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No Mess Here

Hey mamas!

If you have kids you know one thing’s for sure – they’re messy! Whether it’s eating, playing or crafting; pretty much anything kids do has the potential of being messy.

So.. with that being said, let me introduce you to Messmatz.

These are seriously the perfect product for kids (well lets face it, this product is really for parents) of all ages.



PlaSmart is a toy distributer that seeks out interesting, one-of-a-kind toys that are smart, simple, and fun. They focus on these toys and stay away from toys that are difficult to understand and/or operate. This company chooses to discover toys that occupy, entertain, and educate kids. “The company focuses on toys that develop motor and dexterity skills, balance, creative and imaginative play, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills and, of course, entertainment.” PlaSmart products can be found in over 60 countries on five continents.


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Keep the mess off the floor, protect the table from paint, and keep sticky things off the carpet with these amazing mats.

The Messmatz are made with non-toxic, food grade silicone; so its completely safe. The mat is flexible and has raised edges to keep spills and messes confined. It’s seriously perfect – why haven’t more people thought of this?!!

I love how large the mat is. I was expecting it to be the size of a placemat, but it is much larger. At 24 x 18 inches, this mat covers all the space you need it to. It gives ample room to not only eat off of, but to craft off of. It’s large enough to lay out all your materials and yet still have enough room to get your work done.



The other night my son and I had a “picnic” on the floor in the living room and I pulled the Messmatz out. I laid it on the floor and put this plate and cup on it. I was seriously perfect! It kept the mess on the mat and off the floor – exactly what I wanted!!


Something that every parent wants to hear is that a product is easy to clean and easy to store; Messmatz meet those standards too. The silicone allows for very easy clean up – just wipe it down with a wet rag. The mat also rolls up however loose or tight you want. Wrap a rubber band around it and store it away when not in use.


The mat has endless uses. As previously mentioned, it’s perfect for kids. But it can also (very easily) be used for adults too! Here are just some of the uses I’ve thought of::



play dough


jewelry making




Seriously, Messmatz are the prefect product for any family with or without kids! Use it for a multitude of purposes, I guarantee you won’t regret it.


Get Organized with Baby Tooshy

With two kids, one in diapers and one potty training, I have a lot of random supplies I need throughout the day. From diapers, to nail clippers, extra clothes, to wipes, I wanted to keep supplies at hand to limit time unattended kids. For a while I was just storing supplies under my coffee table. It was messy, the kids got into it, and I was alway straightening up piles. Without a specific place for supplies in our family room, a lot of things got lost or “lost” to my husband at least.

Then the Baby Tooshy Diaper Caddy entered my house, and just like that we got organized.

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The Baby Tooshy Caddy is a practical addition to any baby home. It neatly organizes every thing you need for daily life with littles. The strong, sturdy built was actually way more durable than I expected. The walls are thick and strong like cardboard covered by easy to clean canvas. The 9 pockets are flexible and secure and keep things in place, even on the move.

With two strong handles the Baby Tooshy Caddy can follow you around the house, or on the go. It is perfect for taking from room to room especially when  trying to avoid leaving that sneaky toddler unattended. It can even make traveling more organized by holding activities and snacks, the diaper stash, or even emergency medical supplies.

The large size comfortably holds a variety of supplies. If you are completely filling with diapers, the Caddy can hold at least 60 size 5 disposable diapers, full size wipes, and other small essentials. That is an estimated of  1 week of supplies.

With two kids in different stages of life, my needs are vast. I loved the ability to fit a variety of cloth diapers, pull ups, reusable diapers, and underwear. Everything for my new house, which I was able to finance after reading this article: How Much House Can I Afford?

For those hundreds of diaper changes I do a day, I added the other diaper changing necessities; a large box of wipes and a changing mat.

With 8 full length pockets, baby sized supplies stay organized and easy to find.

Our tube of diaper cream and hand wipes fit snugly without a problem. I also added nail supplies and a thermometer since they always seem MIA when needed most.

Truly the list could go on of supplies you could store. The Baby Tooshy Caddy is versatile and timeless in organizing supplies for your family.

Stay organized by checking out the durable and strong Baby Tooshy Caddy. It is sure to find a perfect fit in your home as you fit your home inside its easy to clean and secure frame.

