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About Snorg Tees

Snorg Tees is a super hilarious tee shirt company. Started by Matt and Bryan in their basement, like all super entrepreneurs, faked it until they made it. They keep it real by constantly updating their designs and styles with the hot topics, fads, and jokes of the moment. This way what is probably trending in your Facebook feed and on Twitter can also be on your tee shirt next week.

They also love to listen to their fans. Companies who are responsive to their customers are way more likely to succeed. So if you have a funny idea or saying you think would be great on a tee shirt, go ahead and let them know! If they end up using one of your ideas they will hook you up with $150 and a free tee shirt!

Once you become addicted to buying their tee’s and gifting them to all your friends and relatives this holiday season, you can share your pics with them! Send them a pic of you wearing one of their tees and you can be internet famous and possibly be featured on their customer photo page! This is probably going to be on your bucket list now, so be sure to check it off in 2016.

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What Do They Sell?

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Mama’s Experience

First I want to tell you guys how nice it was working with Snorg. Their staff was fun, kind and super fast in response time. Knowing that the staff is on the ball makes you way conformable with a company. It also makes me want to tell my personal friends and family about them as well. Strong rapport is such a big thing when there so many other tee companies out there.


I typically wear a womens 1XL or size 16-18 in my tops. As all ladies know, this fluctuates day to day and brand to brand.

My tee shown here are men’s XL. They don’t have the fun women’s cut features (shorter sleeves and softer neckline) BUT they are a good fit. I would say a tad loose around the middle (duh, its a mens shirt) but a nice fit other than that.


My husband is wearing a 3X and its a nice size. Sometimes 3X’s are crazy huge and other times they are more like an XL, this is true to its size.


These tees are so comfy. You wear a Snorg Tee to be fun and make yourself and the people around you laugh. But you need to be yourself and in a good mood to sport your witty attitude. These shirts are 100% cotton and feel like a dream. I wear a tee to be comfortable. I also need them to be easy to clean. Being a mom I know that my shirt is going to be the material my kids feel when they hug me throughout the day. I can be a fun, silly and cuddly mom in a Snorg Tee.

As my husband put his shirt on he immediately said, “these are so comfy”.  That is all a man cares about in a shirt. That is feels good. Women deal with more for the sake of fashion, but not a guy. These tee’s are 100% man approved.

Haters Gonna Hate


The prints are either done with a screen printer or a super fancy machine called a Kornit. Both allow Snorg Tees to use a very broad spectrum of colors, which allows the creative juice to be that much juicer.

All of the tees are 100% cotton and are preshrunk (except the Heather Gray that is 90% cotton/10% polyester). All of their tees are dryer safe, but like all cotton, they are prone to a small amount of shrinkage in the first few washes. To ensure your design stays fancy and pristine I suggest turning them inside out when in the washer and dryer.

moo im a goat

Win Your Own!

Now that you have read and can easily see how super sweet these tee’s are, you can enter to win your own!

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Open to US, runs 11/3-11/17



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  1. Omgosh I just love them!! They are too funny!! I love the Christmas ones they have!! Perfect for my crazy Christmas shirt every year 🙂

  2. I just love these shirts, I have bought some of them in the past and have always been happy with them.

  3. I learned that if theypick your idea for a shirt you win $150.00. These shirts are super cute.

  4. These tees are so funny 🙂 I’m glad to hear they are comfy too. Also nice to know they have sizes for everyone!

  5. Some of these tees are so funny! And I had no idea they also made hats and socks. They make perfect Christmas gifts.

  6. I never wear clothes with even a stripe or a dot on it (plain all the way!), and even I love snorg tees. My very favorite is the one where the hedgehog won’t share the hedge (ha!). Their designers are very clever!

  7. I love Snorg Tees, I love the dinosaur ones, the Star Wars ones, and my new favorite is the Mordor Fun Run tee!

  8. A thing I like about Snorg Tees is how hilarious some of the tee shirt designs are. Some of the shirt designs are really really funny and I would love to be able to wear one of those shirts around the house or when I have to run errands. Thanks for the fantastic opportunity to win!

  9. I love anything different and I love that you modeled them so we could get an actual look at fit and how they look on real people thanks!

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