Tavva Kitchen is a great company that creates stainless steel kitchen products. The brand cares about creating practical and innovative products that are very earth friendly. As a company, Tavva’s goals are to reduce the reliance on single-use plastic. Their products are perfect to replace plastic containers in your kitchen.

Their containers are super safe. They are non-toxic and free of BPA, BPS, and phthalates. These are just some of the ingredients in plastic that are harmful to our bodies, environments, and life’s. Kicking these ingredients out of our home is super easy with these Tavva Kitchen alternatives.

The stainless steel containers are completely leak proof. The steel container along side the silicone lid creates a perfect, sealed closure. When the lid is on the container properly there is such a nice seal, I never have to worry that it will leak when it’s in the lunchbox.

Another perk of these Tavva Kitchen containers is that they are completely dishwasher safe. I pretty much put everything in the dishwasher (sometimes even if it’s not supposed to be), so having these be dishwasher safe is a lifesaver. It’s great to not need to worry about the silicone or steel get damaged because it is being washed in the dishwasher.

One of my favorite features of these stainless steel containers is that they are light weight. Bringing them when we pack lunches is much more handy than packing glass containers. They make our lunchbox significantly lighter.

I also love that the containers are safer than glass. By this I mean that I don’t have to worry about them falling on the ground and breaking. We pack our lunches very often and we sit at picnic tables, on the ground, and sometimes in the back of our van, having containers that cannot break is so great. Three boys eating lunch on the go is not calm in any sense, so this is just something that I don’t need to monitor anymore.

These containers are basically indestructible. The strong stainless steel that makes up the container is tough to destroy; much tougher than glass. With three boys in the house, these containers are just perfect. Not only is the steel strong, but the silicone is really strong too. It can’t be broken and is hard to be torn.

These Tavva Kitchen stainless steel containers are just perfect for our kitchen. Having three boys in our home means that things break very easily and quickly. The stainless steel and silicone are basically indestructible, and that’s just what we need. The containers are light weight, nesting, stacking, and leak proof. Such great characteristics for storage containers.

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