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Handmade by Ozella Review

Putting your kid in cute clothing is one of the most fun parts about being a parent. Doll them up in spiffy new outfits. In my house my daughter is obsessed with dresses and skirts. All things highly feminine is the key to her toddler heart. The bigger the swirling action that a ‘tutu’ can give the better.

Handmade By Ozella 1

So many people sell children’s clothing, but what really makes children’s clothing stand out? After pondering this for some time I came to the conclusion that quality, correct fit & affordability are what you look for in all children’s clothing. If those 3 key elements are checked off then odds are you are going to purchase the outfit.

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At a local art show I noticed a booth that really stood out. I walked up and the owner was just as friendly as can be and her clothing was stunning. The prints and designs were so steller that I didn’t want to leave the booth. I kept gawking at piece after piece. Once I really examined the clothing I could see that the seams and cuts were perfection. These garments are not quickly thrown together, but carefully and thoughtfully made. I showed the outfits my daughter models here to a mother-like friend of mine. She has been sewing or years and really knows her stuff. The first thing she commented on that “these were exceptionally made” and that “whoever made these was really talented and knew what they were doing.” Wow, right?!

Handmade by Ozella specializes in little girls dresses and little boy ties/suspenders. These classic garments are perfect for holidays, parties, outings and everyday wear. With the average price of only $25 for a dress, they are perfect for playing in too. She also makes scarves, purses, headbands and shorts! She can custom make some orders, so just reach out to her through Etsy and see if she can take on an order you may have been pondering.

Handmade By Ozella 2

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This Mama’s Experience

I cannot say enough positive things about Handmade by Ozella. Her clothing is such a quality its as if it came from a boutique. Her uses high quality materials, her perfectly sew clothing and accessories along with her eye for fashion and design you will never be bored looking at her shop. With new designs and prints constantly coming out as fashion moves forward, you will be wanting to favorite this shop without any doubt.

Horse Skirt from Handmade By Ozella

Every outfit from Handmade by Ozella is perfect for family photos, first day of school, school photos, special occasions and everyday use.

My daughter was tickled pink when our package arrived. She is 3, turning 4, and all about the “princess dress”. If it doesn’t twirl she is not about to wear it. Handmade by Ozella’s designs give her room to move and play, but are durable for everyday play. When I put the headbands on her she was speechless. I think it gave her the feeling like a crown or tiara. Something matching in her hair that made her feel a step lighter. She typically doesn’t like headbands in her hair, but these are soft and easy to wear, making her keep them on for longer than I honestly ever expected. She constantly picks out her Handmade by Ozella outfits to wear, I know she really does favor them.

 Handmade By Ozella Smock Dress

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