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Mama Fashion

Every nursing mom knows how important it is to have an appropriate wardrobe to breastfeed.


Shirts that allow easy access and don’t expose your belly.

Clothing that allows moms to feel confident and comfortable in public.

Eliminating the need to wear and have to tug through layers of clothes.



Momzelle creates innovative nursing apparel that does all of these things.

After crafting a top that was given an overwhelming amount of positive response, Christine, the creater of Momzelle, decided to create tops for other women too. In 2009 Momzelle had the opportunity to pitch their idea on CBC’s Dragon’s Den (the Canadian version of Shark Tank!). As their company continues to grow and reach more people their focus is keeping customers happy with outstanding customer service support.

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The high quality fabric is made and designed to be worn over and over again. The clothing holds its shape and will not pill. As a breastfeeding mother, I can attest to each of these features. I only want the best fabrics around when nursing my child, so the quality fabrics mean a lot to me.



If you’re looking for a shirt to wear in any part of your mommy stage, this one is for you. The Josiane can very easily be dressed up or dressed down; it’s very versatile.

To the touch this shirt is so soft and almost silky. Made primarily with rayon, this shirt is so, so comfortable. This is my favorite aspect of the shirt. The softness is undeniable.

This top, as well as the Florence and Vanessa, can be worn through all stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding. The ruching on the sides and the long length of the shirt make it easy to wear during pregnancy and postpartum. You will feel great and look good in this flattering top.

Access for nursing comes easy with the Josiane top. The cross over panels open easily to the under panel. This ensures a quick, discreet, and comfortable breastfeeding experience.


This top is super cute and made for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Its loose, flowing silhouette feature is perfect for hot summer days.

I love the versatility of this shirt. It’s super easy to dress the shirt up, or wear it casually. The lace on the shoulders adds a pretty touch that really adds another dimension to the top.

Accessing your nursing bra is easy with the Florence top. Simply lift up the front panel of the shirt and pull the inside panel down or from the side – whichever you feel more comfortable doing.

I’m usually not a fan of loose fitting shirts; I prefer tighter, formfitting tops. This shirt I actually really like. The top is a tad tight, which I like; and the bottom is flowing. Maybe I’m more of a fan of it because it’s summer and it’s super hot all the time. Either way, it’s a great shirt and it’s now one of my go-to’s.


The Vanessa top is a classic v-neck shirt with a little flare. I love v-neck shirts, and this is definitely one of my favorites now. I especially like this top because of the crossover panels; these really distinguish the Vanessa top from other tops.

These crossover panels are perfect for breastfeeding. They hid what need to be hidden and allow easy access for feeding when needed.

The ruching on the sides of the shirt allow it to grow with your belly all throughout pregnancy. I’m not pregnant, but this shirt fits great. The stretch in the fabric gives plenty of room to grow for future pregnancies. This ruching is also perfect for your postpartum figure. It’s flattering for your pregnancy, postpartum, and nursing figure(s).

This shirt is very affordable and can be worn through pregnancy and breastfeeding. Your money will be well used with a purchase of the Vanessa maternity and nursing top.


Momzelle is a great place to find apparel for pregnancy, postpartum, and nursing. Their clothing is affordable and really cute. Check out their website and order something for yourself or give as a gift!

Topknot Twirl

There is something beautiful about minimalist design that catches your eye and draws you near. Simplicity lets your mind wonder and create like it was designed to do. I truly believe the same rings true for children’s toys. Young minds that are making daily discoveries and forming new ideas are drawn to opportunities to create. Almost every parent experiences this when their child plays with the box longer than the toy. Open ended toys that reflect a child’s environment allows creative exploration, and the child can create a purpose for the toy and use it as they wish.

For my daughter, I was searching for a timeless simple rag doll that could be loved for many years. My hope was to find a doll that inspired play while doubling as decor in her vintage eclectic room. I was soon delighted to find an old friend from China opening her very own doll shop Topknot Twirl.

Lauren, the creator of Topknot Twirl, is a kindred spirit that brings out the beauty in the simple. She began making dolls as a traditional birthday gift for her daughters and soon expanded into making dolls for their play group. Lauren delighted in designing each doll with a different look and set out to reach a bigger market. In the winter of 2017, after moving to back to America, Topknot Twirl was launched.

