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Holidays On The Go

We have three boys and we’re still finding kids equipment that we didn’t know we wanted or needed! The KidCo brand designs products that are so great for any family with children.

KidCo was developed in 1994 and is the first company to introduce metal safety gates to America.

This family owned and operated brand is well trusted by parents. They offer child home safety products, baby gates, bed rails, and travel gear.

The GoPod travel activity seat is so perfect for the coming holidays. We just recently went on a trip and brought the seat with us, it was a life saver. Our baby used it a lot because our friends didn’t have a seat for him. Eating meals, playtime, and just relaxing during the day, the seat was used constantly.

At just seven pounds, this portable seat is ultra light weight. Folding it up is super easy and makes it the perfect size for on the go travel.

The seat includes a carry bag too, so wether you are using the car or headed to the airport its a breeze to bring.

The seat is so easy to set up and take down. There is a latch at the bottom of one of the legs that clicks into place. This ensures the seat will stay sturdy and not collapse while baby is in it. To collapse the seat press the button and fold up!

With four different height levels, this chair will grow with baby. It’s simple to adjust the height too. Just fold up the fabric, press the silver button (in third photo), twist the black triangle piece, and either push the seat leg down or pull it up. Our 10 month old is sitting at the second level height, so there is lots of room to grow!

The activity seat has an attached floor pad that keeps baby’s feet off the direct floor. Location versatility is made easy with this pad. By the fire, on a picnic, watching siblings play sports, or in the house baby’s feet will stay clean and dry.

Included on the top of the seat are two holders to keep a snack and a drink. We have also used these holders to keep toys in as well. There are also five nylon loops on the top that allow for toys to be attached. These are great because the toys stay up by baby and don’t fall on the floor.

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This KidCo GoPod is the perfect travel seat and will be such a great help this holiday season. Keeping gatherings small means that there wont be bunches of great aunts who will hold the baby; this seat is going to be so handy!

If you have kids who aren’t walking quite yet, or who need to be closely supervised, I highly recommend this seat. My family plans to bring it to both our Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings, and any in between.

Go with Me, Anywhere!

I’ve been on the hunt for a good travel seat for the kiddo.

We travel to my parents a lot, so having one that we can bring with us or leave at their house is a must. That’s why I’m so glad I found the Baby Delight Go With Me Chair.

This is a multi-functional seat that is great for travel, high chair use, or outdoor sitting.


Using a similar idea of a folding chair, this seat folds and unfolds super easily and fits nicely in a carrying bag.

Having a variety of different seating options, your child will be comfortable at any age (within the parameters) sitting in the chair. The seating options for the chair include: sitting, standing, and big kid. Baby can start using the high chair at approximately three months of age, and can continue to use it until they reach 75 pounds.

In the sitting position, baby sits in the chair using the 5 point harness straps. This is great for very young children and children who are walking (or are stable on their feet).

Next, the standing position, is a good option for kids who need support standing. Simply un-Velcro the seat portion to reveal the two leg holders where baby can stand with support. Once kids are walking, this option isn’t really necessary for them, but surely can be used. My son recently started walking and I put him in the chair standing up, and he was too tall, so we just went back to the sitting position. The standing option is great to use in any circumstance; use it like an activity jumper.

The big kid option is great for toddlers and beyond. Here the chair is basically a folding chair. Whether using it indoors our outdoors, your toddler will love this seat. Using the chair with this option is perfect for watching sports or relaxing in the backyard.

Baby Delight offers a multitude of color choices to choose from; this fun chair will brighten up any space. If using the chair outside for a (possible) sporting event, get the chair in the color of the team you’re rooting for!

The 5 point removable harness is so great, it gives me peace of mind when baby is in the seat. I love that I have the option to strap baby in around the belly or on the shoulders, or both! The harness is comfortable and keeps baby securely sitting up right. When baby gets older, the shoulder straps aren’t necessary, just snap around the belly.

The high chair is equipped with a removable tray and sun canopy. I love these features because they are both really nice to have in different circumstances. Each of these features can be used on the chair using any of the seating options.

When using the chair for eating, then the removable tray is obviously something you’ll want to utilize. Baby sits right up in the seat and the tray fits snuggly around them.

The sun canopy is the perfect feature when using the hair outside. Whether you’re eating outside and using the tray too, or just sitting in the chair watching a game, The sun canopy is great for keeping that fragile skin safe and protected. The canopy folds up very easily and fits in the carrying bag with the removable tray and the high chair seat.

