momobaby sandleEvery season we have to update our entire shoe collection. We are now in the transition from muck boots and tired looking sneakers to cute new sandals! I love sandal weather. That means no socks which makes it faster to get the kids outside and having fun. Kids grow fast and those growth spurs come out of left field sometimes. Having good, supportive shoes is one of the most important things in my household. You don’t mess around with your feet. They are too important and need to stay in prime condition if you want to be able to run and play with the rest of the kids. I trust that Momobaby will always have the shoes my kids need.

Kimi + Kai, formerly known as Momobaby, features a huge selection of children’s shoes for all types of backs of momobabyoccasions. Dressing up, play time, school, they have you covered. Their shoes are always made with the highest quality materials, occasionally leather, to form solid, supportive yet comfortable shoes. My kids have never gotten a blister or sore for a pair of Momobaby’s. This is huge! So many kids shoes are not made to be played in. To jump and fall in. Momobaby’s perfectly designed shoes will leave you with a lasting impression making you come back season after season to update your shoe collection.

Whether you are looking for springtime shoes for play, dress or in between, Momobaby is sure to have what you need. Hop over to their website and take a peep at their newest selection.

Check out their new Girl Sandals and Boy Sandals

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16 Comments on Momobaby Spring Shoe Review

  1. No blisters and good support sound just right for anybody’s shoes, not just kids! Thanks for the review.

  2. these shoes are super cute and I love that they will be comfy and durable too

  3. Perfect for summer! Feet can breathe in these cute sandles. Than wearing tennis shoes with socks.

  4. Love that they are solid and supportive but also comfy!! Really important especially in kids shoes!!

  5. You had me at comfortable! My kids are so picky when it comes to their shoes.

  6. These look so great! I have two grandsons! I think they would like these!

  7. I wanted to add this to my reply above- they look so comfortable! That is important.

  8. These shoes are so cute and look very well made. My granddaughter would love them!

  9. Love the colors and creative styles of MomoBaby Shoes. I learned that they are both supportive and stylish!

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