Coming across cute, affordable pregnancy and nursing apparel is a pretty difficult task.

I literally gave up when I was pregnant with my first. I just scraped by, using clothing that could pass as nursing apparel, or making my own.

We live on a budget, so buying clothes isn’t a number one priority.

That’s why I love the Savi Mom clothing line.

You can wear these clothes at all times in your life – pregnancy, postpartum, nursing, and beyond! Also, if you’re pregnant and looking for more than just clothing: I highly recommend HMHB’s guide on finding a crib mattress.

The co-founders of Savi Mom are two moms – just like you and me. Savi Mom was created to help new moms find what they need and want. The versatility of their clothing is perfect for changing bodies.

Free shipping on all US orders makes purchasing from them even more enticing.

Believe me, the Savi mom clothing line is one you’re going to want to check out. Keep reading to find out more!!

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Newport T-Shirt

The Newport top is a great shirt for everyday life. The fabric is super soft and feels amazing on the skin. Adorable and flattering, the cuff sleeves give the shirt a unique look. Making it not quite a tank top, you can wear it in any season. Pair it with a cute cardigan, or thrown on a fun pair of shorts, this top versatile!

Nursing is easy to come by in this top with the pleated front. Easy access for baby just takes a simple pull of the fabric.

One feature I like that I didn’t think I would is the pockets. The two small pockets in the front of the shirt do weigh it down a bit, which isn’t great. But the upside is that they’re actually usable. It’s like a dress with pockets – we all love them, right? They are located in the perfect spot and they are easy slip your hands into.

A down side I found when wearing this shirt is that the pleats on the front, that create the nursing panel, really add a lot to my chest. I feel like my chest is really large when wearing this top. I don’t have a large chest to begin with, so it’s not a huge deal to, but for someone with a larger chest size, I could see this causing some trouble.

You really can nurse discretely while wearing this shirt, which is a huge reason I love it so much. Easy access is something that all nursing moms want, ant this shirt meets that need. The fabric is super soft, and the flow of the front panel creates a great look for any mama.

Be sure to check out the Newport T-shirt. It won’t disappoint!

Aspen Yoga Hoodie

This super cute hooded tunic is perfect for any time of the year. The soft, stretchy jersey fabric is seriously so comfy; you’ll never want to take it off. The long body of this top makes it really versatile. Wear it athletically, casually, or throw on a pair of leggings and rock it.

Long sleeves with thumbhole cuffs really top off the shirt. I love that the sleeves are long, it gives me more of a cozy feel.. I love pulling my hands in my sleeves. This is great for chilly morning walks, or even working out.

The best part, though is the extra fabric and tight stitching. With many of my tops, the thumbhole stretches out and becomes uncomfortable. I have confidence that these thumbholes, and the extra cuff that covers my hand, will last.

I’m a huge fan of hoods on my sweatshirts. Don’t get me wrong, I love my crew necks; but hooded, baggy sweatshirts are just the best. This yoga hoodie is no different. The weight of the hood creates the perfect pull to keep the shirt in the right spot on my neck. This is actually a big deal for me because I don’t like my tops too low on my chest, but I also don’t like them hanging back and nearly choking me. It sits in the perfect spot. The downside to the hood is that it’s not very usable. It’s pretty small and isn’t really functional.

Access to nursing is easy too. The front panel is large and baggy which gives the cute look, but also allows quick access when needing it. Not only is this front panel flowy – which I love – the pleats create such a perfect look. It’s great for pregnancy because it stretches with your belly, but it’s especially great for your postpartum body. It really hides anything you may want hidden – like some left over belly after baby makes their debut.

Pregnant, postpartum, or nursing, this yoga hoodie is a great addition to your wardrobe. My sister-in-law, who doesn’t have any kids (yet), told me she wants the top. So seriously mama’s, it’s totally worth it. You will for sure wear this in all walks of life.