This is a great seat for any family. Perfect for travel, or to use in the backyard, your kids will love this seat; and you will too! My favorite aspect of the chair is that it folds up super small and fits into a carrying bag. Seriously so convenient!

Check out the other Baby Delight products on their website.

Holiday Travel Done Right

We travel a lot.

My parents live on the other side of the state, and we try to see them at least once a month. With adding kids to our family, we’ve been trying to see them even more often.

November through December – we see them A LOT. It’s great; holidays are the travel inspiration to see family more frequently. Or even to relax! I have had acquaintances who visited Spain sometime recently and she was describing to me the beautiful culture of the country! So much so, that I even now know that there are transport websites (StressFreeCarRental.com and similar others tend to provide such services) that can take me around the country from the airport itself! I mean, who knew technology could make life so much easier, right? It sure would be amazing though, if I ever got the chance to travel with my family!

That’s why I’m tempted to do so now. I may even consider a private jet hire so that I can spend some quality time with my family all alone. Another reason is that I want them to have a luxurious travel experience at least once in their lives. Though I’m not sure if I can afford it, I’d give it my all. It is just as important to spend time with one’s family as it is to have a stable job. You won’t be able to stay deprived of them for long.

As many of you might know, traveling with kids can be tough, and private jet could be a convenient option in that case as well.

Anyway, there are a lot of packing struggles that I experience when getting our family ready to leave. The main issue that I come across is fitting all our stuff into the car (when you’re traveling by car). It’s hard! If you don’t think you can fit it all into your daily car, consider renting a party bus from Texas, it makes traveling roomier and more fun.

We have found a product that will make packing, and re-packing so much easier.

Meet: Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib by Guava.

This travel crib is seriously the best baby product I’ve laid my eyes on. Keep reading and I’ll tell you why I love it so much!

Guava is a family-owned company that offers high-end, top of the line baby products that are innovative and built to last. Their products are so unique, and they don’t like your typical baby gear.

Neutral is always better, in my opinion. Neutral products are great because they can be anywhere and not look like an eye sore. So many baby products are brightly colored and have bold prints on them, having any of the in the same place can be pretty distracting. I love how this travel crib is designed with neutral colors that won’t disrupt any space. Not to mention, you can use it baby after baby – boy or girl.

Even more than their products being neutral, I love that they don’t look like baby products. Everything that Guava creates and sells is designed to be simple, efficient, and elegant. What a great rule to live by. As parents simple and efficient are [like] what we live by. Throw some elegance in there, and you’ll turn heads.

Safety is very important to Guava, and they really do stand behind it. High quality materials and lots of testing ensures that the products are safe for your kiddo. Many third-party safety tests are completed on the Guava products to guaranty the safety of them. This really makes me feel good when laying my little(s) in their crib.

As previously mentioned before, traveling with kids is a challenge. There’s so much equipment and gear you [may or may not] need; always safer to be prepared, right? Having a place for baby to sleep is obviously a must. I love that this travel crib is lightweight and looks really sleek.

This Guava Travel Crib is so compact, it hardly takes up any space in the trunk. Folding up super easily and compactly, it’s nothing [or everything] compared to other travel cribs. With a few simple steps you can have the crib collapsed and in the bag in no time.

The small size of the crib allows you to pick it up and move it from room to room. Because of the small profile you can leave it open and move it – it fits between doorways! Weighing only 13 pounds, almost anyone will be able to lift it.

The mattress is easily attachable, and is easy to clean too. The clips latch very simply, and keep mattress flat on the floor. Because the mattress is supported by the floor, there is no weight limit. There is a height limit for the crib, though – 35 inches. My two year old son is much too big for this Guava crib; he can for sure climb out of it, and he could easily tip it over because of how lightweight it is.

The best part though? The carrying bag is equipped with optional backpack straps.


Seriously, an amazing feature.

Simply unzip the back pocket and pull the straps out. Connect, using the clips at the bottom of the strap, to the corresponding loop; and off you go!

A really unique feature the crib offers is the zipper opening on the front side. This is great for getting baby out of the crib. Instead of bending over to lift them up, simply un-zip the zipper and squat down to grab them. My son is one and I just un-zip the zipper so he can crawl out himself. My older son is also a fan of this feature. It kind of creates a fort-like feel, which is great for his age.

You can even lock the zipper so little fingers can’t open it on their own.

