Established in 2017, Be Lenka develops and produces barefoot shoes, baby carriers, and baby, toddler, baby wearing, nursing, and maternity clothes. The company designs and makes their product in Europe where they are under the European Union laws – many related to health, safety, and quality.

Co-founded by Lenka Cenigova, an Ex-Paralympian, Be Lenka’s brand was inspired by her love for babywearing. The co-founder, Juraj Fehervari, has had a huge roll in bringing rapid awareness of the Be Lenka products.

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Benefits of the Be Lenka shoes are almost endless. Foot health is so important and their shoes are so beneficial for each foot that wears them.

Be Lenka’s entire barefoot line of shoes offer unrestricted movement of the toes – how our toes are naturally designed.

The best feature about these shoes is the wide toe box. This is the front part of the shoe where the toes sit. The toe box of the shoe is so, so important because of the way our toes are designed. Our feet are not intended to be squished into tiny, narrow shoes – like what most people wear. A wide toe box ensures that toes have enough space to be spread out and function how they were made to. This space allows toes to move freely, which guarantees all day comfort.

Because Be Lenka is a European shoe brand, their sizing is also European. Their size chart is very helpful when deciding on the perfect fit. The website gives directions on how to measure feet correctly to ensure a good fit. They also have a size guide that is printable, so you can just place the foot on the printed guide and find your shoe size that way. Below I have linked the size guides for easy access.


Kids Play Shoes

Click here for the printable sizing guide.

Kiddos can run, jump, skip, and play in these barefoot shoes. They are stylish but most importantly, comfortable. Lots of colors are available to choose from, including a few designs. The shoes featured and pictured here are the Army option.

I love the functionality of these barefoot play shoes. The soles are zero drop, which means there is no height difference from the toe to the heel. The soles of these shoes have a straight and single plane. This is such an important design feature, especially in kids shoes. The zero drop design is so good for growing and changing feet.

Along with the zero drop of these shoes, they also have a 6mm sole. This is very thin and flexible when comparing to most other children’s shoes. The shoe is able to naturally bend and flex with the foot which brings so many benefits. A flexible shoe helps improve ‘walking posture, stronger foot muscles, and increased sensory feedback (for better control of motor function and balance).”

The shoes have a Velcro fastener so that they can be tightened or loosened as needed. The fastener closes and tightens around the ankle so these shoes are perfect for many different foot types.

Women’s Sierra Boots

Click here for the printable sizing guide.

These boots are beautiful. The Sierra Boot is a tall riding style boot that can be worn with almost any outfit. The boot is available in black, brown, and [cherry] red, with sizing options for shoe size 36-43. See below for more sizing information.

This boot is made with premium quality leather that covers the outside of the boot. This leather is super durable and moves easily with the foot. On the inside of the boot there is a super soft fleece lining that provides insulation and warm, dry comfort.

When wearing these boots my feet feel warm, which is huge for me because my feet are always cold.

A super thin and flexible sole allows the boot to move very easily with the foot. This also attributes to how light-weight the shoe is. There is zero heel elevation of this shoe, which is just what our feet want.

These shoes are just darling and seriously perfect for any occasion. The premium leather and soft fleece give comfort and warmth during the cold months. Toes can freely, and easily, move just how they were intended.

I am looking forward to wearing them for many more fall and winters to come!