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Backyard Composting

We are in the process of creating a backyard garden. This summer we had a container garden where we grew tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, and lots of pepper varieties. It was a blast potting the seeds, watering the plants, and watching them grow all throughout the summer. My kids really liked the process too. I loved being able to teach my kids how to grow plants. Seeing their excitement and enthusiasm every time we went outside to water them, it just warmed my heart.

I have very high hopes for our garden in the coming years. When I think about all the goals I have for our backyard I want to get them all done as soon as possible. We obviously know that’s a very difficult thing to accomplish, so I’m taking my time.

Subpod is a company that is making my garden dreams come true. This backyard composter is perfect for turning food waste into organic compost that is so nutrient rich. In just a few months we will reap the benefits in an easy to use and smell-free way. Not only that, but the Subpod is actually kinda pretty too.

There are a few different systems available from Subpod, the one I am reviewing here is the Subpod Grow Bundle.

Included in the Grow Bundle is the Subpod, grow garden bed, and aerator. The Subpod has dual compost chambers and two extra thick worm blankets. High quality steel material makes up the grow garden bed. This steel is protected with anti-corrosive zinc and aluminum coating, so it should last a long time. The food-grade stainless steel aerator is the perfect tool needed to stir up the food waste and keep the good soil process in the making.

The patented design of the Subpod compost system brings efficiency and innovation unlike any other. The three in one design works as a compost system, worm farm, and garden seat.

The Subpod has the ability to ‘compost up to 44 pounds of food waste each week’. The maintenance is simple too, about 5 minutes or so a week.

Lots of different things can be composted in the Subpod. Most of the food waste from your kitchen can be composted with nothing to worry about. There are a few select few foods that should not be added, but there is a great list of what can be composted on the Subpod website.  Paper and cardboard, natural fibers, wood and bamboo, and human and animal waste. For more information on the what can be composted, be sure to visit the website.

One of the unique features of this Subpod design is that it’s underground. A huge benefit of this is that it is smell free, and for the most part it’s mess free too. The design allows fresh air to flow in and out of the system which keeps the smell out. This is such a neat feature that I am very thankful for. We live in the woods, so having a compost system that does not smell and will keep the pests out is super important.

*Our Subpod is not yet underground. In time we will add soil to the space around the composter within the outer box.

Subpod makes it easy to compost. In 4 easy steps you can have nutrient rich soil for all your garden needs. First put the food waste into the Subpod and aerate so that step two is a bit faster. Next, the worms and microbes will do the work. They break down food waste in worm castings, which is the compost. Step three is the ventilation and aeration that keeps the system from smelling during the compost ting process. Then, the last, and best step, the compost can be harvested. Fresh, organic fertilizer to fee your plants with.


We are so excited to have the Subpod in our backyard and to have fresh soil whenever we need. This learning opportunity for our children will be forever cherished.

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