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Freet Feet

These outdoor adventure shoes are really great for hiking and trail walking. They have lots of very unique features that I’m very excited to have in a shoe.

Freet shoes mirror the shape of feet; toes spread out and are able to be flexed as they should. The soles of the shoes offer protection  while also allowing the feet to be very close to the ground. This allows the foot to still be stimulated by the ground. Receiving and responding to the stimulus from the ground allows our bodies frequencies to be to be slowed down.

The tops of the shoes are specially designed to fit the foot similarly to a glove. This feature enables ‘the foot and shoe to work as one.’ When the feet move freely together they function correctly.


The Freet Pace shoe is a multi-functioning sports shoe that allows for many different types of terrain and activities. The shoe features a 6mm OrthoLite insole that gives lots of comfort on hard surfaces and also longer distances.

The top part of the shoe – the upper – is “made from 100% recycled coffee grounds.” This is seriously such a cool feature. The recycled material is called CoffeeFlyMesh and is very durable and breathable. It offers a quick dry because the way it is designed.

As mentioned above, the OthroLite insole is great for shock absorption when on tougher surfaces. This insole is removable too, so you really have a great opportunity to be close to the ground without being completely barefoot.

The Freet Pace shoes can be worn with or without socks depending on the type of terrain you are on. For cold or wet conditions, Freet offers waterproof socks that are a great option for keeping the feet protected.

It is recommended, that when purchasing the Freet Pace, you size  up. I have noticed that the shoes do fit a bit snuggly, especially with a thicker pair of socks on like what would be worn in the winter. When wearing the shoes more consistently I have found that once they are broken in, they fit much nicer. Keep that in mind when putting them on for the first time.

I will say these shoes are not the best looking pair of shoes. If you are looking for a cute pair of shoes, these probably are not what you want.

But, if you are looking for a quality pair of walking and adventure shoes, these are for sure what you want. The Freet shoes are very high quality and I highly recommend them for that reason. They are not flattering at all, but the way they feel overlook that.

The Freet Pace shoes are a good staple shoe to have. They are perfect for hiking and walking and they are so comfortable. Sustainably made, these shoes are even made from recycled coffee grounds! The shape of the shoe is a natural foot shape that allows the toes to spread as they should. This is one of the most important aspects in a shoe, in my opinion.

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In all of my recent shoe research, I came across Splay Athletics. These minimalist, barefoot shoes are just perfect for kids feet. Their affordable price is like music to a parents ears and the fit allows kiddos to move, run, jump, and skip freely.

Splay shoes are a great addition to our shoe collection. The affordable price of these are attractive and many of the colors are neutral so the shoes can be worn and worn again, even with different genders.

My kids feet are not hindered in any way when wearing these shoes, which is so important for little, growing feet. They are super flat and have no arch. This feature allows feet to build strong muscles in order to walk properly.

I love these shoes for our kids because of the flexibility of them. They move so easily and mimic the foot shape and movement of my kids. Whatever foot movement my kids do, the shoe moves right along with them. I just love this design because I really believe this is how shoes are supposed to be.

Splay Athletic shoes are super lightweight. That is the first feature that stood out to me; I really couldn’t believe it. This is great because they aren’t ‘clunky’. So often I feel that kids shoes are big and bulky and the weight of many of them just seem overpowering on a little foot. These shoes are quite the opposite of that.

The Splay shoes are completely machine washable, so if your kids are like mine and get dirty often, this is music to your ears. I haven’t had the need to wash the shoes yet, but I have seen before and after photos of other kids Splay shoes and it’s pretty incredible how clean they get. This is for sure a perk of these shoes.

There is just one thick, Velcro strap on the top of the shoe that allows for easy off and on access. My three year old who has trouble with many other shoes can put these on with no problems!

On the toe and heel of the shoe there is a microfiber strip. This really creates a barrier and offers lots of protection. These parts of a children’s shoe are often the first to go, so the reinforced strip is great.

I have noticed that these shoes are great for kids with low volume feet and not so great for kids with high volume feet. My three year old has very high volume feet.

This means that from the top of his foot to the bottom of his foot it’s tall. In comparison, someone who has a low volume foot will have a short measurement from the top of the foot to the bottom of the foot. High volume feet would need shoe laces to be loosened much more than low volume feet, whose shoe laces would need tightened so the foot is secure.

