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Zoku Quick Pop Maker Review


Zoku is known for their housewares, one of which being the Quick Pop Maker. If you have not heard of Zoku and their fun, creative and unique product line, then take a look at some of their amazing product’s here. They are most known from their Quick Pop Maker and Ice Cream Maker. This article will focus on the Quick Pop Maker.

“Freeze ice pops in as little as seven minutes with the patented Zoku Quick Pop® Maker! Make striped pops, yogurt pops, or even flavored core pops right on your countertop without electricity. To enjoy Quick Pops at a moment’s notice, simply store the compact base in your freezer.”

The moment I opened the box that the Quick Pop Maker came in my friend said, “It’s so pretty!” Shortly followed by, “It is so compact, it wont take up hardly any room in your freezer!” She was spot on. This product is so ascetically pleasing that you can set it out at a party and people will be visually drawn to it. But looks are not everything. It’s what is on the inside that counts too. Zoku spent months on research, testing and prototypes to create what we have available for purchase today. The patented cold core can freeze liquids and yogurts in only 7 to 9 minutes! Instant satisfaction.


How To:
  1. Freeze your Quick Pop Maker for 8+ hours
  2. Insert pop sticks into the molds
  3. Pour chilled juice into the molds up to the fill line
  4. Watch it freeze for 7-9 minutes

Watch How To Video Here

Character_Kit-TN-4_8bca4c76-b459-42e8-9747-c7f0b63576cbThe Quick Pop Maker comes in 3 sizes, Triple Quick Pop Maker, Duo Quick Pop Maker and the Single Quick Pop Maker. There are more accessories then you can imagine! Some examples are the Character Kit.

“Give your pops some personality with the Zoku Character Kit. Create animals, faces, and your own designs or follow the included instructions to bring your pops to life. Go ahead, play with your food!”

The Social Media Kit lets you make fun designs like a thumbs up symbol, a winking smiley face and other Chocolate_Station-TN-4_54d7d1a5-8636-409d-acdf-75a70ee18293emoticons, letters and numbers and many more options. They have a Storage Case, which is so helpful. You create your liquid, make 3 delicious pops but your tummy fills up. This storage case allows you to store up to 6 pops. Perfect for grabbing a pop in a pinch.  They also went the extra mile and created a Chocolate Station!

“Dip, drop, drip and drizzle your way to enjoying your Quick Pops like never before. The Zoku Chocolate Station adds chocolate shells, sprinkles, and toppings to your favorite Zoku Quick Pops! Pick one up and enjoy gourmet pops at your chocolate-covered fingertips.”

ZK123_Frog_4Once you get addicted to your Quick Pop Maker you are able to expand your collection with Pop & Ice Molds. These molds do not instantly freeze your pop, but instead need to be placed into a freezer for several hours. They have Round Pop Molds, Fish Pop Molds (I adore the whale and scuba diver), Character Pops (check out Stewie the Turtle and those sweet little legs), and even an Ice Ball Mold. The Ice Ball Mold allows you to make one large ice ball to keep you drink cool over a long period of time without a quick melt causing a diluted drink. Perfect for keeping your drink tasty and cool on hot summer days.

Zoku Quick Pop Maker’s are available at the following retailers:

Zoku Tips and Tricks

  • Always put the stick in first, before pouring.
  • DON’T over pour. It leads to it being more difficult to remove. Pour slowly until you get a feel for the depth.
  • Do not wait too long to remove pop from maker. It gets harder to remove.
  • Turn the remover tool until you see the pop start to move away from the sides. The pop is now free. Untwist the removal tool before removing your pop.
  • NEVER yank the stick if your pop is stuck.
  • If your pop is stuck because you overfilled it, pour some cool water on top. If that doesn’t loosen it then use lukewarm water.

How to Make Watermelon Zoku Quick Pops

This is such a kid friendly recipe. You can have your a toddler assist you in making this pop. Watermelon has such a high water content, that makes it a perfect beginner pop to try with your child.  The beauty of Zoku Quick Pop Makers is that you can add the ingredients that you desire. I am able to give my children healthy and dye free pops any time. 

  1. Take 1/4 of a watermelon and chop into small, bit-sized pieces
  2. Add 2 tablespoons of sugar to the melon pieces
  3. Blend melon and sugar using a handheld mixer
  4. Pour mixture into Zoku Quick Pop Maker
  5. Let freeze for 8 minutes
  6. Enjoy!


pouring done

main water

How to Make Creamy Blueberry Zoku Quick Pops

Another super kid friendly recipe. They can help you scoop the ice cream, pour the milk and even wash the blueberries!

  1. Place clean blueberries into blender or hand mixer safe container
  2. Scoop 1 – 1.5 cups of vanilla ice cream into mixture
  3. Add 1/3 cup of milk
  4. Blend well (if too thick to pour into mold add milk)
  5. Pour into Zoku Quick Pop Maker
  6. Freeze for 8 minutes
  7. Enjoy!



blue up close


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  1. Zoku Pop makers are the quickest easiest way to make healthy yummy summer pops. I love dipping them in homemade quick hardening chocolate.

  2. I had never heard of this company or this product before this review. I would love to have that freezer pop maker this summer. Fresh fruit pops sound so much better than those long brightly colored, artificially flavored freezer pops that the kids want every year.

  3. I love how fast it is!! So perfect for impatient toddlers and moms that don’t plan ahead!! *Raises hand lol*

  4. The animal pops are cute. At first, I thought the hedgehog was frowning. Then, I realized its not his mouth, its his belly.

  5. The watermelon pops look delicious. It’s great that you can make these from fresh fruit. So healthy!

  6. This is amazing! I can’t believe we can get pops in under 10 minutes. My toddler needs practically needs instant gratification so she would love this!

    Yp the character kits look awesome too!

  7. Love all the accessories!! Especially the character kit!! Those are just too cute!!

  8. I learned that it is only 7-8 minutes! You don’t even have to leave it in the freezer overnight!

  9. I love that you can freeze them right on the countertop!! My son will hardly be able to contain his excitement!!

  10. this is such a fun way to make cool treats (and healthy ones too!) and my grandsons would have a blast with the character kit and making fun frozen treats this summer.

  11. We saw this used on nerdy nummies, and fell in love with it. I like that it can freeze in 7-9 minutes!

  12. There are so many times when I wish I had a Popsicle. This would be the perfect thing. Just 7 to 9 minutes and I would have a Popsicle. Love it.

  13. Zoku makes so many amazing products! I really like how many different molds they have! Both your Watermelon and Blueberry pops look so good and they are such a great alternative to all those sugary popsicles that are in the stores.

  14. I learned that it is only 7-8 minutes!Important with little ones that can be inpatient.

  15. You can tell they really thought this out… I love that it has drip catchers, solid handles, the quick freeze and the nice looks…what is not to like?

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