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Be a Savi Mom

Coming across cute, affordable pregnancy and nursing apparel is a pretty difficult task.

I literally gave up when I was pregnant with my first. I just scraped by, using clothing that could pass as nursing apparel, or making my own.

We live on a budget, so buying clothes isn’t a number one priority.

That’s why I love the Savi Mom clothing line.

You can wear these clothes at all times in your life – pregnancy, postpartum, nursing, and beyond! Also, if you’re pregnant and looking for more than just clothing: I highly recommend HMHB’s guide on finding a crib mattress.

The co-founders of Savi Mom are two moms – just like you and me. Savi Mom was created to help new moms find what they need and want. The versatility of their clothing is perfect for changing bodies.

Free shipping on all US orders makes purchasing from them even more enticing.

Believe me, the Savi mom clothing line is one you’re going to want to check out. Keep reading to find out more!!

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Newport T-Shirt

The Newport top is a great shirt for everyday life. The fabric is super soft and feels amazing on the skin. Adorable and flattering, the cuff sleeves give the shirt a unique look. Making it not quite a tank top, you can wear it in any season. Pair it with a cute cardigan, or thrown on a fun pair of shorts, this top versatile!

Nursing is easy to come by in this top with the pleated front. Easy access for baby just takes a simple pull of the fabric.

One feature I like that I didn’t think I would is the pockets. The two small pockets in the front of the shirt do weigh it down a bit, which isn’t great. But the upside is that they’re actually usable. It’s like a dress with pockets – we all love them, right? They are located in the perfect spot and they are easy slip your hands into.

A down side I found when wearing this shirt is that the pleats on the front, that create the nursing panel, really add a lot to my chest. I feel like my chest is really large when wearing this top. I don’t have a large chest to begin with, so it’s not a huge deal to, but for someone with a larger chest size, I could see this causing some trouble.

You really can nurse discretely while wearing this shirt, which is a huge reason I love it so much. Easy access is something that all nursing moms want, ant this shirt meets that need. The fabric is super soft, and the flow of the front panel creates a great look for any mama.

Be sure to check out the Newport T-shirt. It won’t disappoint!

Aspen Yoga Hoodie

This super cute hooded tunic is perfect for any time of the year. The soft, stretchy jersey fabric is seriously so comfy; you’ll never want to take it off. The long body of this top makes it really versatile. Wear it athletically, casually, or throw on a pair of leggings and rock it.

Long sleeves with thumbhole cuffs really top off the shirt. I love that the sleeves are long, it gives me more of a cozy feel.. I love pulling my hands in my sleeves. This is great for chilly morning walks, or even working out.

The best part, though is the extra fabric and tight stitching. With many of my tops, the thumbhole stretches out and becomes uncomfortable. I have confidence that these thumbholes, and the extra cuff that covers my hand, will last.

I’m a huge fan of hoods on my sweatshirts. Don’t get me wrong, I love my crew necks; but hooded, baggy sweatshirts are just the best. This yoga hoodie is no different. The weight of the hood creates the perfect pull to keep the shirt in the right spot on my neck. This is actually a big deal for me because I don’t like my tops too low on my chest, but I also don’t like them hanging back and nearly choking me. It sits in the perfect spot. The downside to the hood is that it’s not very usable. It’s pretty small and isn’t really functional.

Access to nursing is easy too. The front panel is large and baggy which gives the cute look, but also allows quick access when needing it. Not only is this front panel flowy – which I love – the pleats create such a perfect look. It’s great for pregnancy because it stretches with your belly, but it’s especially great for your postpartum body. It really hides anything you may want hidden – like some left over belly after baby makes their debut.

Pregnant, postpartum, or nursing, this yoga hoodie is a great addition to your wardrobe. My sister-in-law, who doesn’t have any kids (yet), told me she wants the top. So seriously mama’s, it’s totally worth it. You will for sure wear this in all walks of life.

Mama Fashion

Every nursing mom knows how important it is to have an appropriate wardrobe to breastfeed.


Shirts that allow easy access and don’t expose your belly.

Clothing that allows moms to feel confident and comfortable in public.

Eliminating the need to wear and have to tug through layers of clothes.



Momzelle creates innovative nursing apparel that does all of these things.

