Capresso has never let me down. I have been using their products for years now and each and every item I have tried has been above the bar. They know their audience so well and only make products that are easy to use, easy to clean and gorgeous in any kitchen. They’re an example of a great brand, one that would be welcome on sites like Greatcoffeebrewers.com that show some of the best options on the market for coffee lovers!


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One of Capresso’s newest models is the SG220 – a 12-cup coffee maker that is perfect for any user. This coffee maker not only doesn’t require a coffee filter (has a reusable one that comes with the machine) but also has a super easy-to-set timer that even the non-technical grandma would be able to figure out. With a few easy to push buttons your automatic coffee timer will be set and ready to brew when you want it to. I love that the buttons are large enough so that you are not accidentally hitting 2 at the same time. This is often a problem with other machine. They make the buttons so small that you cannot read them clearly or you hit multiple buttons due to them being so close together. I am very happy with Capresso’s newest button set up.

sg220-buttonsIt also features an automatic 2-hour shut off timer! You never have to worry when you leave your house “did I leave the coffee pot on?” Even when I am at home with my kids, I often have forgotten about my coffee maker as the daily grind sets in. I start running around cleaning up breakfast, helping my kids with projects and doing laundry. Next thing I know its 11 am and I need to get lunch ready. I glance over at my coffee pot, which now has automatically turned off hours ago. I never have to worry about scorching my pot with old coffee that was left in there heated for hours, just as I don’t have to wonder how long does coffee last as I get through it so fast! This feature really helps save your glass brewing pot and lengthens its lifespan (and my elbow grease for washes). I’m super glad that I have it. I do have some friends who have the ninja coffee bar, and they love that option, but for me this is perfect.

This sleek machine is stainless steel with black accents, allowing it to match any kitchen setting. Besides being beautiful its so easy to clean. No messy disposable coffee filters needed! If you’re still not sold on this stainless steel number, you could check out this post on why stainless steel is the best option – Easylivingmom: Why you should buy Stainless Steel Coffee Makers. The Capresso SG220 has a reusable Goldtone filter that washes easily and helps eliminate waste and saves you money! With 2 internal baskets (one that holds the Goldtone filter and one that sets into the upper part of the machine) it keeps grinds out of your coffee. I tried brewing a finer grinned bean in this machine, seeing if it will get through into my pot but much to my surprise it stayed put int he filter and not a ground made it into my cup! This is such a wonderful feature.


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  1. The two hour time shut off is a saving grace for me. I am afraid I leave things on sometimes. so much so that I go back to check.

  2. It has all the features I like in a coffee machine – auto-shut off, reusable filter, large buttons. I don’t need lots of bells and whistles, just a reliable, durable machine.

  3. I like the 2 hour time shut off! I always worry about leaving my house and forgetting to turn something off! thanks

  4. One of the items I dont have in the kitchen is a coffee machine. A machine like this would be huge as I presently (the last 4 years) have used that of my tea pot to gather hot water. The part I like best should I choose just one (rather difficult) comes down to having that of a feature which could benefit should I not be available – an automatic 2-hour shut off timer!

  5. A Capresso coffee maker would be perfect for my kitchen. I really like that it has large button feature too. I have an eye disorder which makes it difficult to see much of the time and the big buttons would really help.

  6. I like the auto shut off. I also like not buying filters and that the coffee grounds can’t get in your coffee!

  7. I love that this has a reusable filter. None of the waste of the “cup” machines!

  8. I could really use a coffee maker like this. I love that there is no need for paper filters and that it has a timer and an automatic shut off. This is a great coffee maker for an untech savvy grandma like me.

  9. Gorgeous! Our current model is a dinosaur and about to kick the bucket so we need a one!!

  10. Love the auto shut off!! We are always jetting out of the house in a hurry and I would constantly forget to turn it off Im sure!! Auto shut off sounds like a lifesaver!

  11. That two hour shut off is something I want (need?). I also like that the Capresso does not use the throw away filters.

  12. This looks like a really nice coffee maker. It makes my current coffee maker look like a dinosaur. Ugh!

  13. This is a most excellent review on a nice and high quality hot beverage maker. I give thumbs up on ease of use and five stars on quality manufacturing.

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