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Handmade by Ozella Review

Putting your kid in cute clothing is one of the most fun parts about being a parent. Doll them up in spiffy new outfits. In my house my daughter is obsessed with dresses and skirts. All things highly feminine is the key to her toddler heart. The bigger the swirling action that a ‘tutu’ can give the better.

Handmade By Ozella 1

So many people sell children’s clothing, but what really makes children’s clothing stand out? After pondering this for some time I came to the conclusion that quality, correct fit & affordability are what you look for in all children’s clothing. If those 3 key elements are checked off then odds are you are going to purchase the outfit.

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At a local art show I noticed a booth that really stood out. I walked up and the owner was just as friendly as can be and her clothing was stunning. The prints and designs were so steller that I didn’t want to leave the booth. I kept gawking at piece after piece. Once I really examined the clothing I could see that the seams and cuts were perfection. These garments are not quickly thrown together, but carefully and thoughtfully made. I showed the outfits my daughter models here to a mother-like friend of mine. She has been sewing or years and really knows her stuff. The first thing she commented on that “these were exceptionally made” and that “whoever made these was really talented and knew what they were doing.” Wow, right?!

Handmade by Ozella specializes in little girls dresses and little boy ties/suspenders. These classic garments are perfect for holidays, parties, outings and everyday wear. With the average price of only $25 for a dress, they are perfect for playing in too. She also makes scarves, purses, headbands and shorts! She can custom make some orders, so just reach out to her through Etsy and see if she can take on an order you may have been pondering.

Handmade By Ozella 2

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This Mama’s Experience

I cannot say enough positive things about Handmade by Ozella. Her clothing is such a quality its as if it came from a boutique. Her uses high quality materials, her perfectly sew clothing and accessories along with her eye for fashion and design you will never be bored looking at her shop. With new designs and prints constantly coming out as fashion moves forward, you will be wanting to favorite this shop without any doubt.

Horse Skirt from Handmade By Ozella

Every outfit from Handmade by Ozella is perfect for family photos, first day of school, school photos, special occasions and everyday use.

My daughter was tickled pink when our package arrived. She is 3, turning 4, and all about the “princess dress”. If it doesn’t twirl she is not about to wear it. Handmade by Ozella’s designs give her room to move and play, but are durable for everyday play. When I put the headbands on her she was speechless. I think it gave her the feeling like a crown or tiara. Something matching in her hair that made her feel a step lighter. She typically doesn’t like headbands in her hair, but these are soft and easy to wear, making her keep them on for longer than I honestly ever expected. She constantly picks out her Handmade by Ozella outfits to wear, I know she really does favor them.

 Handmade By Ozella Smock Dress

Sweet Peanut Clothing Review

Both the American Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada give manufacturers of children’s apparel a choice:  Clothing may be treated with chemical flame retardants or be classified as 100% cotton and snug fitting. – For Sweet Peanut this choice was obvious!

Air ballons Sweet Peanut

Not only is their clothing 100% organic cotton GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.  It is never chemically treated and never will be. This is so reassuring to a mother like me. I try to reduce my children’s chemical exposure wherever I can. We eat as clean and organic as possible. I use organic bath products. We cloth diaper. All these are such great ways to reduce chemicals, but often people don’t even think about the amount of chemicals that could be in their children’s clothing. When you cloth your child in Sweet Peanut clothing, you can reset assured that they are 100% chemical free.

During their dying process they also use methods that are safe and non hazardous, while still keeping vibrate and bright colors as options in their clothing line. Sweet Peanut cares about your baby, the gift of health and reducing their global footprint. Because of these factors I have added them as a Simple Green Living company!

Air ballon full Sweet Peanut

Sweet Peanut makes the perfect variety of clothing options. Short sleeves, long sleeves, onesies, gowns, suits and pants. All the basics and more! Here are some of the lines they carry:

Each piece is perfectly made. My daughter and son love their Sweet Peanut Clothing. They are comfortable, easy to wear, wash wonderfully and look adorable on children. This company is an all around win.