The whole crib is washable, which is such an important feature for a kids product. Simply un-zip the fabric cover, wash in a cold water cycle, and dry on delicate cycle.

Be sure to click the link to see what other products they offer. We stand behind Guava and their brand and would love to see our readers repping their products! Their products are top of the line and so safe for your baby. No toxic materials, and no flame retardants; that ‘s something all parents want to hear!

OXO Air Stroller Giveaway

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Sponsored by: OXO

Enter for your chance to win:OXO Tot Air Stroller

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OXO: OXO makes 1,000+ products covering numerous areas of the home. There big philosophy is Universal Design; basically, creating products that almost anyone can use. OXO tot brand was inspired after a baby boom in the office. When their employees faced parent pet peeves firsthand, they decided to start problem solving. OXO tot line covers a number of products such as feeding, seating, and on-the go for your littles one.

Read more about the Air Stroller Here

The Perfect Airport Carry On For Kids

Traveling with kids is exciting…and exhausting!

Anything we can do to make a trip easier – whether in a car, train or plane – is worth it in the end.

The Fox family took our first ‘big’ family vacation to Legoland, Florida. We decided since we are done having kids, Lord willing, and the youngest is potty trained, we will take on the next step and try our hand at a big vacation. Although we were very apprehensive of travelling with kids, we did it anyway! We have been so excited about this adventure, but want things to be as fun, easy and smooth as possible. There are so many places I want to visit but I just need to start with small trips, to get the kids used to travelling. I really want to visit the Holiday Inn Express hotel in Grapevine TX after one of my friends visited and told me how good it was but I might wait until the kids are a bit older. To make travelling to Florida a bit easier, I knew I needed to get the kids their own backpack style carry on’s for the airplane.

While at the airport we have decided to take our car seats. We want to watch them being put on the plane (making sure they are really on the plane and not getting tossed around and possibly damaging the seats integrity). We will also need to have hands on our own carry on’s and the 2 kids, so our hands were gonna be full. We needed to ensure that the kids could comfortably carry their carry on’s without any issues. When we got our Deuter Kikki backpacks we just knew that things were going to go smoothly.

Deuter Kikki Kids Backpacks

Carry on’s have limits of size, even for children. The Kikki’s were the perfect size at 14 / 7.9 / 6.3 Inch (H x W x D). Fitting on my tiny 3.5 year old (wears a 2T) and my daughter who is now in a size 6T. These bags are the best for toddlers, preschoolers and young elementary students alike. I loved how they have so many extra features like 2 side pockets for drinks, snacks or small stuffed animals. A “d” ring, which you can attach key chains, carabiners , or other trophies.

The sternum strap helps stabilizes the pack on the child shoulders. I love this feature as my smaller child is not the strongest. I needed him to be able to carry the pack comfortably, and this feature made a world of a difference. The breathable foam back minimizes perspiration and comes in 3 colors: pink, blue or green.

It has a name tag feature on the inside, so if child gets lost or the bag is left somewhere, you can have the parent contact information available, but not visual to a person from the outside.

Fits perfectly under a compact plane seats for take offs and landings

I was able to put the following, with extra room left, in our Kikki’s for the plane ride:

  • A full sized iPad, in a large rubber kid-proof case
  • Headphones
  • Several thin/first reader books
  • Sticker activity set
  • A smaller sized stuffed animal
  • Small toy figurines
  • Snacks and a water bottle

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How to Stay Healthy on an Overnight Trip

How to Stay Healthy on an Overnight Camping Trip


Camping with the family is always a brilliant time. We try and get out to a campsite at least once a year for a week or so and just lose ourselves in nature. We used to take a big tent that we would all sleep in but my husband bought us an RV from Halterman’s RV a few years back and we’ve not looked back!

So, when it comes the time of year where we can take the RV Covers off and finally hit the road, we want to make sure we keep healthy throughout our trip and don’t resort to any unhygienic bad habits! A healthy overnight camping trip isn’t the easiest thing to pull off. This is especially the case when you’re in with your children and you’re wondering what it will take for things to go smoothly.

Luckily, there are a number of do-it-yourself tricks that will make it easier for you and your family to enjoy your next camping trip out in the woods.

Three Healthy Tips

There are dozens of tips out there that you can utilize in order to make your camping trip an experience to remember.

However, in this article, we are going to focus on the three specific healthy tips from Outdoorsy.co that deal with staying healthy when you’re on an overnight camping trip.

