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Cooking With Technology – The NetChef Kitchen Helper

Cooking is one of my favorite things to do, other than listening to music that is.

When I am in the kitchen I am in my special place. It is where I cook for my family & where we meet to talk about our day. It’s where I listen to my music, talk radio and other podcasts. Honestly, most people spend more time in their kitchen than they realize.

I am a huge technology lover. Being a blogger, I am constantly on my cell, using social media, playing with smartwatches, laptops, WiFi devices and such. Even in the kitchen I’m surrounded by tech, from my smart fridge to arguably the best microwave oven under 15000, and every part of it always in use. I also enjoy finding new tips and tricks on how I’m able to increase my blog’s awareness (sometimes even while whipping something up in the kitchen), to be fair, most of these pointers are posted by a Digital Marketing Company. I also love finding the next best thing in the tech world – and I found the coolest new product to help simplify your life – the NetChef Digital Kitchen.

This fully loaded device is like a tablet – but with better speakers, it’s light & portable, and it’s easy to store. But the best part is that it comes loaded with tons of wonderful recipes, right at your fingertips.

I hate lugging my laptop into the kitchen to pull up my latest Pinned recipe off Pinterest – or trying to read it off my phones small screen and needing to keep zooming in to read it better. The NetChef is perfect for people who love to use recipes off Pinterest because Pinterest is one of the pre-loaded app options for your to add to your device!

The NetChef has 10 preloaded buttons for you to scroll through on the main home screen: Audio Books, Enjoy Music, Enjoy Video, Internet Radio, Stored Photos, Social Media, Online Recipes, Cooking Sites, My Recipes and a Utilities button. Each of these main options opens up to give you options to download apps on the device which suit you and your family best.

I love that they don’t spam up the device with assumptions. Some people may not use Instagram and not need it uploaded, taking up memory. Others may love YouTube and want that to be easily accessible. Giving the user the option to pick and choose what they want their NetChef is priceless.

However, being a cooking based device, each NetChef device is pre-loaded with tons of amazing recipes for the user. These recipes are accessible through the Online Recipes button. I was in shock by how many yummy and fun recipes I know have at my finger tips. There are 18 categorizes to choose from, such as breakfast, lunch or dinner…Main course, soups, vegetarian…quick recipes, kids recipes or special occasions. You can favorite any of the recipes themselves to save for future use and to make finding them even faster.

At the bottom of the Online Recipes screen there are several super helpful features which include a timer and a conversion tool. You can use the timer for not only your recipes but other reminders, like if a kid is in time out, to make a phone call in an hour or to grab that load of laundry out of the washer. The conversion tool is great for knowing how to figure out liter, ml, cup, fluid ounces, tablespoon and gallons ratios. Often when changing the recipes by needing to make more or less this will come in handy. Have you ever found a recipe that is in European measurements? I have! Now you can easily figure out how to make it using the measurements you are familiar with.

The last option in the Online Recipe tab is cuisines. This is amazing because it allows you to search by country, such as Italian, Middle Eastern, African, French, Japanese, Mexican, Russian and many others. The foodie in me loves this feature, because I can find recipes I never thought of exploring.

If you love having music play in the background while cooking or just in the background throughout your day then this NetChef is going to be a big lifestyle changer in your home. By having access to tons of audio options you are going to put it on your Christmas list right now and mention it to several people too!

There are 3 main ways to hear audio features: Internet Radio (Pandora, iHeartRadio, TunedIn), Pi Music (located in Enjoy Music button) and an Audio Book button (Audible, AudioBooks.com and LoyalBooks).

At the Fox house we love using Pandora, as it is also on my cell phone and I have been curating my lists for years now. Being able to hear my favorite channels through perfect Hi-Fi speakers to get the volume I most desire is wonderful.

When things get messy and that sauce splatters, don’t fret – it’s waterproof! Just use a damp towel to wipe it clean and a dry one to get the screen clear. No more worries about ruining your phone or laptop with grease or sauce splatters.

Being a plug-and-play tablet, this device is super easy to use. Perfect for anyone who cooks, listens to music or browses the internet. Being a fully functional tablet, you can easily get online and use the device like you would a laptop computer. Now that you are super excited about the NetChef – click overe here to see it on Amazon and read even more about the features and availability.