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Each doll is made to order with 5 customizable features. Custom ordering is made easy through her Etsy page and detailed instructions. I loved there was a variety of choices to make a unique custom doll, yet I wasn’t overwhelmed. Picking a doll to match my daughter’s look was simple. However, I will say the fabric choices were all adorably eye catching and I had to get a few opinions to make a final choice.

dress print

skin color

hair color

bang style

hair placement

Our new little friend was delivered in style with attention to every detail. I loved seeing my daughter’s name on the package and felt as if her creator was thinking about her with every stitch. Before her doll was even opened our excitement was pouring over the delivery cuteness.

Whether it was intended or not, I even used the tag ribbons as extra bows for the doll’s hair.

Every detail of our Topknot Twirl custom doll was perfect and just they way I had ordered.

The details were simple yet had an elegant high fashion flare. I appreciated the strong craftsmanship while still being able to tell it was handmade with integrity.

I instantly loved how large our doll looked in my daughter’s arms. I thought it would have been a great milestone doll during her first 12 month pictures.

My daughter snuggled into the soft flexible fabric. She was able to easily carry her lightweight doll around with its slim graspable limbs.

Her doll was clothed in a miniature twirl dress with a fashionable criss cross back. We loved the skirt was removable for dressing and undressing.

I ordered her doll with double high buns and side sleek bangs, but was excited to find out her hair could be styled.

I enjoyed giving her similar pigtail braids I use to rock as a child. The joy about felt doll hair is low maintenance. No tangled rat nests or balding, just simple easy to manage felt strips.


Lauren continues to work hard in making innovations to her dolls and and meeting the needs of her customers. Since the time she has opened she has already added three new additions to her Etsy shop.

Each girl doll now has a felt floral headband accessory. It’s the perfect little accent piece that adds pizzazz and play during dress up.

Dolls can now be personalized with an embroidered name added.

And my favorite, custom boy dolls! Let those little boys join in on the role playing and have their own boy doll. After seeing my son nurture my daughter’s baby dolls, I think he would love having a doll that he can relate to.

All of the Topknot Twirl dolls are handmade by Lauren, so top quality is always delivered. We had such a great experience working with Topknot Twirl and especially loved supporting another small shop, in particular, a Stay at home mom business that is following their dreams.

If you are looking for a quality custom doll that makes play open ended, while also bringing elegance and style to your home, check out TopKnotTwirl!

Boost Your Milk Supply

You’re not alone if you’re concerned about not producing enough breast milk for your baby.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 75 percent of new mothers begin breastfeeding their babies, but many stop either partially or completely within the first few months. Concerns about insufficient milk production are one of the most common reasons for this.

The more you nurse your baby, the more milk your body produces. Don’t stick to a strict schedule. Nursing your baby whenever they are hungry, for as long as they want, is especially important during the first few weeks of establishing your supply, and offer the other breast when the first is empty. Majka, another one of the most popular brands of protein powder for breastfeeding, also uses food additives.

Hey lactating moms, check out Boobie Bars!

Boobie Bars – the original herbal lactation bars – are your daily dose of milk-boosting herbs in just one bar. They are full of nutritious ingredients that boost milk supply for lactating and nursing moms.

No more pills to swallow.

No more teas to brew.



Nurse Wendy is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) – a healthcare professional who specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding. In 2011 Nurse Wendy created and started making Boobie Bars in her kitchen. She hand selected each ingredient that assists in milk-making; this blend of herbs in know as the Boobie Blend.

Boobie Bars are so great because just one bar gives you an entire daily dose of galactagogues (milk-making ingredients). One bar replaces brewing tea or taking multiple pills throughout the day.


Boobie Bars ingredients:

rolled oats, flaxseed

coconut oil – gets its ‘good fat’ from lauric acid (an anti-microbial found in breastmilk

turmeric – an antioxidant known for its anti-inflammatory effects and disease fighting power

moringa – a powerful plant rich with potassium, fiber, calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and contains high levels of protein and antioxidants

Nutritious Information:

 contain no dairy and no corn

vegan, kosher, non gmo

gluten free

good source of fiber


The three flavors offered; peanut butter, blueberry coconut, and oatmeal chocolate chip are so good. They aren’t your typical granola bar flavors, which I really like. The peanut butter bars are even gluten free!

The bars are individually packed in an easy open, quick grab box. Boobie Bars are different than other milk production products because the extended shelf life. There is no refrigeration or freezing necessary.

These bars are so perfect to eat as a snack – they are not a meal replacement. Keep them in the car, in your purse, the diaper bag. Boobie Bars are a great treat that will boost your supply AND taste good.