Get Smart with Baby PhD

Just a few weeks ago my husband, me, and our son took a trip to see my family. The county fair was going on and I just love it. Spending time with my parents and siblings is always so great, but the fair weekend made it even better. Why? The food of course!

We spent most of our time out at the fair eating, people watching, and checking out the animals. My parents live out in the country so going to their house is always quite the change from our faster paced suburban living life. The fair is smack-dab right in the middle of farm country. What I’m getting at is that it’s super dirty.

I was going back and looking at photos I took while we were visiting and I came across the one on the left. One of my first thoughts was – man that table must have been really gross and dirty. That is probably why my husband is feeding my son french fries out of a bucket! Tons and tons of people ate off the table before we sat down and – germs galore!

Normally when we go out to a restaurant I clean the table pretty well with sanitizing wipes, but I didn’t even think about doing that in this situation (not smart, mama). I was hungry and ready to take a break! So we sat down and ate our food, dirty table and all.


If only there was a solution to this messy, dirty table problem!


Well mama’s, there is!


Check out Baby PhD. This company creates disposable, peel and stick table top placemats for kids that truly are a game changer at restaurants (or fairs!). These mats are not only perfect for keeping the germs away from baby but even entertain AND educate them as their sitting!


Bet ya didn’t see that comin’.


Measuring in at 12 inches by 18 inches the mats cover a good amount of space on the table. This ensures that all the food will stay ON the mat and OFF the table – just what we want! I love that I can keep the space baby is eating off of clean and safe with these Baby PhD mats. The placemats are BPA and Phthalate free too, so baby will be completely safe eating off of them.

With three educational designs of colors, numbers, and letters, you can help your child learn [and keep busy] as you’re sitting at the table. I thought that these mats may be too advanced for my 16 month old son, but I was wrong! He loves to look at all the colors and point at all the “things”.



These mats really are great. They are super easy to use – even your husband can figure it out 😉 Just open the mat, peel off the small strips covering the stickiness, and place the mat on the table. I recommend pressing down around all four sides to be sure the mat is completely stuck. With the four sided sticky strips the mat stays in place until you’re ready to peel it off the table.




One of my favorite features of the mats is that they fold up so small – they hardly take up an space in the diaper bag. They come individually folded in the package, so you just need to pull a few and place them in the diaper bag. Then you’re all set and ready to pull them out one at a time. They hardly weigh anything too, so no need to worry about adding extra weight to the diaper bag!



Not only can you use the mats at a restaurant, but you can use them whenever you’re out and about. From the fair to a restaurant or from the comfort of your home, keep these mats easily accessible to create a clean-up free meal. They’re great to keep at grandma and grandpas house too!




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Warm and Fuzzy about FuzziBunz

Hey fluff love Mamas!

How is your cloth diapering going?

When we moved back to America we switched to cloth diapers since we finally had a washer machine connected to the hot water. I’ve enjoyed testing MamatheFox’s stash of cloth diapers to figure out which brands I like best, not to mention which ones my husband can correctly put on.

Recently while reading blogs and searching Pinterest for cloth diaper information I stumbled upon FuzziBunz diapers. I was immediately hooked by their prices and the frequency of sales. I loved their unique vibrant prints and realized these were different from most cloth diapers.


Why FuzziBunz is Different?

  • Easily replaceable elastics

FuzziBunz has a longer lifespan because you can replace the elastic. Diapers are equipped with Fantastic Elastic which are easily replaceable using a button-hole system. Replacement elastic is extremely affordable. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised! I mean replacing the elastic is pretty much giving your diaper a second life, so I expected it to be kind of pricey. Each replacement kit comes with 3 pieces of hole elastic and cost $1.50.

  • One size adjustable diaper

I’ve tried a lot of different brands of one size adjustable diapers. Some include snaps on the front which make for quick, but sometimes confusing, adjustments. I’ve also tried diapers equipped with a bra like elastic system in the legs. Those were so tight I literally had to use pliers to adjust my diapers. FuzziBunz elastic attaches to the adjustment buttons in each leg and on the waistband. A custom fit is made easy and can quickly be readjusted. FuzziBunz also provides an adjustment sizing guide and tutorial to help you get started.

