Itzy Ritzy Review


Itzy Ritzy is your go-to on-line boutique for new moms. They have a huge selection of beautiful products ranging from nursing pads, to infant car seat canopy’s to wet bags. The later is what I will be reviewing for you.

Itzy Ritzy Selection


Some of the hot items you will want to check out at Itzy Ritzy are:
  • Sealed Wet Bags
  • Chewable Mom Jewelry
  • Reusable Snack Pouches
  • Rolling Suitcase
  • Infinity Breastfeeding Scarf
  • Shopping Cart/Highchair Cover

Travel Happens Sealed Wet Bag


Itzy Ritzy has the cutest collection of sealed wet bags. Wet bags are so much more then a bag to toss your dirty diapers into. They are perfect for my family’s weekly swimming lessons. The wet bathing suits fit perfecting in the bag and make the ride home so much easier then just rolling them up in the beach bag. Speaking of beaches, this bag is perfect for sandy beaches. You can easily keep your items dry and sand free with a Itzy Ritzy wet bag. When traveling these wet bags make perfect toiletry bags. I can safely place my shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, toothpaste and other potential leaky products in the wet bag and not worry about them leaking out onto my fun dresses and other vacation outfits.


Let’s be honest though, its the designs we are in love with! With patterns like Emerald Trellis, Fresh Bloom, Hipster Sunglasses and Whale Watching Blue…you just want them all! They make it more fun to carry and it becomes a true accessory.

bag 2Great for diapers, travel, swimwear, the beach and much more.

Sealed seams for no leaks and no odors and zippers instead of velcro.

Measured 11-inches by 14-inches.

Machine wash in cold water with like colors, no bleach, line dry recommended.

100% cotton fabric exterior.

PVC-free and eco-friendly.

If you like the wet bag then you will LOVE their snack bags! They even come in a fox design, so you know it was love at 1st sight for me. Head over and check them out!

snack pack

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  1. What a great product. They should have invented this years ago when cloth diapers were everywhere. This is a great idea for wet bathing suits too. I always take a ziplock storage bag for each kid/myself but this would be so much better. Thank you for the review.

  2. Im such a huge fan of wet bags!! Cuts down on waste and helps me out in a big way!! I can pretty much store anything and bring anything with me without worrying about leaking/spilling or having to throw the bag away when done!! So perfect!!

  3. I just laughed out loud when I saw the fox print bags, knowing it would be perfect for you! I am really pleased that this is a PVC free option.

  4. I just love the Shopping Cart/Highchair Cover,and the Sealed Wet Bags.My sister could really use these

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