Cooking is one of my favorite things to do, other than listening to music that is.

When I am in the kitchen I am in my special place. It is where I cook for my family & where we meet to talk about our day. It’s where I listen to my music, talk radio and other podcasts. Honestly, most people spend more time in their kitchen than they realize.

I am a huge technology lover. Being a blogger, I am constantly on my cell, using social media, playing with smartwatches, laptops, WiFi devices and such. Even in the kitchen I’m surrounded by tech, from my smart fridge to arguably the best microwave oven under 15000, and every part of it always in use. I also enjoy finding new tips and tricks on how I’m able to increase my blog’s awareness (sometimes even while whipping something up in the kitchen), to be fair, most of these pointers are posted by a Digital Marketing Company. I also love finding the next best thing in the tech world – and I found the coolest new product to help simplify your life – the NetChef Digital Kitchen.

This fully loaded device is like a tablet – but with better speakers, it’s light & portable, and it’s easy to store. But the best part is that it comes loaded with tons of wonderful recipes, right at your fingertips.

I hate lugging my laptop into the kitchen to pull up my latest Pinned recipe off Pinterest – or trying to read it off my phones small screen and needing to keep zooming in to read it better. The NetChef is perfect for people who love to use recipes off Pinterest because Pinterest is one of the pre-loaded app options for your to add to your device!

The NetChef has 10 preloaded buttons for you to scroll through on the main home screen: Audio Books, Enjoy Music, Enjoy Video, Internet Radio, Stored Photos, Social Media, Online Recipes, Cooking Sites, My Recipes and a Utilities button. Each of these main options opens up to give you options to download apps on the device which suit you and your family best.

I love that they don’t spam up the device with assumptions. Some people may not use Instagram and not need it uploaded, taking up memory. Others may love YouTube and want that to be easily accessible. Giving the user the option to pick and choose what they want their NetChef is priceless.

However, being a cooking based device, each NetChef device is pre-loaded with tons of amazing recipes for the user. These recipes are accessible through the Online Recipes button. I was in shock by how many yummy and fun recipes I know have at my finger tips. There are 18 categorizes to choose from, such as breakfast, lunch or dinner…Main course, soups, vegetarian…quick recipes, kids recipes or special occasions. You can favorite any of the recipes themselves to save for future use and to make finding them even faster.

At the bottom of the Online Recipes screen there are several super helpful features which include a timer and a conversion tool. You can use the timer for not only your recipes but other reminders, like if a kid is in time out, to make a phone call in an hour or to grab that load of laundry out of the washer. The conversion tool is great for knowing how to figure out liter, ml, cup, fluid ounces, tablespoon and gallons ratios. Often when changing the recipes by needing to make more or less this will come in handy. Have you ever found a recipe that is in European measurements? I have! Now you can easily figure out how to make it using the measurements you are familiar with.

The last option in the Online Recipe tab is cuisines. This is amazing because it allows you to search by country, such as Italian, Middle Eastern, African, French, Japanese, Mexican, Russian and many others. The foodie in me loves this feature, because I can find recipes I never thought of exploring.

If you love having music play in the background while cooking or just in the background throughout your day then this NetChef is going to be a big lifestyle changer in your home. By having access to tons of audio options you are going to put it on your Christmas list right now and mention it to several people too!

There are 3 main ways to hear audio features: Internet Radio (Pandora, iHeartRadio, TunedIn), Pi Music (located in Enjoy Music button) and an Audio Book button (Audible, and LoyalBooks).

At the Fox house we love using Pandora, as it is also on my cell phone and I have been curating my lists for years now. Being able to hear my favorite channels through perfect Hi-Fi speakers to get the volume I most desire is wonderful.

When things get messy and that sauce splatters, don’t fret – it’s waterproof! Just use a damp towel to wipe it clean and a dry one to get the screen clear. No more worries about ruining your phone or laptop with grease or sauce splatters.

Being a plug-and-play tablet, this device is super easy to use. Perfect for anyone who cooks, listens to music or browses the internet. Being a fully functional tablet, you can easily get online and use the device like you would a laptop computer. Now that you are super excited about the NetChef – click overe here to see it on Amazon and read even more about the features and availability.