  • 3 Point Leak Protection

Recently FuzziBunz refined their diapers creating a 3 point leak protection system. Their seams are are reinforced with new technology to prevent wetness leaking through. The first time my daughter wore this diaper she had a mega blow out. My father-in-law wrestled with a fussy baby for over 30 minutes with no resolve. I didn’t even know she had pooped until I went to change her diaper before a feeding. The leg holes are equipped with thick seams that keep moisture in but are still comfortable and moveable.

Inserts are pre-prepped and pre-shrunk in order to prevent abnormalities after the first washes. I loved how dense and high quality the organic hemp/cotton blend felt. It worked great alone during the day and paired well with a booster at night. I like the blend option as the cotton quickly absorbs moisture while the hemp retains moisture under pressure.

An additional treatment was added to the outer cover fabric to help make it more water resistant. To me, the outer cover resembles a soft cotton swimsuit. It definitely has a stronger water resistant feel and has protection against any wicking. An added bonus is the array of prints and solids. Their 2017 line is pretty top notch with a variety of different styles.

  • Polar Fleece Lining

You know the phrase “soft as a baby’s bottom?”

Well FuzziBunz’s polar fleece lining might be softer. The white lining was super comfortable on baby, especially around the legs and waist where it is tighter. I like to make my diapers a bit tighter mostly because my little one is on the squishier side. The extra polar fleece padding around the seams kept her leakproof while not leaving any indents on her skin.

  • Resources

I love how much information and support FuzziBunz gives to parents starting cloth diapers. I know when I made the switch I was completely overwhelmed. Everyone has different opinions, methods, and systems and it was so hard to remember what to do and when. The FuzziBunz website provides a resource center for how to get started and how to maintain a healthy cloth diapering system.

Getting Started

Care and Use Guide

Why Cloth Diapers

Sizing Information

How to Strip Your Diapers

  • Variety of Products

FuzziBunz provides almost everything you need to get started with cloth diapering. They offer first year bundles that also include free accessories to get you started.  You also have the option to buy diapers individually. They actually make three different types:

  1. All in One
  2. FuzziBunz Adjustable First Year(7-25LBS)
  3. One Size (10-40LBS)

In addition, FuziBunz sells:

  1. Cloth Pads
  2. Microfiver Inserts
  3. Replacement Elastic
  4. Pre-Wash Detergent
  5. Hanging Diaper Pails
  6. Organic hemp/cotton inserts
  7. Diaper totes
  8. Nursing Pads

Overall, I was extremely impressed with FuzziBunz adjustment features and 3 point leak protection. We can all agree babies are not one size fits all, so why should their diapers be? So whether you are looking for a new brand to try out or you are just getting started with cloth, I highly encourage you to try out FuzziBunz’s affordable, adjustable, diapers!


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Since 1976 MAM has been committed to creating products that support the individual development of each child. There are plenty of great dentists around, like this Dentist Orlando, but it’s always better to avoid having to go at all! MAM creates products that are medically proven functional with attractive design features – the best of both worlds. MAM designers have worked in conjunction with child development specialists to create an innovative range of teethers.”

This bite and relax – phase 1 teether is perfect for the very beginning stages of teething. Starting at two months your child can begin to feel relief from the discomforts of teething. The phase 1 teether is designed to reach the front teeth effectively and with ease; raised surfaces are specially structured to sooth the teething pain. The teether includes one clip in order to keep it clean, off the floor, and easily reachable for baby.

Bite and Relax – phase 2 teether is designed to reach the back emerging teeth. This teether is extra lightweight and so easy for baby to hold. The two different materials allow baby to choose from a variety of surfaces. Baby’s fine motor skills will be trained by the shape as they maneuver it around from hand to hand.

The cooler teether is designed to provide teething relief for children four months and older. This particular teether is filled with water to allow a cooling element which relaxes and soothes the gums. The raised edges and innovative shape massage the gums and reach the back teeth. Each aspect of this teether is good for soothing the gums and teeth of the baby. The bright and different colors allow the visual senses to be strengthened. Generic pacifiers can result in long term damage to the teeth with excessive use and can often result in children needed braces, also known as ??????????????, when they get older. This is a great alternative and can help protect developing teeth.