Because of the high volume of his feet, these shoes do not fit his foot super well. They really bend upwards because of his foot shape. This causes an issue because the Velcro strap doesn’t close and secure very much. If I help him get a good closure, they work, but if he does it on his own the shoes often times fall off.

Something to keep in mind.

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A downside that we are experiencing with these Splay shoes is the fraying of the tongue of the shoe. I have noticed that on either side of the tongue there is quite a bit of fraying occurring. This is happening on the outside of the stitching, so I hoping that the fraying will not go beyond that.

These are such great shoes and I’m thrilled for my boys to have them to wear this spring and summer. I love the versatility of them. They can be worn with or without socks which is great, and I really feel like they can be dressed up or down.

The price tag on these shoes is very affordable and in the price range of most other children’s shoes. I do think that for the price, these Splay Athletics shoes are well worth it.

Splay is offering free shipping right now, so hurry up and grab a pair for your kiddos!



Feelgrounds is a barefoot shoe brand that is very passionate about getting people excited about barefoot shoes. In 2019 their crowdfunding campaign was fully funded within 48 hours, and now they are expanding their company and their models rapidly. They have lots of different shoes available, men and women, casual and not.

Many aspects of Feelgrounds footwear are made from recycled materials. They are always looking for new materials that fit in line with their environmental shoes.

Their shoes are independently tested and safety tested on a regular basis. The sustainability, fairness, and transparency of the company really sets them apart from others.

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These Droptop slip-on shoes are super cute and will stay in style for years to come. They are casual enough to be worn as a sneaker, similar to a skater shoe, but can also be dressed up if they needed to be.

They are super light.

I feel like when I’m wearing them I can’t even tell I have shoes on because of the lightweight-ness of them.

It’s kinda like I’m walking directly on the ground with just a thin surface between my foot and the ground.

Not only are these Droptop’s lightweight, but they are so, so flexible. They truly move with the foot and allow the foot to move freely and without restriction.


All materials used to create the Feelgrounds shoes are vegan and many of the are made from recycled materials. Specifically, the mesh used on these Droptop’s is made from recycled PET – bottles and containers.

Pretty cool!

Not only is the mesh very breathable, but it also offers an easy slip-on and go convenience, which is perfect for moms!

One of the best aspects of these shoes is that they can be washed in the washing machine. I love that I don’t have to worry too much about keeping them clean because of that feature. I’m a mom, so if my kids go in the mud, I’m right there with them. Washable shoes are a lifesaver, and hard to come by.


As someone with low volume feet (height of foot from bottom of foot to top of foot), these shoes are just a bit loose on my feet. I do plan on adding a felt strip on the underside of the top of the shoe to help aid in the lose feet.

The ankle opening is somewhat wide compared to many other slip-on shoes, so if you like tight fitting shoes around the ankle, keep that in mind.

On the heel of the inside of the shoe there is reinforced felt. This is super helpful in keeping your foot from slipping too much while walking. A really nice feature that I don’t see very often.

As with the other barefoot shoes that I have been reviewing, these Droptop’s have a very large toe box. This is especially great for someone with wide feet. I am excited about this wide-ness because I am training my feet to splay correctly so that my feet can function as they are intended. A wide toed shoe allows for our feet to spread out as much as it wants and needs – that’s what our feet were made to do!

These shoes are just so great and I’m so glad to have found Feelgrounds. They have tons of shoe options available on their website, and lots of color options available for this specific Droptop style.

I highly recommend looking into Feelgrounds and the shoes they provide. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!


Feelgrounds is having a 30% off sale right now, so go to their website and check them out!! Now is the perfect time for a shoe upgrade!


Our family is making a switch from ‘normal’ shoe wearing to minimalist, barefoot shoes. There are so many benefits to our feet being in barefoot shoes that make so much sense to me.

If you are hearing these terms – minimalist shoe, barefoot shoes – for the first time, stay tuned. I go into what these terms mean just a little bit in this review, but in a few weeks will publish an article all about what minimalist and barefoot shoe wearing is. I will also include many shoes that we have and love and recommend to our readers.

As for Birchbury, they are a brand that creates the minimalist leather shoe called Bramfords. These shoes are stylish, comfortable shoes that look great and won’t hurt your feet.

I am so thrilled to have found Birchbury in all of my minimalist shoe research. These shoes are so perfect for my husband to wear.

