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Sprucing Up Your Garden For The Summer

Giving your garden a spruce up for summer

Do you have a green space that doesn’t really look very green at the moment? Don’t worry, now is the perfect time to give it a spruce up ready for summer. From laying new lawn to increasing your plant life, there are lots of ways to get things looking green again.

Lay a new lawned area

Laying a new lawned area is going to provide you with an instantly greener looking space. But, if you want to make sure it stays green, do your preparation first. The cost of turf isn’t your only concern. Making sure you know what type of soil is in your garden and picking the right variety of grass for your plot is crucial.

You don’t need to stick to squares or straight lines with your lawn design, or even stick to one lawned area. You could have three different sized circles of lawn spread across your garden instead.

Get tidy and organized

It’s all very well adding more greenery to your garden, but before you start adding in lots of new plants, it’s a good time to assess what you’ve got. Splitting large plants and replanting specimens into more suitable locations could help increase your yield without needing to buy more.

Having a general tidy by clearing away weeds and cleaning up old pots will also help your garden’s overall appearance.

Put plants in every possible space

Plants are the life of the garden, giving us something truly beautiful to look at. Borders and raised beds are the traditional places you’ll find flowers and other plants. But, you can use containers, hanging baskets and window boxes too. And if you want to increase your plant life even further you could add vertical gardens along your boundaries.  

Another way of increasing your greenery is to make sure there’s color in the garden all year round, not just in the summer. Adding evergreens, and late and early flowering plants will help.

Add some summer fun

Once you’ve got your garden’s green areas sorted, perhaps it’s time to think about adding some fun elements for the summer. 

Think about adding some play equipment or garden games for family time. This will give youngsters the chance to burn off a bit of energy during the summer months. And perhaps a pizza oven and bench seating for al fresco meals.


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