The MAM soft brush is great for cleaning any baby product – teethers, pacifiers, cups, but especially bottles and nipples. This brush is different than others because of the non-scratch bristles; creating a soft, gentle cleaning. The bristles are also flexible which makes it easily reachable to every part of a bottle. The hole near the bottom of the brush is perfect for hanging on a hook to allow for storage and drying. At the bottom of the soft brush is the nipple cleaner. This cleans the inside of the nipple – a very hard to reach area. One downside of the nipple brush (if you use other bottle brands) is that it’s created only for MAM bottles. This obviously makes sense, they made their brush compatible with their bottles. It makes it more difficult to use on a differently shaped nipple.

The massaging brush is great for kiddos three months and older who need to start oral care. Begin habits early with your child as you massage and brush new teeth. The long, bent shape of the brush is perfect for reaching and massaging any place inside baby’s mouth. The top end of the brush is similar to a toothbrush – great for brushing first teeth. At the bottom end of the brush there are two different surfaces, both great for massaging gums. Even apply teething gel to the bottom for a cleaner application. If you are worried about your child’s teething issues, you may want to visit a dental clinic similar to Atlantis Dental in Framingham and start your child’s dental experience in the right direction.

This learn to brush set is specially developed by dentists to help in the learning process of toothbrushing. Learning the correct way to brush your teeth is very important to instill at a young age so that the child grows up knowing the proper technique, if not, they may have oral health issues as they develop resulting in the potential for veneers and/or implants. They may choose this option anyway as they reach adulthood, they might want to know that dentists file down about .5mm of your teeth before placing veneers so they can prepare themselves, however, no mater what they choose they will still need to keep up with oral hygiene, fake teeth or not. Back to the set, it includes one training brush (longer brush), one first brush (shorter brush), and one safety shield. The training brush is very similar to the massaging brush. Long and easily graspable handle allows baby and parent to hold the brush together. Parents can teach baby and guide them through brushing motions. First brush allows babies to independently imitate adult brushing. With the short, ergonomically shaped handle, babies can hold the brush easily with no trouble. The safety shield is perfect for keeping the brush(s) a safe distance from the back of baby’s mouth. You don’t want to put their little throat at danger. Using the red bristles are great for indicating the recommended amount of toothpaste for baby. Keep them safe from that nasty fluoride with these helpful indicators!

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All MAM products are free of BPA, BPS, lead, and phthalates. Their fun, innovative designs are great for children’s development and growth. Medically proven functionality and attractive designs on all their products is what sets MAM apart from other companies.

E-cloth Giveaway


Enter for your chance to win (1) Home Starter Kit from E-cloth


Thank you for stopping by the Home for the Holidays giveaway hop hosted by The Anti-June Cleaver and Our Piece of Earth.

We have teamed up with an amazing group of bloggers to bring you a lot of fantastic of prizes to kick off the holiday season. After you have entered my giveaway, be sure to visit the linky below for more great prizes.

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e-cloth Review


Created in 1995, e-cloth is Europe’s number one chemical free cleaning company. Used with only a cloth and water this company has completely taken the toxins and chemicals out of cleaning. Their microfiber cleaning technology provide superior cleaning power on almost anything in the home.

E-cloth stands ecloth-fibers1out from other cleaning brands because of the tiny size of their cloth fibers. These fibers strands are smaller than the diameter of a human hair which allows their to be millions of fibers in each cloth. When being produced, the polyester fibers are split like a pie forming eight “slices” and the polyamide fibers are cut to create an axil with eight spokes. The two fibers are then combined to form one joint piece – the polyester fibers fitting into the polyamide fibers. You can see this in the photo. This brilliant technology allows for dirt, bacteria, dust, grease, etc. to be picked up and locked in the fibers. Not until you wash or rinse the cloth does all the dirtiness escape.

With all that being said: e-cloth works! Their products are scientifically tested and proven to remove bacteria. This is great for any home, but especially a home where kids live. Keep everyone in the house safe with these bacteria-fighting cloths that just need water. Their new baby care line is perfect for parents who want to continue (or start!) to eliminate chemical cleaners from their homes. With cloths in the baby care line ranging from highchair cleaning to toy cleaning, there is a cloth for all things baby! Much of their baby care cloths are roughly $7.99 and can be used over and over again. Guaranteed for 300 machine washes, you will save tons of money with a cloth purchase.

