Everybody loves summer.

The sun.

The pool.


Going on walks.

And eating popsicles.

Known for their housewears, Zoku creates innovative, easy-to-use, well-designed products. Many of their products are full of bright, fun colors that will add a little bit of sunshine to anyones kitchen (one of my favorite aspects of their products!).

Zoku offers an array of kitchen products including: Quick Pop Makers, Ice ball molds, Slush & Shake Maker, Iced Coffee Maker, Ice Cream Makers, Pop & Ice Molds, Travel Tumblers as well as recipe books. Check out these reviews that some mama’s at MamatheFox have written about Zoku products:

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Zoku The Art of Slush Recipe Book and Slush & Shake Maker

Check out these great products that will help make your summer easier and your kid’s summer more yummy! I best make sure that I have a well-working freezer then as if it’s broken, then all of our hard work in making slush and ice cream would have been for nothing. I’m sure that someone similar to Ryan’s Appliance Repair will be able to quickly resolve any problems that we have (fingers crossed we don’t) so that we can enjoy summer with our favorite cold food and beverages. All the products below are popsicle molds and can be filled with: juice, yogurt, pudding, smoothies, chocolate, or a recipe of your own. For recipe ideas check out the Zoku blog.

Mod Pops

These pop molds are great for children or adults. I love the color – orange is my favorite.

My favorite aspect of these molds is the shape of the base. The outer orange base is a rectangular shape which makes it easy to store and easy to keep in the freezer. It’s perfect to keep it along the side or push it against the back; there’s no awkward shape that you have to deal with.

My two year old son loves having these popsicles at any time of the day. We used the Zoku recipe for a yogurt based pop. It was super easy and my son even got in on the fun (see the photo below). Some days we even eat the popsicles for breakfast because they are healthy! With his older brother at sleep away camp, the popsicles have been keeping him happy. Although, he can’t wait for his brother to come back next week!

See the recipe here.

Classic Pop Molds

The main difference between the Mod Pop and Classic Pop, is the shape of the popsicle and the shape of the mold.

These Classic Pop are true to their name – the classic shape of a popsicle, rounded top and all.

The shape of the bright green mold is a little less conducive for an organized freezer; but can be kept out of the way if need be.

Making these pops is super easy.

Follow these simple steps for the perfect popsicle!

1. Pour chilled juice into the removable molds up to the fill line
2. Insert sticks
3. Freeze filled molds for 6+ hours
4. Pull out pop in mold & rinse under hot water for 30-60 seconds
5. Pull removable mold from frozen pop

Mini Pop Molds

The Mimi Pop Molds are different than the other Zoku pop molds because the pops are formed in silicone rather than plastic.

I love these pops for my eight month old baby. They are the perfect size for him – he just recently started eating solid food. I blended two frozen bananas with breast milk to create these pops that he absolutely loves.

These pops are the perfect portion for my eight month old. They are easy to hold and very easy to remove from the mold. Simply push up on the bottom of an individual pop then pull the stick up and out of the mold. There is no rinsing required like the Mod Pops and Classic Pops.

Summer Pops

These Summer Pops are great for making homemade Go-Gurt-like snacks.

Made from silicone, they freeze easily and do not stick to the edges/sides. While your child eats they push up from the bottom, causing the food to slowly (or quickly!) rise to the top. Because of the need to push up on these pops I would recommend these for older children. My two year old son had a hard time coordinating the push motion with eating. I think a three year old could probably handle these pops, but for sure a four year could.

These pops come with a convenient tray that is perfect to use while filling them up and then freezing them. Also included is the lids that very easily snap onto the top of the pops. The lids create an air tight seal and make traveling and on-the-go eating easy.

I love having these pops on hand because we really try to limit sugar in our house. Most store bought popsicles are full of sugar [and other additives] that I don’t want my kids eating. These pop molds really allow you to be creative. Giving your child the nutrients they need with food that tastes good is super easy with these Zoku pops.

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The Zoku frozen dessert products are super fun to have in any kitchen. Whether you have kids or not, these bright colored ice pop molds are sure to bring out the fun in everyone. No matter the age, everybody could use a popsicle now and again; let Zoku help with their wide variety of ice pop molds.

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  1. i love this idea, because you can make popcicles without sugar or chemicals!

  2. Popsicles are great for the hot summer. I haven’t purchased them in a few years as they are just pure sugar. YUCK!

  3. I like that the silicone pop covers release the frozen treat without having to rinse the outside! Might need to put the push pops on the wish list for when LO is a little older!’

  4. I definitly need some of these for my daughter, the yougurt pops sound great

  5. We make a lot of popsicles for summer and I have a 14 yo. They are awesome for a middle of the day treat on the hottest days. I like the summer molds, you can make a much healthier option on your own.

  6. I knew of the ZOKU machine to make your own pop treats but i wasnt aware that they make the molds for freezer use great idea I must have …

  7. I love the round shaped pops as a change from the traditional rectangle like ones

  8. Yay for no added sugar!! I’ve seen these Zoku pops over the years and I’d love to try them!

  9. Id love to make some of these with some juice, throw some fruit pieces in as well. So good!

  10. I love that they have recipes on their blog and that even with one’s own creativity the combinations and flavors are endless. it would be fun making themed ones for holidays and special occasions too. I could make healthy ones for our grandson and healthy low carb ones for my husband and me.

  11. What a fun and cute idea for making frozen treats for kids and adults!!!

  12. I like the Mod Pods. It’ colorful and sturdy and I can think of lots of ways to make ice pops and you know all the ingredients you add in. And you can combine flavors and make new creations.

  13. I have a Zoku pop maker and use fresh fruits. It’s such a nice, healthy option. My kids love the popsicles.

  14. I used to love popsicles but they have so much sugar. This seems like a great alternative.

  15. These molds look like I can make ice pops for my children this summer and can easily clean the molds as well.

  16. I love the shapes of these molds! They look very easy to fill and to remove the pop once frozen! I love that this would make it easy for me to make healthier ice pops for my kiddos!

  17. We are giving the one year old a lot of popsicles (healthy homemade) because he is teething. Sometimes it is the only way to get him to eat. These would be nice for him.

  18. It’s already so hot here in Florida I need these! I’ve looked for these types of molds at stores but haven’t been able to find them. The rounded lolliop shape is my favorite. Thanks for the information!

  19. These are so great for kids and so many ways you can make these treat healthy

  20. I like that they made a variety of different molds. It’s great to be able to choose how you like your pops. These look sturdy, which is a big deal to me with pop makers as I’ve had so many in the past that have cracked, broken or the handles have snapped off.

  21. I have heard of Zoku products before. That is why I was drawn to this giveaway. Plus I have 15 grandkids, my husband and I that we buy our popsicles and push-ups for. I like that I control what goes in the molds, especially the sugar! I also think these would keep our frozen desserts fresh longer – like less freezer burn. Thank you for sharing!

  22. My sister has some of these, and they work great. I would love to have some of my own.

  23. I would love any of these products and would enjoy making my own pops. It is healthy and fun too and so refreshing in the summer.

  24. I absolutely love these mold shapes. These are such a great alternative to buying commercial pops as I can control the sugar.

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