The first time my husband put the Bramfords on his feet he said: “A lot of times when you get new shoes they don’t feel comfortable right away, these aren’t like that. They feel comfortable already.” Now, my husband isn’t one for liking things. Seriously, I have to beg him to buy new clothes, and that normally doesn’t even work. Most of the time I buy him new clothes and shoes that I think look good, but most importantly, ones that will be comfortable. The only thing he cares about is comfort, so him saying what he did what such a huge relief!

Made with full-grain American leather, these shoes are made to last. The leather is imported from the United States to Vietnam where the shoes are assembled. This offers the best quality for the price.

Bamfords are designed with elastic shoelaces, which are very different than many other men’s shoes. This elastic allows for easy slip on and slip off of the shoes. Possibly the best part of the elastic is that the shoes won’t come untied while wearing them.

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The Bamfords offer a wide toe-box which is so important to foot health. This allows toes to move freely, just as they were intended, while the shoe is being worn. Not only that, but these shoes also allow our feet to follow the natural curves of the foot. Keeping our correct foot shape.

I believe this is why my husband thought these shoes were so comfortable. His feet weren’t being forced into a tiny space where they are all squished and hurting. This wide toe-box gives him the comfort and ease of motion while walking.

Birchbury offers a 30-day no questions asked refund policy. It’s a pretty generous policy, in my opinion. If the shoes have been worn outside, the refund will be honored still. They truly are risk-free!

If size is a question, be sure to print off the sizing chart. Simply choose the size, print it off, and place your foot on top of the lines. The size of the actual insoles will be printed, so you will know pretty easily which size is the best for you. If you are still questioning, Birchbury recommends that you order two sizes and then decide once you have received them. They will take care of the refund for you, as long as it’s within their 30-day time frame.

One added bonus that Birchbury included in their shipment box is felt stickers. These stickers are perfect to add to the shoe if you feel they need to be just a bit more snug. They can be place on the back side of the inside of the shoe (where the heel sits) to create a snugger fit. I love that these were included because many of our other shoes (that we actually need felt inserts for) didn’t include them in.

The wide, soft minimalist leather sneaker is an ultra-comfortable shoe. Take my husbands word for it, they are comfortable from the moment you step into them.

New Kicks for a New Grade – Momobaby Shoes

Summer is here!

With new seasons comes the need for new shoes




Man  –  our kids seem to wear their shoes into the ground.  The MamatheFox kids wear their shoes so hard, play constantly, run fast and jump high.

Each season, as they approach, we think of the new gear we need to buy, and shoes is always on that list. Kids grow at their own pace. Sometimes their feet and grow 2 sizes in a month, other times they are int eh same size for a full year. It’s so random, isn’t it?

For the past several years MamatheFox has used and tried many brands of shoes, but there is one that always stands out to us, Momobaby.

As the years pass and trends shift, they always stay on top of the newest styles and colors. But its not just style we look for, but comfort and durability. If a shoe fits, great, but what if its poorly made? It will fall apart, literally at the seams I have experienced and rub your kids foot so they get odd marks and blisters. Momobaby is a trusted brand that has been on the market for 12 years now. They always choose the highest quality materials and use the best construction methods.



 Momo Baby shoes have been reviewed by a group of APMA podiatrists to ensure it promotes foot health, and have been awarded the Seal of Acceptance.


Momobaby’s shoe sizes range from infant (the cutest little things!) up to little kid size 12! They offer soft soled shoes for infants and toddlers, rubber sole sneakers, leather sandals, leather flats and boots.

Visit Momobaby’s website today

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Our New Friend Leo

We have a new friend and we hope you are as excited to meet him as we are!

If you haven’t heard of ikiki shoes then PLEASE pop on over to read our ikiki review we did in the fall!

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Thanks to our ikiki shoes leaving the house has been fun, simple, and extra comfortable. We finally have shoes that are easy to put on, made for developing walking feet, and inspire my independent free spirited children. So when we saw they were releasing new friends we knew we needed to add them to our ikiki zoo!

This spring ikiki released a new friend Leo Longfire.

The moment my son saw Leo’s lime green skin with cool spikes he was ready to take him on an adventure.


Leo’s ikiki Adventure

On a bright sunny day Leo heard a cry for help from his home of iron and rock. 

As he listened closer he recognized it was Princess Patty Potamus!

