five continents.


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Keep the mess off the floor, protect the table from paint, and keep sticky things off the carpet with these amazing mats.

The Messmatz are made with non-toxic, food grade silicone; so its completely safe. The mat is flexible and has raised edges to keep spills and messes confined. It’s seriously perfect – why haven’t more people thought of this?!!

I love how large the mat is. I was expecting it to be the size of a placemat, but it is much larger. At 24 x 18 inches, this mat covers all the space you need it to. It gives ample room to not only eat off of, but to craft off of. It’s large enough to lay out all your materials and yet still have enough room to get your work done.



The other night my son and I had a “picnic” on the floor in the living room and I pulled the Messmatz out. I laid it on the floor and put this plate and cup on it. I was seriously perfect! It kept the mess on the mat and off the floor – exactly what I wanted!!


Something that every parent wants to hear is that a product is easy to clean and easy to store; Messmatz meet those standards too. The silicone allows for very easy clean up – just wipe it down with a wet rag. The mat also rolls up however loose or tight you want. Wrap a rubber band around it and store it away when not in use.


The mat has endless uses. As previously mentioned, it’s perfect for kids. But it can also (very easily) be used for adults too! Here are just some of the uses I’ve thought of::



play dough


jewelry making




Seriously, Messmatz are the prefect product for any family with or without kids! Use it for a multitude of purposes, I guarantee you won’t regret it.


e-cloth Review


Created in 1995, e-cloth is Europe’s number one chemical free cleaning company. Used with only a cloth and water this company has completely taken the toxins and chemicals out of cleaning. Their microfiber cleaning technology provide superior cleaning power on almost anything in the home.

E-cloth stands ecloth-fibers1out from other cleaning brands because of the tiny size of their cloth fibers. These fibers strands are smaller than the diameter of a human hair which allows their to be millions of fibers in each cloth. When being produced, the polyester fibers are split like a pie forming eight “slices” and the polyamide fibers are cut to create an axil with eight spokes. The two fibers are then combined to form one joint piece – the polyester fibers fitting into the polyamide fibers. You can see this in the photo. This brilliant technology allows for dirt, bacteria, dust, grease, etc. to be picked up and locked in the fibers. Not until you wash or rinse the cloth does all the dirtiness escape.

With all that being said: e-cloth works! Their products are scientifically tested and proven to remove bacteria. This is great for any home, but especially a home where kids live. Keep everyone in the house safe with these bacteria-fighting cloths that just need water. Their new baby care line is perfect for parents who want to continue (or start!) to eliminate chemical cleaners from their homes. With cloths in the baby care line ranging from highchair cleaning to toy cleaning, there is a cloth for all things baby! Much of their baby care cloths are roughly $7.99 and can be used over and over again. Guaranteed for 300 machine washes, you will save tons of money with a cloth purchase.

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Luxury Hooded Bath Towelsimg_0095-1

The name says it all with these hooded bath towels-luxury is no lie. These towels are incredibly soft and oh so fuzzy. With two sizes to choose from your baby can enjoy these towels from birth to five years (depending on size of course). E-cloth has three design options to choose from. The picture on the right shows two of the options-the other is a pink hood with white stars; perfect for a little girl!

e-cloth-towelThe luxury towel dried my son so well. Compared to the average cotton bath towels these are awesome. After bath time I felt like I could actually wipe off the water from his body. Sometimes with the cotton towels I feel like I have to dab off the water because wiping just moves the water around; that’s not how I want my towels to work. We have to move fast to keep our son happy after a bath so the absorbency of these towels are a lifesaver. The polyester and polyamide (nylon) materials are the perfect combination to create the soft cozy feeling we all want after a bath. Too bad they only come in kid sizes! 😉

Home Starter Kit

Three cloths will get you a long way while cleaning around the house. The home starter kit is the perfect cleaning agent for your everyday messes. Their home starter kit comes with a bathroom cloth (blue), general purpose clothimg_0104 (purple), and a glass and polishing cloth (tan). The bathroom cloth will remove grime, soap scum, water, and most importantly bacteria from surfaces like the shower and counter. With the general purpose cloth you’ll be cleaning every surface possible; picking up dirt, grease, and oil and leaving nothing behind. My favorite cloth – the glass and polishing cloth takes finger prints and smears away from windows, mirrors, and other shiny surfaces. This cloth is so great at picking up light grease that is left from fingers touching things that should shine.

I had quite the experience using the bathroom and glass cloths cleaning up my sons pee off the window his changing table sits in front of. I wiped the window down with the bathroom cloth first to clean it and pick up the majority of the pee – I got the cloth wet with water first. Then I used the glass cloth to take the smears away; the window is perfectly streak free now. I love that cloth!

Hand and Face Cleaning Kit

This 13 piece kit is perfect for parents who are always on the go. The cleaning kit includes one carry pouch, one spray bottle, one laundry bag, and 10 hand and face cleaning towels. The carry pouch is super cute and is perfect to keep in the diaper bag, glove box, or around the house. When you need to clean your child up just pull out a towel, spray with water and wipe their hands or face. It’s super easy and really convenient. The laundry bag is a really awesome idea, but I didn’t (and won’t) use it. I cloth diaper so I already have a wet bag I keep in the diaper bag, this is what I put my dirty, wet towels in. If you don’t cloth diaper though, the laundry bag will be helpful. When you’ve used a cloth and it’s dirty and wet you don’t want to put it back into the pouch – thats what the laundry bag is for. Put all your wet, grimy towels in it and keep it separated from the clean ones.


Although there is another step in using this kit (spraying the towel) I think it’s completely worth my while. I am skeptical of all the wipes on the market right now – are they really safe for my baby? Using this cleaning kit I don’t have to worry about that at all; it’s just water and a towel. I am for sure keeping this kit in my diaper bag from now on; there are endless possibilities for clean up when it comes to kids. You should carry one too!


E-cloth’s products are perfect for any home – kids or no kids. Eliminate chemical cleaners with these reusable cloths, you won’t regret it!