After crafting a top that was given an overwhelming amount of positive response, Christine, the creater of Momzelle, decided to create tops for other women too. In 2009 Momzelle had the opportunity to pitch their idea on CBC’s Dragon’s Den (the Canadian version of Shark Tank!). As their company continues to grow and reach more people their focus is keeping customers happy with outstanding customer service support.

Connect with Momzelle

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The high quality fabric is made and designed to be worn over and over again. The clothing holds its shape and will not pill. As a breastfeeding mother, I can attest to each of these features. I only want the best fabrics around when nursing my child, so the quality fabrics mean a lot to me.



If you’re looking for a shirt to wear in any part of your mommy stage, this one is for you. The Josiane can very easily be dressed up or dressed down; it’s very versatile.

To the touch this shirt is so soft and almost silky. Made primarily with rayon, this shirt is so, so comfortable. This is my favorite aspect of the shirt. The softness is undeniable.

This top, as well as the Florence and Vanessa, can be worn through all stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding. The ruching on the sides and the long length of the shirt make it easy to wear during pregnancy and postpartum. You will feel great and look good in this flattering top.

Access for nursing comes easy with the Josiane top. The cross over panels open easily to the under panel. This ensures a quick, discreet, and comfortable breastfeeding experience.


This top is super cute and made for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Its loose, flowing silhouette feature is perfect for hot summer days.

I love the versatility of this shirt. It’s super easy to dress the shirt up, or wear it casually. The lace on the shoulders adds a pretty touch that really adds another dimension to the top.

Accessing your nursing bra is easy with the Florence top. Simply lift up the front panel of the shirt and pull the inside panel down or from the side – whichever you feel more comfortable doing.

I’m usually not a fan of loose fitting shirts; I prefer tighter, formfitting tops. This shirt I actually really like. The top is a tad tight, which I like; and the bottom is flowing. Maybe I’m more of a fan of it because it’s summer and it’s super hot all the time. Either way, it’s a great shirt and it’s now one of my go-to’s.


The Vanessa top is a classic v-neck shirt with a little flare. I love v-neck shirts, and this is definitely one of my favorites now. I especially like this top because of the crossover panels; these really distinguish the Vanessa top from other tops.

These crossover panels are perfect for breastfeeding. They hid what need to be hidden and allow easy access for feeding when needed.

The ruching on the sides of the shirt allow it to grow with your belly all throughout pregnancy. I’m not pregnant, but this shirt fits great. The stretch in the fabric gives plenty of room to grow for future pregnancies. This ruching is also perfect for your postpartum figure. It’s flattering for your pregnancy, postpartum, and nursing figure(s).

This shirt is very affordable and can be worn through pregnancy and breastfeeding. Your money will be well used with a purchase of the Vanessa maternity and nursing top.


Momzelle is a great place to find apparel for pregnancy, postpartum, and nursing. Their clothing is affordable and really cute. Check out their website and order something for yourself or give as a gift!

The Chair that Grows

Hey Mamas!

We wish you the happiest of Mother’s Day and hope it is spent doing what you love best!

I love this day of celebration mostly because I get a chuckle out of watching my husband take on the impossible task of independently feeding and clothing two kids for church and brunch. I can’t help intervening to inform my husband our daughter isn’t wearing shoes or my son yet again took off his dress pants and switched back to pajamas.

That’s why Mother’s Day always involves brunch right? Dad’s can’t keep the kids alive and clean all the way to dinner so we have to get the celebration out first thing in the morning!

Then nap time rolls around and exhausted dads everywhere finally find the time to sit and praise their wives with the common phrase

“I don’t know how you do this all day, everyday!”

Moms are a special beings because we do it all day every day…and love it.

Yes we love the drama, kissing ouchies, sweeping a forever dirty floor, and even dare I say it, changing diapers. We love the chaos because it’s OUR chaos brought to us by OUR kiddos. We love our kids unconditionally and want nothing but the best for their lives.

Which leads to my husband getting a chuckle from my Mother’s Day want list. You see the word “want” has lost a lot of value since being a mother. Why waste money on things I want when there are two little humans with a ton of needs. But the funnest part is I actually geek out over baby and house wear items! One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was an avocado tool.

So my husband struggled yet again between finding a balance between getting me something beautiful and getting me something I wanted for our house.

But if you geek out over baby gear like I do, you will agree the Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair is not only practical its a beautiful piece of accent furniture for your home.

