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Ninja Shoes

Gaucho Ninja is a very unique shoe company that is based out of the UK. The company strives towards giving people a good balance between doing activities barefoot and wearing restrictive shoes. The handmade shoes that Gaucho Ninja crafts are beautiful pieces of art that are worn on the feet. They are made with very high quality materials and are very well put together.

Many of us are used to the restrictive and damaging shoes that are basically what everyone wears these days. These shoes, as mentioned, are damaging to the foot because they prevent the correct development of the muscles that make our feet strong, flexible, and healthy.

Our feet are happy and healthy when they are moving freely with the ability to feel and touch the earth. Gaucho Ninja offers protection while also giving flexible, spacious, and stylish comfort. There are ‘28 bones, 30 joints, and over 100 muscles’ in our feet; they need to move freely. They are there to support our whole body, literally.

The leather is a by-product that would be wasted if not used for something like this – shoe creating. The leather that Gaucho Ninja uses comes from 6 artisan tanners out of Spain. It is tanned traditionally with traditional tools and methods. Every piece is different and unique, so no two pair of shoes is exactly the same. The thread is from Germany and is made from recycled plastic bottles. Many of the shoe soles are Vibram – an Italian brand that molds them by hand.



This DIY Leather Kit is such a cool concept and a really fun way to purchase a pair of shoes. I like that I put my hard work into making these moccasins, so I am really going to hold them on a pedestal compared to the other shoes I own.

Making these moccasins, I’m going to be honest, was very difficult. The method of sewing that is used in the making of the shoes is called saddle stitching. It is difficult for someone like me – someone who doesn’t make custom, tailored shoes for a living. I had to make some modifications when putting them together, which just made the process a bit longer.

All in all it took me about three weeks to find time to make the shoes. When adding up the time in total, it took about 3-4 hours.

Not having the proper tools like would be in the Gaucho Ninja shop made it so I had to get creative on exactly what to use. This wasn’t a huge issue, but if I had proper tools, it would have made it much easier.

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Gaucho Ninja is a great company, I highly recommend their products. Although their shoes are quite expensive, they offer incredible quality and will last for years. They have a pretty large selection of shoes to choose from, so finding one that suites you wouldn’t be difficult. The DIY leather kits are a great way to get your feet wet and experience the quality and durability of the Gaucho Ninja shoes.

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