Check out the Boobie Bars website for more information on breastfeeding!

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FALLing in Love with Simplay3

Its a new season and kids are starting a new year of school, so why not check out a new company?

MamatheFox was excited to find Simplay3 as a company destined for the success in making those staple toys for our children’s childhood.

Who is Simplay3

Simplay3 is a newer company in the toy and home plastic industry. However, the brains behind this company are far from newbies. Tom Murdough, the founder of Little Tikes and Step2, created Simplay3 after deciding to come out of retirement. He assembled a leadership and design team of experienced and talented employees that continue to stretch and redesign innovative and high quality products. Simplay3 is excited to meet the needs and wants of consumers and offer products directly from the manufacturer.

They are certainly a company to keep an eye on, as they are continuing to design and sell new and iconic products.

We are also happy to say all of their products are produced in the USA.

What I love about Simplay3

Everyone has their parent pet peeves and have developed parental “tastes” on baby products and clothing.

Well mine is battery operated toys. I don’t like repeated sounds bouncing through my house that eventually my toddler is going to be repeating. As an educator, I didn’t like that batteries took away from the imagination and controlled how kids played.

So when I found Simplay3 children line I wanted to give the creators a big no batteries thank you hug!

They believe in unstructured play and kids telling toys how to play and not vise versa. Their children products are meant to inspire imaginative play as well as provide play patterns to help fine tune motor skills and develop growing muscles.

In addition, they create activity tables and stations that welcome social play while also providing space for kids to play peacefully together. Less elbow bumping and more giggling!

But the designing doesn’t stop there, Simplay3 home produces a variety of garden and home products. From hauling equipment, Step Stool and steps, to Mailboxs they support your home improvement project and solve big to little problems.

Simplay3 simple solutions for work and play are built to uphold value. Parents can appreciate toys that last for years, homeowners can trust durable multipurpose tools.

Super Coupe Pedal Trike

One of Simplay3’s hottest toys right now is the Simplay3 Super Coupe Pedal Trike. It amps up the fun of a simple coupe car by adding big wheel pedals. Tricycles are one of those foundational toys we all had as kids growing up and still see today.


Tricycles are great energy outlets and exercise for those crazy littles that never stop moving. Coordination and agility are improved while kids build confidence from accomplishing a task independently. Tricycles are staple toys that get your kids outside and active.

The Super Couple Pedal Trike has all the same great features of a tricycle with added sophisticated design. The roof gives a realistic car feel while the low seat and big wheel gives provides easy control.

Another beneficial feature is this trike can grow with your child. It offers 3 adjustable seat positions, making it perfect for ages as young 3 all the way to age 7.

My son is 2 and a half and has little experience with bikes and pedals. He runs on the shorter side but was still able to reach the pedals with the balls of his feet. It took him about 3 rides before dominating pedaling and turning into a wild man on the sidewalks. I am anxious to see what he will be capable of when his whole foot reaches.

The Super Couple Pedal Trike is pretty light weight, 16 pounds, for being a riding toy. I was able to throw it in the back of my compact SUV and bring it to a local park. It was light enough for my son and niece to take turns pushing each other around. I liked there was a place for the kids to rest their feet if pushing becomes the game…which it always will. I didn’t have to worry about shoes dragging or feet getting rolled over.

To assure quick assembly the front fork, pedals, and big wheel are already assembled for your convenience. My husband and son had it from box to trike in less than 30 minutes…and that is with a 2 year old “helping.”

An added bonus, shipping is already included in the price for most of America!


So there you have it Mama’s! If you are looking for innovative durable toys that encourage imagination and physical health, I encourage you to check out Simplay3. The Super Coupe Pedal Trike is a staple childhood toy that will grow with your child and build lasting memories.

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Scent Back to School with Crayola

Do you smell it?

It’s the smell of summer ending. Pools closing. Buses arriving. Kids heading Back-to-School!

My nephew is headed to 1st grade this year! Hard to believe he is old enough to be in the grade I use to teach. Definitely makes this Aunt Haha want to cry and reminisce over old baby pictures.

How about you?

Are you one of those parents bursting with excitement to push those energetic, mess maker, eating machines, out the door to school? Is it just me or does it seem like kids are hungry every second of summer break?


Maybe you’re a mama whose heart is breaking watching your first, or last, baby climbing those big bus stairs on their way to their first day of kindergarten. I always love seeing the huge backpacks on their little bodies and wondering what 5 year old has that much homework?