Meet Stokke






Tripp Trapp Chair 

  • Brings baby closer to the family

My family is a huge supporter of family dinners. I think it is important to have everyone in one place at one time with no distractions. Family dinners is also one of the reasons we chose to introduce solids with baby led weaning. We want our children eating what we are eating and engaging in the same healthy habits we choose for ourselves. The Tripp Trapp Chair was specifically designed to fit comfortably against a table. An infant, toddler, and adult can all find a perfect fit up against any table with the adjustable seat and diagonal design.

We love having our children at the table and using our Stokke chair for meals, crafts, games, and baking.


  • Adjustable seat

Any little one can find maximum comfort by having the perfect height and depth combination with the adjustable seat and footplate. The goal is to promote correct body alignment for a seated child by getting their feet to rest squarely on the footplate. A 6 month old and 60 year old can both find the same comfort and support in the Tripp Trapp Chair.

I love that my 3 year old can easily climb onto this chair and be at the perfect height to reach his food.

My 6 month old nephew can be supported and secure in the Tripp Trapp and still have the benefit of eating at the table with the family.

And I actually love using this chair when I am sewing! I adjust the seat so that my foot rests perfectly on the sewing pedal. The leveled seat and angled backing supports my postures and prevents me from hunching over. It is encouraging to know that once my kids eventually stop using this chair it can still find use in our home.

  • Safe and Secure

I truly appreciate the ingenious design of the Tripp Trapp Chair! We use to have a lot of chair battles with our kiddos. My 3 year old son liked to push against the table with his hands and consistently got disciplined for sitting on his knees. My 18 month old daughter liked to push against the table with her feet and watch me have a panic attack.

The concave design of the chair back helps me scoot my kids’ lower half under the table; preventing their legs from escaping.

The Tripp Trapp chair extender gliders provide increased backward stability. Meaning pushing, rocking, and backward arching isn’t going to tip this chair. Our first dinner using the Tripp Tripp my daughter was being ornery and pushed the table with her hands to try and rock backward. Her chair scooted away from the table and didn’t rock in the slightest bit. I was amazed and my daughter was defeated and frustrated her little “trick” only made her food unreachable.


Also included with the Tripp Trapp chair is a 5-point harness. The straps are durable and very easy to clean.The back of the straps includes a fastener that can be adjusted to keep the straps from slipping off baby’s shoulders. My 6 month old nephew felt very secure strapped in and my 18 month old could not escape.



  • Easy to clean

Yes! My favorite part of this high chair! I had a fancy chair with a cushion for 2 months. 2 MONTHS and then I gave it away! Personally I thought it was the dumbest baby product in our home. Even with a toothpick and toothbrush I couldn’t completely clean the cracks and crannies of our highchair, which resulted in mold!

The Tripp Trapp Chair is pretty straight forward when cleaning. The solid beach wood is easy to quickly wipe down with a wet cloth and there is no place for food to hide. I am confident our chair is clean and there isn’t dingy food bits wedged in crevices waiting to mold.

  • Variety of colors

Check our the variety of woods and colors the Tripp Trapp Chair comes in. You can easily find a chair that accents your kitchen, matches your dinning set, or is a bold vibrant pop of color in your house.


Tripp Trapp Baby Set 

One accessory you can buy for your Tripp Trapp Chair is the baby set. The environmentally friendly plastic accessory easy attaches to any Tripp Trapp chair. The set was made to support children from 6 months to 3 years.


For my newly sitting 6 month old nephew, the hi-back and seating rail supported him from loosing his balance.

He was able to sit at the table without the risk my face planting into our oak table top. He was certainly happy to be sitting at the table with his older cousins.

Although my 3 year old does not need the baby set to sit securely in the Tripp Trapp chair I appreciated he can fit in it. We have the baby set on our chair to keep my 18 month old safe and secure. My son eats multiple snacks a day while I work, clean, or tend to his sister. He thinks it is awesome to sit in her cool chair while I appreciate the assurance of his safety while I am multitasking. With the baby set my son can’t get down without my help, he can’t sit on his knees, he can’t fall off a chair, and he can’t tip the chair back. So if you have multiple little ones under 4 you can use the Tripp Trapp with the baby set without having to remove baby set to fit the older ones.

