Created in 1995, e-cloth is Europe’s number one chemical free cleaning company. Used with only a cloth and water this company has completely taken the toxins and chemicals out of cleaning. Their microfiber cleaning technology provide superior cleaning power on almost anything in the home.

E-cloth stands ecloth-fibers1out from other cleaning brands because of the tiny size of their cloth fibers. These fibers strands are smaller than the diameter of a human hair which allows their to be millions of fibers in each cloth. When being produced, the polyester fibers are split like a pie forming eight “slices” and the polyamide fibers are cut to create an axil with eight spokes. The two fibers are then combined to form one joint piece – the polyester fibers fitting into the polyamide fibers. You can see this in the photo. This brilliant technology allows for dirt, bacteria, dust, grease, etc. to be picked up and locked in the fibers. Not until you wash or rinse the cloth does all the dirtiness escape.

With all that being said: e-cloth works! Their products are scientifically tested and proven to remove bacteria. This is great for any home, but especially a home where kids live. Keep everyone in the house safe with these bacteria-fighting cloths that just need water. Their new baby care line is perfect for parents who want to continue (or start!) to eliminate chemical cleaners from their homes. With cloths in the baby care line ranging from highchair cleaning to toy cleaning, there is a cloth for all things baby! Much of their baby care cloths are roughly $7.99 and can be used over and over again. Guaranteed for 300 machine washes, you will save tons of money with a cloth purchase.

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Luxury Hooded Bath Towelsimg_0095-1

The name says it all with these hooded bath towels-luxury is no lie. These towels are incredibly soft and oh so fuzzy. With two sizes to choose from your baby can enjoy these towels from birth to five years (depending on size of course). E-cloth has three design options to choose from. The picture on the right shows two of the options-the other is a pink hood with white stars; perfect for a little girl!

e-cloth-towelThe luxury towel dried my son so well. Compared to the average cotton bath towels these are awesome. After bath time I felt like I could actually wipe off the water from his body. Sometimes with the cotton towels I feel like I have to dab off the water because wiping just moves the water around; that’s not how I want my towels to work. We have to move fast to keep our son happy after a bath so the absorbency of these towels are a lifesaver. The polyester and polyamide (nylon) materials are the perfect combination to create the soft cozy feeling we all want after a bath. Too bad they only come in kid sizes! 😉

Home Starter Kit

Three cloths will get you a long way while cleaning around the house. The home starter kit is the perfect cleaning agent for your everyday messes. Their home starter kit comes with a bathroom cloth (blue), general purpose clothimg_0104 (purple), and a glass and polishing cloth (tan). The bathroom cloth will remove grime, soap scum, water, and most importantly bacteria from surfaces like the shower and counter. With the general purpose cloth you’ll be cleaning every surface possible; picking up dirt, grease, and oil and leaving nothing behind. My favorite cloth – the glass and polishing cloth takes finger prints and smears away from windows, mirrors, and other shiny surfaces. This cloth is so great at picking up light grease that is left from fingers touching things that should shine.

I had quite the experience using the bathroom and glass cloths cleaning up my sons pee off the window his changing table sits in front of. I wiped the window down with the bathroom cloth first to clean it and pick up the majority of the pee – I got the cloth wet with water first. Then I used the glass cloth to take the smears away; the window is perfectly streak free now. I love that cloth!

Hand and Face Cleaning Kit

This 13 piece kit is perfect for parents who are always on the go. The cleaning kit includes one carry pouch, one spray bottle, one laundry bag, and 10 hand and face cleaning towels. The carry pouch is super cute and is perfect to keep in the diaper bag, glove box, or around the house. When you need to clean your child up just pull out a towel, spray with water and wipe their hands or face. It’s super easy and really convenient. The laundry bag is a really awesome idea, but I didn’t (and won’t) use it. I cloth diaper so I already have a wet bag I keep in the diaper bag, this is what I put my dirty, wet towels in. If you don’t cloth diaper though, the laundry bag will be helpful. When you’ve used a cloth and it’s dirty and wet you don’t want to put it back into the pouch – thats what the laundry bag is for. Put all your wet, grimy towels in it and keep it separated from the clean ones.


Although there is another step in using this kit (spraying the towel) I think it’s completely worth my while. I am skeptical of all the wipes on the market right now – are they really safe for my baby? Using this cleaning kit I don’t have to worry about that at all; it’s just water and a towel. I am for sure keeping this kit in my diaper bag from now on; there are endless possibilities for clean up when it comes to kids. You should carry one too!


E-cloth’s products are perfect for any home – kids or no kids. Eliminate chemical cleaners with these reusable cloths, you won’t regret it!



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  1. thay are really good I had some years a go that las tme a long time and well wish I still had them any ways add me on in to the giveaway.

  2. Love love love!!! I love that you don’t need chemicals for cleaning!! Microfiber is AMAZING!!

  3. I’d love to try the glass and polishing cloth. Love this idea of a reusable cloth, instead of using paper towels.

  4. (E-CLOTH REVIEW) These are so many great uses for these great cleaning clothes, I would like to try them all!

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