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Running with Earth Runners

Earth Runners is all about rewilding peoples lives. There are lots of issue in life that have been created just because of the modern, domesticated lifestyle. Rewilding is a term used to bring individuals that are strong, healthy, and resilient back into everyday society.

Life these days is so far from what it used to be. Incorporating a more simple and natural lifestyle as opposed one that is filled with modern technology and practices. The Earth Runner sandals look to bring the original relationship between nature and us – people.

Earth Runner sandals are very unique and much different than other footwear on the market. They are made very well and are great for wearing on rough terrain, which is incredible for the simple design they have.

These minimalist sandals bring your feet to the ground, almost literally. Keeping your feet secure but also free, they are the perfectly designed sandal to protect the feet with feeling barefoot.

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The Lifestyle Sandal from Earth Runners is a great all around sandal.  It is ideal for hiking and walking on all terrains, and it is also a great everyday wear sandal. While it is a great sporty option, it is also an excellent option for casual wear. Dress it up with a cute dress, or dress it down to go on a hike, the Lifestyle Sandal from Earth Runner can do it all. 

Not only is it a versatile sandal, it is also durable, comfortable and flexible; the latter being a staple in the barefoot shoe world. This sandal has room for wide toes and the Lifestyle Sandal, in particular, also has a stylish canvas base that compliments the straps. 

One aspect I love about Earth Runners is that they are sustainable with their shipping. The sandals come in a single box, and the box has directions to adjust the straps printed on it – how efficient! To adjust the straps, it can take a bit of getting used to. I managed to get the strap out of the ankle clasp and found it difficult to get it back to where it needed to be. After looking on the Earth Runners website I found they had helpful tips to correct it and get the straps where and how they should be. Click here to view the page with lots of tips and helpful information. 

When it comes to adjusting and breaking in the Lifestyle Sandal, slow and steady definitely wins the race. The canvas footbed can be rough on parts of the foot at first, but it is easy to break in. The strap that stretches across the top of the foot does take some getting used to.  Along with going slow and steady when breaking these sandals in, I also found it helpful to wear the straps loosely. As your feet become accustomed to the sandals, tightening the straps becomes more and more comfortable. 

When searching for the size of the Lifestyle Sandal, I found the sizing guides on the Earth Runners website to be most helpful.  The sizing chart provides foot measurements, as well as directions for how to properly measure your foot, to ensure you find the best foot for you.  My favorite aspect of their sizing chart however, was the option to print a template for each shoe size.  The template provides directions on how to properly use the guide, as well as examples of what is a “good fit” and a “too big” fit.  This printable template feature was a key factor in finding the right fit. 


Earth Runners are such a versatile shoe. They can be worn in almost any circumstance and can be dressed up or dressed down. The sandals are very comfortable once they are broke in and the strap, once you get the hang of it, is really easy to loosen and tighten. Although I really like the color I choose, they have many other options to choose from. I highly recommend these minimalist, barefoot shoes as an addition to your shoe collection. Whether you are just hearing about barefoot shoes, or have known about them for awhile now, Earth Runners is a trusted, well established company that creates high quality shoes.

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