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Luxury Hooded Bath Towelsimg_0095-1

The name says it all with these hooded bath towels-luxury is no lie. These towels are incredibly soft and oh so fuzzy. With two sizes to choose from your baby can enjoy these towels from birth to five years (depending on size of course). E-cloth has three design options to choose from. The picture on the right shows two of the options-the other is a pink hood with white stars; perfect for a little girl!

e-cloth-towelThe luxury towel dried my son so well. Compared to the average cotton bath towels these are awesome. After bath time I felt like I could actually wipe off the water from his body. Sometimes with the cotton towels I feel like I have to dab off the water because wiping just moves the water around; that’s not how I want my towels to work. We have to move fast to keep our son happy after a bath so the absorbency of these towels are a lifesaver. The polyester and polyamide (nylon) materials are the perfect combination to create the soft cozy feeling we all want after a bath. Too bad they only come in kid sizes! 😉

Home Starter Kit

Three cloths will get you a long way while cleaning around the house. The home starter kit is the perfect cleaning agent for your everyday messes. Their home starter kit comes with a bathroom cloth (blue), general purpose clothimg_0104 (purple), and a glass and polishing cloth (tan). The bathroom cloth will remove grime, soap scum, water, and most importantly bacteria from surfaces like the shower and counter. With the general purpose cloth you’ll be cleaning every surface possible; picking up dirt, grease, and oil and leaving nothing behind. My favorite cloth – the glass and polishing cloth takes finger prints and smears away from windows, mirrors, and other shiny surfaces. This cloth is so great at picking up light grease that is left from fingers touching things that should shine.

I had quite the experience using the bathroom and glass cloths cleaning up my sons pee off the window his changing table sits in front of. I wiped the window down with the bathroom cloth first to clean it and pick up the majority of the pee – I got the cloth wet with water first. Then I used the glass cloth to take the smears away; the window is perfectly streak free now. I love that cloth!

Hand and Face Cleaning Kit

This 13 piece kit is perfect for parents who are always on the go. The cleaning kit includes one carry pouch, one spray bottle, one laundry bag, and 10 hand and face cleaning towels. The carry pouch is super cute and is perfect to keep in the diaper bag, glove box, or around the house. When you need to clean your child up just pull out a towel, spray with water and wipe their hands or face. It’s super easy and really convenient. The laundry bag is a really awesome idea, but I didn’t (and won’t) use it. I cloth diaper so I already have a wet bag I keep in the diaper bag, this is what I put my dirty, wet towels in. If you don’t cloth diaper though, the laundry bag will be helpful. When you’ve used a cloth and it’s dirty and wet you don’t want to put it back into the pouch – thats what the laundry bag is for. Put all your wet, grimy towels in it and keep it separated from the clean ones.


Although there is another step in using this kit (spraying the towel) I think it’s completely worth my while. I am skeptical of all the wipes on the market right now – are they really safe for my baby? Using this cleaning kit I don’t have to worry about that at all; it’s just water and a towel. I am for sure keeping this kit in my diaper bag from now on; there are endless possibilities for clean up when it comes to kids. You should carry one too!


E-cloth’s products are perfect for any home – kids or no kids. Eliminate chemical cleaners with these reusable cloths, you won’t regret it!



Charlie’s Soap

Everyone wants their laundry to smell fresh and clean, am I right? Well friends, I’m here to tell you that Charlie’s soap will not disappoint. The first time I used Charlie’s soap I have to admit that I was skeptical. How could a soap clean so well AND not even have a scent? But, I pressed on and went for it. When the soap came in the mail I knew exactly what my first load would consist of – my kitchen towels! For the past couple of months our towels have had this smell on them that I just could not shake. I had washed them so many times trying to get the smell out, and I even tried using vinegar, and still no luck. But after using Charlie’s soap, the smell is gone! In fact, now there is no smell at all; they’re just clean.

charlies soap

Based out of North Carolina, the makers of Charlie’s soap provide products that are safe for their customers and for the environment. All of their products are tested by a third-party, so there is no favoritism; just real, raw cleaning power! Charlie’s has received multiple ratings and certifications which prove their products’ LOW ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT.

All of their products are made with natural minerals and biodegradable ingredients. If you would like to see specific ingredient lists for any of their products, click here.