The future of smart devices and smart homes is very exciting. Companies like Crestron are already making a name for themselves in this sector by installing high end devices in the home to automate life and connect everything to the palm of your hand. But if you were the kind of person that loves building their own smart home lights by installing motion sensors in them and whatnot, check out Octopart. They have a great range of electronic components for any project you have in mind.

Photos! The NetChef Digital Kitchen comes with a few pre-loaded images but you can upload your own photos using any photo apps you enjoy, or by saving them off any social media channels like Facebook or Instagram. Click on the little 3 dots, save to device and it will download into the applicable folder in the Stored Photos button. You can make them scroll by clicking the play button symbol. It is set to change photos every 3 seconds, but you can change the length of the flip by going into the settings. Its very simple to do. My family, especially my kids, love seeing their daily adventures pop up. They them recall the previous adventures they have experienced.

Tips for Users:

Read through the information booklet that comes with the device, its full of helping information.

To get the device to turn on or off, you need to HOLD DOWN the power button for 3-5 seconds, or until you hear a “pop” noise. This is the speakers and unit turning on and a good noise so dont be alarmed. It will not turn on or off it just touch the button for 1 second – you MUST hold down the button for several seconds.

After the device is on, go to the top right corner of the screen like you would any other smart device and find the connection to set up your Wi-Fi. Without the Wi-Fi turned on you will not be able to use all the features like social media and music apps.

Be sure to allow the screen to fully complete it’s task before touching it. If you are downloading an app or opening something do not touch the screen before its done thinking – it can freeze up, causing you to have to start over.

Download the apps you want as you need them. Why clog up the memory for apps you may not use. Just download them as you go.

Play around and browse the recipes that are pre-loaded. You are going to have such fun trying new recipes!

Check out some other fun NetChef products by clicking here

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Kyocera Ceramic Coated Fry Pan Set

Kyocera Advanced Ceramics has a stunning new collection of pots and pans that are available for purchase and worth every cent. With so many brands and options, searching for a new set of pans can be overwhelming. After doing some research, you can easily see that Kyocera has some amazing products that you will love for years.

Main Features and Benefits:

• The heavy gauge aluminum base clad with a stainless plate provides excellent thermal conductivity resulting in quick and even heat distribution

• The durable riveted stainless handle is comfortable in hand and enables the pan to be oven safe up to 400 degrees F

• The cookware is recommended for all cooking surfaces including induction

• Kyocera’s proprietary ceramic nonstick coating

• PTFE-free, PFOA-free, Cadmium-free

• Oven safe 400-Degree

• Quick and even heat distribution

• Exceptional scratch and abrasion resistance

• Durable riveted professional stainless handle

• Induction ready cookware

Easy to clean

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We have been using these pans exclusively for several weeks and I am loving so many things about them. Here are MamatheFox’s top thoughts:

  • Easy to clean
  • Cooks my food evenly (the center of the pan is as hot as the edges)
  • The handle is easy to hold (use a mitt)
  • It has deep sides, which is great for sauces and to keep some oil splashes contained

I read that these should not be stacked with other pots/pans, to keep the scratching down. The bottom has a special stainless steel plate, and that can cause scratches against other surfaces if not treated properly. I have not experienced any scratches, and I have stacked mine (I know I know…). I do appreciate that they tested these and were happy to share their experiences with the consumers.

2-pc Set: a $99.95 Value for only $94.95 – $5.00 Savings! This (2) piece set includes one 8″ and one 10″ ceramic fry pan.

You do want to use some form of oil or grease every time you use that pan. This will help not only for food, but the pan kept in prime condition. This is unless you are cooking something very high in fat (like a duck breast). Applying oil will help to avoid dry burning the ceramic.

If food does get caked on your pan, let is soak with water, soapy water for 30 minutes. Don’t try to scrape it off right away. That can cause scratches and damage to the integrity of the pan.

Click here to read more about this Kyocera pan set

CDN – Kitchen Thermometer and Timer


Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner, and with the CDN kitchen measurement tools you can easily cook a feast to feed your family. Created in 1984, CDN is a family owned company that develops accurate, unique, and innovative thermometers and timers. Offering tools for the grill, oven, refrigerator, freezer, and deep fryer; you can find many uses for the thermometer. Made from stainless steel, the thermometer is durable and made to last.