She needed help!

Leo quickly jumped into action to save his precious friend.

With high tops, breathable skin, and durable soles he knew nothing could stop him on his voyage! 

Leo quickly suited up and tightened his velcro.

Then with an ikiki battle cry, he began his quest to save Princess Patty.

With strong ankle support he charged up the green mountain towards the magic castle. 

With every squeak he knew he was one step closer to seeing Princess Patty’s glittering soles! 

When he arrived to the castle he spotted Princess Patty!

She was squeaking for help from the top of the castle’s tallest tower.

But the castle was full of challenges and obstacles to trip Leo up!

First Leo turned off his squeakers in order to not attract any bad guys.

He quietly descended the steep shoot without leaving a trace of evidence by using his white nonskid bottoms. 

Then with his breathable skin, Leo kept cool while crossing the firey lake of lava.  

With durable rubber soles Leo conquered each step up Slipper Slope Mountain.

At last he met his final obstacle!

With flexibility Leo grasped each stone rung to climb the giant beanstalk.

Princess Patty was saved!

Princess Patty and Leo were finally reunited to make the perfect ikiki pair! 

The End

We hope we’ve inspired you to find your little one their ikiki solemate and take them on a wild adventure!



One and Done with People Footwear

Recently the need for shoes has been hitting hard in my house.

My son has been wearing hand me downs for three years. I can literally count on my two hands how many times I’ve spent money on his wardrobe. It isn’t just because I am frugal. Kids, especially boys, are so destructive and always choose the naked option! Why waste money on clothes he constantly refuses to wear or soaks in spaghetti and mud simultaneously?

Speaking of destructive boys, the older they get the harder they are on their clothes. When my son recently hit size 8 shoes there was no shoes left in his hand me down box.

Sad day for this mama. Guess i’ll need to get some more wide fit shoes for women and let go of some of my current favorite comfy shoes for him?

As for my daughter, she has been struggling with the confidence to walk. Every time she falls its like she just gives up and resorts back to the “safety” of crawling.

So as spring approached I was on the hunt for shoes. As a frugal mama I was shocked at children shoe prices! It’s not the fact that quality shoes are expensive, I’ll pay to have shoes that are developing my children’s feet correctly. It’s the need for multiple pairs! You can never have enough shoes but if you do want to purchase some multiple use footwear then you should check out some Vessi footwear, they are 100% waterproof and extremely comfortable, you can wear them on any adventure which can be hot or cold – don’t have to worry about getting your shoes or your feet wet! You can get them in adult and children sizes. Children do need lots of shoes:

-Tennis shoes for parks with wood chips and mud, not to mention sports and bike riding.

-Breathable sandals for hot days outside that still protect toes.

-Pool/splash pad shoes that don’t cause blisters when wet.

-Dress shoes to complete that perfect outfit.

I turned to my penny pinching sister for advice. Her solution…People Footwear!

My sister said it was my 3 year old niece’s only pair of shoes. They were actually second hand bought, then lasted a whole year of use, and now will be handed down to her little sister! In addition, she already planned to buy the next size up for her daughter this spring.

Tell me more!

Who is People Footwear?

“People Footwear is ultra–light, supremely comfortable and perfect for doing whatever it is you do.”

Using innovative designs and materials People Footwear have crafted the perfect all occasion shoes. People Footwear has a vast variety of shoes to meet almost any style or age. Most importantly, all their shoes are engineered with their SkyLite EVA.

“EVA stands for ethylene vinyl acetate — a fancy word for rubberized foam. All of our shoes are made with our custom–engineered SkyLite™ EVA, a super light and shock–absorbent material. Our unique SuperCush™ sock liner (which molds to your foot) is also made of EVA because a lighter, cushier shoe makes for a happier you.”

It took everything in me to not add a pair of women’s shoes to my cart. They seriously looked so comfortable and stylish.

Like not just coolest mom on the playground stylish, but fashionista at the local cafe or bar.

However, I stayed focus and just nabbed two different designs for my little ones.

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The Slater Kids

The Slater Kids have the classic skateboarder slip-on look with People Footwear science.

The style is sleek yet practical. Despite the fun vibrant patterns to choose from, my son chose black. Probably having to do with his love for Batman. I did not attest, because remember these are his ONLY shoes for spring and summer. Black goes with everything and still maintains a clean look in-between washings.

