Unshoes is a minimal footwear company that creates footwear that are designed for the feet. Our feet were created to move. There are 33 joints in each one of our feet, so allowing them to function naturally is such an important concept.

The mission at Unshoes is a simple one. They strive to start from the ground up – at the feet. Their footwear gives people the ability to move naturally which helps every aspect of the body and mind. It’s empowering when people know they are doing something good for themselves. That’s what Unshoes is all about – empowering people by starting at the foot.

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Unshoes was created because there wasn’t a cost effective shoe on the market that was light, had an adjustable and continuous strap, and were not heavy and stiff. Putting things into his own hands, Terral (the owner and founder of Unshoes), made a sandal of his own with all the features he was wanting in a shoe.

I love supporting this small business because they are committed to minimal footwear that is simple, high quality, made in the USA, and affordable. Check out some reasons I am a huge fan of their shoes!

The Uinta Sandal from Unshoes is the perfect sandal for sport. Hiking, water, terrain of any sort, these shoes are a great option for the sporty type. Not only that, but the Uinta Sandal is stylish enough for everyday wear. How great that they can be worn while literally trekking through the rocks on the beach, but also out for a dinner date night.

Each shoe has two clip closures that are on either side of the foot – inside and outside. The straps are completely adjustable and are very easy to loosen and tighten.

There is a little elastic band that goes around the straps that slides back and forth on the straps. This band keeps the extra material held down so they don’t flop around while wearing them.

These Uinta straps are very unique with a a toe loop around the big toe. This toe loop is super helpful when adventuring. My foot doesn’t move around within the shoe and it feels very secure. An interesting aspect of the shoe is that toe loop can be pulled completely flat. When wanting to wear the shoe without the loop (like when wearing socks) it is a great solution.

The shoes are zero-drop so the soles are completely flat. There is no support and no cushion, just a simple flat sole. I actually love this because it allows my feet to move so freely. Our feet are made to move and so many shoes constrict that movement.

The zero-drop sole is great for moving on different surfaces. They offer great protection when walking on rough ground. They have lots of grooves on the bottom so they are very grippy. Walking around on mossy rocks, I didn’t have any difficulty with slipping.

A great feature of the shoes is that they are completely water proof. Many times when sandals with fabric straps get wet they get really heavy, but I haven’t experience that at all.

The shoes do have a bit of a high price tag at $101. A bit steep for a pair of sandals when just looking at the price. But when you compare them with other outdoor hiking sandals, they are right in the running. Especially if you are searching for minimalist sandals, I highly recommend; but even if you’re not looking for a minimalist sandal, these are a great option.