Or perhaps you are sitting in a classroom counting desks, rechecking lesson plans, and giving yourself a world changer teacher pep talk? Whether it’s your first or last year teaching, you will always get the first day of school jitters.


For me I am super excited to start our first year of homeschool preschool! As a past teacher, I have been itching to build lesson plans with activities, music, crafts, and play.

Yeah. I am definitely one of ‘those moms’ who can’t stop themselves from still being a teacher. I will forever rock holiday theme earrings and make everything and anything into a song.


Just like I can’t stop being a teacher, Crayola will never stop being our go to for school supplies!

From their first box of affordable wax crayons in 1903 to becoming the leading producer of hands-on products for creative fun, Crayola has been working hard to inspire creativity in all children…and adults.


That’s why parents and teachers trust Crayola to fill those larger than life backpacks with all the needed school supplies.


This year Crayola’s new featured product is Silly Scents. These new coloring tools come with the same great colorful quality you’d expect, but with an extra gift for your nose. My son was first drawn to the Silly Scent characters decorating the packaging. He kept telling me he wanted to color with the cool angry guy, aka the roasting marshmallow. The bold silly smells bring laughter and delight to any child’s coloring experience, while making it a multi-sensory activity.


From the perspective of a toddler mama, I really enjoy the mini twistables! They are perfect for little hands and are an excellent size for on the go. The durable plastic barrels keep the crayon core safe from constant use or your toddler seeing how many crayons he can break in a minute.


As a past teacher, I am in LOVE with the twistable colored pencils! If I could have, I would have made all my students use these. The amount of time students spent sharpening colored pencils was unreal. I used to beg kids to use a different color or borrow a friend’s. Classroom productivity can take a mega boost when outfitted with ready to use and quality products.

As a crafter, I was surprisingly impressed with the chiseled tip and Slim Fine Line markers. When my son and I started opening a pack of makers and I realized they were chiseled edge, I immediately convinced him they were mommy markers and we should try a different kind.

Mama of the year award!

I love typography and card making and I’m always looking for a good marker. I was pleasantly surprised by both the chisel tip and slim fine line markers. They produced great colors and gave me versatility.



An added bonus is Crayola offers free coloring sheets, including their Silly Scent characters. Its a nice break from my 2 year old’s drawing demands.

So whether you are filling up your “baby’s” first back pack or starting another year of shaping little minds, I wish you the happiest of back to school days!


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Warm and Fuzzy about FuzziBunz

Hey fluff love Mamas!

How is your cloth diapering going?

When we moved back to America we switched to cloth diapers since we finally had a washer machine connected to the hot water. I’ve enjoyed testing MamatheFox’s stash of cloth diapers to figure out which brands I like best, not to mention which ones my husband can correctly put on.

Recently while reading blogs and searching Pinterest for cloth diaper information I stumbled upon FuzziBunz diapers. I was immediately hooked by their prices and the frequency of sales. I loved their unique vibrant prints and realized these were different from most cloth diapers.


Why FuzziBunz is Different?

  • Easily replaceable elastics

FuzziBunz has a longer lifespan because you can replace the elastic. Diapers are equipped with Fantastic Elastic which are easily replaceable using a button-hole system. Replacement elastic is extremely affordable. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised! I mean replacing the elastic is pretty much giving your diaper a second life, so I expected it to be kind of pricey. Each replacement kit comes with 3 pieces of hole elastic and cost $1.50.

  • One size adjustable diaper

I’ve tried a lot of different brands of one size adjustable diapers. Some include snaps on the front which make for quick, but sometimes confusing, adjustments. I’ve also tried diapers equipped with a bra like elastic system in the legs. Those were so tight I literally had to use pliers to adjust my diapers. FuzziBunz elastic attaches to the adjustment buttons in each leg and on the waistband. A custom fit is made easy and can quickly be readjusted. FuzziBunz also provides an adjustment sizing guide and tutorial to help you get started.

  • 3 Point Leak Protection

Recently FuzziBunz refined their diapers creating a 3 point leak protection system. Their seams are are reinforced with new technology to prevent wetness leaking through. The first time my daughter wore this diaper she had a mega blow out. My father-in-law wrestled with a fussy baby for over 30 minutes with no resolve. I didn’t even know she had pooped until I went to change her diaper before a feeding. The leg holes are equipped with thick seams that keep moisture in but are still comfortable and moveable.