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plane sweet peanut

striped pj Sweet Peanut

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Le Lait Clothing Review

Le Lait Clothing Review

review 1

About Le Lait


Le Lait was founded by two women, who much like me, like to have our babies look cute! Babies are naturally cute but you want to showcase that in the clothing we put them in. Finding cute, modern and stylish baby clothing can be pretty tricky. So much is plastered with pastel animals, cheesy sayings and cheap materials. I know Gucci has a baby line, but I am not about to shell out $100+ for something will get drooled on and worn for only a short period of time. When I found Le Lait Baby I got so excited. They make unisex, modern and stylish clothing for newborns to 24 months. I love having clothing that you can pass from child to child. If you have a girl and then later a boy, your Le Lait clothing will still be a perfect option for you. Know a couple who is expecting and keeping the gender a surprise? Gift them a classic Le Lait outfit and it will be sure to delight.

Each outfit is made with Organic Cotton. People often wonder what ‘organic cotton’ really means. It means that the soil that has been free of synthetic pesticides for at least three consecutive years. That the fields are naturally fertilized, pest-eating insects are used to naturally control crop damage, and weeds are removed with hoes and tractors, as well as manually. It is a safer choice for not only our clothing materials, but for our planet as well.



Le Lait offers: Bib Bandanas, Bodysuits, Bottoms and Tops.

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Mama’s Experience

drop side

I was stunned at how simply soft Le Lait’s clothing is. I love to put super soft clothing on my kids, and does this hold up! Even after you wash it, it remains a plush soft cotton. So many times cotton gets ‘crunchy’ after a few washes. That can be caused by soft build up and inferior materials intertwined in with the cotton. The difference between standard cotton and organic cotton is highly noticeable once you feel them side by side. The choice Le Lait made in choosing the best grade cotton available truley makes their products stand out.

black and white

modern for modernEach piece is cut to fit perfectly. No excess material hanging off or clinging too tight. No uncomfortable tags scratching their neck. Just soft, easy to wear material that you can choose as day or night wear. I love that each piece can be worn out on the town and on play dates or to bed. But, my favorite thing about Le Lait is that each seasons full line of clothing matches! You can mix and match however you choose and they will always go together. This is so awesome for busy parents, and those who struggle with fashion (*cough*cough* – my husband). No more worrying “does this really match”. Yes. Yes it does.

This modern line is just what you have been searching for. You will not be disappointed in anything from their collection. Head over to their website to take a peek in the Look Book and place your first order today.



Snorg Tees Review

Snorg Tees Review


About Snorg Tees

Snorg Tees is a super hilarious tee shirt company. Started by Matt and Bryan in their basement, like all super entrepreneurs, faked it until they made it. They keep it real by constantly updating their designs and styles with the hot topics, fads, and jokes of the moment. This way what is probably trending in your Facebook feed and on Twitter can also be on your tee shirt next week.

They also love to listen to their fans. Companies who are responsive to their customers are way more likely to succeed. So if you have a funny idea or saying you think would be great on a tee shirt, go ahead and let them know! If they end up using one of your ideas they will hook you up with $150 and a free tee shirt!

Once you become addicted to buying their tee’s and gifting them to all your friends and relatives this holiday season, you can share your pics with them! Send them a pic of you wearing one of their tees and you can be internet famous and possibly be featured on their customer photo page! This is probably going to be on your bucket list now, so be sure to check it off in 2016.

snorg tee pic

What Do They Sell?

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Mama’s Experience

First I want to tell you guys how nice it was working with Snorg. Their staff was fun, kind and super fast in response time. Knowing that the staff is on the ball makes you way conformable with a company. It also makes me want to tell my personal friends and family about them as well. Strong rapport is such a big thing when there so many other tee companies out there.


I typically wear a womens 1XL or size 16-18 in my tops. As all ladies know, this fluctuates day to day and brand to brand.

My tee shown here are men’s XL. They don’t have the fun women’s cut features (shorter sleeves and softer neckline) BUT they are a good fit. I would say a tad loose around the middle (duh, its a mens shirt) but a nice fit other than that.


My husband is wearing a 3X and its a nice size. Sometimes 3X’s are crazy huge and other times they are more like an XL, this is true to its size.


These tees are so comfy. You wear a Snorg Tee to be fun and make yourself and the people around you laugh. But you need to be yourself and in a good mood to sport your witty attitude. These shirts are 100% cotton and feel like a dream. I wear a tee to be comfortable. I also need them to be easy to clean. Being a mom I know that my shirt is going to be the material my kids feel when they hug me throughout the day. I can be a fun, silly and cuddly mom in a Snorg Tee.