Towelrod Bathroom Organizer

Keeping your toiletries neatly organized on the road can be tricky and this is even more so the case when you’re in an RV camper or trailer. It would definitely be worth taking a look through some RV consumer guides to find out more about other peoples experiences and tips to help you get started!

However, if you’re looking to keep your shampoos, gels, and soaps organized for you and your family, you should consider purchasing a towel-rod bathroom organizer.

Your different items will be kept orderly and in place, and the towel rod can be installed on the bathroom counter or on the wall near the bathtub.

If you need more information about this kind of product or similar ones, you should check out this article from Pinterest: Hanging Shower Caddy

Command Hooks

Whether its’ for your clothes, your kitchen supplies, or for your electrical cords, having a supply of command hooks will help you keep your RV camper safe and orderly for the duration of your trip. If you don’t already have a functioning RV Battery, you certainly need to get one. You really don’t want to be stuck in the cold with no power. If you don’t know what to look for from an RV battery, this top 10 best list will help you decide which is the best for you!

Command hooks are multi-purpose items and can really come in handy when you’re on the road.

If you want to do things like keep your clothes dry, make sure your children are out of reach from electrical cords, or have easy access to aluminum foil, you may want to invest in a command hook before the next camping trip.

Shower Lines

Lastly, if you do not have the luxury of having a place to put your toiletries on a counter or shelf, you may want to consider buying a shower line.

A shower line is effective in holding multiple small bottles of soap, body wash, shampoo, and other toiletries together by being hooked to a lanyard, which you can put over the shower head to have it hang there for you and your family to use.

While not the most convenient solution, if you don’t have much space in the RV camper and you still want easy access to wash your hair and clean your body, getting a shower line could be your best bet.

If you’re not sure where to find shower lines to buy, you can easily purchase them from Amazon.com. Here’s the link to one of the most popular brands: ShowerLine Shower Caddy


Whether you’re camping for just one night or for the whole week, these three tips will help you to stay fresh and healthy during your next adventure.

Mama on the Move with OXO

Ok Mamas sit down to relax with a nice hot cup of coffee while you read this post.

Or maybe not.

Lets be real, it will probably take you a few good hours to read this blog from start to finish. In between sentences you’ll probably feed a baby, or kiss an ouchy, or stop a few hundred dangerous decisions your toddler is trying to make.

I get it. Mamas are always on the move inside and out of the home.

Since week one of my son’s birth I was on the move. Visiting family, going to special events, and eventually returning to our home overseas. I quickly learned adding children to our active lives was a whole new ball park. Always having something similar to holle formula stage 2 helped a bunch.

But not impossible.

About OXO

As a new mom, I learned there are clever people designing and engineering products specifically for mamas on the move! One of my favorite brands for ingenious baby gear is OXO. They create innovative products that cater to everyday living with children.

OXO makes 1,000+ products covering numerous areas of the home. There big philosophy is Universal Design; basically, creating products that almost anyone can use. The company started when Sam Farber promised his wife with arthritis he would create a better peeler for her to use.

Precious, right?

Sam worked through hundreds of models and did extensive research until in 1990 he invented the first OXO Good Grips kitchen tool; the iconic peeler. So we can all thank Sam, a trusty husband, for making “Women’s Work” just a tad bit simpler.

But the good doesn’t stop there, OXO is dedicated to fighting against pediatric cancer. They are a corporate partner with Cookies for Kids’ Cancer by matching proceeds from bake sales.

OXO tot brand was inspired after a baby boom in the office. When their employees faced parent pet peeves firsthand, they decided to start problem solving. OXO tot line covers a number of products such as feeding, seating, and on-the go for your littles one.

My first experience with OXO tot was when I purchased the Travel Drying Rack for our many travels in China. I remember appreciating how well thought-out its compact design was, and how it proved its durability over and over again. It came with us on every trip and was used for bottles, sippy cups, and teethers. I always had mamas asking me about it and where it could be purchased. Needless to say, I had a great start to my OXO experience.

Recently, I tested a number of feeding and on-the-go systems by OXO. I am a mama of two under three, and I can attest that I am always moving. Someone is always hungry, there is always somewhere to be, a mess to be cleaned, and a diaper to be changed. Overall, I appreciated the well thought out engineering of each individual product. It honestly felt like a mom had invented each one after facing some kind of catastrophe with their little. I hope I can give you a helpful and honest review of each individual product.

