The bedroom in the home is one of the few rooms where we should be able to entrust that we are at our most safe and secure. For adults, this isn’t too much of a difficulty. For young children, however, we have to consider the extra risks that come with not always interacting with their environment in the most sensible way. Here, we’re going to look at some of the most major risks in the average toddler’s bedroom, and what can be done about them.

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Don’t leave yourself open to a shock

For younger children, such as babies, then the flat outlet plug covers you can buy quite easily at any store might be enough to stop them from poking at the electronics of the room. However, toddlers can remove these, so they stop being effective. Instead, you might want to consider looking at outlet plug safe plates. Furthermore, make sure you’re taking this out and putting it in when your child isn’t directly there to watch and learn from you how you do it.


Beware of fall hazards

When you are decorating your child’s bedroom, you need to keep a close eye on anything that might be able their head level. If they can find a way to reach them, any clutter and accessories can become a falling hazard. The same is true of any furniture that they might be able to tip over. Either make sure that you’re choosing things that can’t fall over or put them so far out of reach so as to not be a concern.


Watch those windows

The windows of the bedroom can be a real hazard in a couple of ways. First of all, open windows that are accessible, or could easily be accessible if your child pushes something to act as a step, are inherently dangerous. Window mesh guards can ensure that your child can’t access them. Plantation shutters that can be installed by Southern custom shutters – Boston, are also great to prevent any danger from open windows. to Cords are another serious danger, meaning that it’s worth seriously considering options like a light filtering cordless cell shade. Aside from making the room safer, they can also ensure that it doesn’t get too much sunlight on really sunny days.


Mind the bed

Falling out of bed might not sound like the worst thing in the world, but for toddlers in a bed that is set at adult height, that can result in quite the injury if they fall the wrong way. For that reason, it’s a good idea to make sure that the bed is low to the ground so that, even if there is a fall, it’s less likely to hurt them. Otherwise, you might want to consider buying toddler bed rails to make sure they can’t fall out in the first place or to ensure there is a soft landing such as with rugs or cushions.


The tips above aren’t designed to make your worry too much or be paranoid about the risks in your toddler’s bedroom. However, it’s easy to forget about them, so this is just a reminder and a few pointers on what you can do.