The CDN duel thermometer gets its name because it has two probes that allow you to check temperature in multiple spots of the food. The probes are waterproof too, so that makes for a quick, easy clean up. I love that the thermometer has a magnet on the back so I can keep it on my fridge. It’s one less thing in my kitchen drawers!


The bluetooth capabilities with the thermometer are really awesome. After downloading their app – CDN-BT482 – just sync your phone to your thermometer and start cookin! The app is very easy to use; and I like how large the temperature is shown on the screen. While using the CDN app you can even pre-program the thermometer to cook your food according to what you’re making; that way when your steak [or whatever you’re cooking] gets to the correct temperature, you’ll know!

Use the Bluetooth Duel Probe Thermometer & Timer in your kitchen and cook your food to just the right temperature. This family owned and operated company takes care of their customers and creates products that are made to last. Give it as a gift or use it in your own home; this is a kitchen tool that you’re sure to use and love!


Boolik Easy Roll Parchment Paper

review photo

I have a serious love for parchment paper. I enjoy nothing more than cooking and baking and trying new recipes but hate having to clean up the kitchen afterward. So when I found out parchment paper could not only save me time cleaning up but save my sanity over scrubbing my baking sheets, cupcake pans and my glass baking dishes I was hooked. Since then I have found even more uses for parchment paper (thanks to pinterest).

I have tried so many brands and I must say Boolik Easy Roll stands out for so many reasons. Let’s start with the nicebox end this cardboard packaging. There is nothing worse than a cheap box that buckles under the pressure of trying to rip out a piece of paper. There are also push flaps on the sides of the box that lock the paper in place making ripping a even piece easy. The parchment paper itself is the thickest I’ve ever used and has a extra layer or silicone making it truly nonstick, I feel this is why I love it so much. It is FDA approved and microwave and oven safe for clean baking and healthy cooking.

Now let me share some of my favorite ways I use my Boolik Parchment Paper. Obviously I use it for baking. I line all my cookie sheets in parchment paper, not only do I not need to grease my pan anymore my clean up takes seconds. Bonus Boolik Parchment Paper is top of the line, I’m able to use the same sheet a few times.

I didn’t stop with baking sheets, I stepped it up a notch and us my Boolik Parchment Paper to line my glass baking dishes as well. I do spray the bottom of my baking dish with cooking spray to keep the paper in place. This works beautifully for casseroles, meatloaf, lasagna and especially brownies since you can pull the brownies out with the paper and easily divide; no more crumbly misshaped brownies.

muffin editOne of the cutest ways to use parchment paper I discovered by accident. While baking cupcakes late one night I ran out of cupcake liners. Since I hate nothing more than prying cupcakes out of the pans I searched pinterest for cupcake liner alternatives. That’s when I found it, Parchment Paper! Why hadn’t I thought of it myself. There’s no looking back, I am able to make my cupcakes or muffins look like they came straight from the bakery. Making cupcake liners is easy, I cut my parchment paper into 5×5 squares and mold them over the top of a small glass, then simply place in my muffin pan and fill.muffin liner

A few of my other favorite uses are:

– Dividing meat into freezable portions. Placing parchment paper between chicken, burgers, pork chops (you get the idea, also works great for freezing cookie dough), this makes separating so much easier.

-Covering dishes in the microwave. Years ago we stopped using paper towels  and using parchment paper to cover dishes in the microwave cuts down on splatter messes.

snack cone-Snack Cones are perfect for serving anything from popcorn to french fries. Simply cut parchment paper into 10×10 squares and roll into cones. Use tape or stapler to secure (I found hot glue doesn’t hold).

-Reheating pizza, placing a piece of parchment paper  under your slice of pizza before microwaving helps keep a crispy crust.   chicken dinner

-Mess free dinner with parchment paper pouches, a easy way to cook chicken or fish. Rip a large piece of parchment paper, fold in half and cut into a half circle. (I made mine with squash, chicken and tomatoes.) Crinkle up the sides to make your pouch and to keep all liquids inside. Bake, serve, and save time on your clean up!

As you can see the sky’s the limit with the uses of parchment paper and with Boolik Easy Roll you have 42 square feet to work with. This is a 100% risk free purchase and Boolik will give you a full refund if it does not meet your demands. But trust me your going to love Boolik Easy Roll Parchment Paper as much as I do.

Kuhn Rikon Colori+ Classic Culinary Set

Kuhn Rikon creates nothing but the highest quality products. Their knives are made with the professional chef in mind, but with the average consumers budget. By making a knife that would be used in a fine dining restaurant available to the average home cook makes them stand out in the culinary world.

