Judging Rib Fest 2016Chef’s jackets and aprons are pretty basic. But not all chefs are basic. Some require apparel that has been taken up a notch. Jackets and aprons should stand out like the food they make and the people they are. If you like to stand out in a positive and fresh way then Tilit is the brand for you.

Whether you bake, saute, flambe, or just mess around in your own kitchen at home, you should try and protect your threads by wearing an apron or jacket. It’s just common sense. If you are in a professional setting, then this type of apparel goes without question. If you are in the back of the house or on the front line, you want to look your best and represent your food with a clean and fresh look. This is exactly what Tilit provides.

When I was asked to judge the Strongsville Rib Burn Off in 2016 as a culinary judge I knew I wanted to stand out in a positive and honest way. Being a SAHM blogger and food reviewer I never owned a ‘real’ chef’s jacket of my own. I knew that I would need to sport one at this event and after doing some online research I saw that Tilit was exactly the type of style that I would wear. Fresh, modern and functional – everything a chef desires. Tilit’s brand boasts an amazing array of products with designs you want to wear. These are not your Fathers’s jackets.

If you are, or know someone who is, an avid home cook or baker then Tilit Chef Aprons are just what you need. They are made for professionals, but are what can really elevate your home cooking and baking experience. They make the perfect gift for that hard to shop for family member. Classy yet modern & functional, it’s a real win/win.

Tilit Aprons

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This Mama’s Experience

I love, I mean love, everything about this chef coat.  The fit, the texture, the cut, the material, the features…all are totally on point. The Women’s Short Sleeve Chefs Coat is perfect for any kitchen, bakery or home. This coat is tailored with a women’s body and curves in mind. By having true mobility you can function and work properly. This coat makes a women feel comfortable and at ease in her body. Being at ease (…as much as your kitchen allows that is) helps with productivity and can boost confidence which can also boost performance.

This coat is perfect for working in my kitchen, whipping up some family meals.

My favorite features on this coat are:

  • Side performance panels (give me room to move around without being restrained)
  • Hip pocket (for my notes, cell phone, timer, thermometer…whatever tool I need that meal)
  • Roomy neck (no one likes a scratchy neck. This collar is soft as butter and perfectly designed)

Click here to see all of the features of this coat up close

Tilit Chef coats are the first crowd-sourced chef coat made by chefs for chefs


Tilit Short Chef Coat



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  1. I could definitely use an apron!! I’ve messed up so many shirts cooking (and the others from sticky baby and kid hands)! lol

  2. I never really thought about my clothes or fashion while I cooked!! IF I was a professional chef, I would probably think of this. The shirts do look durable. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I really like that brown apron….it won’t show the stains, so it’ll look good for a long time – unlike the white one I have now.

  4. Aprons have come a long way from the ones my grandmother used to make and wear!

  5. These sound fantastic. I would love to have a good apron like this in my kitchen

  6. My daughter is starting Chef Training in September, Love all these new options!?

  7. I don’t think I would ever have a use for one of these, but they look really nice!

  8. Personally, I think I’d still favor an apron over a coat. And something that isn’t white – I’m messy in the kitchen. But this is a good and informative review and I suppose if I were to make a public appearance like the BBQ contest you judged, I’d be looking at a chef’s coat too.

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