Tripp Trapp Cushion 

For an extra splash of style and comfort Stokke makes cushions for the Tripp Trapp chair. These lush comfort cushions prevent babies from slipping down during meal time and provide extra support on little backs from 6 month to 3 years. The 100% polyester material comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

We loved our cushion was able to to fit on the baby set as well as directly onto Tripp Trapp chair.  The versatility and durability make it a practical addition to our chair.

My sister was completely impressed when she started to wipe down the cushion after her son “ate” an avocado. Everything cleaned up perfectly without staining or scrubbing.

I personally loved how waterproof it felt as my daughter dumped her cup on herself. Baby can be ready to sit back on the cushion without having to let it dry, which also means the inside stuffing is safe from molding.

More from Stokke

If you love the ingenious deign of the Tripp Trapp Chair then chances are you will love Stokke’s other baby products as well!


We hope you have a beautiful Mother’s Day and you get spoiled on this special day!

Heres to many more years of wishing for clean floors and geeking out on baby products!


Boost Your Milk Supply

You’re not alone if you’re concerned about not producing enough breast milk for your baby.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 75 percent of new mothers begin breastfeeding their babies, but many stop either partially or completely within the first few months. Concerns about insufficient milk production are one of the most common reasons for this.

The more you nurse your baby, the more milk your body produces. Don’t stick to a strict schedule. Nursing your baby whenever they are hungry, for as long as they want, is especially important during the first few weeks of establishing your supply, and offer the other breast when the first is empty. Majka, another one of the most popular brands of protein powder for breastfeeding, also uses food additives.

Hey lactating moms, check out Boobie Bars!

Boobie Bars – the original herbal lactation bars – are your daily dose of milk-boosting herbs in just one bar. They are full of nutritious ingredients that boost milk supply for lactating and nursing moms.

No more pills to swallow.

No more teas to brew.



Nurse Wendy is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) – a healthcare professional who specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding. In 2011 Nurse Wendy created and started making Boobie Bars in her kitchen. She hand selected each ingredient that assists in milk-making; this blend of herbs in know as the Boobie Blend.

Boobie Bars are so great because just one bar gives you an entire daily dose of galactagogues (milk-making ingredients). One bar replaces brewing tea or taking multiple pills throughout the day.


Boobie Bars ingredients:

rolled oats, flaxseed

coconut oil – gets its ‘good fat’ from lauric acid (an anti-microbial found in breastmilk

turmeric – an antioxidant known for its anti-inflammatory effects and disease fighting power

moringa – a powerful plant rich with potassium, fiber, calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and contains high levels of protein and antioxidants

Nutritious Information:

 contain no dairy and no corn

vegan, kosher, non gmo

gluten free

good source of fiber


The three flavors offered; peanut butter, blueberry coconut, and oatmeal chocolate chip are so good. They aren’t your typical granola bar flavors, which I really like. The peanut butter bars are even gluten free!

The bars are individually packed in an easy open, quick grab box. Boobie Bars are different than other milk production products because the extended shelf life. There is no refrigeration or freezing necessary.

These bars are so perfect to eat as a snack – they are not a meal replacement. Keep them in the car, in your purse, the diaper bag. Boobie Bars are a great treat that will boost your supply AND taste good.



Check out the Boobie Bars website for more information on breastfeeding!

Connect with Boobie Bars

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You! Lingerie

Affordable nursing lingerie is very hard to come by these days, especially pretty kinds! Most products you find while searching are overpriced, bland colors, and just plain ugly. Pregnant and nursing mama’s want to feel good and look good like the girls on https://www.fulltube.xxx/?hl=el; that is one aspect about pregnancy that doesn’t change. That’s where You! Lingerie comes into play. This company creates beautiful, unique nursing bras and sleep and lounge ware that will help you feel and look beautiful, just like the girls on www.tubev.sex. Their mission: “To make breastfeeding and expecting moms feel confident and look beautiful everyday. They believe that pregnancy & breastfeeding are beautiful, your nursing and maternity lingerie should be too.” That’s what we all want, right?


Connect with You! Lingerie

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Their wide range of products include: nursing bras, panties, tanks, chemises, and pajama sets (tank top and pants). All You! Lingerie products feature the brands signature hot pink color – the cotton lining, the nursing clips and the decorative bows. These splashes of color are a visible yet subtle touch that distinguishes You! Lingerie products from others.