By using a quality knife you are able to work with ease and assurance in the kitchen. Making those slices and dices easy and clean cut helps any chefs confidence. When you are sure of your self and happy with your results you are typically a happier cook. When I am in a good mood in the kitchen my food always seems to taste that much better. I want to put love into each meal I prepare. From our daily dinners, fellowship events and tasty treats, each thing I create is made with hand that love the recipient.

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Colori Classic Set

I have never been professionally trained, but I have attended a few classes at a professional cooking school (Western Reserve Cooking School). Being a student, I tried to observe and take in all that I could. What I noticed was that all of the knifes they choose to use there are Kuhn Rikon. If they are good enough for this amazing school they must be good enough for my own kitchen. After doing some research I was so excited to see that they are truly in the average consumers budget. A knife, or a knife set, is not something you constantly purchase. You buy a set a stick with it for several years. You want a knife that will maintain its integrity and keep sharp. I have found that when treated and washed properly that a Kuhn Rikon knife will keep sharp far longer than any other knife I have worked with.

I highly suggest trying out Kuhn Rikon’s Colori®+ Classic Culinary Knife Set. The set contains: a paring knife, a serrated paring, a utility knife, and a serrated utility knife. Each knife has a sharp Japanese stainless steel blade with a colorful ergonomic handle and matching safety sheath. Japanese stainless steel blades are super sharp, making short work of cooking tasks.

Kuhn Rikon Colori Classic Set

Colori®+ Classic knives offer convenience through their sharpness, secure-grip handles, and lightweight design, making all of your kitchen prep tasks a breeze.  This versatile set offers a greater amount of control for slicing, de-boning, and other kitchen prep-tasks.

  • Handy all-purpose knives – can handle all your kitchen prep tasks in record time.
  • Paring Knife: perfect for slicing cheese for your sandwich, peeling an apple, or chopping vegetables.
  • Serrated Paring Knife: perfect for slicing bread, tomatoes, and other soft fruits.
  • Utility Knife: for de-boning meats and other tricky kitchen tasks.
  • Serrated Utility Knife: perfect for slicing smooth-skinned fruits and vegetables, bread, or meat.
  • Ultra-sharp Japanese stainless steel blades.
  • Blades stay super sharp.
  • Safety sheaths included.


Tilit Chef Review

Judging Rib Fest 2016Chef’s jackets and aprons are pretty basic. But not all chefs are basic. Some require apparel that has been taken up a notch. Jackets and aprons should stand out like the food they make and the people they are. If you like to stand out in a positive and fresh way then Tilit is the brand for you.

Whether you bake, saute, flambe, or just mess around in your own kitchen at home, you should try and protect your threads by wearing an apron or jacket. It’s just common sense. If you are in a professional setting, then this type of apparel goes without question. If you are in the back of the house or on the front line, you want to look your best and represent your food with a clean and fresh look. This is exactly what Tilit provides.

When I was asked to judge the Strongsville Rib Burn Off in 2016 as a culinary judge I knew I wanted to stand out in a positive and honest way. Being a SAHM blogger and food reviewer I never owned a ‘real’ chef’s jacket of my own. I knew that I would need to sport one at this event and after doing some online research I saw that Tilit was exactly the type of style that I would wear. Fresh, modern and functional – everything a chef desires. Tilit’s brand boasts an amazing array of products with designs you want to wear. These are not your Fathers’s jackets.

If you are, or know someone who is, an avid home cook or baker then Tilit Chef Aprons are just what you need. They are made for professionals, but are what can really elevate your home cooking and baking experience. They make the perfect gift for that hard to shop for family member. Classy yet modern & functional, it’s a real win/win.

Tilit Aprons

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This Mama’s Experience

I love, I mean love, everything about this chef coat.  The fit, the texture, the cut, the material, the features…all are totally on point. The Women’s Short Sleeve Chefs Coat is perfect for any kitchen, bakery or home. This coat is tailored with a women’s body and curves in mind. By having true mobility you can function and work properly. This coat makes a women feel comfortable and at ease in her body. Being at ease (…as much as your kitchen allows that is) helps with productivity and can boost confidence which can also boost performance.

This coat is perfect for working in my kitchen, whipping up some family meals.