The loafer look makes them stylish when I can occasionally get him to dress up while still having a youthful fear to fit everyday attire.

In addition, The Slater Kid’s footbed is lightweight yet extremely durable. These shoes protect and move like a tennis shoe. We found them great for the park and even riding his bike.

The Slater Kids are made with People Footwear’s fully-molded EVA Skylite upper with holes for maximum air-flow.

This means the perfect shoe for almost any environment. We tested his People Footwear at the local children’s museum. I watched him climb, run, jump, and get soaked in puddles and never once heard him complain or adjust his shoes. I love not having to worry about blisters, exposed toes getting stubbed, or shoes slipping off wet feet.

Laces free means my 3 year old son can QUICKLY put them on independently. Once they are on I know they are on. No adjusting velcro or tying laces!

Our People Footwear shoes fit with and without socks so wearing them into fall isn’t a problem.

The Ace Kids

I was in cuteness overload with People Footwear Ace Kids. These stylish faux lace slip ons were just what we needed.

The unisex style and colors almost convinced me to pick a neutral for future kids, but in the end I went full girl with a vibrant leopard print!

With an off white background and print of 4 bright colors and black, I knew my daughter could wear these with any outfit.

For a new walker I was adamant about flexible non clunky shoes. The Ace Kid’s footbed is made with the same durable lightweight design as the Slater Kids.

I love how The Ace Kids move with her feet and barely add any weight. She also is comfortable wearing her shoes with and without socks.

The tops are also made with People Footwear’s fully-molded Skylite EVA and air-flow holes. Again making these shoes great for heat, sweat, water, mud, and grass.

I knew my daughter’s shoes would help her keep up with her brother wherever he took his People Footwear.

There’s More!

People Footwear is not just a kid brand. They have a stylish collection for men and women as well. You can find sandals for warm sunny days, knit uppers for hard workouts, low tops for special occasions, and even boots to face the cold wet winter. There is a variety of shoes offered both in adult and kid sizes. Perfect for those adorably family matching days!


Anticipating one pair of shoes through two seasons means preparing to have weekly cleanings. People Footwear suggest cleaning shoes with a soft cloth or tooth bush. I used a Magic sponge and loved the result! We’ve already established wet People Footwear are still safe and comfortable, meaning freshly cleaned shoes can go directly back on feet. Or if you have a wild son like me, you can choose to hose down shoes and kids all at once.

So as you approach this spring with excitement for warmer weather and days of play outside, you can forget the shoe chase. People Footwear has you covered with shoes that are perfect for all occasions, all outfits, and almost any environment. These quality shoes save your budget and time by being your kids’ one and done pair of shoes. Now that is something to be excited about!

Irresistible ikiki Shoes

Transition is pretty much happening everyday when you have little ones. Weather is changing, milestones are being hit, likes/dislikes are developing, and in my extended family, babies are always being born.

It’s hard to keep up.

So when fall weather hit out of no where, I realized I was in a pinch for new kid shoes. We needed to transition out of easy slip on sandals back to socks and sneakers.

As a mother of two, sneakers are my worst nightmare.

Thats four pairs of socks, four wrestling matches to squeeze feet in shoes, and four races to tie shoes before the feet run away.

My daughter is transitioning into walking so this fall I knew she would need a good pair of solid walking shoes. While my son is transitioning into an opinionated “three-anger” and pretty much controls what he wears and when he wears it.

So with fall rolling in I was scared leaving the house was going to start taking 3 hours.

Then I found ikiki shoes!

Who is ikiki Shoes?

A dad with growing kids came up with ikiki shoes in 2009. He was actually an engineer looking for shoes that were healthy and fun for kids, and not just shrunken adult shoes. He understood kid feet are in the most important developmental stage of life, and therefore needed the correct support and design. ikiki has reimagined kid’s shoes and has used the best materials to make their products breathable, comfortable, and fun.

Squeaky Shoes?

Before you freak out, please promise to read on. ikiki shoes have built in squeakers.

While living in China, I saw kids wearing squeaker shoes daily. At first I didn’t get it. Why would you want to hear that all day?

Then I saw it in action.

New walkers smiling from ear to ear as they heard the squeaking. It actually is a genius educational tool. It teaches kids cause and effect which is big milestone for littles.  The squeak is also providing a multi sensory activity for walkers; feeling feet walk while hearing squeaking in unison. I don’t think I’ve every seen my daughter smile so big than when she first wore her ikiki’s. As I held her hands and she jumped, the squeaking brought giggles and entertainment.