Here’s what they sell:
  • laundry liquid
  • laundry powder and packets
  • laundry booster and hard water treatmentcharlies soap
  • kitchen and bath natural cleaner
  • indoor/outdoor surface cleaner
  • laundry pre-spray
  • oxygen bleach


As instructed on the packaging my first load with the soap consisted of one laundry packet and old rags. I washed them with hot water on high agitation, with the most water I could use (super plus). After that load I washed my kitchen towels three separate times, each time adding a new laundry packet. When all the loads were done I smelled my towels, and they were stink free! I was ecstatic (the things adults get excited about)!

PicMonkey Collage - Charlie's soap


The instructions are pretty straightforward, which I obviously like. Just throw one laundry packet into the washer BEFORE you put your clothes in, and you’re done; no measuring or scooping needed.

One aspect of my laundry washing that I was unsure about (and the packaging was not very clear on) was the size of load in comparison to the number of packets to use. I didn’t know whether I should add two packets to a super plus load, or just stick to one. In the end I did what the packaging instructed and use one packet, and my clothes came out clean and smell free. Seriously, I’m so impressed! If you have the opportunity to try out Charlie’s soap, do it!

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Santevia Gravity Water System

Santevia Gravity System Review


Clean water is a blessing! I often think about how many people go without clean water. Just contemplating my clean water at home makes me feel so grateful. While I live in an area that the tap water is safe to drink, I feel like I need to filter my drinking water before consumption. With scary media stories of towns with lead leakage, you can never be too safe. Earlier this year I discovered Santevia, and I am totally hooked on all of their water filtering products. It’s great looking for ways to make your water clean, having a water filter adds a little more safety to that. There are so many different types of water filters; all you have to do is search for water filters for home to find a few examples.

The Santevia Alkaline Gravity Water System restores your tap water to a clean, great-tasting, mineralized and alkalized state, using the power of gravity instead of chemicals, artificial materials, water pressure or electricity. Every drop drips through the complex 8-stage system of natural filters, which cleans and infuses your water with earth-derived minerals. The result: great-tasting, mineralized alkaline water that helps your body stay pH-balanced, healthy and hydrated. A great way to keep the entire family healthy. – Santevia’s Website

Santevia Counter Top Gravity SystemSantevia is not your typical water filter. Instead of just filtering out the ‘bad’ things from your water, it also adds in helpful minerals as well as balancing the pH levels. I bet you never thought about wanting your water to do that, but you really should. If you have the ability to help your body gain more from the water you drink, why wouldn’t you? I know that my kids are not the best eaters. Okay, they suck at eating healthy. They are picky toddlers and I will take what I can get when it comes to meal time. Even my 2.5 yr old won’t eat vitamins, so I was at a loss on how to get him to boost his bodies mineral intake. With Santevia I can give my children filtered, clean water that is simultaneously getting them additional minerals! Can I get a heck yeah?!

Water that has been filtered by a Santevia filter does not taste different. I mean that you cannot taste the added minerals. It tastes like filtered water. Some people can taste difference in water (I am slightly), but I cannot tell any difference in the Santevia. I can only taste crisp clean water that tastes smooth and refreshing. The best part about this system is that it require no electricity. You can place this system on any flat surface and filter away. No cords involved & no added cost of electricity. This is the gravity aspect of this system. If you live in an area where water can be unsafe to drink at times or in a area where natural disasters occur causing you strain on getting clean water, then this is a system you want to look into.

Santevia Counter Top with Sunflowers

I followed the easy to follow step by step instructions which can be watched here. You need to filter the whole tank’s worth of water 2 times before you can drink the water. After my 2 filters I noticed some white, milk, cottony like floaters in the very bottom of the tank (where the loose rocks are). I contacted Santevia and they assured me that my assumption was correct – it’s just minerals! It is safe to drink and it’s nothing to be concerned about. If you get those little floats feel free to drink them or removed them – whichever you are most conformable with. As my children are now starting to drink filtered water, I also think that it is important that they now shower in filtered water to keep their hair and skin healthy, along with all the other advantages that filtered water comes with. I will be looking to kick start the professional water filter installation process as soon as possible.

8-Stage Filtration Process

Stage 1: Ceramic Pre-Filter

Constructed from highly compressed and fired diatomaceous earth with a pore size of 0.3 of a micron, this pre-filter removes rust, sediments, bacteria, germs and parasites.

Stage 2: Granular Activated Coconut Carbon

Highly porous coconut carbon charcoal offers an astounding 65 acres of purifying surface area. It filters chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, trihalomethanes (THMs), heavy metals, organic chemicals, odour, taste, colour and particulates. This stage also contains a KDF filter medium that inhibits the growth of bacteria in the filter and neutralizes heavy metals. Magnesium granules improve the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP).

