Sago Mini is a great company that puts kids first. The core values of Sago Mini are centered around laughter and learning. Activities that are open-ended allow for creativity and play, which is where learning begins.

Three different products are available from Sago Mini – their boxes and the school and world apps. All of their products are designed to foster a learning environment. What is unique about the company though, is that they want to get kids to laugh and have fun while doing so.

There are three different questions that Sago Mini uses to guide their product design. The questions are:

  1. “Does it encourage kids to explore, imagine, and discover?”
  2. “Is it intuitive, beautiful and fun to play?”
  3. “Does it meet our high standards of quality and safety?”

Seeing this list, I am encouraged. A lot of thought really goes into designing the products, which is great to know when purchasing or allowing our children to play with them.

Sago Mini Box is a subscription program that delivers activities directly to your doorstep. The creative activities offer a make-and-play scenario that kids can play with for about a month, or until the next one is delivered.

The Sago Mini Boxes are good for ages 3-5. They encourage sensory, exploration, and constructive play.

The process is simple. Just choose a theme on the Sago Mini site, pay monthly or annually. Get the boxes delivered to your door every month. Then allow your kiddos to discover, learn, make, play, and more.

Every month there are new themes and activities available that can be delivered. You can head over to the Sago Mini Box website to see some of the different box themes.

In each box there are three activities that all build upon each other. Everything needed is in an envelope with specific instructions for those specific pieces. The envelopes are all numbered, which is another great learning opportunity.

There are fine motor growth opportunities from punching out the little pieces of cardboard, to placing small pieces into a box. Many of the boxes include building something, so there are following directions skills being developed too.


Every month the box itself transforms and becomes part of the scene that the kids are creating. Each and every aspect of what is sent in the mail is being used in the creating, learning, and playing process. Pretty cool!

In the box there is also a Sago Mini friend that kids can collect. This little character is to be played with in their scene and used while imagining. The characters are pretty heavy duty, so I anticipate my children’s friends being played with well beyond the box and activities.

Something that I was disappointed in was that our boxes were delivered on a day it was raining. They were placed in a place we couldn’t see so they were sitting in the rain for many hours. Since the box and all the contents in it are cardboard, it was very soggy, wet, and, once dried completely, warped. This is not something that Sago Mini had any control over. I completely understand that this was a delivery service error. Just something to keep in mind when expecting the box. It is cardboard, so if it gets in weather, it could be affected.

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