As a first time mom I thought that I could get away with having just a few nursing apparel and intimate items. Boy was I wrong! I quickly learned that I needed nursing bras, nursing sports bras, nursing night bras, nursing tank tops, nursing shirts, and the list goes on! Not only do I need each of these, I need multiples of them! Finding something that fits well and is comfy is my number one priority when looking for nursing intimates. I wear at least one of these items every hour of the day, I have to be comfortable in them. Belabumbum is a company that has met my nursing apparel necessities, and can meet yours too.

Belabumbum offers apparel to pregnant and nursing moms; I’m sure you’ll find something to love from their inventory. Their products are top of the line, so soft, and ultra comfy. Belabumbum has me [and you] covered – literally!

For 15 years [and counting] Belabumbum has encouraged women to care for themselves. This company strives for their customers to feel great and their employees to feel secure in their work. Belabumbum stands out because of the work they do as a social enterprise. They are ‘a company that contributes to improved social and economic outcomes as it does business.’ The company seeks to give their employees an improved livelihood; they truly care for their workers. With family-run production facilities in four South American countries, they are boosting job security and nurturing entrepreneurs.

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When I received my products I was instantly pleased with the packaging. I could tell they really took time to put my pieces together well and with care. My products were individually wrapped in plastic and nicely placed in a clean white package. The beautiful Belabumbum sticker on top was a cute, extra touch.

Ultra Smooth Nursing Sports Bra

Upon receiving the Ultra Smooth Nursing Sports Bra I was so excited to put it on and try nursing my son while wearing it. I wanted to know if it was really going to work well. After using it just a few times I quickly learned that this bra is perfect for nursing. The one handed clasp makes it very easy to use; and it allows for quick access to feeding.

This bra is the softest bra I’ve ever felt. Seriously, when I pulled it out of the packaging it was the first thing I noticed. The bra is true to its ultra smooth name.

Another feature that I like about this sports bra is that it has the capability to convert to a racerback. This is my number one priority when shopping for a sports bra. All my bras are racerback, it’s what I’m used to; so having the option to convert is great! I found that if I am exercsportsbra-backising I will use the hook and convert to belabumbuma racerback, but if I’m wearing this bra as an everyday bra, I un-hook the straps. Doing this makes the bra feel less like a sports bra and more like a day to day bra.


As a small chested woman I appreciate the pad cups in the bra. These pads add to the comfort, fit, and quality of the bra. Giving options to use the cups or remove them allows you to choose to wear the bra whichever way is more comfortable.

Moon Goddess Robe

I never wear a robe and honestly I’ve never even owned a robe before, but I am so glad that I ordered one from Belabumbum. This Moon Goddess Robe is perfect for any woman – pregnant, nursing, or neither.

The super soft fabric is made of 100% prima cotton jersey; and it is so soft. I wear the robe every morning when I wake up, it’s the perfect thickness to keep the chill off. The sleeves are full length and the robe reaches my ankles, so my whole body is wrapped in the soft warmth.robe-moon-image


On the back of the robe is a beautiful design that adds to the elegance of the black fabric. It is bejeweled with silver moon motifs in honor of the mother goddess who creates, nurtures, and loves”. The photo on the right is the moon design – very unique.


My favorite feature of the robe is the inner self-tie. This allows for the inner flap of the robe to be wrapped over to your hip and tied secure so it doesn’t slip open. If the outer belt comes untied the robe stays closed because of the inner tie.


Belabumbum makes quality, unique products that are perfect for any pregnant or nursing mama. Check out their line; you won’t be disappointed!