Stage 3: Volcanic Mineral Zeolite

This stage inhibits bacteria and neutralizes heavy metals including lead, nickel, cadmium and mercury through an ion exchange process. It filters detergents, ammonium, certain radioactive ions, agricultural chemicals and other toxins.

Stage 4: Mineral Stone Infusion

Highly porous Maifan mineral stones infuse ionized minerals into the water that aid in oxygenation and alkalization.

Stage 5: pH Mineral Balls

Mineral ions encased in diatomaceous earth add calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals to fortify the water and increase the pH.

Stage 6: Energy Balls

Constructed from highly compressed and fired earth and mineral oxides, the energy balls assist with pH balancing and emit beneficial infrared energy into the water.

Stage 7: Mineral Stone Immersion

During this stage, mineral stones continuously release easily absorbed, ionized minerals into the water, including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and other trace minerals.

Stage 8: Magnetic Energy

Embedded in the Santevia water spout, aligned magnets are suspended in the water, simulating the magnetism emitted by the earth’s core and the forces created as water flows over magnetic, mineral-rich rocks in nature. The magnetic energy breaks the water molecule clusters into smaller structures for greater bio-availability and maximum absorption.

Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Wand

Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Wand


Children love bath time. Splashing, playing, and just relaxing in the water. At some point, we have to introduce the showerhead. It is so high up there. So far away! It’s scary! It can be intimidating at the best of times, let alone when the showerhead starts dripping water without it being turned on. Even I don’t like that sound. Although it’s probably because I know that there is something wrong, and one of the only ways to resolve it would be to contact a local plumber so the problem can get sorted quickly and efficiently. Luckily, this has never happened yet, and I hope it doesn’t start doing it. I never really considered how scary this could be for children until the time came for me to introduce them to the shower. My kids get nervous when the water comes out of the showerhead at the force it does. Although, most of us adults love a powerful showerhead, and will even hire professionals, like Morris Jenkins, to install them for us, for a child the idea of water being sprayed heavily over their face is pretty scary. It’s intimidating to them. This is no longer an issue for us now that we use a Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Wand.

The Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Wands come in 5 different designs: Dollie the dolphin, Duckie the duck, Froggie the frog, Hippie the hippo and Rickie the rhino.

Rubber Duckie & Friends™ flow at just 1.5 gpm and are compliant with all EPA-inspired conservation laws. We help parents save water and money! And, our soft soothing spray pattern is gentle enough to rinse infants & toddlers in the tub.

All Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Wands feature:

  • Hose or 2-way water flow diverter attaches easily to your current shower arm
  • Diverter switches water flow between mom & dad’s shower and Rubber Duckie & Friends™
  • Mount uses suction cups to stick to tub or shower wall
  • Extra-long hose extends to back of any standard tub

**The hose is 6 feet long, which allows for the perfect reach without too much hose slack**

Rubber Duckie & Friends™ are adorable bath wands to bathe infants and toddlers in the tub and also handheld showerheads for older kids. We do both jobs after one simple installation!

Mama’s Experience

There are limited installation instructions with the Shower Wand, however, it is not too difficult to install. Be sure when you unscrew the caps on the hose that you take note of the position of the washers and that they don’t fall out. They are loose. It matters what direction it is installed as to the pressure which the water flows.

duckie 1

Both my kids (ages 1 and 2) are now obsessed with their “hippo shower”(that is what they coined it in our house). Getting clean was always fun in our house, now its just a special treat to take turns holding the shower wand. My kids both take swim lessons and are very confident swimmers, but the shower head always intimidated them. Now, they are thrilled to put it over their heads and help rinse their own hair. I highly recommend the Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Wands. Its a great birthday gift for any kid. Something fun and different for the child who has everything.

Just make sure that you have something like these glass shower doors installed, or at least a shower curtain, as sometimes you might find that your kids point the shower wand outside the bathtub and you’ll get water everywhere. Most people will have a shower curtain anyway, but it was just a passing thought that I had. Besides that though, these Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Wands are totally worth it.

duckie 2

Where Can You Purchase a Shower Wand?

The Shower Wand’s are available through their website and also on Amazon.

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