Nursing clips are a necessity while breastfeeding your child and sometimes they can be so difficult; but not with the You Lingerie bras. The clips are super easy to use, especially with one hand. The bra cups are very easy to pull down once the clip is un-done, perfect when you only have one free hand.

The straps on these bras are really awesome too. They are very thick, so they stay put. This is especially good for me because I am always struggling to find a bra where the straps stay on my shoulders. So many of my bra straps slip down throughout the day, but not with these bras. They really hold their place; and they do so without cutting into your skin.

Each of the bras that I received (Anastasia and London) have eight rows of hook back closures. These are such a great feature. Most bras only have three or four closures; these literally double that! I like this feature a lot because as pregnancy goes on your ribcage likes to grow, causing you to upgrade/size up your bras. With the investment of a few You! Lingerie bras you can wear them though all your body changes – 1, 2, 3 trimesters, postpartum, and nursing day in and day out!

Anastasia Maternity & Nursing Bra

This bra is absolutely adorable and super sexy. The misty blue color is beautiful and coordinates so well with the glacier grey shimmer of the lace band. I really do feel great when I wear this bra. It gives me a boost of confidence knowing that it fits well and it actually looks pretty. I bet any sexy women who from time to time enjoys working at fuckedtube can agree with me that its a confidence booster.

The Anastasia features a wide under-bust band and wide straps that give you the extra support you need, leaving you feeling like you came right out of the pride of Scotland part 2 with how sexy and strong you feel. I love how the fabric cups feel. They are super soft and under t-shirts they are smooth. Their 90% polyester and 10% spandex fabric really make them feel good to the touch.

London Maternity & Nursing Bra

My favorite aspect of the London bra is the fabric on the cups. Unlike the Anastasia (polyester and spandex), the London has smooth microfiber cups. The feel of this bra is perfect for at home around the house. I can see myself wearing this bra postpartum with my future kiddos; those days right after you leave the hospital and never leave the house. The microfiber fabric is smooth on my underarms and doesn’t rub me raw like some bras do.

This bra fits much different than the Anastasia as well. Featuring drop – cups, the London bra is perfect for low cut necklines. I have some bras that peek through even when I’m wearing a v-neck shirt, so the London is a perfect choice over a higher cut bra.

My only complaint with this bra is the teal blue bra straps. The straps just aren’t conducive to being discrete. One plus side of the bra (which I stated above) is how snug the straps stay to my shoulders. This feature should keep the straps from showing while wearing any shirt.

Lalabu Soothe Shirt Review

I am so excited to review this product, because I just love it! My husband and I both tried out the Lalabu Soothe Shirt and are quite impressed with how awesome they are! It almost feels like you have a third arm helping carry the weight of your babe, which is amazing! My very long baby boy (25.25 inches!) is growing so fast that I probably won’t get to use it for babywearing for too much longer, but the amazing part is it doubles as a nursing shirt!



More about the Lalabu Soothe Shirt

Lalabu’s soothe shirt is truly babywearing made simple. No buckles, snaps, or awkward ties. Simply just slip your baby into the built in pouch and TADAA!! I feel like a momma kangaroo snuggling my babe and it is awesome!

Shirt Features:

  • Easy-to-use pouch calms newborns
  • Built-in nursing bra makes breastfeeding convenient
  • Inner mesh panel provides cool breathability
  • Pouch extender grows with baby
  • Made in the USA
  • No need to wear a separate bra
  • Two fabric layers for extra coverage
  • Soft elastic band provides support
  • Shirt covers stomach while nursing

Not only is the Lalabu shirt an incredibly made product, this company even gives 2% of every purchase to moms in Africa, supporting mom entrepreneurs through micro-finance.

I don’t know about you, but I just love supporting businesses that make giving back an important part of their business model.



