Affordable nursing lingerie is very hard to come by these days, especially pretty kinds! Most products you find while searching are overpriced, bland colors, and just plain ugly. Pregnant and nursing mama’s want to feel good and look good like the girls on; that is one aspect about pregnancy that doesn’t change. That’s where You! Lingerie comes into play. This company creates beautiful, unique nursing bras and sleep and lounge ware that will help you feel and look beautiful, just like the girls on Their mission: “To make breastfeeding and expecting moms feel confident and look beautiful everyday. They believe that pregnancy & breastfeeding are beautiful, your nursing and maternity lingerie should be too.” That’s what we all want, right?


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Their wide range of products include: nursing bras, panties, tanks, chemises, and pajama sets (tank top and pants). All You! Lingerie products feature the brands signature hot pink color – the cotton lining, the nursing clips and the decorative bows. These splashes of color are a visible yet subtle touch that distinguishes You! Lingerie products from others.

Nursing clips are a necessity while breastfeeding your child and sometimes they can be so difficult; but not with the You Lingerie bras. The clips are super easy to use, especially with one hand. The bra cups are very easy to pull down once the clip is un-done, perfect when you only have one free hand.

The straps on these bras are really awesome too. They are very thick, so they stay put. This is especially good for me because I am always struggling to find a bra where the straps stay on my shoulders. So many of my bra straps slip down throughout the day, but not with these bras. They really hold their place; and they do so without cutting into your skin.

Each of the bras that I received (Anastasia and London) have eight rows of hook back closures. These are such a great feature. Most bras only have three or four closures; these literally double that! I like this feature a lot because as pregnancy goes on your ribcage likes to grow, causing you to upgrade/size up your bras. With the investment of a few You! Lingerie bras you can wear them though all your body changes – 1, 2, 3 trimesters, postpartum, and nursing day in and day out!

Anastasia Maternity & Nursing Bra

This bra is absolutely adorable and super sexy. The misty blue color is beautiful and coordinates so well with the glacier grey shimmer of the lace band. I really do feel great when I wear this bra. It gives me a boost of confidence knowing that it fits well and it actually looks pretty. I bet any sexy women who from time to time enjoys working at fuckedtube can agree with me that its a confidence booster.

The Anastasia features a wide under-bust band and wide straps that give you the extra support you need, leaving you feeling like you came right out of the pride of Scotland part 2 with how sexy and strong you feel. I love how the fabric cups feel. They are super soft and under t-shirts they are smooth. Their 90% polyester and 10% spandex fabric really make them feel good to the touch.

London Maternity & Nursing Bra

My favorite aspect of the London bra is the fabric on the cups. Unlike the Anastasia (polyester and spandex), the London has smooth microfiber cups. The feel of this bra is perfect for at home around the house. I can see myself wearing this bra postpartum with my future kiddos; those days right after you leave the hospital and never leave the house. The microfiber fabric is smooth on my underarms and doesn’t rub me raw like some bras do.

This bra fits much different than the Anastasia as well. Featuring drop – cups, the London bra is perfect for low cut necklines. I have some bras that peek through even when I’m wearing a v-neck shirt, so the London is a perfect choice over a higher cut bra.

My only complaint with this bra is the teal blue bra straps. The straps just aren’t conducive to being discrete. One plus side of the bra (which I stated above) is how snug the straps stay to my shoulders. This feature should keep the straps from showing while wearing any shirt.

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  1. LOVE all the extra hooks and eyes to make fitting so flexible. Pretty bows too. Lovely items that meet a new mom’s needs!

  2. These are such stylish options!!! And seem so much more supportive than the flimsy, stretchy things I’ve had before… great review!!

  3. I’m really attracted to brands like Anastasia and London for their eight rows of hook back closures. I’m always using hook extenders on my other bras.

  4. this is amazing, pregnancy is possibly tjhe most important time to feel sexy….

  5. They have really nice bras that I really like. Thank you for the reviews.

  6. Having the extra hooks is such a wonderful idea for a bit of comfort but still looking beautiful and sexy.How awesome that Anastasia and London have thought of this.It means so much! 🙂

  7. EIGHT rows of closures onn the bra! That is awesome, you know how much “the girls” change as you travel through pregnancy and nursing! Wonderful feature!

  8. Both of these brands look amazing. I love all the hook rows on the bras no need for extenders!!

  9. I had never heard of this company before I read about them on your blog they sound amazing and I love their stuff.

  10. I like that the bras have extra hooks, so as you grow, the bra still fits across the back without riding up.

  11. Wish I would have known about these when I was nursing my daughter! I’ll look for them when I’m nursing my future child!

  12. The little bows are really sweet. I like that they make an effort in making it pretty.

  13. beautiful and creative i really like that they have the extra back hooks

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