On-the-Go Gear

On-the-Go Fork and Spoon Set

Pretty self-explanatory, it’s a toddle fork and spoon in a travel case. The stainless-steel tableware is perfectly shaped, sized, and weighted for little hands.

Did I say weighted?

Yes! They are strategically weighted which gives them a much more durable feel. Not to mention, it assists in helping your little one dig into foods with ease. The travel case is durable and keeps the utensils securely in place when being jostled in a diaper bag. They are dishwasher safe and meet the mama standard of no sharp edges. An added bonus is any OXO Tot Fork & Spoon set can fit in the On-the-Go case. Which means you can have more color options than just the green and aqua. But knowing my whole kitchen is decorated in that exact green and aqua, I was pretty pleased with the colors.

Flippy Snack Cup with Travel Lid

I don’t know about you but I NEVER leave my house without snacks. Snacks are my saving grace when it comes to stalling or keeping my kids entertained. Since the time my son was old enough to snack, I had snack cups. The top is made of soft flaps that let little hands in but prevents snacks coming out. The flaps are definitely the highest quality I’ve ever used and don’t seem to lose stiffness over time. The handle conveniently doubles as a hook for hanging onto strollers and the twist on lid doesn’t pop off with impact.

Trust me, we’ve tested it.

My favorite feature of the Flippy Snack Cup, making it preferred over similar products, is the travel lid. No more cheerios at the bottom of the diaper bag or stale snacks at the end of the day. I do wish the lid was hinged on the top and not completely removable because I know sooner or later I’m going to be digging through the diaper back for the impossible to find clear lid. Overall, I would award this my favorite brand of snack cup.

Feeding Gear

Mash Maker Baby Food Mill

The Mash Maker is designed for maximum ease in pureeing food for your little one starting solids. To be honest, I have a few mixed emotions about this product. It started out rough as my mom and I confusingly struggled to get going. I would highly recommend reading the directions thoroughly and maybe even watching one of their instructional videos on amazon before getting started. After watching the video short, we had a real “ohhhhh” moment and realized how much sense it actually made.

Once we did get going I was trying to steam and puree everything in sight. The non-skid base and grip was comfortable and stable while grinding food. It worked really well for soft cooked fruits and veggies. I tried steamed zucchini, sweet potato, and squash and they all worked well. What makes this more innovative than just a blender is its ability to separate excess liquid. I would highly suggest grinding juicier foods on a plate or in the sink. We had a flood of juice out the bottom of our mill during our zucchini mash up, but great news is our puree was an excellent texture.

The blades are stainless steel, however at times it was quite difficult to forcefully push downward while cranking. My experience pureeing a mango did not go as smoothly as I’d had hoped.

My favorite feature overall was the ability to dissemble and clean the Tot Mash Maker. After each vegetable I did a quick rinse and then finally a full handwashing at the end. It came out stain free and looking like new, even after mashing sweet potato and mango. It also did great in the top rack of the dishwasher. Even with some slight difficulties, I enjoyed having a small, manual, easy to clean tool that was just meant for baby food.

Baby Food Freezer tray

With my first little I did all the fun baby food prep using my everyday kitchen tools. We literally sacrificed having ice for months because our ice trays were full of baby mush cubes. I struggled a lot with keeping the trays covered, food free from freezer burn and odors, and popping out individual cubes at meal time. What makes this freezer tray unique is the multipurpose patented cover. It slides which allows releasing one cube at a time easy. The design is made for easy stacking and is of course, its dishwasher safe. When it came to meal times, each cube popped out easily and was nice and fresh.

Roll-Up Bib

Again, this is another product most of us mamas have seen. An easy to clean bib that includes a food-safe pocket for catching those pieces that don’t quite make it into baby’s mouth. However, there are two things that make this universal design more unique. First off its made of a combination of soft fabric, on top, and durable silicone, on bottom. Both materials are BPA, PVC, and phthalate free. My daughter was not bothered by the comfortable Velcro strap around her neck and happily wore her bib through all of meal time.

Cheers to no bib ripping off battle!

Meal time was simple to clean up as my daughter stayed dry and clean under her waterproof, well fitted OXO bib. As for the bib itself, it both wiped clean and washed well without staining. The other unique design of the Roll-Up bib is it being travel friendly. The fabric rolls into the silicone and securely closes. I went straight for the two pack so that I could consistently have one in the diaper bag and one at home. A definite must have for the mama on the go!