The Lalabu Story

Okay, so you can clearly tell I love this shirt. I mean it is a genius idea. So how in the world did they come up with this idea you might ask? This husband and wife team took a trip to Africa to visit their aunt and noticed that many of the mothers there all babywear their infants. Babywearing is known to have amazing benefits for baby and their mommy. This led them to question, ” If babywearing is so incredible for both parent and baby, why aren’t more parents in our country doing it?” Then the Lalabu shirt was born. They sought out to create a shirt to make babywearing more simple for all of us Mamas out there. Oh and for all of you men, they didn’t leave you out! Lalabu has a Daddy shirt, too! If your babe is like mine, he just loves snuggling with his daddy! It gives me a nice break to blog, have two free hands, eat a bowl of ice cream, or shower, while daddy can snuggle our baby and still be productive as well.lalabu2


My Overall Impression

LOVE! Have I mentioned I love this product?! I must admit when I first put it on I felt a bit self-conscious with my mombod. It is a snug fit, so don’t be alarmed. The snug fit is necessary, however, so that your baby is safe in your shirt pouch.



My husband sort of felt the same way about the fit. He said that he would like one size bigger, but again, with a smaller baby a snug fit would definitely be necessary.



Even when I can no longer fit my big boy in the pouch, the nursing function is also fantastic and the shirt looks cute enough to wear solo! Guess what else…you can also ditch the bra in this one! Totally enough support built in–wahoo!



My husband and I both give these shirts two thumbs up!! With Christmas just around the corner, the Lalabu Soothe Shirt would be a super awesome gift for any mommy or daddy-to-be!

Want to know more? Connect with Lalabu!

Instagram: Lalabubaby

Facebook: @simplebabying

Twitter: @lalabu

Pinterest: lalabubaby

Website: https://www.lalabu.com/



Momsense,The Smart Breastfeeding Meter- Review

Let me start off by saying, where was this little gadget when my baby boy was a newborn???!!!img_5208

As a first time mom, who is exclusively breastfeeding, I was constantly worried about pretty much every part of breastfeedingf. Was he getting enough milk? How much will my nipples hurt? How can I stop this from happening? The worries go on. And I know a lot of first time mamas feel the same way! Thankfully, sites like Best For Parents are helpful when it comes to finding products that can help to make breastfeeding easier – plus I had a lot of support from my family. But this didn’t stop me from worrying! In the beginning weeks, the thing I was worried most about was whether or not my son was getting enough milk. Again, I know I’m not alone in this because it tends to be a frequent topic in just about every mom group I’m in. Thanks be to God, we were doing just fine and my son was getting more than enough. In fact, I ended up getting an oversupply for a little bit there, because I was worried I was undersupplying and started doing all sorts of things to boost supply. In those crazy days, I could have really used the reassurance of Momsense to give me some insight in just how much was my son taking in per nursing session.


Momsense is a smart breastfeeding meter that can inform mom’s with the use of a smartphone app how much milk your baby is taking in. I received this little package and was amazed at how simple the design actually is.img_5210 It is essentially a pair of earbuds with an extra little sensor attached that is placed just under your baby’s ear. The Momsense comes with sticky pads to stick on to the meter, which is what you will safely place on your baby. Not to worry, the adhesive is baby safe!img_5211

The directions explain that each sticky pad should last multiple uses; however, I found that it actually lost its stickiness quickly at first, because I was putting it on and off so many times to get the right positioning. Once you get the hang of finding the right placement on the first try, the sticky pads should get many uses. The head phones plug into your phone and you download the Momsense smartphone app. With this app, it will measure your baby’s milk intake, you will be able to listen to your baby’s swallows (and it records it!), and you will be able to keep an ongoing timeline to keep track of their feeding habits. How cool is that?!


In my personal experience, my active 4 month old is getting quite squirmy and kicks and wants to grab at my hair, necklace, shirt or whatever he can reach all while nursing. So this was very difficult for me to use with him. HOWEVER, like I said, in the beginning I was SO WORRIED about whether or not he was getting enough! I mean let’s be honest, breastfeeding is hard work! For a first time mom, there is a major learning curve! I feel like Momsense in those beginning stages would have given me so much peace of mind! Newborns also don’t squirm the way a 4 month old does, so it would be MUCH easier to use in those younger stages. Despite my squirmy boy making it a little more difficult, I must admit I loved that the app stores and records the precious noises and swallow sounds he makes while he nurses. As I’m writing this review, I was just browsing through the app and was listening to some of the recordings and it just warmed my heart to hear him. 🙂 So for me, it is not a tool I will use every day; however, as we continue on our journey I think it will be fun and informative to break out once a week or so to document his breastfeeding habits, inform me about his intake, and record those precious noises, of course! If I had this when he was a newborn, it likely would have been my BFF. The app also has some other fun features like coupons for different products and breastfeeding tips.