As my husband put his shirt on he immediately said, “these are so comfy”.  That is all a man cares about in a shirt. That is feels good. Women deal with more for the sake of fashion, but not a guy. These tee’s are 100% man approved.

Haters Gonna Hate


The prints are either done with a screen printer or a super fancy machine called a Kornit. Both allow Snorg Tees to use a very broad spectrum of colors, which allows the creative juice to be that much juicer.

All of the tees are 100% cotton and are preshrunk (except the Heather Gray that is 90% cotton/10% polyester). All of their tees are dryer safe, but like all cotton, they are prone to a small amount of shrinkage in the first few washes. To ensure your design stays fancy and pristine I suggest turning them inside out when in the washer and dryer.

moo im a goat

Win Your Own!

Now that you have read and can easily see how super sweet these tee’s are, you can enter to win your own!

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Open to US, runs 11/3-11/17



Bunnies By The Bay Review

Bunnies By The Bay Review


About Bunnies By The Bay

Bunnies By The Bay is a division of Kids Preferred

Kids Preferred’s Mission

Kids Preferred is dedicated to creating superior quality, innovative soft toys and gifts for children of all ages using unique, playful designs that help instill a love of learning and create everlasting childhood memories.

Bunnies By The Bay was founded in 1986. Where were some tragic events that unexpectedly happened to one family which lead them on a journey from tragic loss to hopeful healing, which brought Bunnies By The Bay to life.

Red Thread Collection

Each time you purchase from our Red Thread collection, Bunnies By The Bay donates a portion of the proceeds from that sale to help support Half The Sky Foundation.

“We provide individual nurture and stimulation for babies, innovative preschools that encourage an early love of learning, personalized learning opportunities for older children, and loving – and most important, permanent – foster homes for children whose special needs will keep them from being adopted.” – HalfTheSky.org

To view the items which are part of the Red Thread Collection, please click here.

What Do They Sell?

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Mama’s Experience

Stinkin Cute Bunsuit

This is a onesie but made to look like a tee shirt. I love how versatile it is and how it can go with so many different bottoms. Jeans, dress slacks, khakis, or solid colors. I do think they run large. My son is 18 months and can fit in the 6-12 month onesie. My son is crazy tiny and wears 9 month pants, but he typically wears a 12 month top.

I have washed and dried this outfit several times and it still looks new! I am so pleased that no pilling or wear is noticeable after a wash. I washed on warm with like colors and dried on mixed/cotton medium heat in the dryer. No shrinkage either, which is so important in clothing.

This onesie is available here for $35!


Stinkin Cute Bunnies

Pretty Friends Shirt and Pants


girl outfit

bird close


This Pretty Friends outfit is everyone a little girl would want to wear. Its pink, light blue and cozy! With tiny messages like ‘listen’, ‘be polite’ & ‘care’, it spreads the message the being pretty on the inside is what really matters. The pants are a light pink and really go with every outfit. They are a smooth soft pink that works with any pastel or dark primary top. With a light ruffle at the bottom of the legs to give it that extra feminine touch.


Goumi Review

Goumi Review

Who is Goumi?

Baby E

Goumi was founded by 2 friends, Lili and Linsey. As new moms they both had trouble finding socks and mittens that would actually stay on their babies. They then decided to “start a company that would be mission-led and product- supported so we could nurture our babies and make more good in the world where our children would grow up”. – Goumi Kids Website

They didn’t just want to make more stuff, they wanted to make good that would make our world a better place

Their goals were to make products that were:

  • Functional
  • Fashionable
  • Sustainable

Why the name Goumi?

“In the beginning we named ourselves after the guava… because guava’s are so good for you. But as we grew, we realized that guava as a name had some limitations and thankfully, we discovered goumi berries  … a little-known berry that is a nutritional powerhouse. We were also “little known” but intended to be a powerhouse, so we became Goumikids.”Goumi Kids Website

What Does Goumi Sell?

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Mama’s Experience

Goumi Jamms


My youngest is 18 months now and far too big to fit into a snugly and luxurious pair of Goumi Jamms. Luckily, my best friend just had an adorable baby girl! So she gets to use my Goumi Jamms until Fox baby #3 is one day here (this is not a hint! I am NOT expecting LOL!!).

