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Children love bath time. Splashing, playing, and just relaxing in the water. At some point, we have to introduce the showerhead. It is so high up there. So far away! It’s scary! It can be intimidating at the best of times, let alone when the showerhead starts dripping water without it being turned on. Even I don’t like that sound. Although it’s probably because I know that there is something wrong, and one of the only ways to resolve it would be to contact a local plumber so the problem can get sorted quickly and efficiently. Luckily, this has never happened yet, and I hope it doesn’t start doing it. I never really considered how scary this could be for children until the time came for me to introduce them to the shower. My kids get nervous when the water comes out of the showerhead at the force it does. Although, most of us adults love a powerful showerhead, and will even hire professionals, like Morris Jenkins, to install them for us, for a child the idea of water being sprayed heavily over their face is pretty scary. It’s intimidating to them. This is no longer an issue for us now that we use a Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Wand.

The Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Wands come in 5 different designs: Dollie the dolphin, Duckie the duck, Froggie the frog, Hippie the hippo and Rickie the rhino.

Rubber Duckie & Friends™ flow at just 1.5 gpm and are compliant with all EPA-inspired conservation laws. We help parents save water and money! And, our soft soothing spray pattern is gentle enough to rinse infants & toddlers in the tub.

All Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Wands feature:

  • Hose or 2-way water flow diverter attaches easily to your current shower arm
  • Diverter switches water flow between mom & dad’s shower and Rubber Duckie & Friends™
  • Mount uses suction cups to stick to tub or shower wall
  • Extra-long hose extends to back of any standard tub

**The hose is 6 feet long, which allows for the perfect reach without too much hose slack**

Rubber Duckie & Friends™ are adorable bath wands to bathe infants and toddlers in the tub and also handheld showerheads for older kids. We do both jobs after one simple installation!

Mama’s Experience

There are limited installation instructions with the Shower Wand, however, it is not too difficult to install. Be sure when you unscrew the caps on the hose that you take note of the position of the washers and that they don’t fall out. They are loose. It matters what direction it is installed as to the pressure which the water flows.

duckie 1

Both my kids (ages 1 and 2) are now obsessed with their “hippo shower”(that is what they coined it in our house). Getting clean was always fun in our house, now its just a special treat to take turns holding the shower wand. My kids both take swim lessons and are very confident swimmers, but the shower head always intimidated them. Now, they are thrilled to put it over their heads and help rinse their own hair. I highly recommend the Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Wands. Its a great birthday gift for any kid. Something fun and different for the child who has everything.

Just make sure that you have something like these glass shower doors installed, or at least a shower curtain, as sometimes you might find that your kids point the shower wand outside the bathtub and you’ll get water everywhere. Most people will have a shower curtain anyway, but it was just a passing thought that I had. Besides that though, these Rubber Duckie & Friends Shower Wands are totally worth it.

duckie 2

Where Can You Purchase a Shower Wand?

The Shower Wand’s are available through their website and also on Amazon.

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  1. This is the answer to my problem. HA! HA! My grandson that lives with me hates his hair washed because I have to pour a cup of water over his head. This would be wonderful. I wouldn’t have to dump cup after cup over his head anymore I would just rinse and be done. Great review

  2. So cool!! I bet my son would have so much fun with this AND learn to clean himself without mom and dad’s constant scrubbing and water cup dumping!! My son hates water on his face so this would really help with his hair and body without constant scooping of water!! And being so cute is a big plus!!

  3. These are so cute (the froggie frog would have to be my favorite though) and would definitely help my kids embrace taking showers.

  4. These shower wands look great! I love the frog. I’m sure kids would love using these during bath time.

  5. How adorable are these! I particularly love Rickie. This looks really easy to install and like it is so much fun!

  6. My baby girl would love this. I love that the hose is so long. That would make bath time so much easier.

  7. These are just too cute!My nieces would love to have this.I just might have to get this for them.I like that the hose or 2-way water flow diverter attaches easily to your current shower arm

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