Side Note: For those of you who snagged the newest iPhone with no headphone jack, you will need to purchase the adapter! #Applebringbackthejack

So there you have it! From one mommy to another, just doing the best I can each and every day! If you have a little one on the way and plan to breastfeed, you will love this product! If your baby is older and your breastfeeding habits and routines are well-established and your baby is growing and thriving, you just keep up the good work-no gadget necessary! 😉

Want to learn more about Momsense?

For more information about the Momsense, check out their website or connect with them via social media!

Facebook: @mymomsense

Google+: Momsense

Instagram: mymomsense

Pinterest: mymomsense

Twitter: @my_momsense

Youtube: Momsense





As a first time mom I thought that I could get away with having just a few nursing apparel and intimate items. Boy was I wrong! I quickly learned that I needed nursing bras, nursing sports bras, nursing night bras, nursing tank tops, nursing shirts, and the list goes on! Not only do I need each of these, I need multiples of them! Finding something that fits well and is comfy is my number one priority when looking for nursing intimates. I wear at least one of these items every hour of the day, I have to be comfortable in them. Belabumbum is a company that has met my nursing apparel necessities, and can meet yours too.

Belabumbum offers apparel to pregnant and nursing moms; I’m sure you’ll find something to love from their inventory. Their products are top of the line, so soft, and ultra comfy. Belabumbum has me [and you] covered – literally!

For 15 years [and counting] Belabumbum has encouraged women to care for themselves. This company strives for their customers to feel great and their employees to feel secure in their work. Belabumbum stands out because of the work they do as a social enterprise. They are ‘a company that contributes to improved social and economic outcomes as it does business.’ The company seeks to give their employees an improved livelihood; they truly care for their workers. With family-run production facilities in four South American countries, they are boosting job security and nurturing entrepreneurs.

Connect with Belabumbum

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When I received my products I was instantly pleased with the packaging. I could tell they really took time to put my pieces together well and with care. My products were individually wrapped in plastic and nicely placed in a clean white package. The beautiful Belabumbum sticker on top was a cute, extra touch.

Ultra Smooth Nursing Sports Bra

Upon receiving the Ultra Smooth Nursing Sports Bra I was so excited to put it on and try nursing my son while wearing it. I wanted to know if it was really going to work well. After using it just a few times I quickly learned that this bra is perfect for nursing. The one handed clasp makes it very easy to use; and it allows for quick access to feeding.

This bra is the softest bra I’ve ever felt. Seriously, when I pulled it out of the packaging it was the first thing I noticed. The bra is true to its ultra smooth name.

Another feature that I like about this sports bra is that it has the capability to convert to a racerback. This is my number one priority when shopping for a sports bra. All my bras are racerback, it’s what I’m used to; so having the option to convert is great! I found that if I am exercsportsbra-backising I will use the hook and convert to belabumbuma racerback, but if I’m wearing this bra as an everyday bra, I un-hook the straps. Doing this makes the bra feel less like a sports bra and more like a day to day bra.


As a small chested woman I appreciate the pad cups in the bra. These pads add to the comfort, fit, and quality of the bra. Giving options to use the cups or remove them allows you to choose to wear the bra whichever way is more comfortable.

Moon Goddess Robe

I never wear a robe and honestly I’ve never even owned a robe before, but I am so glad that I ordered one from Belabumbum. This Moon Goddess Robe is perfect for any woman – pregnant, nursing, or neither.

The super soft fabric is made of 100% prima cotton jersey; and it is so soft. I wear the robe every morning when I wake up, it’s the perfect thickness to keep the chill off. The sleeves are full length and the robe reaches my ankles, so my whole body is wrapped in the soft warmth.robe-moon-image


On the back of the robe is a beautiful design that adds to the elegance of the black fabric. It is bejeweled with silver moon motifs in honor of the mother goddess who creates, nurtures, and loves”. The photo on the right is the moon design – very unique.


My favorite feature of the robe is the inner self-tie. This allows for the inner flap of the robe to be wrapped over to your hip and tied secure so it doesn’t slip open. If the outer belt comes untied the robe stays closed because of the inner tie.


Belabumbum makes quality, unique products that are perfect for any pregnant or nursing mama. Check out their line; you won’t be disappointed!