We have three boys and we’re still finding kids equipment that we didn’t know we wanted or needed! The KidCo brand designs products that are so great for any family with children.

KidCo was developed in 1994 and is the first company to introduce metal safety gates to America.

This family owned and operated brand is well trusted by parents. They offer child home safety products, baby gates, bed rails, and travel gear.

The GoPod travel activity seat is so perfect for the coming holidays. We just recently went on a trip and brought the seat with us, it was a life saver. Our baby used it a lot because our friends didn’t have a seat for him. Eating meals, playtime, and just relaxing during the day, the seat was used constantly.

At just seven pounds, this portable seat is ultra light weight. Folding it up is super easy and makes it the perfect size for on the go travel.

The seat includes a carry bag too, so wether you are using the car or headed to the airport its a breeze to bring.

The seat is so easy to set up and take down. There is a latch at the bottom of one of the legs that clicks into place. This ensures the seat will stay sturdy and not collapse while baby is in it. To collapse the seat press the button and fold up!

With four different height levels, this chair will grow with baby. It’s simple to adjust the height too. Just fold up the fabric, press the silver button (in third photo), twist the black triangle piece, and either push the seat leg down or pull it up. Our 10 month old is sitting at the second level height, so there is lots of room to grow!

The activity seat has an attached floor pad that keeps baby’s feet off the direct floor. Location versatility is made easy with this pad. By the fire, on a picnic, watching siblings play sports, or in the house baby’s feet will stay clean and dry.

Included on the top of the seat are two holders to keep a snack and a drink. We have also used these holders to keep toys in as well. There are also five nylon loops on the top that allow for toys to be attached. These are great because the toys stay up by baby and don’t fall on the floor.

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This KidCo GoPod is the perfect travel seat and will be such a great help this holiday season. Keeping gatherings small means that there wont be bunches of great aunts who will hold the baby; this seat is going to be so handy!

If you have kids who aren’t walking quite yet, or who need to be closely supervised, I highly recommend this seat. My family plans to bring it to both our Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings, and any in between.