She is 8 weeks old and approximately 10 lbs.


outfit 1

There are so many fun features to Goumi Jamms. They are beyond cozy. We love babies that are soft and fun to cuddle with. Goumi Jamms are so soft and so sustainable! They are made from bamboo and organic cotton. They used these materials because they have a natural breathing quality to them as well as being naturally antibacterial. Babies are so susceptible to so much more than you and I. They have not built up their immune systems. I know I try to keep my baby on lock down until they have their 2 month shots. But we have to live life and leave out houses. We get cabin fever, have older children, need to get groceries and all these involve leaving the house! The easy snap down bottom makes it so that you can still have your baby in this super outfit and be securely strapped into their car seat. The Jamms easily go from the gown style to the closed feet style. It was one easy smooth motion to change from one style to the next. Because the material is a super silky texture it makes it very easy for baby to wiggle and move around it. She never got upset with having her feet snapped in. She had plenty of room to kick and play around. I have a feeling my bestie will be having her daughter wear these Jamms ALL the time!

Goumi Hat


The Goumi hats are made with the same wonderful combo of bamboo and organic cotton. This gives out babies a soft, cozy and breathable hat. Babies typically don’t have a full head of hair and their skin on their scalp is very much exposed. The top of the head, when exposed to direct sunlight for periods of time, can result in sunburn or irritation. By wearing a light hat, you can avoid a sunburned scalp. This hat has the unique ability to be worn in winter and summer. Its light a breathable, which makes it okay to wear on warm days, but also warm enough to help cover the child’s head in the winter. Please remember when its very hot outside you can run a risk of over heating a child, please be sure avoid your child being exposed to too much heat. Especially when sleeping, which has been linked to SIDS. Never dress your baby too warmly for sleep; keep room temperature 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit.


This hat was the same silky soft material as the Goumi Jamms. It was a very interesting fit. It was able to fit her perfectly, yet had room for her to grow. This will probably last her throughout this fall and into the winter, if not all the way into spring 2016. The chin strap tie is the same material. It was long enough to be tied in a knot or a bow, whichever your preference, and soft so it will not irritate a tiny babies delicate skin. It is breathable to wear on a warm fall day and warm enough to wear as a winter hat. This hat is so great.

hat pics

Goumi Boots


Boots 2

Goumi’s Boots have a very convenient design. They have a 2-part closure system. This makes the shoe last so much longer than other boots or shoes would last. Children’s feet grow fast. When my first child was young I learned this the hard way. I think that is true to every first time mom. They can grow out of shoes and socks overnight sometimes. Having the 2-part closure feature this allows your child to get more use out of these boots then you would a boot without this design.

Goumi Boots

The fact that these are super hard to kick off is a huge selling point too. There was never a sock my kids couldn’t kick off. All of them would eventually be kicked off at some point. These have a secure closure allowing for the boot to stay on! No cold feet and missing socks. The closure is velcro. It makes it so that you can secure the boot on your child’s foot. It has give, allowing it room for growth. New parents, like me when my daughter was a newborn, are shocked at how fast your children grow out of socks and shoes. Having the velcro closure gives you so much more time in them before they grow out of them. These boots can be used as socks or shoes and are able to be worn year round.

Enter to win a Goumi Jamms

Now that you have read about how great Goumi Jamms are, you can enter to win one for yourself!

Runs 9/7-9/21


Zookaboo Review

Zookaboo Review

max butt 1

Who is Zookaboo?

Zookaboo is a Pennsylvania based business. They design, create and sell adorable diaper covers, matching outfits and clothe diaper friendly clothing.


What Do They Carry?

tee 3

Shipping & Returns

All items are shipped via USPS First Class (2-5 day delivery time) with confirmation (within US only). Delivery confirmation is not available with international orders. If an item exceeds the weight limit for first class, then it will need to be shipped Priority (2-3 day delivery time). Please keep in mind that some international shipping can take between 2 and 4 weeks, and in some cases even longer. Zookaboo is not responsible for any customs charges and/or taxes placed upon packages by other countries. Returns are accepted within 14 days of purchase.