It also provides a safety measure. I remember seeing a mom turn around to talk to her friend and her daughter taking off. Immediately the mother heard the quickening of squeaks and turned around to chase her little one back to safety. These shoes are great for in stores and parks when you are trying to multitask. Rather than looking for groceries and watching kids, you can actually look at what you are buying while listening to your child’s actions.

 Adjustable Squeaker

Like I said, squeaker shoes are no new invention. However, ikiki shoes are built with a patent-pending adjustable squeaker design. With a simple flip of a switch you, or your child, can turn the squeaks off. So when heading to the library or movie theater, or you just need a bit of quiet, ikiki shoes can be silenced.

I liked that it was simple to turn the squeaks on and off. My 2.5 year old son figured it out within minutes of wearing his new shoes. He established his own set of rules of when he wanted the squeaks on and off. When he’s jumping and “working out” he sits down and turns those puppies on and has a wonderful squeaking time. During his imaginative play time or when grandpa’s around he chooses to keep them off. I liked that during this transition of needing control, my son has something he is in control of.

As for my newly walking daughter, we just leave her ikiki’s on because what is cuter than a tottering baby?

A tottering baby laughing at herself squeaking.

Shoe Tech

As I said before, ikiki shoes were engineered around children’s feet.

The soles are very light weight and soft, making them flexible and comfortable. The rubber bottoms protect their little feet while also allowing children to feel the ground; helping to develop balance and stability. Each sole has a different pop of color, making it easier to match the correct foot to the correct shoe.

The website provides a wonderful printable sizing guide. Included is detailed directions, an accuracy check, and scale. It was simple and quick to measure my kids’ feet and the shoes ended up being very true to size.

Kids’ Foot Sizing Chart

The actual materials making up ikiki shoes are breathable and durable. The unique high top design offers padded support for little ankles without hugging too tight. The insides are smooth making slipping on shoes a breeze, while the outsides provides extra protection for toes and heels.

My son is a wild child always looking for adventure. These shoes have held up not just through every day use but also scooter riding, playing sports, and adventuring by our local park’s creek. While reading through some ikiki reviews, I read one consumer’s fear of the shoes being too flimsy for outside. ikiki actually encouraged her to try the shoes for outside play and offered another pair if they got ruined.

The truth is, healthy kid shoes should feel light weight and flexible. ikiki has mastered just that by engineering high quality developmentally appropriate shoes for your kids’ growing feet.

EASY to put on

My favorite feature of ikiki shoes is how easy they are. These are the first shoes my son has ever independently put on!

A serious miracle!

The backs have large easy pull on loops which can actually be used. These are far from the normal wimpy loops that slip right out of your fingers.

The best part is the wide opening velcro which provides plenty of wiggle room to pop feet in. Since velcro can be adjusted, you can still make the roomy shoes tight enough for safe walking.

Appealing Characters 

ikiki didn’t just design shoes for the different needs of adolescent feet, they also created unique styles to accentuate the personality of your little ones. ikiki shoes are visually appealing with bright colors and friendly characters. Each pair doubles as a fun character friend that is as unique as your child. Their website includes bios for each character helping your little one choose his or her ikikis.

For the first time I let my son choose his own shoes. It was a much debated processes as we went through and read about each character. He eventually decided on Prince Kairu, a competitive frog working towards being the first amphibious Olympic swimmer. He loved the medal Kairu had won in his bio picture and the fact he could help him jump to victory.

For me it was a struggle to narrow it down but I finally chose Patty Potamus for my daughter, a dancing hippo ballerina that has a taste for finer things. Not to mention, we loved they were glittery and matched her favorite hippo toy.


Thanks to our ikiki shoes leaving the house this fall is going to be quick and simple. We finally have shoes that are made for developing walking feet while also appeasing our independent free spirited child.


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Momobaby Shoe Giveaway

Momobaby shoes are my favorite sandals for my toddlers. Their high quality leather shoes are durable, flexable and comfortable. Having good shoes is imperative for their feet’s development. Click here to read more about Momobaby shoes by Kimi and Kai.

Momobaby by Kimi Giveaway

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Momobaby Spring 2016 Shoe

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