Goumi Review

Who is Goumi?

Baby E

Goumi was founded by 2 friends, Lili and Linsey. As new moms they both had trouble finding socks and mittens that would actually stay on their babies. They then decided to “start a company that would be mission-led and product- supported so we could nurture our babies and make more good in the world where our children would grow up”. – Goumi Kids Website

They didn’t just want to make more stuff, they wanted to make good that would make our world a better place

Their goals were to make products that were:

  • Functional
  • Fashionable
  • Sustainable

Why the name Goumi?

“In the beginning we named ourselves after the guava… because guava’s are so good for you. But as we grew, we realized that guava as a name had some limitations and thankfully, we discovered goumi berries  … a little-known berry that is a nutritional powerhouse. We were also “little known” but intended to be a powerhouse, so we became Goumikids.”Goumi Kids Website

What Does Goumi Sell?

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Mama’s Experience

Goumi Jamms


My youngest is 18 months now and far too big to fit into a snugly and luxurious pair of Goumi Jamms. Luckily, my best friend just had an adorable baby girl! So she gets to use my Goumi Jamms until Fox baby #3 is one day here (this is not a hint! I am NOT expecting LOL!!).

She is 8 weeks old and approximately 10 lbs.


outfit 1

There are so many fun features to Goumi Jamms. They are beyond cozy. We love babies that are soft and fun to cuddle with. Goumi Jamms are so soft and so sustainable! They are made from bamboo and organic cotton. They used these materials because they have a natural breathing quality to them as well as being naturally antibacterial. Babies are so susceptible to so much more than you and I. They have not built up their immune systems. I know I try to keep my baby on lock down until they have their 2 month shots. But we have to live life and leave out houses. We get cabin fever, have older children, need to get groceries and all these involve leaving the house! The easy snap down bottom makes it so that you can still have your baby in this super outfit and be securely strapped into their car seat. The Jamms easily go from the gown style to the closed feet style. It was one easy smooth motion to change from one style to the next. Because the material is a super silky texture it makes it very easy for baby to wiggle and move around it. She never got upset with having her feet snapped in. She had plenty of room to kick and play around. I have a feeling my bestie will be having her daughter wear these Jamms ALL the time!

Goumi Hat


The Goumi hats are made with the same wonderful combo of bamboo and organic cotton. This gives out babies a soft, cozy and breathable hat. Babies typically don’t have a full head of hair and their skin on their scalp is very much exposed. The top of the head, when exposed to direct sunlight for periods of time, can result in sunburn or irritation. By wearing a light hat, you can avoid a sunburned scalp. This hat has the unique ability to be worn in winter and summer. Its light a breathable, which makes it okay to wear on warm days, but also warm enough to help cover the child’s head in the winter. Please remember when its very hot outside you can run a risk of over heating a child, please be sure avoid your child being exposed to too much heat. Especially when sleeping, which has been linked to SIDS. Never dress your baby too warmly for sleep; keep room temperature 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit.


This hat was the same silky soft material as the Goumi Jamms. It was a very interesting fit. It was able to fit her perfectly, yet had room for her to grow. This will probably last her throughout this fall and into the winter, if not all the way into spring 2016. The chin strap tie is the same material. It was long enough to be tied in a knot or a bow, whichever your preference, and soft so it will not irritate a tiny babies delicate skin. It is breathable to wear on a warm fall day and warm enough to wear as a winter hat. This hat is so great.

hat pics

Goumi Boots


Boots 2

Goumi’s Boots have a very convenient design. They have a 2-part closure system. This makes the shoe last so much longer than other boots or shoes would last. Children’s feet grow fast. When my first child was young I learned this the hard way. I think that is true to every first time mom. They can grow out of shoes and socks overnight sometimes. Having the 2-part closure feature this allows your child to get more use out of these boots then you would a boot without this design.

Goumi Boots

The fact that these are super hard to kick off is a huge selling point too. There was never a sock my kids couldn’t kick off. All of them would eventually be kicked off at some point. These have a secure closure allowing for the boot to stay on! No cold feet and missing socks. The closure is velcro. It makes it so that you can secure the boot on your child’s foot. It has give, allowing it room for growth. New parents, like me when my daughter was a newborn, are shocked at how fast your children grow out of socks and shoes. Having the velcro closure gives you so much more time in them before they grow out of them. These boots can be used as socks or shoes and are able to be worn year round.

Enter to win a Goumi Jamms

Now that you have read about how great Goumi Jamms are, you can enter to win one for yourself!

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  7. I love the Goumi Jamms! The look so comfortable and versatile as the little one grows in the early months.

  8. Every single one of the pieces they make looks so soft and snuggly, perfect for delicate newborn skin. Love that everything is designed to actually STAY ON unlike most of what else is on the market.

  9. I bought a newborn essentials pack from goumi kids for a friend but would love a set for my own little baby!

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