My favorite features on this coat are:

  • Side performance panels (give me room to move around without being restrained)
  • Hip pocket (for my notes, cell phone, timer, thermometer…whatever tool I need that meal)
  • Roomy neck (no one likes a scratchy neck. This collar is soft as butter and perfectly designed)

Click here to see all of the features of this coat up close

Tilit Chef coats are the first crowd-sourced chef coat made by chefs for chefs


Tilit Short Chef Coat



The Blonde Italian Review

Tomatoes. One of the most versatile foods. It’s a fruit, but used like a vegetable. But I love that it’s the official state fruit of Ohio, my reighing home. This fits The Blonde Italian so perfectly. Lauren, the owner, head chef and creator of The Blonde Italian is a fellow Ohioan. Each product The Blonde Italian makes is proudly made in Ohio. Lauren has hand crafted each recipe to perfection and now is happily supplying hungry consumers with her amazing dips, sauces and salsas. Cooked tomatoes are actually better for you than raw ones, as more beneficial chemicals are released. Tomatoes are also packed with vitamins A and C, calcium, potassium. There are so many awesome reasons to enjoy The Blonde Italian’s product line. If you have always loved trying new foods and are a fan of Italian cuisine, then why not travel to Italy to get the real experience. If you like the idea of this, then you may want to check out sopranovillas who can help you the perfect accommodation for your holiday.

The Blonde Italian products are available in many Ohio specialty food stores as well as on-line.

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Mama’s Experience

My husband and I have never, and I mean never, tasted tomato sauces like The Blonde Italian before. My first use was the Crime In Italy sauce over Italian sausage. After the meal was done my husband asked if we could have the same meal the next day! We were literally using our forks to scoop all the sauce off our plate, not wanting to miss a bite. We didn’t want to waste any of this mind blowing sauce. Each and every product from The Blonde Italian’s line that we tried my husband and I would look at each other and be like, “How is it possible we lived without this stuff?” I mean it’s tomatoes. I have eaten hundreds of sauces, dips and tomato based products throughout my life. It’s a staple in our diet. Having children we eat pasta with red sauce weekly. We are so happy to know we have The Blonde Italian in our pantry now which can be used with so many dinners and dishes.

Giavanna’s Garden Garlic Seasoning

The Blonde Italian Garden GarlicThis is a garlic lovers dream! You just add more oil to this highly concentrated garlic mixture to make all your favorite dishes. Sure, you can buy plain old garlic in the jar at any local grocer. But this mixture is the elevated version of garlic. With perfectly balanced Italian seasonings used along side the fresh garlic, The Blonde Italian has created a seasoning worth your attention.

This can be used in many types of dishes: chicken, beef, fish, vegetables, bread dip….the options are limitless

The evening that I used this sauce I steamed some brussel spouts. I then took the water out of the pan and added in 2 tablespoons of Garden Garlic. It was awesome. I will be doing this again next week but plan on baking it in the oven with the Garden Garlic sauce, I think this will add some depth that can easily be gained with this sauce.

The Blonde Italian Brussel Sprouts

Sister Mia Savory Salsa (comes in mild or hot)

The Blonde Italian SalsasSalsa is something most all people love. In my household it is a party staple. A big old bag of chips with a jar of salsa will always be found at any party we host. Over this past Memorial Day weekend I served the The Blonde Italians salsa at our little get together. It was gone in a flash! Every person tried it and come back for another scoop. This salsa is chunky and what I would call ‘meaty’. It holds texture and it not just watered down tomatoes in a runny soup. These salsas keep their tomato texture, soft yet slightly firm. Each jar is seasoned with jalapeno peppers to add a kick. I love spicy foods, but if you don’t the hot will be out of the question too hot for you. Even the mild has a slight kick to it, so take a small bite at first. It had more kick for a mild then I expected.

The Mother Everything Sauce

The Blonde Italian Mother Everything SauceThe title says it all. This sauce does it all. From pasta to Eggplant Parmesan, this sauce holds up to any dish. Many recipes and dishes call for some tomato sauce. You can easily substitute in equal parts Everything Sauce for tomato sauce. It makes an amazing pizza sauce. My family loves to make little personal pizza on naan bread. It’s like a pita bread, thin bread that is unleavened. My family is big into the sauce that goes on our pizza’s. Being from Chicago, I understand that all parts of the pizza needs to be at their prime to truley make a perfect pie. The sauce can’t just be a bland sauce that is runny and lacks real depth. You need to have that slight seasoning that lays under the melted cheese. That sauce is where the flavor is held. If you miss that aspect then your pie will not be the epic slice you are craving. With The Mother Everything Sauce, you can guarantee a perfect pizza.