Glass Baby Blocks

As my family moves farther and farther away from having plastic in our house, I am always looking for good solid glass containers. These durable BPA-free containers worked great in the freezer, microwave, and oven.

On those very rare days where I am actually prepared, I love having the choice of heating in the oven.

The snap lids proved to be very air tight giving me confidence to throw one in my diaper bag, not to mention keeping food fresh and odorless.

Measurement markings are great for portioning and the stackable tray helps keep my baby food organized and together

That means no more hidden food wasting away in the corner of your fridge.

Feeding Spoon Set with Soft Silicone

This soft silicone spoon worked great during feedings and the stainless steel made it feel extra sturdy. The spoon shape made it easy for wiping excess food off her face and regulating the amount given to her at a time. Since my daughter is in that fun handsy stage, she consistently grabs the spoon before it gets to her mouth. I eventually gave up and started putting food on the spoon and letting her feed herself. The contour handle worked great for her little hands and she was one happy independent baby!


Transition Straw Cup with Handles

The minute I opened this cup it was fought over between my 2 year old and 9 month old. Not sure if it was the bright color, cool handles, or fun hinged cap that made it so appealing. I let my 2 year old try it out first and that immediately hooked me. Not sure if you have this problem, but my son is a mega water bottle stealer and hider. He attempts to drink from any cup in sight and then carries them away to a black hole where they seem to be gone forever.

Until I find a giant wet puddle leading me to the loot of water bottles.

However, this cup has proven to be completely spill proof. The straw has a valve that opens as soon as a tot drinks, minimizing messes.

It also includes a hinged cap that is leak-proof, yet easy enough for my toddler to open and close.

When I finally got it out of my son’s hands I really appreciated the ability to disassemble the cup for a good thorough cleaning. I then let my baby take it for a spin during meal time.

She did great with the comfortable grip handles and I was able to see how much she drank with the printed ounces down the front. Another OXO clever design is the almond-shaped straw that conforms to baby’s mouth. Its intention is to ease the transition from bottle or nursing into cup. And if you haven’t heard, straws are the new alternative due to orthodontic and speech issues associated with sippy cups. Also an added bonus is you can purchase replacement straws, because we all know the dishwasher needs a monthly sacrifice or your toddler decides to dig a hole to China using his cup. Overall, I appreciated the universal design of this cup and how it worked from infancy to toddlerhood. I’d even go as far to say it would be an awesome baby shower gift!

So there you have it.

Mamas on the go you are not alone in your daily battle to get out the door with everyone clothed and fed. Just know there are creative folks out there, like OXO, who have your back by working hard to provide you with innovative products that meet your every day needs.

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Zoku Tumbler & Dino Pop Mold Review


Zoku package edit

Now that summer is upon us I try to be outside with my daughter as much as possible. Keeping myself as well as her hydrated is so important. Zoku has not only helped with that they have made it so much fun. Zoku is known for their housewares and prides themselves on making family memories around their products.  Zoku has Quick Pop Makers, Ice ball molds, Slush & Shake Maker (where was this when I was pregnant and all I wanted was slushies), Iced Coffee Maker, Ice Cream Makers, Pop & Ice Molds, Travel Tumblers as well as recipe books. I am going to review the Pop & Ice Molds as well as the Travel Tumblers in this article.

Zoku E2 edit

Dino Pop Molds

I was so excited when I received the Dino Pop Molds. Now that my daughter is almost one I want introduce her to everything I remember about being a kid in the summer. I love that with the Pop & Ice Molds I get to decide what is in them and can keep my recipes baby friendly. The pop and Ice Molds are so simple and easy to use, it’s a perfect activity for your kids to help out with. The Pop and Ice Molds make 6 different molds and I love the little details down to the unique handles. Each handle and a symbol to mach to the corresponding mold.  These are perfect size, especially for smaller children. They come in fun designs such as fish, polar and space molds.

Make sure you check out the Recipe Blog on the Zoku website or get creative and make your own. Here’s the recipe I created for my daughter.

Zoku ingredient photo edit 2

Baby Friendly Strawberry Peach Pop

1/4 of a Peach cut into very small chunks

3 Strawberries cut into very small chunks

1/2 cup Peach and Mango Coconut water

1/2 cup water

Mix Coconut water and water in a measuring cup. Divide evenly among your Pop & Ice Mold just under the fill line. Add pieces of Strawberry and Peach to your already filled molds.  Insert handles and freeze for 8 hours. Un-Mold and enjoy.