Inserts are pre-prepped and pre-shrunk in order to prevent abnormalities after the first washes. I loved how dense and high quality the organic hemp/cotton blend felt. It worked great alone during the day and paired well with a booster at night. I like the blend option as the cotton quickly absorbs moisture while the hemp retains moisture under pressure.

An additional treatment was added to the outer cover fabric to help make it more water resistant. To me, the outer cover resembles a soft cotton swimsuit. It definitely has a stronger water resistant feel and has protection against any wicking. An added bonus is the array of prints and solids. Their 2017 line is pretty top notch with a variety of different styles.

  • Polar Fleece Lining

You know the phrase “soft as a baby’s bottom?”

Well FuzziBunz’s polar fleece lining might be softer. The white lining was super comfortable on baby, especially around the legs and waist where it is tighter. I like to make my diapers a bit tighter mostly because my little one is on the squishier side. The extra polar fleece padding around the seams kept her leakproof while not leaving any indents on her skin.

  • Resources

I love how much information and support FuzziBunz gives to parents starting cloth diapers. I know when I made the switch I was completely overwhelmed. Everyone has different opinions, methods, and systems and it was so hard to remember what to do and when. The FuzziBunz website provides a resource center for how to get started and how to maintain a healthy cloth diapering system.

Getting Started

Care and Use Guide

Why Cloth Diapers

Sizing Information

How to Strip Your Diapers

  • Variety of Products

FuzziBunz provides almost everything you need to get started with cloth diapering. They offer first year bundles that also include free accessories to get you started.  You also have the option to buy diapers individually. They actually make three different types:

  1. All in One
  2. FuzziBunz Adjustable First Year(7-25LBS)
  3. One Size (10-40LBS)

In addition, FuziBunz sells:

  1. Cloth Pads
  2. Microfiver Inserts
  3. Replacement Elastic
  4. Pre-Wash Detergent
  5. Hanging Diaper Pails
  6. Organic hemp/cotton inserts
  7. Diaper totes
  8. Nursing Pads

Overall, I was extremely impressed with FuzziBunz adjustment features and 3 point leak protection. We can all agree babies are not one size fits all, so why should their diapers be? So whether you are looking for a new brand to try out or you are just getting started with cloth, I highly encourage you to try out FuzziBunz’s affordable, adjustable, diapers!


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Lalabu Soothe Shirt Review

I am so excited to review this product, because I just love it! My husband and I both tried out the Lalabu Soothe Shirt and are quite impressed with how awesome they are! It almost feels like you have a third arm helping carry the weight of your babe, which is amazing! My very long baby boy (25.25 inches!) is growing so fast that I probably won’t get to use it for babywearing for too much longer, but the amazing part is it doubles as a nursing shirt!



More about the Lalabu Soothe Shirt

Lalabu’s soothe shirt is truly babywearing made simple. No buckles, snaps, or awkward ties. Simply just slip your baby into the built in pouch and TADAA!! I feel like a momma kangaroo snuggling my babe and it is awesome!

Shirt Features:

  • Easy-to-use pouch calms newborns
  • Built-in nursing bra makes breastfeeding convenient
  • Inner mesh panel provides cool breathability
  • Pouch extender grows with baby
  • Made in the USA
  • No need to wear a separate bra
  • Two fabric layers for extra coverage
  • Soft elastic band provides support
  • Shirt covers stomach while nursing

Not only is the Lalabu shirt an incredibly made product, this company even gives 2% of every purchase to moms in Africa, supporting mom entrepreneurs through micro-finance.

I don’t know about you, but I just love supporting businesses that make giving back an important part of their business model.



The Lalabu Story

Okay, so you can clearly tell I love this shirt. I mean it is a genius idea. So how in the world did they come up with this idea you might ask? This husband and wife team took a trip to Africa to visit their aunt and noticed that many of the mothers there all babywear their infants. Babywearing is known to have amazing benefits for baby and their mommy. This led them to question, ” If babywearing is so incredible for both parent and baby, why aren’t more parents in our country doing it?” Then the Lalabu shirt was born. They sought out to create a shirt to make babywearing more simple for all of us Mamas out there. Oh and for all of you men, they didn’t leave you out! Lalabu has a Daddy shirt, too! If your babe is like mine, he just loves snuggling with his daddy! It gives me a nice break to blog, have two free hands, eat a bowl of ice cream, or shower, while daddy can snuggle our baby and still be productive as well.lalabu2


My Overall Impression

LOVE! Have I mentioned I love this product?! I must admit when I first put it on I felt a bit self-conscious with my mombod. It is a snug fit, so don’t be alarmed. The snug fit is necessary, however, so that your baby is safe in your shirt pouch.