The Blonde Italian Pizza

Crime In Italy Sauce

The Blonde Italian Crime In Italy SauceThis sauce has changed our lives, and for the better. My husband and I have eaten this sauce with a spoon. It’s that good. No joke. You may think all tomato based sauces are the same. Tomatoes and spices. Straight forward enough. There is something The Blonde Italian did to this particular sauce that stuck a cord with my family. We are obsessed with it. The key to this sauce it that she added some Irish spices to this sauce, which as her grandmother would have said is a “Crime In Italy,”…and the name stuck.

We have tried it out on several dishes. We poured a whole jar over a raw Italian sausage and baked in the over to cook it. We used it over turkey burgers and beef burgers. Each time the sauce was the star of the dish instead of the protein. What sauce do you know of that can hold up to the protein? When you try this sauce don’t just get one jar! Grab a few because you are going to want more right away.

crime in italy sauce

Simmer Sauce

The Blonde Italian Simmer SauceSimmer Sauce
is just like it sounds. A perfect sauce to use when slowly cooking your meal. We choose to use this sauce over a long tube of Italian Sausage. I placed the raw sausage in a cast iron skillet. Then I poured the entire jar of Simmer Sauce on top of the sausage. Not all over the skillet, just over the sausage so that it would really soak in the flavors during cooking, and so that the sauce wouldn’t burn and evaporate. Keeping it close together is the best option. You can also do this in a small glass dish so that the sauce isn’t spread out too much. This is such a complimentary meal. The seasonings in the sausage matched perfectly with the seasonings in the Simmer Sauce. This is definitely a staple meal in my house now.

The Blonde Italian Simmer Sauce on Sausage

Virgin Vodka Pasta Sauce

The Blonde Italian Virgin Vodka SauceVodka sauce is one of the most popular types of red sauces around. It is considered as a tasty sauce which you can get at cooking holidays in italy Its really a staple. This sauce has all the pop and awesomeness of a Vodka sauce, but without the Vodka! This non-alcoholic sauce is perfect for all dishes involving pasta sauce. Its creamy, smooth and flavorful. The Blonde Italians perfected this sauce by blending tomatoes, spices, garlic and sweet creme! YUM!

Typically Vodka sauce is used alone. The sauce is creamy and stands up without any help. The night we used this sauce I threw caution to the wind and added the Vodka Sauce to a pound of ground beef. It was so good! My toddlers both slammed on their pasta the night we did this.

The Blonde Italian vodka sauce

The Blonde Italian Tom BTom B. Tomato-Basil Bruschetta

Bruschetta, can you get more Italian than that? One of the best appetizers and snacks that I can think of. Hearty enough to be a full meal or easy enough to be a side dish, this fast and simple dish is something you should always keep in your back pocket. You can simply place this Bruschetta on top of a cracker, a piece of dried bread or make your own homemade appetizer! In the photo here I just took a few piece of Italian bread, slightly brushed them with olive oil. Baked the bread for about 10 minutes and then topped with Bruschetta and some fresh Parmesan cheese.


Seasoned to Go Review

Seasoned to Go Review

Seasoned to Go is a fun and exciting new company. They are launching into stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and Gander Mountain, along with some specialty stores. Seasoned to Go offers consumers Portable Seasoning Kits. This is exactly what families going on picnics, campers, hunters, and your average American need. A durable and easy way to add some spice to your adventure.

Portable Seasonings Kits

seasoned to go case

A durable, weather-resistant case is what makes Seasoned To Go special. It’s made from a high-density plastic to withstand rugged outdoor use. Drop it; haul it on a four-wheeler; or leave it ouside in a downpour – it’s tough enough for the outdoors. It even floats!. The inside is custom-molded to fit (and keep in place) 10 jars of flavorful grilling seasonings.

Steaks, vegetables, burgers, fish and seafood, wild game and much more all come to life with our quality ingredient blends. Unlike many spice blends, Seasoned to Go spice blends are fresh, made with ingredients consumers can pronounce and contain no fillers or preservatives. It’s now possible to grill delicious creations anywhere you go with Seasoned To Go!

