Summer is here!

With new seasons comes the need for new shoes




Man  –  our kids seem to wear their shoes into the ground.  The MamatheFox kids wear their shoes so hard, play constantly, run fast and jump high.

Each season, as they approach, we think of the new gear we need to buy, and shoes is always on that list. Kids grow at their own pace. Sometimes their feet and grow 2 sizes in a month, other times they are int eh same size for a full year. It’s so random, isn’t it?

For the past several years MamatheFox has used and tried many brands of shoes, but there is one that always stands out to us, Momobaby.

As the years pass and trends shift, they always stay on top of the newest styles and colors. But its not just style we look for, but comfort and durability. If a shoe fits, great, but what if its poorly made? It will fall apart, literally at the seams I have experienced and rub your kids foot so they get odd marks and blisters. Momobaby is a trusted brand that has been on the market for 12 years now. They always choose the highest quality materials and use the best construction methods.



 Momo Baby shoes have been reviewed by a group of APMA podiatrists to ensure it promotes foot health, and have been awarded the Seal of Acceptance.


Momobaby’s shoe sizes range from infant (the cutest little things!) up to little kid size 12! They offer soft soled shoes for infants and toddlers, rubber sole sneakers, leather sandals, leather flats and boots.

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