I’ve been on the hunt for a good travel seat for the kiddo.

We travel to my parents a lot, so having one that we can bring with us or leave at their house is a must. That’s why I’m so glad I found the Baby Delight Go With Me Chair.

This is a multi-functional seat that is great for travel, high chair use, or outdoor sitting.


Using a similar idea of a folding chair, this seat folds and unfolds super easily and fits nicely in a carrying bag.

Having a variety of different seating options, your child will be comfortable at any age (within the parameters) sitting in the chair. The seating options for the chair include: sitting, standing, and big kid. Baby can start using the high chair at approximately three months of age, and can continue to use it until they reach 75 pounds.

In the sitting position, baby sits in the chair using the 5 point harness straps. This is great for very young children and children who are walking (or are stable on their feet).

Next, the standing position, is a good option for kids who need support standing. Simply un-Velcro the seat portion to reveal the two leg holders where baby can stand with support. Once kids are walking, this option isn’t really necessary for them, but surely can be used. My son recently started walking and I put him in the chair standing up, and he was too tall, so we just went back to the sitting position. The standing option is great to use in any circumstance; use it like an activity jumper.

The big kid option is great for toddlers and beyond. Here the chair is basically a folding chair. Whether using it indoors our outdoors, your toddler will love this seat. Using the chair with this option is perfect for watching sports or relaxing in the backyard.

Baby Delight offers a multitude of color choices to choose from; this fun chair will brighten up any space. If using the chair outside for a (possible) sporting event, get the chair in the color of the team you’re rooting for!

The 5 point removable harness is so great, it gives me peace of mind when baby is in the seat. I love that I have the option to strap baby in around the belly or on the shoulders, or both! The harness is comfortable and keeps baby securely sitting up right. When baby gets older, the shoulder straps aren’t necessary, just snap around the belly.

The high chair is equipped with a removable tray and sun canopy. I love these features because they are both really nice to have in different circumstances. Each of these features can be used on the chair using any of the seating options.

When using the chair for eating, then the removable tray is obviously something you’ll want to utilize. Baby sits right up in the seat and the tray fits snuggly around them.

The sun canopy is the perfect feature when using the hair outside. Whether you’re eating outside and using the tray too, or just sitting in the chair watching a game, The sun canopy is great for keeping that fragile skin safe and protected. The canopy folds up very easily and fits in the carrying bag with the removable tray and the high chair seat.

This is a great seat for any family. Perfect for travel, or to use in the backyard, your kids will love this seat; and you will too! My favorite aspect of the chair is that it folds up super small and fits into a carrying bag. Seriously so convenient!

Check out the other Baby Delight products on their website.

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