Each kit contains:

  • Backfire BBQ
  • Sassy Seafood
  • Gutsy Garlic
  • Kickin’ Kajun
  • Loaded Lemon
  • Rockin’ Rib Rub
  • Seasoned Salt
  • Sizzlin’ Steak
  • Kosher Salt
  • Ground Pepper
  • Commercial-grade stainless steel tongs
Complete kit size: 13.5″w x 10.5″h x 4.56″d.
Appx. weight: 4 lbs.
All of the seasonings included allow you to add just the right touch to whatever you are cooking. The basics are really all you want when on the go but want to kick it up a notch. I love how lightweight the case is. It’s the perfect size for a toddler to help carry but light enough so they don’t struggle. Manly for the rugged outdoors men, and easy for a toddler to carry. There is no downside with the Seasoned To Go Portable Seasoning Kit.
Perfect gift for:
  1. Graduate
  2. Father’s Day
  3. The guy who has everything
  4. The tailgater
  5. The hunter
  6. The camper
  7. The fisherman
  8. Families who picnic
  9. Corporate gifts
  10. Folks who love to barbecue

Buy it now!

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Use the code MAMAFOX to get $17 off an order. This will bring your total to $39.98 with shipping!!

Buy online at their online store here – Buy through Amazon (Prime shipping!) by clicking here

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System Knife Sharpener – Review

Knife Sharpener DragSys

System Knife Sharpener

As a home cook I am always looking for ways to sharpen my techniques and skills. Now I found a super-easy way to sharpen my knives too (okay okay that was beyond stupid and cheesy just soak in the awkwardness)! I was recently asked to review System Knife Sharpener from DragSys.

This particular system is to be used for kitchen knives, fruit knives, hunting knives, etc. I usually take my knives to a mobile sharpening company and that has worked really well for me over the years. GoSharpening.com is a mobile knife sharpening in NYC and it’s similar to the local company I use. I wanted to try a system knife sharpener for a change, so here are my thoughts.

It has a suction cup design, which is safer and convenient, and ideal for one handed sharpening. It has 2 stages for coarse and fine-sharpening. It features a unique sharpening wheel design that is convenient to sharpen back and forth.

Instructions for stainless steel knives:

Step 1: Course Sharpening

Suitable for blunt knives. Place the Vertoku knives in the sharpening slot. Using slight downward pressure, run the blade from its heel to its point though the slot. Repeat three to five times. Sharpen tools every six months or when necessary.

Step 2: Fine Honing

This is a necessary step used to eliminate burrs on a knife and to polish it. Place a knife in the sharpening slot. Using slight downward pressure run the blade from its heel to its point through the slot. Repeat three to five times. Normally, it is recommended to sharpen a knife once a week to keep your blade sharp at all times.


Please keep in mind that this sharpener isn’t suitable for serrated bladed and scissors. This sharpener can also be used for ceramic knives, but only for coarse sharpening (step 1). Do not put this sharpener in the dishwasher and always keep it away from children’s reach.

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Knife Sharpener DragSys
Knife Sharpener DragSys

This knife sharpener is available through Amazon.

Fall Off the Bone Ribs Recipe

How to cook Fall Off the Bone Ribs

Have you ever had that moment when you are eating ribs and they just melt off the bone? Where you just put them up to your lips and its like they are jumping into your mouth? Making a slab that can do this is way easier then you might think. It’s all in the timing and temperature. Below I will show you how you can achieve that fall off the bone rib you desire.

You will need:

1. Cut the slab into sections with 3 or 4 ribs per section.

2. Cover your 9 x 13 casserole dish with several layers of tinfoil (this will be important for steaming).

3. Sprinkle an ample amount of Adolf’s Meat Tenderizer all over your ribs.




4. Rub some of the BBQ sauce on the ribs by hand.



5. Add a small about of water to the bottom of the dish.  I typically add around 1/3 to 1/2 a cup of water. Some people like to add more but I feel like that is plenty.


6. TIGHTLY seal the top with tin foil.



7. Cook at 450 degrees for 20-30 minutes. Then loosen the tinfoil cover a tiny bit.

8. Lower temp to 275 degrees. Cook for 2 hours.

9. Lowers temp to 225 degrees. Cook for 1 hour.

10. Add more sauce if desired.



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