My husband sort of felt the same way about the fit. He said that he would like one size bigger, but again, with a smaller baby a snug fit would definitely be necessary.



Even when I can no longer fit my big boy in the pouch, the nursing function is also fantastic and the shirt looks cute enough to wear solo! Guess what else…you can also ditch the bra in this one! Totally enough support built in–wahoo!



My husband and I both give these shirts two thumbs up!! With Christmas just around the corner, the Lalabu Soothe Shirt would be a super awesome gift for any mommy or daddy-to-be!

Want to know more? Connect with Lalabu!

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As a first time mom I thought that I could get away with having just a few nursing apparel and intimate items. Boy was I wrong! I quickly learned that I needed nursing bras, nursing sports bras, nursing night bras, nursing tank tops, nursing shirts, and the list goes on! Not only do I need each of these, I need multiples of them! Finding something that fits well and is comfy is my number one priority when looking for nursing intimates. I wear at least one of these items every hour of the day, I have to be comfortable in them. Belabumbum is a company that has met my nursing apparel necessities, and can meet yours too.

Belabumbum offers apparel to pregnant and nursing moms; I’m sure you’ll find something to love from their inventory. Their products are top of the line, so soft, and ultra comfy. Belabumbum has me [and you] covered – literally!

For 15 years [and counting] Belabumbum has encouraged women to care for themselves. This company strives for their customers to feel great and their employees to feel secure in their work. Belabumbum stands out because of the work they do as a social enterprise. They are ‘a company that contributes to improved social and economic outcomes as it does business.’ The company seeks to give their employees an improved livelihood; they truly care for their workers. With family-run production facilities in four South American countries, they are boosting job security and nurturing entrepreneurs.

Connect with Belabumbum

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When I received my products I was instantly pleased with the packaging. I could tell they really took time to put my pieces together well and with care. My products were individually wrapped in plastic and nicely placed in a clean white package. The beautiful Belabumbum sticker on top was a cute, extra touch.

Ultra Smooth Nursing Sports Bra

Upon receiving the Ultra Smooth Nursing Sports Bra I was so excited to put it on and try nursing my son while wearing it. I wanted to know if it was really going to work well. After using it just a few times I quickly learned that this bra is perfect for nursing. The one handed clasp makes it very easy to use; and it allows for quick access to feeding.

This bra is the softest bra I’ve ever felt. Seriously, when I pulled it out of the packaging it was the first thing I noticed. The bra is true to its ultra smooth name.

Another feature that I like about this sports bra is that it has the capability to convert to a racerback. This is my number one priority when shopping for a sports bra. All my bras are racerback, it’s what I’m used to; so having the option to convert is great! I found that if I am exercsportsbra-backising I will use the hook and convert to belabumbuma racerback, but if I’m wearing this bra as an everyday bra, I un-hook the straps. Doing this makes the bra feel less like a sports bra and more like a day to day bra.


As a small chested woman I appreciate the pad cups in the bra. These pads add to the comfort, fit, and quality of the bra. Giving options to use the cups or remove them allows you to choose to wear the bra whichever way is more comfortable.

Moon Goddess Robe

I never wear a robe and honestly I’ve never even owned a robe before, but I am so glad that I ordered one from Belabumbum. This Moon Goddess Robe is perfect for any woman – pregnant, nursing, or neither.

The super soft fabric is made of 100% prima cotton jersey; and it is so soft. I wear the robe every morning when I wake up, it’s the perfect thickness to keep the chill off. The sleeves are full length and the robe reaches my ankles, so my whole body is wrapped in the soft warmth.robe-moon-image


On the back of the robe is a beautiful design that adds to the elegance of the black fabric. It is bejeweled with silver moon motifs in honor of the mother goddess who creates, nurtures, and loves”. The photo on the right is the moon design – very unique.


My favorite feature of the robe is the inner self-tie. This allows for the inner flap of the robe to be wrapped over to your hip and tied secure so it doesn’t slip open. If the outer belt comes untied the robe stays closed because of the inner tie.


Belabumbum makes quality, unique products that are perfect for any pregnant or nursing mama. Check out their line; you won’t be disappointed!