Mama’s Experience

Zookaboo has a unique twist on the cloth diaper market. They make and sell matching tee and diaper cover sets. When we have our child in a cloth diaper we love to show it off! Having a matching tee makes showing off that fluff butt even more fun. It’s a perfect excuse for just putting a diaper and a tee on your baby.

max 2

max pose

The cover stays on so well. My son has very skinny legs and most other diaper covers will not properly stay on. The leg gussets are never tight enough to hold their position. This is not a problem with Zookaboo! I am so please that I was able to have a prefold on him and the cover stay on. He even soaked the prefold and it didn’t leak out. I am so over the moon about this. There are 2 snaps on both the left and right side. Having the double snap I think really helps hold things in place with petite children.

The tee shirts do run a little bit small. So when you are placing an order keep that in mind. My son is wearing a 2T in this picture. He normally wears a 12 or 12-18 mo tee.

Care: Machine wash cold or warm in cloth diaper safe detergent; line dry is recommended to extend the life of the cover. (Recommend drying once in dryer to seal any holes made in the cover during sewing.)

“Diaper cover has a cotton outer and is lined with a waterproof PUL fabric in white. This diaper cover can be used with most inserts, prefolds, or fitted diapers. The inside of the cover is wipeable.”Zookaboo

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Click here to enter for your chance to win a Zookaboo Tee & Cover set! Giveaway runs 8/3-8/17



Little Adventures Review

Little Adventures Review

Review large

Children love to dress up and play make believe. Transforming in the moment to be a magical fairy, a royal princess, a swift super hero or a brave pirate. The ideas they think of are endless. As parents we want to encourage their imagination (and any play that isn’t in front of a screen). Costumes are either affordable or comfortable, never both. Machine washable, riiiiiight… This all changed when Little Adventures hit the market.  Co-founded by 2 mothers, Jenny Harrison (mother of 10) and Heather Granata (mother of 3), Little Adventures

They are comfortable with no itchy underskirts or fabrics, completely finished seams and hems, and no buttons or ties to frustrate little fingers! The stretch bodices accommodate a variety of sizes making each size more versatile. All items are made with quality fabrics and trims that are comfortable, washable and guaranteed!

Get 25% off an order with code: foxb25

Little Adventures as purchased by the stars

You know you are getting a high quality product with Little Adventures when Hollywood stars like Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba, and Alyson Hannigan choose to dress their children in Little Adventures.


Product Line


Little Adventures has more products then your child could dream of.  Here are some of the categories.

Boys Options Too!


boy hero redSo many times a company will make oodles of wonderful girl dress up options. Boys love to play make believe too! Girls want to be a Jedi or a dragon, or like my daughter, a pirate. There are costumes for each and every child, no matter what they want to be. There are no limits on what a child can imagine, so there shouldn’t be a limit on what they can dress up as either.

From super heroes, to knights of the round table, Jedi’s or Vader’s, there are so many options with Little Adventures. Masks, capes, light sabers, super hero belts, muscle vests, hats and more!




Machine Washable


Yup, that is right! These beautiful play clothes are machine washable.

What are the wash and care instructions?
All of their dress ups are machine washable, which is truly unique in the dress up market! Little Adventures suggests to line dry, as this will keep the unique trims and fabrics looking their best.

Mama’s Experience

blue fairy 1

My daughter is obsessed with her new dress up clothes from Little Adventures. She has not once complained about an itchy part or anything being too scratchy. I am so happy. It looks beautiful on her and she feels like a real fairy princess. She keeps running around saying things like “abracadabra” or “alakazam” and “bippity-boppiti-boo!”

This outfit consists of:

Teal Fairy Outfit

Teal Fairy Halo & Wand


blue fairy 2 Princess 1

I often tell my daughter princesses stories which I make up. She is the main character and a princess.  When she put on this beautiful outfit she instantly transformed into the character. A kind, spunky and curious little princess. She felt the confidence to be the princess she wants to be. Helping enrich my child’s imagination is the most powerful thing I can do as a parent. With Little Adventures I am able to create magic for my daughter.

This princess outfit consists of:

Deluxe Rapunzel Dress

Pink Princess Crown

Princess Jewelry Pink/Gold Set
princess 2

Free Shipping!

Each order placed through the Little Adventure’s website offers free shipping! Want to find a retail location to see Little Adventures with your own eyes? Click here for a map to find the nearest location to you.


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Printed Catalog

If you would like to request a printed catalog

Love Little Adventures? Enter to win $75 gift card to their On Line Store!