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Little Adventures Review

Little Adventures Review

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Children love to dress up and play make believe. Transforming in the moment to be a magical fairy, a royal princess, a swift super hero or a brave pirate. The ideas they think of are endless. As parents we want to encourage their imagination (and any play that isn’t in front of a screen). Costumes are either affordable or comfortable, never both. Machine washable, riiiiiight… This all changed when Little Adventures hit the market.  Co-founded by 2 mothers, Jenny Harrison (mother of 10) and Heather Granata (mother of 3), Little Adventures

They are comfortable with no itchy underskirts or fabrics, completely finished seams and hems, and no buttons or ties to frustrate little fingers! The stretch bodices accommodate a variety of sizes making each size more versatile. All items are made with quality fabrics and trims that are comfortable, washable and guaranteed!

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Little Adventures as purchased by the stars

You know you are getting a high quality product with Little Adventures when Hollywood stars like Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba, and Alyson Hannigan choose to dress their children in Little Adventures.


Product Line


Little Adventures has more products then your child could dream of.  Here are some of the categories.

Boys Options Too!


boy hero redSo many times a company will make oodles of wonderful girl dress up options. Boys love to play make believe too! Girls want to be a Jedi or a dragon, or like my daughter, a pirate. There are costumes for each and every child, no matter what they want to be. There are no limits on what a child can imagine, so there shouldn’t be a limit on what they can dress up as either.

From super heroes, to knights of the round table, Jedi’s or Vader’s, there are so many options with Little Adventures. Masks, capes, light sabers, super hero belts, muscle vests, hats and more!




Machine Washable


Yup, that is right! These beautiful play clothes are machine washable.

What are the wash and care instructions?
All of their dress ups are machine washable, which is truly unique in the dress up market! Little Adventures suggests to line dry, as this will keep the unique trims and fabrics looking their best.

Mama’s Experience

blue fairy 1

My daughter is obsessed with her new dress up clothes from Little Adventures. She has not once complained about an itchy part or anything being too scratchy. I am so happy. It looks beautiful on her and she feels like a real fairy princess. She keeps running around saying things like “abracadabra” or “alakazam” and “bippity-boppiti-boo!”

This outfit consists of:

Teal Fairy Outfit

Teal Fairy Halo & Wand


blue fairy 2 Princess 1

I often tell my daughter princesses stories which I make up. She is the main character and a princess.  When she put on this beautiful outfit she instantly transformed into the character. A kind, spunky and curious little princess. She felt the confidence to be the princess she wants to be. Helping enrich my child’s imagination is the most powerful thing I can do as a parent. With Little Adventures I am able to create magic for my daughter.

This princess outfit consists of:

Deluxe Rapunzel Dress

Pink Princess Crown

Princess Jewelry Pink/Gold Set
princess 2

Free Shipping!

Each order placed through the Little Adventure’s website offers free shipping! Want to find a retail location to see Little Adventures with your own eyes? Click here for a map to find the nearest location to you.


Follow Little Adventures

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Printed Catalog

If you would like to request a printed catalog

Love Little Adventures? Enter to win $75 gift card to their On Line Store!
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