The future of smart devices and smart homes is very exciting. Companies like Crestron are already making a name for themselves in this sector by installing high end devices in the home to automate life and connect everything to the palm of your hand. But if you were the kind of person that loves building their own smart home lights by installing motion sensors in them and whatnot, check out Octopart. They have a great range of electronic components for any project you have in mind.

Photos! The NetChef Digital Kitchen comes with a few pre-loaded images but you can upload your own photos using any photo apps you enjoy, or by saving them off any social media channels like Facebook or Instagram. Click on the little 3 dots, save to device and it will download into the applicable folder in the Stored Photos button. You can make them scroll by clicking the play button symbol. It is set to change photos every 3 seconds, but you can change the length of the flip by going into the settings. Its very simple to do. My family, especially my kids, love seeing their daily adventures pop up. They them recall the previous adventures they have experienced.

Tips for Users:

Read through the information booklet that comes with the device, its full of helping information.

To get the device to turn on or off, you need to HOLD DOWN the power button for 3-5 seconds, or until you hear a “pop” noise. This is the speakers and unit turning on and a good noise so dont be alarmed. It will not turn on or off it just touch the button for 1 second – you MUST hold down the button for several seconds.

After the device is on, go to the top right corner of the screen like you would any other smart device and find the connection to set up your Wi-Fi. Without the Wi-Fi turned on you will not be able to use all the features like social media and music apps.

Be sure to allow the screen to fully complete it’s task before touching it. If you are downloading an app or opening something do not touch the screen before its done thinking – it can freeze up, causing you to have to start over.

Download the apps you want as you need them. Why clog up the memory for apps you may not use. Just download them as you go.

Play around and browse the recipes that are pre-loaded. You are going to have such fun trying new recipes!

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  1. This sounds like such a great device. I can see this being awesome when making holiday dinners coming up.

  2. This is the perfect time of year for such an item. I like the idea of combining cook books and technology into one device.

  3. That is so cool! I love that I don’t have to tie up my phone while I’m looking at a recipe. I love to listen to books while I cook, too. I hope they have a gluten free section.

  4. This is something good for me as far as recipes go.It’ll be right there in front of me instead of digging through all my papers.
    I love that I can listen to music and check FB too. Great product!

  5. I cannot believe how handy this is. I refuse to bring my laptop into the kitchen. I hate using my phone, or tablet, because the screen constantly has to be touched. This is perfect!

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  8. I like the idea of combining cook books and technology into one device. I love that you can check FB!! So awesome

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  10. This is the coolest gadget ever! I use currently use my iPad to listen to music while in the kitchen, however; the volume isn’t the greatest and my battery is always dying! Thanks for the chance to win this! It’s awesome!

  11. Thank you for not only commenting on the good points of what this awesome kitchen helper can do, but also commenting on some of the mishaps that you have encountered while using this device! I would be calling the support line or returning it, thinking it had a manufacturer defect! These are minor. Heck my phone freezes now and then! Thank you for sharing!

  12. this is what i need. I’m always on my phone checking this or that. I’m always on pinterest too checking recipes to make.

  13. I am absolutely cooking handicapped so this would be seriously amazing to have at my fingertips!! The holidays and really just cooking in general stress me out so I usually need all the help I can get!!

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  15. This would be so handy. I agree with you…moving my laptop (where I store all my recipes) to the kitchen is a hassle. I end up writing down the recipe from the laptop and taking it into the kitchen. Love that this has good speakers to watch recipe videos too. This is such a good solution for so many reasons.

  16. I love that it so small and it does big things like play music and hold your favorite recipes!

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  21. This is so awesome! I love that it has a conversion tool because I come across recipes all the time that I need to convert. I also enjoy listening to music while I cook. I love that the netchef kitchen helper is waterproof and that you can load your own pictures on it! And I would love to have one!

  22. this would be a dream to have! I love having new recipes to try, or having my favorite recipes close at hand.

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