With the 2016 holiday rush starting up, now is the time to start collecting your holiday gifts. Crayola is making it easy tree-crayolaon us (once again) with a fresh new line of perfect gifts for the busy kids in your life. With technology constantly around us, it’s essential that you take a step back and allow the kids in your life the chance to use their imaginations without a screen. Crayola is keeping up with their minds and trends with their new line of fun products, including the Air Marker Sprayer Kit!

This Air Marker Sprayer plugs directly into your wall, needing no batteries or special adapters. This gives the kids hours of entertainment without worrying about having to recharge or chance batteries.  It is super easy to set up with the twist n’ load feature, which keeps the marker in place during use. The dual-action trigger on the machine allows the child to spray using either push or pull. This is great of children who’s motor skills may be a bit behind or still developing. Helping them to use the machine in a comfortable to they manner.


The Air Marker Sprayer comes with 5 markers (pip-squeaks style -which has many more colors and refill available for purchase) and 2 stencils, 10-sheets of plain paper and the Air Marker Sprayer. This kit has all the basics to get your kid creative right away. No special add on kits needed to enjoy this fun new product. If you want to buy more markers to increase their options and to replace ones that may have been used up check out for all the Pip-Squeak options.

User Tip: Be sure not to kink the air tubing. If the tubing gets pinched somewhere the machine will start to vibrate on the table. Also, the air will not be getting to the marker so it will not come out correctly. Just watch that tubing friends 🙂


Fun Holiday Projects using Crayola’s Air Marker Sprayer

  • Holiday notes/cards to friends and family
  • Make a paper tree and spray out ornaments
  • Read a holiday book as a family and recreate one of the pages out of the book
  • Work on spelling new words (like: Snow, Wreath, Gift, Present, Hope, Joy…)
  • and whatever else you can think up! The options are really endless!