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If you have kids you know one thing’s for sure – they’re messy! Whether it’s eating, playing or crafting; pretty much anything kids do has the potential of being messy.

So.. with that being said, let me introduce you to Messmatz.

These are seriously the perfect product for kids (well lets face it, this product is really for parents) of all ages.



PlaSmart is a toy distributer that seeks out interesting, one-of-a-kind toys that are smart, simple, and fun. They focus on these toys and stay away from toys that are difficult to understand and/or operate. This company chooses to discover toys that occupy, entertain, and educate kids. “The company focuses on toys that develop motor and dexterity skills, balance, creative and imaginative play, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills and, of course, entertainment.” PlaSmart products can be found in over 60 countries on five continents.


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Keep the mess off the floor, protect the table from paint, and keep sticky things off the carpet with these amazing mats.

The Messmatz are made with non-toxic, food grade silicone; so its completely safe. The mat is flexible and has raised edges to keep spills and messes confined. It’s seriously perfect – why haven’t more people thought of this?!!

I love how large the mat is. I was expecting it to be the size of a placemat, but it is much larger. At 24 x 18 inches, this mat covers all the space you need it to. It gives ample room to not only eat off of, but to craft off of. It’s large enough to lay out all your materials and yet still have enough room to get your work done.



The other night my son and I had a “picnic” on the floor in the living room and I pulled the Messmatz out. I laid it on the floor and put this plate and cup on it. I was seriously perfect! It kept the mess on the mat and off the floor – exactly what I wanted!!


Something that every parent wants to hear is that a product is easy to clean and easy to store; Messmatz meet those standards too. The silicone allows for very easy clean up – just wipe it down with a wet rag. The mat also rolls up however loose or tight you want. Wrap a rubber band around it and store it away when not in use.


The mat has endless uses. As previously mentioned, it’s perfect for kids. But it can also (very easily) be used for adults too! Here are just some of the uses I’ve thought of::



play dough


jewelry making




Seriously, Messmatz are the prefect product for any family with or without kids! Use it for a multitude of purposes, I guarantee you won’t regret it.


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  1. I really need this mat. Rolls up for storage is great. I have wood floors and need to protect them from the grandkids! Lol

  2. This would be great for both of my children- the 4 year old that loves to be messy and creative and the 1 year old who is trying to eat on his own (usually more ends up on the floor than in his mouth!)

  3. These are awesome! My granddaughter loves to fingerpaint. This would help not to make a big mess!??

  4. I think these mats were designed with my messy daughters in mind! We totally need these! I also love that they roll up for easy storage and are easy to clean!

  5. I am a craftier so this is perfect for me. BUT my 18month old great niece is new to all the good stuff. So when she comes for the day I am teaching her how to use crayons and play dough.

  6. This is brilliant. All ages can use this. I love the idea of little ones using this on the floor. It would save so many carpets!

  7. I really need to get this for my niece’s. I like that it can be used for different things

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